Heal My Heart

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Chapter 25

Finaly, the day I had been anxiously, excited about arrived. Today was the openning of the very art gallery me and Cameron - not to mention Bruce and Mr.Striker - had all been working hard the past few date for.

I had been up late last night, setting things up and making last miniute changes with Bruce, in the gallery. I’m not sure between the two of us, who was more nervous. Me or Bruce. As this was the first project that Bruce had to work on after he decided to help his father and joined his company.

Sure, Eric had helped Bruce when ever his son was stuck, but being the future owner of the company, Bruce had wanted to do things alone, and to prove to everyone that he knew what he was doing. So he had tried to ask as little help as possible from his father - didn’t I mention that Bruce started working with his father? Opps...my bad.

Anyways, I had been so nervous last night - and still am -that I didn’t sleep a wink.

What really upset me was what Eric had told me the other day. As Feoul Night and Eric were partners in business, he had no choice but to invite the nights as well. Not to mention, Cameron’s late mother and Feoul had been best friends, a friendship that had passed on, now, between Eric and Feoul.

I had told Eric that it was fine and that I understood. Which I really did. They were friends and Eric couldn’t not invite Feoul for me. What really disturbed me wasn’t Eric inviting them. My problem is that Lilian’d be there too. Me and Nick could only hope that she doesn’t try to talk to either of us, like at new year.

It was my art they were presenting at the gallery, it wasn’t like I could exactly run away half-way through the show. My show.

So if she does indeed try to talk to me, I’m going to have to bare with it.

It wasn’t such a surprise that I was extra jittery as Adriane dressed me in the smart casual attire she had picked up for me. Oh! Didn’t I mention that Adriane was here - with a wide choice of clothes, of her own creation, for everyone? I guess I was too jittery to mention it.

As soon as she got to know about the openning of the art gallery, she had dropped all her appointments and hurried to the Striker mansion. She had said that she wanted to come see the gallery for herself, or something like that.

Adriane dressed me up first, as I had to go to the gallery early, with Bruce. It wasn’t that I was needed, but Bruce wanted me to come with him - for moral support, I think.

That’s why, as soon as Adriane was done dressing me up, I told my goodbye to the girls and hurried downstairs. I twirled into the sitting room- where all the guys were waiting for us - in my knee lenght, light blue frock, with short sleeves and a box neck with a frilly collar. It even had a leather belt stylishly running around my waist - lightly tilted downwards by the left hip. I was in pointy heeled pumps and a simple, yet charm, necklace and bracelet. Adriane had done my hair up in an elegant looking bun and finished off with a light touch of make-up.

“All ready, shall we?” I asked as I twirled into the sitting room, my question directed at Bruce.

“Yeah, sure” Bruce answered, giving me a nervous smile. Yet he sounded like he really wasn’t paying attention to me. His mind, surely, far in the art gallery. “Let’s go. Cam, you know where the gallery’s, right?” He questioned his brother.

Rolling his eyes, Cameron said “yeah, yeah. I know where it is. It isn’t like I didn’t take Sydney back and forth from there for the last two weeks.” He was clearly being sarcastic.

“Your support is duely noted” Bruce muttered to Cameron just as sarcastically as the latter, a grim look on his face.

Wow! He seriously was that nervous.

Then telling our goodbyes, I and Bruce headed down to the gallery, at least a half-an-hour before it was openning time.


It almost been half-an-hour since the gallery opened and, I had spent the first 10-15 miniutes with Bruce, who introduced me to so many people that I stopped trying to remember their Names or who they are after the first few people he introduced me to.

But once Nick and the others got here, I escaped and was hidding out back with Nick, Mina and Carly.

The art gallery was too huge for me to have done enough paintings to fill the gallery all on my own, ,much less in a month. So there were paintings by new and young artist like myself and all that. Though, I did have a whole single to myself.

The reason I was hidding out back was because, Bruce had taken to introducing the artists. I hated being the center of attention as I get skittish when so many people are looking me all at once. There used to be a time when I didn’t care - if I was the center of attention or not - but now....

Sighing I shook my head, chideing myself for thinking of that. It wasn’t going to do me any good, but make me start crying.

Just then Cameron and Leo appeared at the door. “Come on guys, Sydney’s almost up” Cameron called to us and I frooze, my nerves skyrocketing.

“Don’t worry. Everythings gonna go smoothly, just be yourself” Nick said to me reassuringly, wrapping his arm around my shoulder and stearing me out of the backroom.

Cameron wrapped his arm around me from my otherside. “Don’t tell that Miss confident is scared of going up on stage” he joked trying to light up the mood.

I shot him a nervous look and grumbled “I’m not Miss confident.”

Cameron chuckled and gave me a light squeeze saying “lighten up, nothings going to go wrong. Your gonna be perfectly fine.”

“Not helping” I muttered, but before he could reply, Bruce called me up and gave a small speech - to which I didn’t pay attention. I must give a speech too, but I had better and pleaded with Bruce to not make me give a speech, and after argueing he finally relented and agreed that I didnt have to give a speech.

So when he said that I had something special for everyone and called me up to open the sheet covering the painting from prying eyes, I stepped up to a clapping Bruce. Taking a deep breath, I took the mic from Bruce and said “actually Bruce, I’d love to give the honours to Cameron. After all, this painting wouldn’t have come to life without him. And if he hadn’t found me a humming bird” I added as an after-thought.

Laughing Cameron stepped up. He and Bruce were the only ones laughing as only the two of them knew what I was talking about.

“My fair lady!” Cameron said exaggeratedly, taking the mic from my hand. “I only found you the bird. I neither gave you inspiration nor the idea. All credits go solely and completely to you.”

“I disagree. If it weren’t for all your help... and Bruce, I wouldn’t be standing here. Neither would be my art in this lovely gallery. I can’t take all credit.” I argued with him, keeping the whined completely out of my voice. Keeping it in a playful banter tone.

Chuckling he said “I doudt it.”

But before he could say anything else I proposed “together?”

Laughing he agreed and the two of us, hopped off stage and went over to the painting I had done on the floor, the part that was covered with a sheet of cloth and surrounded by cord - to keep people from walking over it.

We , each, took an end of cloth and pulled it away at the count of three.

A gasp left the crowd and some people even chuckled - now getting what I had meant about the humming bird.

On the floor, I had spray painted a huge hibiscus flower. A humming bird - even bigger than the flower - sucked honey from the flower. It’s wings a blur of rainbow colored as it wings fluttered as the bird drank it’s fill. There was no background. No nothing. Just the bird and the flower.

Yet it looked real enough, that it seemed as if a really huge humming bird was there on the floor, in the middle if the art gallery.

“See... if you hadn’t hung a hibiscus plant in the roof of the art gallery and hummings bored hadn’t swarmed it, it wouldn’t have gotten this perfect painting. All credits aren’t for me” I whispered in Cameron’s ear, while everyone clapped or looked at the painting or whatever.

Cameron however, didn’t get a chance to retaliate as people flocked me to congradulate me on my paintings and what a not.

The next few hours passed with me, Carly and Mina going around the gallery. Me wanting to look at the others paintings properly and Carly and Mina to look at my work - as only Cameron and Bruce had seen the whole collection. Of course, ducking Lilian or Feoul, when she they approached - not like Feoul seen to be trying, just only Lilian.

Bruce or Cameron often pulled me aside to introduce me to rich businessmen - about who’s business I had never heard about. I pretended to know what they did and who they were and everything sent smoothly enough.

Then there were the best moments, when either of the two introduced me to some of my favourite artists.

Soon enough it was time to go change for the after-party and the gallery closed at 6:00 p.m. but we left early.

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