Heal My Heart

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Chapter 3

I hurriedly got in and he pulled away, Tania never came with the two of us – she always got a ride to school from someone, but mostly because Nick would never wait for her. Which is a good thing, because we only fight –a lot– when she comes with us.

“How come you never told me you were friends with that arrogant jerk, Cam?” I asked Nicolas the minute he pulled out of our driveway. He raised his eyebrows at me, I thought he wasn’t going to answer me but he said “Syd, how many times has the guy come to our house. Have you never seen him?”

Then he went on without waiting for a reply. “Then again, you never notice anything, you always run around the house. Especially when the guys come” he said chuckling to himself. The guys, are my brother’s friends.

“I just don’t want to get caught in your conversations is all” I muttered to him pouting. “So how long have you known him?” I asked Nick no longer pouting, but rather curious. Cam had been part of most of the topics between me and him during the night - I sleep with my brother, he’s my big teddy-bear, the one I can’t sleep without - when I complain about him and his goons of football players teasing Carly - My best freind - and he had not so much as mentioned him being freinds with that jerk.

“From the day we moved in, hey how did you meet him?” he answered me and asked. So the rest of the ride I told him the true story what happened on Saturday, even thought I knew he already knew what happened, I’m positive Cam had told it to Nick.. I always tell my brother everything, from the guy I like to… well, everything.

I was just finishing the story when he pulled in front of school, I got out and asked if he was coming to pick me up. “Yeah” he said in duh tone and rode away. I jumped away from the car –so that I wouldn’t get run over– and dropped my books. “Jerk” I grunted and picking my books I ran inside to find Carly.

I was hurrying through the hallway when my phone beeped and I looked down to take the phone from my purse when BAM! I knocked on someone and dropped my books, again.

“Sorry” I said cheerily, smacking my forehead and scooped down to pick up my books again.

“You really can’t stay away from me, can you?” an all too familiar voice asked me, making my head snap up to meet the gorgeously breathtaking bottle green eyes of Cam. Gorgeously breathtaking bottle green eyes? What on earth is wrong with me??? Okay so the guy had beautiful green eyes, no use denying that. But that doesn’t mean I like him, only his eyes.

“First you threw yourself at my feet, then sang you want to look at me and now this, weird” he went on shaking his head like he couldn’t believe himself. When in truth he was making all of this up, in his head. His friends roared with laughter when he said that making me glare at them.

“Yeah, right, in your dreams” I scoffed in a very unattractive way, just when Carly, Ian, Stacey and Richard came up to me- Carly must not have seen whom I was talking to, or she would not have come, like at all. She hates the very breath that Cam breathed - and with good reason to, too.

“Hey sis…” she called and what ever it was that was supposed to follow didn’t come. She stopped on her tracks and turned white. She turned on the spot and dashed off the other direction. Stacey ran after Carly, giving me a meaningful look that I took as come-quick.

The two boys anyhow stayed.

“You dream of me every night and here I was thinking you couldn’t get more obvious” Cam stated snickering, as if we were never interrupted. I gave him a WHAT? look, getting a little distracted with my concern for Carly, I really didn’t get what he said. “Don’t you?” he asked wigging his eyebrows and sounding like he was making a point rather than asking it from me. I really feel like killing that jerk right now.

“Ew… as if I’d ever dream of you” I said thoroughly disgusted and I said ‘you’ as if the word tasted bad in my mouth and to be honest it did taste bad. I knew he was a jerk and all that, but I had never been on the recieving end of it. Until today that is. I really wished my stupid cat hadn’t dashed off like that. look at the mess that animal left me in. I feel so loved by that thing.

“Why would she dream of you? She doesn’t even like you that way” Ian stated to Cam, matter-of-factly. Which was a the wrong thing to say. “Oh but she does, she warm for the guys form” one of Cams friends - Taylor, I think his name was - snickered getting the others to laugh like hyenas again.

I shook my head scowling at them and walked away, tugging on Ian’s sleeve so he’d follow. He did, with Richard. I took out my phone which landed me in this mess. I know I was blaming my cat just seconds before and now I’m blaming my phone, but if it wasn’t for that cat Cam wouldn’t notice me half as much as he did today.

Their was another face book notification


“URGH! Go away” I yelled at my phone declining his offer. I got weird looks from others who were going by when I yelled but I ignored them, like ususal. Yes I had a tendecy to yell random things in the middle of the hallways. Either when talking with my freinds or looking at my phone like now or at the book I was reading or whatever. So I kinda was already used to getting weird looks from my beloved collegues - note the scarsm.

“What’s in it soo much?” Ian asked me, sounding interested. I don’t usually go around scolding my phone, but I do it when I’m pissed with the person who text or call. “FB notification asking me to be friends with that bastard” I muttered to Ian truthfully yet darkly. I was blowing off steam and both Ian and Richard knew that. Which was why they let me get it out. Yes, I have really cool freinds who know not to take offence at the random things I do or say.

But I didn’t mind when the two of them started laughing. They were my friends and they were not teasing me so it was fine, where as that jackass Cam… okay I.am.not.going.to.think.of.him. No, I seriously am going to try to forget that encounter as much as I can and get on with my life.

“You two go on ahead, I wanna go check on Carly” I said to the boys waving and hurried to the ladies bathroom, where –as I thought– Carly and Stacey were.

“Hey! You ’kay?” I asked entering the bathroom. Only the two of them and a few freshman were around –no one who’d make fun of us later, so it was safe. “Yeah, yeah I’m fine” Carly replied a little shakily, and still looking drained of color. I felt bad, because honestly it was because of me that she had to even face that jerk.

“You were talking to Cam.” Stacey stated raising her eyebrows, she didn’t tell it like it were a bad thing. She actually seemed to like it. “Total coincidence” I said, very aware of the fact that the freshman were all listening in on our conversation now. He was the Cam Striker, the hottest guy in school. So course they were listening in. “Believe me; I wouldn’t talk to the guy even if he was the last man on earth. At least not volunteering-ly” I said to them dramatically. Even I admit it was exaggerating a bit too much. But at least it made Carly laugh. But Stacey looked as if she didn’t believe me.

“Still, you were talking to him.” Was it just me or did she sound jealous. “He. Talked. To. Me. I couldn’t just ignore him when I accidently ran into him” I said, saying ‘accidently’ in a small voice. But it was true. I never ran into him in purpose, like some girls would, I could name a few and for one I knew that Stacey would be in that catergory too. Despite her seemingly hatred for the popular crowd, giving the chance to date someone off the footbal team she’d jump at the chance. I’m not exactly complaing because I didn’t really care, as long as they didn’t hurt her that is.

Stacey rolled her eyes and I got a feeling that she still didn’t believe me (then again, she doesn’t know about the incident on Saturday) but just then the bell rang and the three of us clambered to class.

We were sitting around eating in the cafeteria talking for some reason about nail polish - the boys had yet to join us which led to our current topic.

“That reminds me of my favourite nail polish all the ways from Australia” I informed them laughing lightly at the memeory of the first day I applied it and instantly fell in love with that brand of nail polish. Ofcourse it didn’t help in the least that Mark had to be the first one to compliment it on my nails.

I sighed miserably at that memory. Carly gently squeezed my hand smilling reassuringly. For a fact I knew that she knew what was going throught my head. She already knew most of my memories of australia constricted around Mark. All the good memeries I have of back home is foggy and hard to place.

“OMG! then you have to so show me” Stacey said all excitedly, bouncing lightly on her seat with excitment.

“I would but the last batch is with Tania, because I gave away everything I owned. I know she has one in her locker, and if you really want I could ask for you.” I said uncertainly, because I really didn’t want to interact with Tania in school. The result just wouldn’t be very pleasent, but I’d to it for Stacey.

“That’ll be soo damn great of you Sydney” Stacey cooed smilling brightly at me. I smiled back at her and said ” but you guys are coming with me there’s no way that I’m walking up to her on my own” I said threatningly, but they both knew that I was only joking yet I really wouldn’t go without them.

“Alright fine, after we are done here” Carly said earning herself a big bear hug from me. She laughed and patting my back said “’Kay… I get it you love me.” She said it smugly. “You also coming right?” I asked Stacey over Carly’s shoulder, I was still hugging her.

“Course, I wouldn’t miss out” she said playacting along with me and Carly. I would have given her a hug too if the table wasn’t in between us so I settled for giving her hand a tight squeeze.

“Thanks, I love you guys” I cooed, jumping in my seat. Both Carly and Stacey laughed at my childish behavior. They were already used to me being hyperactive all the time. Ian even say’s that he was the one that got tired instead of me.

“Aw… that’s sweet” a male voice said from behind me.

I have no idea what made me think it was Cam, whatever it was it made me snap “Go away” rather very rudely. I turned in my seat slowly and whom I saw made me mentally snack myself.

“Ur- sorry” Ian said sounding taken back; he even held his hand up in defense. “Ian! Richard!” I squealed. “OMG guys I’m so sorry. I thought you were… someone else” I apologized instantly, feeling stupid and horrible for snapping at them, they were my friends. Urgh its all Cam’s fault, I used to be such a good girl –I rarely ever snap at anyone, even Tania and she sure can be a very hard person and it took a lot to not snap at her, but I manage.

Carly’s gaze told me she understood what was going on inside my head, but she didn’t tell anything. There is a reason I didn’t tell Cam’s name to them. I didn’t want them to know I was thinking of him, not really thinking but I am now.

“Don’t worry, Syd, it’s okay” Richard told sitting next to Stacey (he is her boyfriend) “Hey baby” he greeted her, and she greeted him back with a kiss. “Yeah, Syd don’t worry” Ian said ruffling my hair softly, so as to not mess my hair. This was weird so I ducked out from under his hand and stood up.

“Come on girl’s we better go before lunch break is over” I said to Stacey and Carly because we were kind of finished with our lunch and I still had to go searching for Tania to show Stacey that nail polish. So leaving the boys behind to eat we made it out the cafeteria and to the table where the whole popular crowd was… well crowded around the table.

I looked at Carly when I spotted Cam and the other football players lurking around. I took her hand and when she looked at me I silently nodded at where the football players were and she saw him. She gave my hand a gentle squeeze and whispered “lets just make it quick.” I nodded my head not trusting my voice, plus I didn’t want to alert Cam. Not like it was going to work once I start talking to Tania.

We walked over to where Tania and her pose of cheerleaders sat. I cleared my throat to get Tanis’s attention and all of them looked up at us. “What do you want?” Tania snapped at me, we both avoided each other in school like the plague, and she was never nice the few times where we hadto speak. Like right now. It ruined her reputation to be talking to us... or something like that.

“Hey to you too sis, can I have a word?” I asked her sweetly ignoring her snappy tone and holding a finger up asking her for a minute.

Rolling her eyes and looking like she could murder me she got up from the table and walked a little way away from her table. “What do you want?” she hissed really annoyedly, glaring at me.

“Okay, okay, I just wanted that australian nail polish, you know my favourite one. I gave you the whole set” I said to her batting my eyes at her. Not that it’d work, it’ll only get her more annoyed, but to be honest getting her annoyed would work.

“Do you really have to ask that now?” she growled out lowly so only I would hear. I nodded my head innocently. “I’ll give the whole set back to you at home, now get those two freinds of yours and get the hell out of here” she growled, keeping her voice under control with difficulty.

“Fine, but I don’t want the whole set, I just want the silver one” I said to her smiling sweetly like she had not just told me to get the hell away from her and the rest of the chreeleaders. “See you around sissy” I waved at her lightly before turning to Carly and Stacey with a wide grin. Mission accomplished.

I just opened my mouth to say ‘that I’ll get the nail polishe later’ when a voice I was planning to avoid said “Hey Sydney!” I winced, then grunted (under my breath) and said “Hey?” Only it came out sounding more of a question than a greeting. That was on account of the fact that I did not want to be talking to Cam Striker.

One- because Carly was with me, Two- I didn’t want to get any more embarrassed than I already had and I was positive that Cam was NOT calling me for a freindly chat. The devil doesn’t call you for anything but your doom.

“It’s sweet that you seem to be unable to stay away from me, but don’t you think you are going a bit too far. It’s starting to get weird” he said, either not noticing the question behind my ‘hey’ or ignoring it, knowing Cam I’m betting on the latter. What was even weirder was that he sounded as if he meant it too. Creepy.

The whole popular crowd’s attention was to us by now. It was a little… strange I guess the word is, and I was feeling way too self-conscious. One wrong move and I would never hear the end of it.

“She sooooo does not like you” Carly said to him bravely. Way too bravely for someone who is afraid to come in front of him, okay she was not afraid of him, she just hated him way too much to… whatever. I gave her a grateful look since I had no idea what to do and I felt a little lost for words.

“Ah… but she does like me” he said – mostly to Carly- smugly. “Yuck!” I exclaimed with a gagging noise. “What makes you think I like you?” I asked him finally finding my vioce but which (unfortunately for me) was the wrong thing to ask since he started to list the things I did –all accidently– to make him think that, only he made it appear like I did everything on purpose.

“Firstly, you feel at my feet, begging me to make you mine” he said dramatically, I didn’t let him finish I yelled “HEY!” he looked at me with a way too innocent look. “I never even said that” I accused him, shuddering at the thought of me ever asking him that. EW… is all I have to say.

“I definitely did not beg you to make me y-yours. I mean EW…” I said stammering slightly when saying your with utter disgusted. “But you said youself that you can’t stop staring at me” he informed me, like I didn’t already know all that. After all, he made my singing seem that way.

“I never said that either” I said glaring at him “I was singing a song and it was not about you or for you” I informed him in a harsh tone, why should I even try to be nice to a git like him? He wouldn’t buy it if I say it nicely anyway, now would he?

“Thirdly you are stalking me” he said it so casually like I had not said anything at all, that I know my jaw dropped. Someone wolf-whistled, another someone slapped his back and said “dude she is so onto you”. I saw many cheerleader’s giving me the evil eye, but I was having a hard time processing any of it.

“S-Stalking?” I squealed, my voice coming out way too shrilly. “She is so not stalking you” Carly said to the still silence, which followed my shrill voice. Carly said ‘you’ as if it were a very bad and rotten thing. Which telling the truth felt like it really was. So...

GO CARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Really?” Cam asked her sounding amused, but she didn’t cringe or shrink away in fear, wow she was a lot braver than I gave her credit for. “Because I think she does” he said taking a step front but Carly didn’t back down.

I finally found my voice and I said “It might come of a surprise to you Cam, but I really have no interest in you. I don’t want to stalk a jackass bastard like you, who use girls like toy. So I’ll tell it again so that it can actually register in that thick skull of yours, I. Don’t. love. You. Hell I don’t even like you. So despite it being such a surprise, not everyone in this school is willing to fall down at your feet.” I said on one breath sounding as cold as the words itself.

Just as I was done the bell rang. I don’t think I was ever thankful for the bell than I was just then. Saved by the bell I thought to myself and turned on the spot and pushed my way through the crowd that had gathered to watch me and Cam going at it. I couldn’t believe the amount of students gathered around.

But before I walked off, I noticed Cam had a pained look in his eyes that wasn’t visible in his face, he had been playing cool, but I couldn’t help thinking of the pained look in his eyes, what was up with that?

I was fuming (and sulking) in all the classes for the rest of the day. I kept seeing Cam’s pained look –in my head– and that pissed me. I also kept getting dirty looks from the popular kids –I had scolded their idol, after all. The dirty looks I didn’t mind much (I always get dirty looks from Cheerleaders anyway, now the football players and the rest of the popular kids also kept giving it to me, big whop).

Carly’s effort’s to get me to stop sulking and fuming had no effect though it did stop me from fuming, but I still kept sulking and the guilt I was feeling couldn’t be driven away by anything but an apology, I knew that very well. I wasn’t sure if I want to apologize to Cam of all people.

Thankfully Cam didn’t speak to me for the rest of the day and his friends ignored me as usual. Which was such a relief, that I actually thought my life would go back to normal. But it still brought out the guilt out a bit hard.Seriously I had no idea what came over me. I never snap at anyone, I have no idea what came over me so much so that I actually told all that out.

I was still sulking and wallowing in my guilt when Nick came to pick me up, but since I was a little late –talking to the teacher– he had gotten into talking to the guys (football player’s, he was freinds with the whole team, or so it seemed) and since Cam was quarterback of our school, he would be their too.

“Just great, the universe really hate me” I muttered sarcastically. I really didn’t want to be the first one to talk to him and even more I wasn’t sure how to face him after all that I said to him. Hell I have no idea how he’d react and that teriffied me to no end.

“Don’t worry, I’m here” Carly said giving my hand a little squeeze, which I returned gladly. I really was glad she was here with me, that way I won’t have to face the drama alone. “You wanna come to the pet shop with me? You could help out, and I think you really need a break. You had such a crappy day” she asked sympathetically trying to be helpful, but there was only so much she could do. Don’t get me wrong, I really was grateful for having a wonder friend like Carly. She really was a great friend.

“Aw… I’m soo sorry, but I can’t. I promised mom I’d help out in the flower shop today, sorry” I said to her in an apologetically voice that said please-understand. I wished I hadn’t promised mom to help out that, then I could have spent my evening with Carly, which might help me to forget my argument with Cam. At least till tomorrow.

She laughed at me, not in a mean way more like she thought it was cute or something. “That’s ’kay, maybe some other time.” She said and I hugged her tightly cooing “aw…”

I cooed too loudly in her ear that she winced and let her go immediately, thinking I hurt her. When both of us realized what happened we burst out laughing. “Thankx anyway” I said to her on again shuffling towards my brother. Thought every step I took I felt like shrinking, or hoping the floor would open and swallowing me whole.

We were a few feet away from them when an idea stuck me and I stopped on my tracks. “You wouldn’t mind walking would’cha?” I asked Carly, who gave me a suspicious look. “What’s going on inside that brain of yours?” she asked suspiciously pointing a finger at my head and eye’s narrowed.

I laughed and told her “I thought we could skip the ride and walk-” but she caught on soon. “And avoid talking to Cam altogether? I’m in” she said, giving me a big smile “Just one little glitch, how do we tell Nicolas without going their?” she asked me pointing at where my brother stood talking to the guys.

I gave her mischievous look and pulling out my phone I showed it to her, and evil glint in my eyes. I wagged my eyebrows at her and she said “genius” shaking her head.

I was just about to text him when Nick saw me and Carly standing their and called out “Sydney, hurry up.” He sounded pretty pissed too, damn. He hated being kept waiting. What was with today and me pissing everyone off?

“Caught” Carly said amusedly, don’t ask me why she was amused. “Oh well” I shrugged it off, pocketing my phone and slumping over to my brother. I gave him a sweet little smile that which he returned as a glare. “What the hell took you so long?” he demanded, did I mention my brother hated to be kept waiting? He would have left if he hadn’t been talking to the guys, I can’t decide whether it was lucky or not, probably not.

“Talking to the teacher” I mumbled, very aware of all the eyes on me, it was a little creepy and un-nerving. Half of these guy probably wanted to skin me alive, and that didn’t help in any way. Then again I totally deserved it after all that I said in the cafeteria earlier today.

“Dude, she is your sister?” someone out of my line of vision asked. Both me and Nick rolled our eyes. A lot of people ask us that in the exact same way. Nobody who met my brother can believe I am his sister (and after meeting Tania, much harder). He is soo cool and handsome and tall and muscular and… well you get the picture.

“Yeah, you got a problem with that?” Nick asked rather rudely and menacingly. Though I’m sure he didn’t mean it.

Anyhow before the guy could answer Carly wondered aloud “Why does everyone ask that same question in the exact same way?” She has been in some situations where people have asked us that but she has never questioned me about it. I knew the answer to it, but she would never accept that answer.

“Maybe because Nicolas is cool and she is…” Daniel started to tell but trailed off. I looked at my brother to see whether he was doing something to make the guy not finish. Only he was looking as amusedly as I was. “She’s what?” Carly asked narrowing her eyes. Wow! what was up with Carly today?

I slapped my hand to my mouth to keep myself from bursting out laughing; even Nick turned a little covering his amused smirk behind his hand. “G-go on, f-finish it” I said, still covering my mouth, I was having a hard time stopping myself from laughing. It was something only I and Nick got so when we laugh people tend to look at us like we were mad.

“Ur- not cool” he finished with a worried glance at Nick who was still turned away trying like me to contain him from laughing. “AHHH! He said it!” I shrieked jumping a little as well. To tell the truth I and Nick kept a bet to see who’d say that I’m not cool out right, and who wouldn’t tell.

I bet on people who will tell (I loose a lot though, but I only took it to because both of us wanted to take not saying and got into an argument, to stop the argument I agreed to take the saying) and now that Daniel said it out right I screamed. “Yes, pay up Nick” I said in a sing-song voice punching the air and grinning wide-ly

He grunted and gave me a $50, that which I took with a victorious smile. Nick grunted, but on he pay-ed up, but he couldn’t keep in his smirk in anymore.

“I guess she is not so different from him after all” Cam said looking at us like we were nuts. Everyone was looking at us like that. For the moment I had forgotten my erlier argument with Cam. Yeah... I was an easy person to distract.

“I can’t believe I’m going to tell this, but I agree with Cam” Carly said –more like muttered– looking at us like the rest of them.

I noticed Tania among the crowd and she didn’t look too happy. She was not looking at me and Nicolas like we were nuts – she’s seen it all– nor was she looking too happy about me being here with the Nicolas. When she saw me looking at her she looked away sharply, turning around and not facing me.

I felt bad after that. I shouldn’t be here, talking to these people, they were her friends. But I was not here because I wanted to be, but Tania’d never buy it. Perfect, I made my sister even angrier at me than she already was. My eye’s fogged up and I looked away, not wanting to make her angrier at me by crying.

When I looked away from her my eyes landed on the green ones of Cam, and he smiled at me. To say I was shocked would be an understatement. I was so beyond it, that it took a moment for me to return his smile.

“I’ll see you guys later, where is the party?” Nick asked making Cam look away from me and at Nick.

“My place” Cam replied.

“Alright then see you guys later” Nick said to the guys, who waved, raised their arms in farewell or said “yeah, see you later man” or something along that line. Nick walked around to the drivers side and I was about to get into the passenger seat when Cam called “Bye Sydney.”

I stopped half-way inside the car and turned to look at him as if he were demented. “Ur- bye?” I said, once again my voice coming out like a question and the I-guess could be heard clearly even if I didn’t say out loud.

“Woohoo!” he hollered punching the air “So you don’t hate me as much as you say.” He cheered teasingly.

I was about to say ew, when Nick started the car and I quickly got in and slammed the door shut. Their was a tap at my window and me, Nick and Carly - she gets a ride from Nick everyday, it was no biggie because it wasn’t exavtly out of the way - looked at the window to see Cam leaning close to the window. Nick lowered the window to talk and leaned a bit closer to me to hear Cam. He said some things I didn’t understand, probably something related to football.

Before he backed away he added to Nick “oh yeah and Nick, bring this little sweetheart with you.” He said it trailing a finger down my cheek; I slapped it away from my face “go away” I moaned burying my face in my lap. Both he and Nick started chuckling and with that my brother pulled away, still chuckling.

“Why are you even friends with that jerk, can’t you find someone your own age to hang out with?” I asked Nick as soon as he pulled away from the school parking lot.

“You don’t really mean that do you little sister?” he asked me smirking evilly. “After all you do like him” he said still smirking, if not his smirk growing wider. Bad brother.

He dropped Carly at the pet shop and me at the flower shop, my mom named it Flora – it was my idea though. As soon as he dropped me he rode off and I went into the shop. Only a little problem, the door was locked. Luckily I had the spare key and I entered.

The shop was eerily dark, thinking mom would be upstairs in the greenhouse – she tend to close the shop if she is upstairs watering to flowers or something. So I ran upstairs, but she was not there. Believe me I checked around the whole greenhouse twice calling ‘mom’. If she had been their, she would have answered.

This stuck me as weird but I didn’t take it much into account I went back upstairs to water the plant, they looked a little dry

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