Heal My Heart

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Chapter 33

I was aroused the next morning by a chirpy Carly and a grouchy Tania. “Get up Sydney, we need to get you ready in time.” Tania snapped impatiently, hauling me into my bathroom. Commanding me to take a nice long shower, she locked me in.

Perplexed, I did as she told and got out after a good half-an-hour in a bathrobe.

As soon as I got out they dragged me over to my dressing table and made me sit in front of it. Tania got her make-up kit while Carly blow dried my hair.

“What’s going on you two?” I question stifling a yawn. I had a flight to catch at noon, I needed my beauty sleep.

“Don’t worry about that now, just corporate.” Tania said breezily and I knew they wouldn’t tell me anymore. Besides I was too sleepy to bother digging them for information - or annoying it out of them.

Once Carly finished blow drying my hair she startled to curl it, while Tania worked on my make-up. Once she was satisfied with my make-up she started on my nails. This took quite some time, and the both of them finished almost together. Then Tania dumped a white tank top, that had an empire waist line and flared out till it reached my mid thigh and a pair of jeans, and pushed me into my walk-in closet ordering me to get dressed.

Rolling my eyes - once I was behind the closed door of my wardrobe - I did as I was aksed. I didn’t even get a chance to see myself fully dressed in the mirror, before the two hauled me out of my room and downstairs.

“She’s here!” Tania announced when she got to the last stair and everyone who was downstair, looked up at me and yelled ‘surprise’.

Well.... I was surprised all right. Surprised they’d all get together to throat me a farewell party. And everyone who mattered was here - in fact, I was happy to note only the people that mattered to me was here. My parents, brothers, sister, Carly, Richard, Ian, Cameron, Leo and Bruce. The only one who was missing is Mina, but she’s in the hospital and couldn’t come.

“You guys can’t wait to get rid of me can you?” I asked jokingly as I bounced my way the rest of the stairs.

“We can’t believe your going to leave us is more like it.” Leo commented dryly.

I laughed and bounced my way to my parents before hugging them both tightly on thanks. And so the party began early in the morning. I talked and laughed with everyone, we even played silly party games and stuffed our mouth with junk food and carbonated drinks.

It’s been so long since I went to a decent party, that I was all out enjoying myself. I was sitting on the couch, laughing as we all listened to Bruce telling about something that happened to him during his high school years.

That was when Cameron suddenly grabbed on to my elbow and dragged me upstairs to my room. I’m not sure if anyone noticed or not, but if they did, no one questioned us - or rather, him - about it.

“What’s wrong?” I questioned, puzzled. Not fighting to get out of his strong grip on my elbow.

“Nothing, we need to talk.” He answered wagely and gruffly, pulling me into my room and closing the door after him. I cocked my head to the side watching him. I was surprised, to say the least, when he turned to face me, looking so mad I took an involantary step back.

I blinked at him taken back. I had no idea how to deal with a pissed off Cameron.

“Promise me that you won’t lie to me Sydney.” He stated, more like asked me, in all seriousness. Not understanding this sudden change in his mood, I blinked at him instead of answering. He caught both my arms and shook me lightly, saying my name frustratedly.

“I’m not promising anything.” I protested, breaking free of his hold, my voice was low and slighytly trembling. Cameron was kinda scaring me with the way he was behaving. Before I knew him I used to think Cameron could be very scary when he wanted to. That notion faded away as I got to know him better. So right then I was more hurt he was behaving this way towards me than I was scared - I knew he’d never hurt me. At least not on purpose.

Cameron was downright scary and it wasn’t a pretty sight. Hot, certainly. But not pretty, no.

He let out a telekinesis that chills down my spine - and not the the good kind. This time I didn’t see it coming. Like all the other times. I didn’t think he was going to do something like that until - of course - it was too late to stop him.

He crashed his lips on mine, with a forever determination that made me gasp in shock. That was before I got caught up in the kiss - yes, I kissed him back. I got caught up in a feeling I hadn’t felt since Mark broke up with me. Fire. It was everywhere his strong, but gently fingers traced patterns, everywhere his warm soft lips touched.

We were encased in a warm blanket of desire and need. A blanket woven by our own emotions. I trailed my hands up his chest, wrapping them around his neck and he pulled me closer. His hand trailed up my back and through my hair, earning himself a muffled moan. I felt his smile and then he twirled a lock of my hair between his finger again. I groan in protest and with a chuckle, he broke contact with my lips.

Instantly my eyes snapped open as I came back to my sences. What we had just done hit me like a slap in the face. He me so hard I was realing back in shock - and partly trying to keep every single detail of that kiss in my memories.

“Don’t tell me that you didn’t feel that, Sydney.” He whispered, touching his forehead to mine. His voice was low and husky, breathless. The way my name rolled off his tongue, with so much passion and love, it made that kissed we just shared all the more perfect. His bottle green eyes bored into my mine so intensely, searching for an answer, willing me to give an affirmatuve answer.

Taking a deep breath, I slowly shook my head. Even I wasn’t sure what I was trying to tell, for I surely felt that alright. “That is not enough.” I whispered, my voice breaking. I kept my eyes fixed on his chest, not meeting those bottle green eyes. If I did, I’d surely spill everyhting out to him. If I see the hurt look in those eyes I will definitly tall him why I couldn’t be with him and that I shouldn’t do.

Grunting, he pushed away from me and walked over to my bed. I stayed frozen in the place he left me, as still as a statue.

“I love you Sydney, I don’t know what more I can give you.” He stated from somewhere behind me. I could feel his gaze boring into mine, but I didn’t turn around to meet it.

I closed my eyes, willing my tears not to spill. “I already told you Cameron, this isn’t about you, it’s about me. I believe you when you say you love me, but it’s me tha I’m not so sure about.” The last part came out in a low voice I didn’t think he actually heard me.

“Sydney.” He breathed and I felt his warmth before he hugged me from behind. I kept my eyes sealed shut, my defenses were crumbling, my resolve weakening, I cpupdnt help leaning into his welcoming embrace.

“And I keep telling you darling, your broken heart isn’t a problem to me. I knew I was falling for a broken girl when I fell for you and I love that girl. I love that girl who can smile s brightly, no one will tell she’s been hurt. I love that girl who can find a friend in almost anyome. I love the girl who doesn’t like me just because I’m popular and am hot. I love the girl who knows to put me in my place and keep me there. I love the girl would figure with me worth fire in her eyes and fun in her nature. I want to be he one to make you laugh so hard that you’ll be holding your stomach in pain. I want to be the the one you come running to when you need a shoulder to cry on. I want to be the one t hold me in my are,s and kiss you like there is no tommorrow. I don’t care if you are sick, Sydney. I want to be there for you, every wakinhg miniute of every single day.” He ranted in a soft voice, completely and utterly entrapping me with his words.

I turned around in his arms, leaning sloghtly back s I could look into his green eyes - my new favorite color. His eyes on me and me alone. We were in our own little world and no one but us were in it. One of his hand left my waist and trailed up, tucking a stray hair behind my ear and left it there.

“Sydney Blake, in head over heels, utter and totally in love with you. I’d tell it to you as long as you want to hear it and I would really really love it if you didn’t leave for Australia and would give me the privillage of being you boyfriend.” He added, his gaze locked on mine and didn’t waver one little bit. He held my haze steady and sure.

I took a beep breath to compose myself, but I surprised even myself by asking him, “Do you really mean it? That you don’t care I’m sick?”

He let out a shaky breath and said, “Of course I mean it.” And planted a swift kiss on my temple.

“What if I’m going to die in.... say about a week, will you still be with me then?” I asked, not letting myself get sidetracked by his sweet kisses. I wanted to leave nothing unsaid if I’m going to do this. I wasn’t about to give myself a second round of heartbreak just because he was an awesome kisser.

He pulled back slightly and my heart dropped. I didn’t lift my head up, but if I had I’d have met comcered and worried eyes and nothing less.

’What are you saying Sydney? Of course I wouldn’t leave you for something like that. If anything, that’ll only makeme want to stay closer to you that much more. I’d want to spend every single moment I have with you before you are gone. But please tell me this is a rhetorical question and you aren’t actually going to die?” He pleaded with my, tilting my head up and looking at me with pleading eyes.

I could tell my question had shaken him just by looking at his aghast face. Atleast this told me he hadn’t said all that just to persuade me to give him a chance.

I let out a relieved laughed. “I’m not going to die in a week. At least not that I know of anyway.” I told him with a teasing smile. When he smile relieved at my answer, guilt ate at me. He pulled me into a tight hug, muttering, “Don’t you ever, ever, ever say anything like that again.”

Chuckling uneasily, I wrapped my arms around him in return.

“I have something to say to you.” I whispered against his ear. He didn’t exactly let go of me, but he did pull back slightly to look at me quzically. “I accept your request to be your girlfriend.” I told to him with as bright a smile as I could manage.

The look on his face was so beautiful than I had to laugh with glee, happy I could finally make him dumbfounded. “Repeat that.” He ,murmured like he couldn’t believe his ears and needed me to confirm what I had said was true.

“I’d be honoured to be your girlfriend.” I repeated laughing merrily at the expression on his face.

Once again his lips crashed into mine without warning. Only this time, I welcomed it without a second thought, giving myself over to the feeling of the kiss and how happy I actually felt. This kiss wasn’t demanding like the first one we shared. This time it was slow and more sensual.

I wrapped my hands around his waist and pulled him closer. He shifted around to keep his balance and ran his fingers through my curled hair, softly and sweetly, adding more passion to our kiss. I didn’t even feel us moving when my back hit the door. We had to break the kiss to breath, but stayed in each others embrace, not letting the other go.

That’s when someone tried opening the door.

Me and Cameron both had forgotten the part and all the people downstairs, probably looking for us. We shared a wide-eyed, we-are-so-busted look before pushing away from the door and straightningnour clothes. Trying to get our breaths back to normal and pretend nothing had happened.

It turned out, it was mom who had come to my room looking for something, which wasn’t either me or Cameron. She gave us a cryptic warning and went away without taking the thing she had come looking for.

I stared at where she had gone confusedly. She left me alone in my room with a boy - and it was obvious what we had been doing.

A chuckled behind me took my attention back to the wonderful boy who had officialy became my boyfriend not but miniutes ago. He wrapped his arms around me from behind, missing the top of my head. “Let’s head downstairs before everyone comes up here looking for us.” He suggested, squeezing me tightly to him before letting me go.

Laughing, I took his hand and we both headed out of my room and back to the living room, where everyone was as we left them and no one seemed to have noticed we had been missing. We joined the the others and Cameron pulled me to the couch, sitting me in between his legs, on the ground.

“Does this mean that you will not go to Australia?” He whispered into my ear hopefully.

“It’s sweet that you don’t want me gone for just a few weeks, but I didn’t lie when I said I missed my grandpa. I’m really going to visit him.” I whispered back. “Besides, I’m still not sure I know where my feelings for you stand. Going away for a while might help me figure things out and we can work up our relationship from there, can we not?” I asked, looking up at him for his consent.

His reply was to lean down and kiss me square on the lips - in front of everyone. The whole room went silent and I could just feel them all staring at me and Cameron invarious stated of shocked, but we ignpred them. “Take all the time you want.” He whispered back in reply, giving me a loving smile.

“OMG! Are the two of you kissing?” Leo yelled, pointing at the two of us in mock horror. That got everyone to pounce on us with qiestions and demands - and threats by Nick’s part (to Cameron). I laughed with Cameron, answering every question they asked. Things couldn’t have been any more perfect.

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