Heal My Heart

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Chapter 24

“Nick!” was all I could manage to get out before I lost balance and crumbled in a messy heap at the floor, right in front of the lounge door.

Nick, Bruce and Carly were instantly by my side, followed by Tania, then Cameron, Leo and Mina. Nick bundled me up in his arms and all but ran upstairs to my room, which was a mess. Clothes streaming all over the floor, cupboards and drawers turned out.

“Shot-missing” I gasped as Nick ran upstairs, and he merely grunted. Carly ran in front of him and threw open the door. Everyone skidded to a stop seeing the status of my room. Nick’s eyes widened when he saw the status of my room, but must have realised I did this trying to find my shot, because he continued on his way like nothing was amiss.

Nick carefully laid me down on the middle of the bed, leaving enough space for everyone to sit around me. My body jerk awkwardly as soon as he kept me down and my crimson felt like they were on fire. I was bitting my lips so hard to stop from screaming bloddy murder, and I could taste the blood in my mouth. I didn’t want anyone to worry over me, by screaming too, it I knew I won’t be able to hold it in for long.

And it won’t be long before I can stop my body from jerking around in pain. My vision was blurry and I could feel a stream of tears cascading down my face. I didn’t have enough strength to try a needed stop them from falling.

Nick bent over and touch his lips Near my ear and asked did I bring the shot with me to which I nodded my head. I couldn’t answer with words,because I couldn’t open my mouth without letting out a series of screams. Then Nick asked about all the places I could have kept them.

I nodded at everywhere he said that I had checked and shook my head to everywhere he said that I hadn’t.

He straightned up fast and muttered a “Bruce, stay with her” and turned to run out the room to his, only to crash on Carly who had been standing behind him. “Stay with her” he said to her too and ran out of the room.

I felt the bed dipped as Carly sat on the place Nick had vaccated, next to Tania - who was also crying.

I felt a soft hand touch mine and my hand felt like it was doused on fire and it was burning so much that I could see black spots bance in front of my eyes. I wouldn’t be concious for long.

I think I heard Carly say “it’s kay, Sydney, let it out.” I’m not entierly sure though. Then I felt a soft hand pull out my lips from between my teeth and my body arched up in pain. I couldn’t hold my screams anymore, and I was screaming so loud it left my ears ringing.

Whatever happened after that, I don’t know. The only thing I was concious of - besides my body feeling like it was being burnt alive and my bones aching - was the hands holding me down. I was positive I was twisting in really awkward ways, but the only thing I could feel was the pain and the burning sensation, which increassed by number when the others restrained me.

I was in so much pain that I didn’t even feel the sting of the needlericking into my skin. I did however, feel the medicine working. It felt like cold water spreading over my burning veins, soothing the aching bones and nerves.

My pain subsided and my body stopped jerking so much and I was once again concious to the things around me than must the pain and burning feel.

My throat was raw with screaming bloody murder and I was feeling to tired to even move a muscle.

Taking a deep breath I opened my eyes to see 6 very concerned and worried faces peering at me. There were, silent tears streaming down, both Carly’s and Mina’s faces. Tania was no where to be seen, but I knew someone must have sent her out as she woildnt have been able to watch me suffer.

For all that I-hate-you charrade she has going, I know that deep down Tania still loved me as dearly as ever. She just doesn’t realise it, too stuck behind her mask.

“Don’t worry guys, I’m completly fine.” I said trying to sound reassuruing, but my voice was too hoarse and raw with screaming that I had to croak out the words so it didn’t sound reassureing at all. No really looked convinced, beside Nick who rolled his eyes and Carly who’s smiled. “I’ll be up and about in no time at all” I insisted, frowning slightly. Trying to form corherent sentences was proving hard and my words were slurring, like in was drunk.

But that was because I was too dizzy and out of it to get my brain function properly. A good nights sleep and I’d be as back as normal, in no time. I wasn’t just being reassuring when I told that to them, I really meant it.

“Good to know that you can be your annoying self, even after you were screaming bloody murder, not 5 seconds ago” Bruce muttered to me drily, shooting me a blank look.

I tried to shrug, but my shoulder barely jerked up.

That’s when I noticed Mina who’s eyes were Rena and she was sobbing, covering her mouth to muffle any sound she’d make. “Oh Mina, don’t cry darling. I’m fine, promise. At least in not screaming bookshelf murder anymore” I added the last part sarcastically shooting Bruce a glare for suggesting somethjing like that in the first place. He didn’t have to state the obvious.

Bruce held up his hand in Nick defence, even as a smile broke out on his face. Giggling, Mina wiped her eyes, nodding her head at me. She wasn’t the only one while looked releived, everyone crossing my bed did.

“Oh! Here you go Carly” Leo said suddenly, handing her a Blake and a clean cloth. “Seeing Sydney scream all ‘bloody murder’ and all, I forgot to give this to you” he added sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head.

Smiling softly, Carly took the bowl and cloth with a small ‘thankx’. Turning back to me, she dipped the cloth in the water and washed the blood coating my lips. I gave her a gratefuly smile and she lightly patted my hand in answer.

“Speacking of which, you handled that really well Nicolas, you’d make a good doctor” a familliar femininie voice said from the doorway. There were too many bodies blocking my veiw of the door, for me to see who it was, but I didn’t have to.

“Oh gods! Natalia just complimented Nicolas. Has hell frozen over?” He question, mocking freaking out at his fathers uptight PA.

Natalia, who was used to Cameron’s and Bruce’s jestings, wasn’t offended. She merely rolled her eyes as she stepped into the room.

“Should we take her to the doctor?” Natalia questioned Nick, looking at my brother exceptionally.

“NO!” I yelled horrified, looking at Nick with wide-eyes, afraidly. He was sitting on his toes, on the floor, in between Cameron and Bruce. He had his elbow rested on the bed and hands buried on his hair. He didn’t even look up to see the horrified look I was giving him.

“No need Nat.” All of us got used to calling her Nat. “She refuses to consult anyone but Dr. Brown. Besides she really is fine” he told the last part looking straight at me. Giving me a piercing look, like he was contemplating if I as truelu fine. Still, I let out a sigh of reliefe at his words, sagging in reliefe - my body tensed at the word hospital.

Natalia didn’t look convinced and we had o reassure a bit more before she dropped it. Then nodding her head - all-be-it reluctantly - she said - more like commanded - Bruce to inform her if anything else happens and left.

“Alright guys, let’s give the girl some space.” Bruce called out to everyone, shooing them off. “You need anything, just ask” he added to me, before kissing my forehead and turning to Nick. ’We’ll be down on the lounge man, in case you need us” he said, patying my brother on the back and turned to leave, but I stopped him by catching his hand.

“Tania” was all I could croak it, but he understood me well enough.

“And I’ll make sure she’s fine” he promised patting the hand I was holding on to and then left with Leo - who gently patted my leg and gave a tight sad smile, before leaving.

Mina did the same as Carly too got up to leave - the latter knew that I needed the rest.

Now it was just Cameron and Nick left with me.

Nick got up, before Cameron could, making the latter to look up at him questioningly.

’Stay with her for a moment will you?” Nick asked Cameron, raising an eyebrow. When Cameron just nodded his head, mutely, Nick gathered the medical-ly things scattered around and left me with Cameron.

Once Nick vanished behind the door, I turned to Cameron to see him staring at me with a worried look. I tried giving him a smile, but a tired one was all I could manage, so I settled for reaching out for his hand. That’s when I realised that my hand were already eveloped in his big, strong rough ones.

“Don’t worry, I really am fine. Come tommorrow and you’ll be wishing that I am back in bed” I said, pausing after most words to form a coherent sentence. I squeezed his hand weakly,but I don’t think it did anything to reassure him.

“I’d rather have a hyperactive Sydney than seeing you like this” he whispered , leaning forward and leaning his forehead - without preassure - top of mine. His bright bottle green eyes boring into my dark brown pair. It was such a breathtaking pair that my breath caught, just looking into them.

“I can be very tiring when I get hyperactive” I said, forming a proper sentence - without pausing - without really thinking. It was out my lips before mind registered what I told. I was too caught up staring at his breathtaking green orbs, to even register I hadn’t strutted or paused, but said a coherent sentence.

Laughing lightly, he sat back up. His hand - which wasn’t holding my hand - reached out and cupped my cheek. “Aren’t you always hyperactive?” He asked, brushing off the hair on my face.

“I’m not always hyperactive” I whined, but the effect was ruined by my stuttering and how I had croak it out.

“Yeah, you’re just a very positive person” he said, staring at me. In return I stated back at his bottle been eyes, lightly cocking my head. Good thing I couldn’t move. Or I’d surely have done - or more like said - something to ruin the moment.

Suddnely his hands left my face and my eyes snapped open - I hadn’t even realised that they had closed - to see Cameron howering above me, his hands on either side supporting his weight.

“This is what happened last night in the hotel right?” He questioned me and I nodded my head, bitting my lip and winced. I had bit down on my lip so hard earlier qnd it was still too raw and cut.

“Why didn’t you tell so earlier?” He asked softly, running his hand through my hair. My eyes fluttered closer and I completly forgot what he asked me. This was the very wrong thing for him to do if he wanted answers. I’d surely fall asleep if he kept it up. Stroking my hair was my weakness. I’d do anything if someone stroked my hair, when I’m not sleepy and in bed.

“Sydney?” Cameron questioned and I think I hummed in answer, though on not too sure. My eyes fluttered, but I couldn’t keep them open. What Cameron was doing made it next to impossible to keep my concertration intact. Besides, the medicine inside me made my eyelids too heavy to lift. This was normal - after-effects.

“Don’t worry, it just after-affects of her shot. It’s best if she sleeps it off” Nick voice said from the doorway and I pried my eyes open with difficult. I kept them open long enough to see where Nick was, before they shut again.

I held my arms open - blindly - towards Nick and I felt the bed dipped with his weight as he sat down. I felt - more than saw - Cameron shuffle away from me so I could cuddle up with Nick, who scooped me into his arms. I wrapped my arm around him and tossed my leg over his, pressing my face to his chest.

I was just about to fall asleep when might remembered something important. “Nick, docs appointment was supposed to be today...“was all I got put as my voice trailed off and I fell asleep.

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