Heal My Heart

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Chapter 26

I was digging through my locker, searching for my maths text book, when I felt two strong arms snake around my waist at the same time a familiar husky voice whispered - very close to my ear - “Miss me?”

I shrieked and jumped away from the guy, knocking my head in my locker on the process. I didn’t have to say that I was completely and utterly taken by surprise. Clutching my head, I whirled around to see a shocked Cameron staring at me.

“Shit Sydney, are you okay?” He asked sounding worried as he moved my hand from my forehead and rubbed the place I was holding, after seeing if it was bruised.

“Cameron!” I yelled excitedly hopping in my happiness to see him. It wasn’t exactly him I was so happy to see. I was excited because, if he’s here then so would Carly. I hadn’t seen her since we got back to Morgantown, and it felt like ages since I’ve seen my best friend.

“How come I haven’t seen Carly still? She is back too right? She has to be if you’re here and all. Wait - when did you guys even get back to Morgantown?” I questioned all in a rush, hopping from foot to foot, hoping to see Carly approach over his shoulder, as her locker was right next to mine.

“Ouch Sydney, that hurt.” He told me mocking hurt. ’You’re seeing me after a long time too and all you can ask about is that bratty little si - your best friend?” He quickly corrected himself, scowling at the fact that he had almost called Carly his little sister.

I beamed at him at his slip, even stopped hopping from foot to foot to look at him with a bright smile, and then glared at him as soon as he corrected himself. He only chuckled at me.

Huffing I turned my back to him. Turning back to my locker to dig for my maths book. The reason I had to dig so much for it is because all the sketches I had done during class were all stacked up on my locker. They still are mny sketches an I didn’t water to thow them away, so I stacked them up I my locker.

Meanwhile, Cameron leaned against Carly’s locker, staring directly at me.

“Are you busy later, today?” He asked me out of the blue. I looked at him briefly, before turning back to my locker. “Not that I can remember, but I might hang out with Carly. We need to catch up. I told him truthfully, finally spotting my maybe book and carefully pulling in out.

He hummed in responce, looking thoughtful.

“Did you want something?” I asked in return, closing my locker and finally giving him my complete attention.

“Yeah.” he said nodding his head. Then motioned me to start walking. “There is a welcome back to school party by the lake. I want you to come” he told, stuffing his hands in his denim pockets.

I looked at him unsurely. “You can bring your friends with you. It’s an open invitation party.” He quickly added seeing my reluctance. “Come on, it’s just for one night. Besides, I’m sure Nick’longer be there too.” He added, lightly elbowing my arm. He more like swung his elbow, which moved me too.

I laughed, shaking my head. “We’ll see. I’ll get back to you after talking with Carly and Stacey and Mina.” I told, making sure not to make any promises in their behalves.

“Right... I’ll be waiting for your answer” he said and mockingly ripped an imaginary had, before he left me to walk the rest of the way to my class alone. Not that this was a problem. His class was on the opposite direction anyway. I hurried to my class. Not because the bell was about to ring, but because I was excited to see Carly - she always got to school before me.

Sure, I had Mina and Stacey while she was in California. But they weren’t that same as having Carly around. Because I told everything to Carly - much like I told everything to Nick. Come to think of it, Stacey barely knew about Mark and Mina didn’t even know of his existance - in my life. No wonder I missed her so much.

The moment I spotted her in the classroom, I exclaimed “Carly!” Dragging the last few syllables, so it pronounced ‘Carleeee’. I ran to her and hugged her tightly. My classmates should learn to ignore me when I do these things - as it happened after every holiday, not counting Saturdays and Sundays. Laughing at my exravagance, she hugged me back.

“Well...at least one person missed me” she told sacrastically with a roll of her eyes as she sat back down and I took my seat directly behind her.

“No duh!” I exclaimed, mocking incredulousness. “So... meet any hot guys in Cali?” I asked her teasingly, battibg my eyes flirtiously for effect. When she blushed all prettily, my bad dropped open. I had been teasing her. I hadn’t expected that she’ll actually have met someone she really liked. “No way! OMG! This is so amazing. You need to spill.” I exclaimed bouncing excitedly in my seat.

Unfortunately, our professor just entered the classroom.

“I’ll tell you all about him at lunch,but first you need to tell me the important news you wanted to tell me but couldn’t over the phone” she whispered back to me, quickly turning back front.


At lunch I asked the girls about the party Cameron had asked me to come and all of them agreed. So after school we all went shopping. Well, Stacey wanted to go and dragged me and Carly along with her.

While Stacey shopped around for clothes, I and Carly sat back, talking. This was alright because Stacey and Richard had gotten back together and she had his help shopping.

“So what happened?” Carly asked me, after Stacey had dragged Richard away from us. She didn’t have to eloborate as I knew what she was asking about. Thinking back I remembered what happened on the airport when we were coming home - three days earlier.

All of us ran through the airport to the check-in counter to check-in on time. We had only half-an-hour to board the plane. This is due to the fact that I had fallen asleep - with Cameron - on the roof top, when I should have been packing my bags. So I had to pack early today morning and that made us late. Of course traffic didn’t help much at all.

Finally we reached the check-in counter and we stopped to tell out good-bye to our friends. Me, Nick and Tania were leaving three days early due to my sickness. I was guilty about this, but, since I refuse to check-up with any other doctor, we had to leave.

“See you guys in three” Nick told to Bruce, Cameron and Leo. High-fiving and fist bumping with the guys. Then he took my buffel bag off the hands of Bruce. The boys had grabbed anyones bags in hurry.

Turning to Carly, I gave her a thight hug, saying the exact same thing Nick told. Then I did the same to Mina and Leo. “See you in three days” I said, turning to Bruce and hugging him just as tightly. He hugged me back, lifting me off my feet. “Thankx, you know for everything. It was an awesome vacation” I told grinning up at him as he placed me on my feet again.

“No need to Thank me Sydney. I was more than happy to help such a talented artist.” He said patting my head, but I didn’t mind as I beamed up at him. “Take good care of you health, kay?” He added to me and I nodded my head. With one last hug to Bruce and a peck on his cheek, I said “you too.”

Next I hopped into Cameron’s arms, hugging him as tightly as I had the others. He caught me as I hopped on him, wrapping his arms around my waist and returning my hug. Like Bruce, he had me lifted off my feet. “Can you believe that we were hanging around each other, almost 12 hours per day, for the last two weeks and didn’t murdereach other?” I asked into his hair jokingly.

“Impossible” he joked right back, widening his eyes and looking at me in Nick horror.

Tossing my head back, I laughed at the way he said it. Unlike Bruce, he still hadn’t letme down to my feet. Which means we were still tightly wrapped in each others arms. In a very platonic way, because the two of us were only friends.

We quickly sobered up when Nick called for me to hurry up.

“Anyways. Thank you so very, very much. For being cool, the other day, about the whole Mark thing and helping me to keep it all from Nick” I thanked him genuinely.

He pulled back slightly - still holding me to him - and looked at my face. “You’re going to tell Nicolas aren’t you?” He asked me, but his tone didn’t hold accusation. They only held understanding.

I nodded my head and he smiked with a shrug.

“I’m not thanking you just for that though. I also want to Thank you for driving me around d and every single thing you did for me for the past three weeks. I know it’s not easy to put up with me for so long and I’m surprised that you haven’t got few up with me yet.” I told him with a bright, beaming smile.

I leaned into give a peck on his cheek. Only, my lips ended up meeting his in a closer mouth kiss, instead of his cheeks.

I felt blood rush to my cheeks and I was sure I resembled a tomatoe. He was wide-eyed looking as startled as I felt. He had turned his head to answer me at the sametime I leaned in to kiss his cheek. So I knew it was an accident.

Our lips stayed connected for barely more than a second. Yet in that second I felt sparks light up my whole body - in a very pleasent way. That was the exact problem, I liked it a little too much.

“Sydney, hurry up!” Nick called to me. Cameron wuickly placed me on my feet and we shuffled away from each other.

“Alright, alright! I’m coming need!” I called right back to my brother and waving one last time at the five of them, I hurried after Nick and Tania. I also knew that no one had seen what happened between me and Cameron - no matter how accidental it was.


“...And that is what happened” I concluded to Carly, who was giving speechless. “It felt so right...” I murmured and she looked at me startled. “But I’m not falling for him” I assured her quickly. “It just felt nice, that’s it. And maybe I can’t get it out of my head, but that was because I didn’t know how to react to it. Obviously it was accidental. We both didn’t mean to kiss the other. I guess I was just worried how to actually around Cameron and thats all there is to it. That’s why I couldn’t get itout of my head. Besides, I already met him and he didn’t bring it up. Even I forgot about it when talking to him. I wasn’t even a little flusttered.”

I laughed at the last part and Carly shook her head at me, a smile on her lips.

“So he really didn’t bring it up?” Carly asked me, looking at me thoughtfully. I shook my head. “I’m sure it means nothing to either of us, promise. Well.. at least to me.” I reassured her with a smile. Reaching over, I gave her hand a gentle squeeze and she smiled.

“Are you really sure that Cameron really didn’t take it seriously?” She asked me, looking thoughtful. I blinked at her confusedly. “It’s just that, your story’ll explain why Cameron was being moody and distant through the last three days. It was almost like he wasn’t even really there. I mean Leo and all were there too right and he has friends in Cali too, but her was kinda acting detached. Then the day he was coming he was acting like christmas came early or something. He was being his usual annoying self and all that. But he seemed really happy. I think he has a crush on you. Actually, I’d say he has more than just a crush on you.”

I shook my head. “That’s not possible C. I mean, he hangs around a lot of girls, so what makes me special? We’re just friends is all” I told. So why did it sound like I was trying to convince myself rather than her? Stupid kiss is really doing my head in.

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