Heal My Heart

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Chapter 23

When we got home the next day it was almost lunch time - Cameron had taken me skating keeping me to a promise I had done that time we all went skating - we didn’t have to bother about anyone worrying about us, as they were all passed out after partying late, last night.

I had been white surprised to wake-up and find myself in Cameron’s clothing, but thankfully I hadn’t gone off at him before I asked what happened last night.

I could clearly remember everything until the two of us fell asleep on the window seat and kinda remember getting pain in my hand and cutting myself. Seeing the gauze wrapped around my wrist and the light headache I was having, I decided not to jump to conclusions and to ask Cameron what happened.

After he told me everything, I made sure to let him know that I wasn’t self-distuctive and explained what must have happened as I couldn’t clearly remember last night.

Then seeing I didn’t have anything to change into, he bought me a magenta, strapless frock that reached my knee. It was a really lovely frock and was soft to the touch. He had even bought me a matching pair of pumps.

Then took me skating as a way to repay him and to keep my promise. We had stayed there for atleast three hours - we took breakfast on the way - in the ice ring and it wasn’t still Cameron got hungry again that we remembered that the others were probably worried about our where abouts.

Only to come here and be informed - by Conelious - that everyone was still passed out from partying late last night and wasn’t even bothered about us. Yep, I can tell how worried they all were. Note the sarcasm.

Huffing - when I learned where Nick was - I took off upstairs, shouting back a ‘thank you’ to Conelious.

I barged into Nick’s room without bothering to knock. I ran over to the bed and jumped on top of Nick’s unconcious form, settling down on his stomache.

“Nick! Nick! Guess what! Guess what! Guess what!” I exclaimed as I sat, stradling his stomache and shook him awake, unaware of the fact that Cameron was standing in the doorway of Nick’s room, looking at us with an amused look on his face.

Grumbling something uncorherent, Nick woke up and instantly shielded his eyes from the bright light streaming through the wide open curtains. “Stop screaming” he growled at me, but I knew better than to take it heart.

As soon as he growled that, he shot up, which made to tumble back to the bed, but Nick dashed to the washroom. Where he hauled out the contents of his stomach down the toilet. I didn’t follow him because I’d haul out my breakfast when I see him hauling as well. I didn’t want Nick worried about me on top of nursing a hangover.

“Ah! Now I see why you don’t enjoy getting a hangover” I hard Cameron chuckle, announcing his presence. I tilted my head up and looked at the door to see him standing on the doorway. He was leaning against the door grand and stepped inside when I looked up at him.

Before I could answer, Nick slouched out of the washroom and flopped down on the bed. I rolled away just in time. Or he’d have fallen right n top of me.

“Where the hell have you been anyway? Conelious said the two of you didn’t come home last night” Nick grumbled looking between me and Cameron throught narrow eyes. I knew that was due to his headache and the light than at the two of us. Nick would be raising his eyebrow supesticiously at us if he had been fine, not accusingly.

I fidgeted, not knowing how you answer that without revealing that I had seen Mark.

“Since the thunderstorm started not long after we left and Sydney was shivering in her seat, flinching everytime lightning flashed, I took her to dad’s hotel - not far from the beach - until the storm face away and the two other eneded falling asleep, hence why we weren’t back last might after the storm passed” Cameron explained quickly, coming to my rescue.

I shot him a grateful look behind Nick’s back. I’d tell him about seeing Mark after we get back to Morgantown, for now let him be obvious to that little fact.

“And guess where he took me this morning?” I questioned Nick, lightly bouncing on the bed which made Nick groaned and me to apologize. After all, hadn’t that been the very reason I came barging into Nick’s room for.

“You say” Nick grumbled massaging his temple with his thumb and index finger.

“He took me skating!” I almost yelled in my excitement, and bounced on the bed. Nick winced and I sheepishly muttered a ‘sorry’ then shuffled over to him and pulled his head to my lap, before starting to massage his head.

“Good for you” Nick grumbled in a monotone, settling down on my lap in a more comfortable position. His eyes were closer and he was frowning in obvious pain, from his hangover.

I looked up at Cameron who was still standing and patted the bed asking him to sit, and continueing to massage Nick’s head. Nick’s eyes opened and narrowed - due to the light - when the bed dipped with Cameron’s weight.

“Hey Cam, heard you took this brat skating. Hope she didn’t give you a hard time” he said you Cameron, probabaly forgetting he had been standing there the whole time. He was grinning as he said it, having fun at my expence. He probably wouldn’t giving a toss if I had given Cameron a hard time, as long as it wasn’t him I was bothering.

Cameron shrugged, not sayinh anything and I gaped up at him. He had been the one you take me skating and I was a bother to him was I? Before I could protest and argue with Cam about it, Nick saw my bandaged wrist.

“Where did you get this?” Nick asked as he took hold of my wrist and sat bolt upright, instantly going to protective mode. His headache and hangover momentarily forgotten as he inspected my wrist ′ though it was covered in bandage and he couldn’t really see the wound.

“Did you get-” he started to ask me, in a soft, pained voice, before I had a chancento reply, and I quickly nodded my head. He sighed heavily, understanding that I had gotten an attack last night.

Cameron watched our exchange with a confused expression, but he looked ready to interwine and help me out if last night came into the conversation. Though it was of last night we were talking about.

“I can’t exactly remember what happened last night, but I think I got another attack in the middle of the night.” I told him in a soft voice, not lying. He’d catch me instantly when I lie. He knows me too well.

“You feeling better now?” He asked me as concern and worrird swirled in his dark brown, almost black eyes, as he peered down at me with slit eyes.

Glupping, I nodded with a sad smile. Remembering last night, reminded me of everything that happened in the beach, or a person I had seen to be more accurate. And rememebering him still made me want to curl up and bawl my eyes out, as my chest still felt like beingnripped apart at merely the mention of his name.

“Obviously, you must be. Or you wouldn’t be running around shouting... and going skating” he said with a smirk, lightning up the mood. He knew that I really was alright. Besides, I’d never lie to him. Then with a bring fell back to my lap, back on hangover mode.

“Obviously” I said rolling my eyes, taking his lead you lighten the mood. Cameron didn’t tell anything, he just chuckled at our random change of mood. Staying content with just listening to us banter.

“Who bandaged your hand?” Nick asked me in a grumble, but curiousity seeped into his tone. “There is no way you did such a good job on your own, you wouldn’t be able to put a bandage on if your life depended on it” Nick went on with a smirk, when he noticed my eyes narrowing and him.

“Well, excuse me. You know I hate the site of blood... but I have no idea how my hand got bandaged. I told you, I can’t exactly remember what happened last night.” The first part I said in a huff, annoyed at my brother, but thenlast part I siad, looking at Cameron with my head cocked in curiosity, hoping he’d explain.

“So I did such a wonderful job on Sydney, did I Nick?” Cameron asked my brother smugly, answering my unasked question at the same time.

My brother shot him a unimpresed ‘you serious?’ look, before a smirk took over his handsome features. “Why Sydney, did Cameron freak out so much seeing you bleeding or something?” He asked me, tilting his head up to look at me.

I couldn’t help but giggle at there stupid banter, but I didn’t go to take a side. Not that Cameron gave me a chance as he said “you’d have freaked out too, if you had found the way I had found her.” His tone was monotonus, but there was a hard edge to it.

Both me and Nick looked at Cameron, waiting for him to explain further. As I said, I didn’t lie when I told Nick I couldn’t remember what happened last night. I really couldn’t remember anything that happened when I cut my hand. “And what did she look like?” Nick asked, suddenly very alert. Any sign of teasing, no longer present.

Cameron looked startled that he had given up our cover story, and tensed at Nick’s question. I nodded my head at Cameron and he relaxed, kinda.

“She was sitting on the kitchen floor with broken glass all around her. Her whole self covered in her own blood. Not to mention she was sitting there in the dark.” Cameron told in a tone that gave nothing of what he thought away.

This wasn’t a problem as Nick winced at his explanation and didn’t notice the tensed way Cameron was standing, probabaly expecting answers as why I cut my hand. He probabaly didn’t expect Nick to ask how much blood I lost. He was taken by surprise and took a miniute to answer. “I don’t really know how much blood she lost, she had smudged her blood all over her as she was hugging herself” he told after a pause.

Nick hummed in reply and liked back down, pressing my hands to his head. A sure sign asking me to massage his head as I had stopped when the two started bantering.

A silence fell between us as I gave Cameron a wink and he merely rolled his eyes at me shaking his head. This went unnoticed by Nick because he had his eyes closed.

“Alright, now you two shut up. I wanna sleep off this hell of a hangover” Nick suddenly snapped so out-of-the-blue, which made me and Cameron jump in surprise. Then as an afterthough added - to me - “and whatever else you have to say, say it later.”

I chuckled but kept quite and Cameron said he’l see us later and left. So it was just me and Nick left and he too was soon asleep.

By evening there was another thrunderstorm, picking up from where it had left off last night, so it wasn’t like I could take Cameron scenery hunting, or we could go down to the beach or something.

I was anyhow, working on a painting. Inspired by staring out the window - though I hate lightning and was cringing the whole time (it was better than watching Tania work on Carly’s and Mina’s nails) - and watching the water trail down the window, creating patterns. The only reason I was enduring watching lightning flash across the night sky was because this wasn’t a painting I’d get to do often.

Nick, Leo, Bruce and Cameron were playing table tenis, the elder two boys in one side and the younger two on the other.

Carly, Mina and Tania were giving each other pedicures - which I hadn’t been all too keen on joining.

I was soo into my painting that I had blocked out the rest of the world around me. You know the feeling you get when you’re so buried into whatever you’re doing and you wouldn’t know if the world was destroying around you? Yeah, that’s exactly how into my work I was - right then.

I was stuck finishing this painting from the time this thunderstorm started - which could have been a looong time as I wasn’t keeping track of time. When I was finally done, I stepped back looking for mistakes - so I can adjust them. Finding everything fine, I looked back at the other to see all of them occupied by whatever they were doing.

Not wanting to disturb Bruce - who was still playing table tenis with the guys - I packed up everything I used for painting, leaving the painting on the aisle by the window - to dry. Then I went up to my room to put away my things and wash off the painting covering me.

Washing the paint off my brushes, I safetly put them away before filling the bathtub with lukewarm water. I got out when my fingers started to prune and quickly blow dried my hair and stepped out to my room. That’s when I felt pain shot through my left arm. It wasn’t all that bad so I quickly changed, ignoring the pain- For now, I was used getting this pain- before searching for my shot - for complete medical purposes alone.

The pain was gradually starting to increase and my hand was twitching with pain. Gritting my teeth I continued to shuffle through my things for my shot. I might be used to it - a little. Still... it hurt like hell.

I rummaged through my drawers finding for my shot (it Only had medicine). I had pulled out all the contents of my drawers and I still couldn’t find my shot. The pain was starting to get unbareable and it really was paining like hell.

Taking a deep breath I turned to my cloths cupboard and rummaged through that too, pulling out all the contents inside my cupboard too. still no sign of my shot and by now I was biting on my lip to keep myself from shouting out.

Looking around the room I saw my bags sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed. Nodding my head I decided to check my bags out too, I could’ve missed it when arranging my cloths. Or whoever it was that unpacked my bags. By now I really was bitting down on my lip so hard that I could taste Blood. Pain was shooting up both my arms and I could barely think of anything but the pain. I was hardly staying sane - without screaming my lungs right out of my gut.

Not finding anything in my bags, I desperately looked around my room. As if to make things worse my head was starting to throb, and my vision was going blury with unshed tears. I had to think fast before my brain started registering only the pain and my headache get worse.

One glance at the door and I wad stummbling out of it, biting down on my lip to keep myself from screaming. I was barefoot - my room was competely carpeted, I didn’t need slippers inside my room so I had kept it removed and I didn’t stop to pull something on. My mind was only processing the fact that I had to get to Nick as fast as I can, with the pain I couldn’t walk straight, and so was stummbling. I had to get to Nick before I passed out from too much pain.

I couldn’t Remember stumbling downstairs at all. After what felt like an eternity I came in front of the lounge door. Not pausing to take a breath - which I really needed - I threw open the door weakly and stumbled in, catching everyones attention.

“Nick!” was all I could manage to get out before I lost balance and crumbled in a messy heap at the floor, right in front of the lounge door.

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