Heal My Heart

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Chapter 27

By 7:30 P.M. I was all dressed up to go to Cameron’s party. I had on a sleeveless, off-white dress with a jewel nekline, high waist and ruffled up skirt that reached mid-thigh. Underneath I had on plain white tights. Carly convinced me to curl my hair and leave it to fall down my back in soft waves. A touch of eyeshadow, mascara and lipgloss completed my looks.

“Sydney, hurry up!“Nick called up the stairs impatiently.

I was getting a ride from Nick - of course, but we had to go pick up his date for the day. Carly was catching a ride with Ian, so we didn’t have to worry about that and Stacey ofcourse was coming with Richard. By now, we were a tad bit late to pick up Nick’s date and he was being cranky about it.

Pulling on my wedge heels and doing a final twirl in front of the mirror, making sure everything was in order. Taking the overcoat from my hanger, I hurried out of my room, pulling the over coat on.

“Finally.” Nick muttered drily and started outside. Not even telling mom that he was leaving. Then again, he knew I’d do that for the both of us, so he didn’t have to bother.

“Ma! We’re leaving!” I yelled for the whole house to hear. not hanging around to hear her reply, I hurried out after my brother. Scrambling into the backseat - as he had to pick up his date, who’s name I yet had to find out.

Cameron’s house was only two streets down our road, but since we had to pick up Nick’s date - who’s name I seriously had to find out - it got a bit late for us to arrive. The party was on full swing when we arrived. The driveway was already packed with different kinds of vehicles.

Taking a deep breath, I followed Nick and Lisa - Nick’s date, finally found out who she is - up to the porch of the Striker’s house. Nick barged in like he owned the place, so I silently followed them inside. The blaring music was earpeircing loud and Nick had to shout to be heard.

“Would you you be fine by yourself?” He asked bending down to my level and raising his volume.

A bit over-whelmed by coming to my first party since we came to Morgantown, I nodded my head. I’ll be honest, this isn’t the first wild highschool party that I’ve attended. Back before Mark broke-up with me, even before I started highschool, Nick had taken me to enough highschool parties for me to know what went on in them. I’ve even been drunk enough much of times. But even back then, I had someone to look after me. To make sure I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to, or I wouldn’t have gone had I been sane. Whether it be my brother, Tania or Mark, or even some of Nick’s football buddies. There always had been someone to look out for me.

Taking my nod as enough much of an answer, Nick wrapped his hand around Lisa’s waist, he dragged her into the party. Over to his friends. I stood by the doorway, watching my brother and Lisa, trying to keep my mind from wandering into uncharted territory. Half-way to his friends, he met Bruce. They fist-pumped and did the man hug thing. Then Bruce said something and Nick replied. Bruce nodded his head and Nick slauntered off.

That’s when Bruce looked up and saw me. Smiling brightly, he raised his hand up in the air and waved. Laughing lightly, I waved back, not expecting him to come over to talk. But that was exactly what he did.

“Hey Sydney, shall I take your coat?” He asked, having to shout to be heard, once he reached me, gesturing at my dress.

“Yes, please,” I replied - more like shouted back - laughing as I removed my over coat and handed it to him. Taking the coat he let it hang in the coat hanger, before pulling me into a hug.

“So, what are you doing standing in the doorway?” He asked me teasingly once we let go. “And may I just say you look lovely this evening.” He added before I could reply.

I felt my cheeks tint a light pink color at his compliment. Chuckling sheepishly, I tucked a stray strand of hair behind my ear, feeling a bit self-concious. “You don’t look bad yourself” I easily complimented, looking up at him, gaining my normal smile as I talked.

“Thankx” he laughed, before wrapping his arm around my shoulder and pulling me inside with him.

“So, is Carly or Mina or Stacey here yet?” I asked, letting him to drag me around.

“Yeah, they’re out back, I think. Carly was looking for you earlier” Bruce replied easily. Then again he and Carly didn’t have an animosity towards each other the way Cameron and Carly had. Bruce actually didn’t mind having Carly for a sister.

Bruce led me out back, before he had to leave. “Enjoy yourself” He called to me before disappearing in the throngs of his and Cameron’s friends. Well.... not all friends, but you get the picture.

Looking around, I found Carly sitting by herself in a bench, Stacey not to be seen.

“Carly!” I yelled, hurrying over to her and wrapping my arms around her shoulders.

“Hey Sydney!” She greeted me, wrapping her arms around me in return. “Thank god, you’re finally here. I was dying of boredom over her” she said once we let go of each other.

“Where’s Stacey and Mina?” I questioned her, looking around, trying to find my other two friends.

“We’ll, Staceys off dancing with Richard. Ian got asked to dance by a very drunk girl, but he seemed glad enough. As for Mina, I haven’t seen her at all” Carly replied as she flopped back down on the bench she had been sitting on. I flopped down next to her, my month forming an ‘o’.

“Let’s look for them later, now I want you to tell me all about Cali” I told her, bouncing on my seat with excitement.

Laughing at my enthusiasm she started on her story.


“...We decided that we were better off as friends as we barely know each other. After all we both met three days ago and I had to leave the day after that. He did send me a friend request in FB and I have his e-mail address and all. I still didn’t get a chance to mail him, but I want to tell him all about today. You should have met him Sydney. The two of you would’ve become great friends” Carly gushed, explaining everything to me.

It’s been almost half-an-hour since we started talking and we completely forgot about going to look for the rest of our friends.

I patted Carly’s hand sympathetically. I really felt for her. She had found a nice guy, only to have him living Half-way across the continent. Life truely wasn’t fair. “I’m sure we’d have gotten along greatly. If not because we get along, even for you.” I told her softly - this was okay as the music wasn’t as loud out here as it was inside the house.

She laughed about to say something, but a voice cut her off. “Sydney! You came!” Ian cried as he stumbled over to the two of us. He was positively drunk.

“Hey Ian” I greeted as he wrapped his arms around my shoulder and hugged me. I was stumped at this display of affection. I mean sure, we were friends. Good friends. But we’ve never been the hugging type of friends. The only person who I was that close to was Carly. Not counting the over excited hugs I give Mina and Stacey, I never hug them the way I hang on Carly.

“So do you want to dance?” He asked straightning up and holding his hand out for me. By the fact he didn’t exactly smell drunk, I’d say he hasn’t had that much to drink. Having had dealt with a very drunk Nick, I had good experience to know.

I shook my head faster. “Nuh-uh. No way. You know I don’t dance.” I told looking at him like he lost his mind. He is my friend, course he knows I don’t dance.

“Oh! That’s right, you can’t dance” he murmured, looking a bit put out. I felt bad for rejecting him, but there wasn’t anything I could do. Anyhow, before I could do anything to salvage the situation, a girl in our year, clearly drunken beyond reason, stumbled over to us.

“Ian” she trilled in a high squeaky voice, hooking her arms around his in a vise like grip - for a drunk person, she had a tight hold. “Let’s go dance” she squealed and dragged him off before either I or Carly could react.

Blinking at each other, it took a moment for us to process what just happened. “Do you think we should help him?” I asked Carly sounding lost. She looked as lost as I felt. Then looking at each other, we both burst out laughing. Now that we think of it, it was a bit funny.

“Evening ladies” a voice said in my ear as two arms snaked around my waist, pulling me back to a hard chest.

I screached, jumping away from whoever it was, whirling around at the same time. Carly whirled around with me to see who it was. It turned out to be a certain green eyed idiot who was laughing at having scared me.

“You idiot” I yelled, slapping his arm - which he must not have even felt. Sigh, the advantages of being a jock.

“Sorry, sorry. I didn’t know you would get so scared” he said laughing. Not sounding the least bit sorry for scaring me. Jerk. Well, the second part was duely acceptable. He couldn’t have known I’d get so scared.

“I thought you were some creepy drunk” I mumbled as an excuse, pouting at my wedge heels.

Laughing lightly, he ruffled my hair. I glared at him, slapping his hand away from my neatly made hair. Ignoring me, he casually slung his arm around my shoulder. Leaning on my side, but not leaning any of his weight on me.

“So are you two -” he started to ask us, but just then I spotted Leo and brightened up.

“Look Carly, there’s Leo.” I shouted to Carly, cutting Cameron off in half, pointing at where he stood. Then shrugging off Cameron’s hand around my shoulder, I dragged Carly around and started towards Leo. Just because I forgot for a moment didn’t mean that I completely forgot about Mina.

“LEO!!!” I yelled at the top of my voice, waving my hand in the air to get his attention. Doing extremly stupid things at a place like this is fine, because there is always that drunken someone who beats me in my sane level of stupidity. Besides, no one was going to remember a single thing that goes on here.

I had to yell a few more times to get his attention and when I did he turned around to face us. Seeing me pushing past drunken people and pulling Carly behind me, a wide smile broke across his already grinning face. Racing his hand in the air and waving, he exclaimed, “Sydney! You came!”

By then we had reached him and he instantly pulled me into a tight bear hug. The thing is, getting hugged by Leo didn’t feel as wierd - as when Ian hugged me earlier. Thats the kind of friendship I had with Leo, from the very start. Another reason is because he felt more like an elder brother to me than Ian did. Maybe because Mina. She and Leo had the kind of relationship I shared with Nick - only not as deep and as forward as ours. Then again, I don’t think anyone had the kind of relationship I had with Nick.

It was unique and beautiful in it’s own way.

“Of course, I came. I did tell Cameron that I would” I told mock incredulously. Blinking up at him in shock, playfully.

He laughed out loud at my tone. “See all that fretting was for nothing.” He called out to someone behind me. I looked back in time to see Cameron roll his eyes. Huh? He must’ve followed us - me and Carly.

“Wait - so you’re Sydney Blake?” A beautiful girl standing beside Leo asked, widening her round doe-brown eyes and staring at me kinda shockedly.

I was taken back by her tone. I wasn’t sure wether I shouldn’t really be surprised that a lot of people I’ve never even met before knows my name. I mean, this has been happening ever since Cameron started talking to me. And they all say it in the exact same way.

Blinking at her - still a bit taken back - I nodded my head.

“Ah! That’s right. I still haven’t introduced Daisy, to you.” Leo said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

I looked at Carly, wide eyed at the same time she looked at me, gasped at the same time. Looking back at Leo to Daisy in wonder. “Daisy! Like you’re girlfriend?” I questioned for me and Carly, a grinned breaking out my lips.

“Yeah” Leo muttered, his cheeks tinting a very light pink color.

“OMG! This is great.... wow. Ur- I mean nice to meet you.” I exclaimed, hopping on the balls of my feet, my hair bouncing on my back with the movement. And it truely was nice to meet Daisy. Leo’s been going on and on and on about her in California to the point where Cameron got pissed enough to hit in the jaw. Yeah, Cameron’s got a bit of a bad temper.

“Yeah, it’s so good to finally meet you. Leo’s been talking our ears off about you, nonstop” Carly said, teasing Leo in the process. Yep, she started warming up to the guy in Cali. When only she and Mina were the girls left, she’d had no choice but to hang around them. I wish she got along with Cameron too - and he with her. But there relationship remains the same as ever.

“He does?” She asked Carly, sounding a bit shocked.

Chuckling Carly nodded her head. Before she could tease him further, Leo cleared his throat and asked me, “Was there something you wanted? You were screaming for me? Or did you Miss me so much that...”

“No I wanted to ask something. Jeez, don’t start to sound so cocky like Cameron” I said, not letting him finish his last sentence.

“Sydney, why do you insist on calling Cam, by his full name?” Daisy asked before I could ask where Mina was. When I looked at her with my head cocked to the side, she quickly went on. “I mean, everyone called him Cam. Only you call him Cameron.” She eleborated.

I laughed, because the reason I called him ‘Cameron’ is pretty stupid. “Well... I used to call him by his full name because it used to annoy him and I guess it kinda stuck” I explained not sure if I was making any sence.

She blinked at me confusedly, so I guess not. “But Leo said you two are friends now” she furrowing her brows in thought and looking up at Leo for confirmation.

“She said it used to annoy me, Day. I kinda got used to her calling me Cameron all the time. Besides, I know for a fact that it’s a bit of an endearment for her to call me ‘Cameron’.” He explained, tossing his hand around my shoulder when he teased me at the last part.

I huffed, crossing my hand across my chest. “What? Cameron is a nice name!” I whined in protest.

“As I said, endearment” he grinned at me, knowing he was getting under my skin.

“Fine, call it whatever you want. But it’s not an endearment. I like your name end of story” I said pushing him off of me.

“You like my name?” He asked like this was the first time he heard me say it. “Syndey, are you drunk?” He asked me looking worried.

“I’m not drunk. I haven’t had anything to drink since I got here, of course I’m not drunk!” I exclaimed throwing my hands up in frustration. “Just because I think you have a nice name doesn’t mean that I have to be drunk to say things like that.”

A smirk made his way across Cameron’s lips, he was clearly thinking of something annoyingly infuriating to say. Carly let out a sigh, shaking her head and smaking her hand to her forehead. I couldn’t see Leo and Daisy as they were behind me, but I could tell that Leo had a smirk to match Cameron’s, and he was enjoying us fighting.

“See, I told you it was entertaining to watch these two fight” I vaguely heard Leo mutter - probably to Daisy - but I didn’t have time to turn and tell him off.

“So you think my name is nice? Are you sure you don’t - ” he started to ask, but I growled on frustration and cut across.

“You know what. From this moment forth, I comepletely and utterly hate your name. It’s the most ugliest, stupidest, annoying-est, self-obsorbed name I know. There, happy?” I growled at Cameron narrowing my eyes at him.

“Ouch, Sydney, that hurt. Right here.” He said over dramatically, laying a hand over his heart and pretending to fall over.

I rolled my eyes and turned back to Leo, ignoring the green eyed idiot.

“Leo, how come I still haven’t seen Mina. She said she’d come today?” I asked Leo, cocking my head to the side and pouting. The reason I asked this all at once is because everytime I’ve been trying to asking him that, someone keeps distracting me.

“Oh, ur- she couldn’t come Sydney.” He muttered, looking down at the floor, not quite meeting my eyes. “She kinda got sick suddenly and... yeah” he told, looking like he wanted to be anywhere but here. He also looked uncomfortable when talking about Mina’s sickness. And this is not the first time I’m noticing it.

“Is she alright? What’s wrong?” Carly asked when I stayed silent, not digging. I didn’t want to make Leo say something he didn’t want to. Just because we were friends.... we weren’t all that close.

“She’ll be alright about now, she has to” now, why did it feel like he was trying to reassure himself than me or Carly? This didn’t seen right. There is something they aren’t telling us. Well, it is her secret to keep. And she’ll tell us when she’s ready to tell us.

“Alright, back to my point. Before you oh-so-graciously disturbed me earlier...” Cameron told, taking the spot light from his friend, who seemed greatful for the fact. Cameron paused to smirk at me and my confused expression. “Come on, let’s go dance” he stated out of the blue, grabbed my hand and dragged me along with him.

“Woah! Cameron!” I yelled after a moment. “You know I can’t dance!” I exclaimed, struggling to pull my hand free.

“You can dance just fine. I’d know” he reassured. I shot a perplexed looked at his back, that he obviously didn’t see. So he continued dragging a very reluctant me back inside the house.

“Cameron! There you are” a very feminine, girly voice squealed. Cameron stopped short on his Grafix and looked back at me, before turning towards the voice.

A beautiful, curvy girl was making her way over to us. By the plastic cup on her hand and the way she swayed as she walked , I’d say that she was drunk. Maybe not senseless, but drunk none-the-less.

“Where did you disappear to baby? I’ve been looking all over for you” she cooed - her words slightly slurring - as she seductively ran her hands up Cameron’s torso and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Come one, let’s go dance” she fluttered her eyelids seductively, a slow sultry smile gracing her lips and looking at Cameron though her lids.

Cameron took a slow, deep breath, his hold on my hand tightening, but not hurting. Equally slowly he let out his breath, as if praying for patience. “Daphane,” he said firmly, flinchingg slightly as he said her name. “Stop this” he ordered, grabbong both her arms from around his neck with one hand - his other still having a tight hold on my wrist - and removing them from around his neck. “I already told you, we’re done. You’re not getting me in bed with you again. I’m in love with someone else. Someone who is not you. So please, leave me alone.”

Despite his harsh words, he didn’t toss away her hands, he let go of them carefully. Then he dragged a very dumbfounded me away from her. A very gorgeous girl, who willing invited him to sleep with her - the indication wasn’t lost even to me.

“Woah! Did you just reject a gorgeous girl like.., Daphane was it?” I asked once I got over the initial shock of him rejecting her. I had to shout to be heard over the blaring music, but it wasn’t like anyone was trying to listen in to our conversation.

“Just drop it Sydney and let’s dance” he said, finally Stopping in the middle f the dance floor and turning around to face me with a big grin on his face.

I groaned, letting him to lead me. “Okay, I’ll let go of it, but after you answer just one little question” I called back.

He rolled his eyes but didn’t tell anything. I took this as a sign to proceed.” Was that Daphane as the girl from Withering high? The girl everyone days is probably the beautifulest girl in town?” I asked him, still not believing that he just rejected her - or anyone that beautiful.

He laughed sarcastically. “Yes, that’s her.” He replied with another roll of his eyes. “You know, up until recently I’d have agreed with those idiots who say she’s the prettiest girl in town, but now I really don’t think so.” I don’t know why he said that to me and I guess it’s nice to know he’s not baised, but this is Cameron we are talking about, of course he baised - by beauty.

Since I promised only one question I let it go. Surprisingly enough, I actually enjoyed dancing with him.

I think we were dancing to our the third song, when my eyes met Ian’s across the room. He was still dancing with that girl who had dragged him off to dance, but when our eyes met, he got a sad look in his. A look of detrayal. Cameron had dragged me off to hands despite my protests and I had told no to Ian. He is surely going to take this the wrong way.

He looked away first and didn’t fast a second glance back at me. This hurt, but I’m sure what I did - or rather didn’t do - hurt him as much and I couldn’t complain. Was it really wrong of me to hope that he’s drunk enough that he’ll forget this whole incident?

“Sydeny, what’s wrong?” Cameron asked, sounding worried. I guess something in my expression gave away what I as thinking. And of course, I had suddenly stopped dancing.

I looked up at him, meeting his concerned bottle green eyes. “I’m fine...” I told him, forcing a smile into my lips, but he gave me a look that said ‘dont-lie’. Sighing, I slumped my shoulders, not pretending to smile anymore. “Can we go out, I don’t want to be in here anymore” I murmured casting a look in Ian’s direction.

Cameron, who had to press his ear close to my lips to hear me, straightened up and nodded his head, looking at the direction I was looking with a protective expression. Then he led me outside, taking my hand in his so we wouldn’t get seperated.

He didn’t question me till we got out side, but even then he stayed silent, as we strolled amoung the car, lost in our own thoughts. He had yet to leave my hand, but neither of us noticed we were holding hands - maybe because snow covered the grounds and holding hands kept our hands warm.

I looked up at the starry sky and instantly spotted orion - the only constalation I know to connect. “Cameron look, orions there” I exclaimed, pointing at the sky happily, my problem with Ian momentarily forgotten.

We both stopped walking to look up at the sky and I leaned against the nearest car.

A comfortable silence settled amoung us and it was almost content. I don’t know when things changed between us, but this Cameron was a refreshing change. I mean, sure, he was still, cocky, arrogant and very much a jerk. But a sweet, kind and nice jerk.

Cameron leaned beside me - against the car - and we continued to silently watch the stars. I’m not sure how long we stayed like that, but after some time, I broke the silence. “Do you know any constellations?” I asked him, not really looking at him, my eyes glued to the sky.

“Hmmm.... not really, why?” He asked, removing his gaze from the sky to look down at me.

I shrugged my shoulder. “No particullar reason. I just love star-gazing but I don’t -” I started to say, but broke off mid-sentence, when he brought up our intvined hands to his lips and pressed a kiss on my knuckles. I looked up at him wierdly, kind confused. “Are you drunk?” I asked him, gently teasing my hand out of his.

His green eyes held my gaze petfectly soberly, but he could be good at hidding his drunkedness. I wouldn’t know. “Nah, I’m perfectly sober” he replied and sure, he wasn’t slurring his words and had walked pretty straight. His eyes looked directly at mine, not breaking their gaze, he trailed his fingers up my arm, leaving in his wake a trail of sparks and goosebumps - the good kind. He bent down, leaning his forehead on mine, trapping me between the car and him.

He was really warm and I didn’t have it in me to push him away, not matter how weird he was acting.

“Have I ever told you, that you are the most beautifullest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting?” He questioned, his breath fanning my lips in a gentle caress, his eyes staying glued on mine. I was struck speechless - a surprising feet in itself - and could only shake my head in responce

“Hmmm...” he hummed in responce, like he wasn’t really conscious of me shaking my head. “Well, you are very, very, very beautiful” he told me, his hand trailing up and down my arm, warming me up.

My eyes went wide at his sudden confession. Now I am very sure - positive - that he was drunk. Cameron wouldn’t tell me such a thing otherwise. So why did my heart skip a beat and raced to my face? I was having mixed feelings about all this, even as I firmly told my heart that it was the alcohol in Cameron’s system talking and not him.

“’Course I am” I giggled, playing along with him - he’d eyesight forget all about this by tommorrow, and even if he did remember, we could just pass it off as him acting drunk. I giggled, hoping to stifle the sound of hurt that laced my voice as I agreed with him.

“Sydney,” he murmured, caressing my cheek with his thumb.

“Hmm” I hummed in responce, enjoying the feel of his large, calloused hands cupping my face. Enjoying it way more than I should. I was going to get hurt if I continued along this road, but I couldn’t stop myself from enjoying every miniute of it. Every breath that fanned across my lips as he breathed out, the soft, almost sensual feel of his hand on my face and arm, the sparks that flee all over every place he touched, every single small gesture. I felt that this was all I was going to get from him, that this was all I could allow him to do.

“I think...” he trailed off uncertainly. Taking a deep breath, as if to harden his resolve, he blurted the words out. The words that made me freeze over and be completely dumbstruck, speechless.

“I think, I’m in love with you”

My eyes, that had been falling shut because of the gentle - and warm - caress of his thumb stroking my cheek, snapped open at his confession. I went rigid against him, so sure that I had heard him wrong. I had to have heard him wrong, this just can’t be happening. He couldn’t have just - of course not, he’s drunk. He didn’t mean - or wasn’t even conscious of - what he is saying. Cameron wouldn’t confess his love to me.

Then why did my heart sink at my thoughts?

“What?” The words were out of my mouth just as I had thought them.

“I think I’m in love with you Sydney Blake, as impossible and crazy as that sounded” he said, soundng more determinded than drunk. “Not just because I think you are beautiful beyond comparison,but because you are crazy and funny and you never put up with any of my crap. I adour that about you. That you know to tell me off when I’m wrong and you are the first ever girl that I have had a decent conversation with that didn’t involve anything to do with sex.

You make me laugh without even meaning to, you never flirt with me and you are always quick to tell me off. High the most amazing, wonderful and beautifullest girl I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and in head over heels in love with you.”

I stood there,trapped between his arms and the car, heaving.

What could I say? He had taken the words right out of my mouth - a terribly hard feet, I’ll tell you. Not to mention my breath, I had to make a conscious effort to breath after his confession - which was so heart felt that I had a hard time not believing it. ‘But only if he hadnt been drunk’ I coukdnt help thinking wistfully. He probably wouldn’t remember a thing, come tommorow morning.

I was still gasping for breath, my mind realing in many different direction, but on the one it should be contemplatin. Cameron green eyes boring into me did nothing of the sort to help.

“Sydney!” Carly’s voice called to me from the directiong of the house, saving me from having to answer to Cameron’s drunken confession.

Looking startled, Cameron pushed away from me just as Carly reached us - I was sure she hadn’t seen how close we were standing, because she didn’t give us a contemplative look. “Oh, Sydney, there you are. I’ve been looking all over for you” she gasped as she came to standing beside us. Her behaviour proved she hadn’t seen me and Cameron before he pushed away from me, or she’d be acting weird and teasing if she had disturbed us.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly, momentarily distracted, pushing away from the car I was leaning on and touching her arm in concern.

“No, no, nothings wrong. You were gone for sometime and I was just looking for you. I paniced when I didn’t see you anywhere, that’s all” she sighed, smiling apologetically.

I let out a sigh I didn’t know I was holding in. Then I tensed asanother thought stuck me. “You didn’t mention anything to Nick right?” I asked her, “because he’d bring a whole squad of police officers to look for me if he thought anything is amiss” I groaned, running my hand down my face.

“For me to tell your brother, he has to be sane” Carly told with a grin, like she saw something she probably shouldn’t have.

“I’m sure he’d have sobered up if you had told him I’m missing” I told dryly, knowing she knew this pretty well too. After all, she had been around a very over-protective Nick often enough thought know such things.

“Without doudt.” Cameron agreed with me in a merry tone.

We both - meaning Carly and I - looked up at him. Carly gave him a dry look with an raised eyebrow, seeing this iwent red in the face, remembering his confession not but two miniutes ago. Let’s hope Carly thinks it’s because of thecold and not because of Cameron.

“Anyway, we should head back home. It’s past 10:00 p.m. Your mom asked you to be home by 10:30 and since Nick is currently unavailable to drive us, we should head back to your place” Carly suggested, turning back to me.

“I can drive you two home if you want me to” Cameron suggested instant, frowning. “I didn’t want you two walking home all along, even if Sydney lives down two streets. It’s dark and ...”

“Save the lecture Cam, Leo promised she’d drive us home” Carly cut off her brother with an even drier look than before. “Though, do enlighten me. What brought on this sudden brotherly protectiveness?” She said the words ‘brotherly protectiveness’ in a mocking way, because all three of us knew that he was the one pushing her away.

He scowled at her. “I might not like you very much, even borelineing hatred, but I’m not that much of a jerk.” He spat the words at her with venom that was pretty surprising and terrifying. I took a step back,but he didn’t seem to notice, he was glaring too intently at Carly. She stared back at him defiantly, her mouth set in a thin line, eyes narrowed into slits.

Huffing, she caught hold of my elbow and stormed away from him.

I was stuck speechless by this display of contempt. I was also struck with the thought than there was more to their dislike towards each other than that meets the eye. More to it than both of them were willing to share... what could it possibly be?

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