Heal My Heart

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Chapter 5

Science class let out and Ms. Tross (my chemistry teacher) asked me to stay back after class. Stacey looked at me worriedly and mouthed “good luck” before hurrying out with the rest of the class. I walked up to Ms. Tross desk and asked “You wanted to see me miss?”

“Ah Sydney, I have a little help I want to ask you” she said with a smile. “Yes miss?” I asked confusedly, thinking she wanted me to bring and give some book or something.

“Can I ask you to tutor someone for me?” she asked tiredly, she also sounded as if she was not soo sure about this.

“Tutor someone? Sure Ms. who?” I asked relived it was just that, she could have asked me a lot of things and I would have had a hard time telling no to her. “Mina Carter” Ms. Tross replied worriedly, peering at me exceptionally.

“Sure miss” I agreed. I knew Mina Carter, she was in my science and chemistry classes and homeroom. She was a cute girl with blond hair –that looks almost white- and blue eyes. She was pale and didn’t have that many friends, now that I thought of it she didn’t have a single friend. I’ve seen her hanging out with the popular crowd, but I don’t think they really accept her.

Though she is absent for most days in class.

“Thank you Sydney, can you tell it to her as well?” she asked me getting back to correcting books. I said sure again and she dismissed me.

I met up with Carly and Stacey at my locker, Carly’s one was next to mine. “So what did Miss Tross want?” Carly asked curiously looking up at me.

“Oh, she just wanted me to tutor Mina Carter” I said simply shrugging it off. Until Stacey sucked in a deep breath, I looked at her sharply, I hate it when people do that. Especially Stacey, she makes a weird sound doing it. “You didn’t agree to do it, did you?” she asked me still covering her mouth.

“I did” I said to her irritated, she startled me bad.

“Haven’t you heard all the things they say about her?” Stacey asked me sounding shocked and still covering her mouth.

I had heard said rumors. But that was exactly what they were, rumors. I don’t believe in any of them. And I said so to Stacey who muttered darkly “your funereal.” I‘m sure she didn’t mean it, she was just letting of steam.

“You are such an idiot” Carly said to me, not meaning about me not believing the rumors, and she shook her head disappointedly.

I suddenly stopped walking and muttered, “Luck is against me and the universe hates me.” Carly looked at me like I was nuts and I pointed at Mina as an explanation for her. “What?” Stacey asked not hearing me. I jerked my head in Mina’s direction as well.

Mina was standing with Paul, who was also a football player, around them were the popular kids, and that included Cam.

“I better go tell her, don’t you think?” I asked Carly not-so-surely, my shoulders slumped. “You know… for someone who says they hate the popular crowd you want to go talk to them a lot” Stacey stated sarcastically, narrowing her heavily mascara eyes at me.

“Puh-lease,” I scoffed sarcastically as well. “I’d rather avoid talking to them altogether, but the teacher asked me to tell Mina and I would have to.” I said to her more calmly. If it had been anyone but Stacey they’d’ve had got more than that, but since she was my friend/ I knew her well I kept all the harsh comments to myself.

Stacey talked as if she hated the popular kids, but given a chance to be with them –I and Carly knew– she would jump at it. That was Stacey and nobody can change her. I and Carly accept it.

“But” I paused and gesturing at where Mina stood I added “go ahead and tell her yourself.” I really meant it too. If she went she’d have the perfect excuse to talk to the popular kids and I’d get to avoid Cam altogether, it was awesome. Until Stacey scoffed “no way I’m gonna talk to that witch.”

“Suit yourself” I shrugged trying not to show my disappointment, but the look Carly shot me said she saw through my façade perfectly clearly. Though I don’t think Stacey noticed.

I walked over to them, slumming and fuming. I did not want to talk to them, Mina not counting. She was a sweet girl. I knew her from homeroom, where I sometimes sat next to her.

“Hi their Kiss me” Cam called, the first one to see me slumming over to them. “What brings you here?” he asked me sweetly, but I knew he was teasing me, again and he now used the name his brother –Bruce– accidentally called me, saying it had a nice catch to it. Only of course it was very annoying. “Surely to talk to you” Paul stated earning sniggers from the others around.

“Actually I’m here to talk to Nina… I mean, Mina” I said quickly correcting myself, I covered my mouth when I said Nina. For once, I was thankful that, I didn’t say something to embarrass myself, which tends to happen when talking to him. And I was even more thankful I didn’t comment on his use off nickname for me because it gets even harder to stop him saying it when I do try.

“Me?” Mina squealed, pointing at herself.

“Yeah, you” I stated smiling at her, only she gave me a confused look, distrust written all over her face. It was a bit shocking how I just met her and she was already looking at me distrustfully.

“What do you want?” Leo asked me eyes narrowed and his tone blank. The kind of tone Nicolas uses with me when he is really pissed and fed-up with my playing around. It was vexing, really. How much these guys were a lot like my brother, I mean there style.

“Miss Tross asked me to be your tutor, I just came to tell you that.” I said to Mina instead of answering to Leo. Though –technically– I was answering his question, only not to his face. At least I kept my voice friendly and sweet.

Now she smiled at me sweetly, a smile that I returned rather happily. “You’re her tutor?” Cam questioned, clearly unimpressed.

I shrugged and nodded my head. If I answered I’d have told him something not-so-nice and embarrassed myself again.

“And this is after school, I presume?” Leo asked folding his hands and looking at me exceptionally. I nodded my head again and he relaxed, a little.

“See you later then” I said with a small wave to Mina and ignoring just about everyone else. “Looking forward to working with you” Mina called after me in sweet, childish voice. I already knew we were gonna be great friends.

I turned back around to face her and said “me too” and started walking back to Carly and Stacey. But not before I heard Cam saying to Mina “Don’t forget to irritate her to no end, for me”

I growled to myself, that devil. How dare he?

Urgh, he knew how to push my buttons alright. What worse, he knew it himself. Well I need to be more patient when working around him was all.

When I entered science class, I spotted Mina sitting close to the back and made my way towards her, the desk beside her was empty so I took the seat. “Morning” I greeted her merrily as I sat down next to her.

“Morning” she greeted back in a small voice that I barely heard her response. “So…” I said dragging the ‘o’, I wasn’t sure what to say, which was kind of new for me. I was an over-talkative person who rarely ever shuts up.

Then I remembered I had never properly introduced myself so I said “I’m Sydney Blake, never got around to introducing myself properly.” I was ranting and talking freely to her already, which is not that big of a surprise, since it goes with my personality.

A small smile appeared on Mina’s lips. “I know, Cam told me.” She said still in a small voice but audible than when she greeted me. The smile didn’t waver but she didn’t look up from the table, which she was staring so intensely at.

“He did?” I asked her horrified at what he might have told her about me. But I was even more shocked that he had talked of me at all. “Don’t believe anything that jerk says about me, ’kay?” I added quickly not even giving her a chance to reply.

She looked at me curiously, making me wonder what exactly he had told her, and so I asked. And she smiled once more. “Well… he only told me your name and asked me to annoy you” she replied in her sweet childish voice. How had I not noticed that before? Her voice was soo sweet and childish, it was very cute and I’m sure I could listen to her talk for hours.

I raised an eyebrow when she didn’t give me enough information, not taking it too much to heart. She was just getting used to talking to me after all.

“I think he likes you” she said once again in a voice that I barely heard, but I heard her alright, and I didn’t think I like what I heard. Cam. Like me. No way. Those are two things that I don’t think would go together.

“You do? Because I don’t” I informed to her truthfully. “I think he only even talks to me because he likes to tease me.”

“Oh I’m sorry, I just-” Mina started in a dejected voice looking down so I couldn’t see her blue eyes, she had the same eyes as Leo’s. It was cute actually.

“MINA…” I cut across pulling her name and giving it way more syllabus than it had. “Look, I’ sorry too. But we are friends right? And that means you can tell me anything and I won’t take it the wrong way. I just said it because I and Cam don’t get along too much, in case you didn’t notice which I’m sure you did. So what ever you have to say, say it. Don’t worry ’kay” I ranted in a firm voice so she won’t argue with me. “And no more sorrys for unwanted things as such as that” I added at the end of my sentence.

Mina nodded her head uncertainly, surely not having understood half of what I told her. No matter how uncertain she was she had on a smile that was really cute. I knew instantly that I’m gonna enjoy this girls company as much as I enjoyed Carly’s. I smiled back at her, just when Miss Tross entered and class started.

Next period was my lunch break, I asked Mina what she had and when she too said she had lunch break I asked her to join us for lunch and she happily accepted.

Since she agreed I had to run to tell the other’s we were gonna have company, which I’m sure they won’t like. Specially when they get to know who it was. So once I entered the cafeteria I walked over to the table where Carly, Stacey, Ian and Richard were sitting and slid into the chair beside Carly, instead of going to buy my food.

After greeting everyone I got down straight to business and told them the news. Stacey hissed, Ian and Richard grunted and protested, but Carly was giving me a look that suggested that I was an interesting subject.

I tried pleading with them but when that didn’t work I huffed and got up saying “fine, if that you guys think I’ll go sit else where.”

I was about to turn around and leave when a hand wrapped around my wrist making it impossible for my dramatic exit. “Cool down Syd, we’ll be nice to her” Ian said when I turned around pouting. My face practically brightened as he said it and I looked at the others exceptionally and they just gave me grim looks that I took as a yes.

Practically shrieking “thankx guys” I walked to the bee line where I asked Mina to wait for me and where she was waiting for me.

“Sorry for making you wait. Just had to give them a head notice that you were eating with us” I said casually as I reached her. When I said it I didn’t realize what a mistake that, that sentence was. Normally this would not have offended anyone, but Mina was the kind of reject that people tried to avoid at any cost, and she never had a friend to know the casualty of that simple statement.

Mina face fell as I said it and she said a small “oh”.

I mentally smacked myself –felling more like banging my head against a wall, and hard– and said “Oh Mina I didn’t mean it that way. URGH, me and my stupid mouth. It has a tendency to gabble what ever that comes to my head. Can’t help being honest, stupid guilt.” The last part I was scolding to myself.

I scrunched my face when I said the last part, but it was true. I was too an honest person and sometimes it gets me into trouble.

“You, an honest person. Really?” someone said from behind me, it was a voice that could belong to one person. Cam. I furrowed my brows and turned around sharply to face him. Cam and Leo both were standing behind us, smirking there faces off.

“None of your business” I snapped at him before turning back to Mina who was looking up again with interest, but I saw un-shed tears in her eyes the freaked me out.

“OMG! Mina I’m sooo sorry, “I exclaimed “I really shouldn’t have told that, I didn’t mean it like it sounded” I know I was rambling but I was trying to make Mina not angry with me and trying to explain to her properly. “It’s just that I’m soo used to telling out whatever it is that I’m thinking. Carly sure don’t mind and Nick doesn’t care, Tania I try to avoid as best as I can. I keep forgetting that you don’t know me that well. Not that I talk to anyone I don’t know like that, but since I already think of you as my friend that I keep forgetting that you-”

“You count me as your friend” she asked me in a small voice, peering at me through her long lashes. I stopped mid-sentence and looked at her paused. I saw Leo and Cam looking at us with interest, but neither of them interrupted, for which I was thankful.

“Course I do” I said with confirmation, but then I worriedly asked “Is it not right?”

Alright so I admit it, I like Mina –solely as a friend. She was sweet and I like just being with her, even though I hadn’t even spent more than a few hours with her.

I saw her eyes pool with tears again and before I had a chance to even apologize as she flung herself at me and told into my hair “That is the sweetest thing someone ever told to me”

“Aw…” I cooed wrapping my arms around her as well and returning her hug.

“Ahhh… so you can be nice too huh?” Cam stated from behind us making me scowl for breaking the mood. I would have glared at him if I could turn, which I couldn’t because Mina was still hugging me so settled for asking “What’s that supposed to mean?” Okay so I didn’t exactly ask him, I snapped it rather very harshly.

Mina let me go just then, looking at me with a shy smile. I smiled back at her and she moved up the bee line picking up a tray. I too took a tray and moved up with her, followed by Cam and Leo.

“He means to tell that you are an exceptionally rude person” Leo told me for Cam, who was giving me a challenging look.

“I totally blame that on Cam.” I said shortly throwing him an accusing glance. Both of them looked at me shocked, I could tell from there expression that my answer was very unexpected. Mina was looking at me amused, the guy standing behind Leo gave me a weird look before turning away. “He pisses me off, bringing out the rude side of me” I went on in the same simply short way.

At the last part both Leo and Cam spluttered out laughing, hard, gaining quiet an audience might I add. I rolled my eyes sarcastically at Mina, who grinned at me, before paying for the food and making it to our table.

As I took my usual place next to Carly, I saw Stacey shooting me dirty looks that I completely ignore. But thankfully she didn’t say a word about Mina or anything cocky. Carly greeted Mina as well as me, where as I don’t think Ian or Richard noticed either of us being too caught up in there conversation.

“What was up with Cameron this time?” Carly asked me and I launched into telling her all that happened at the lunch line. Once I was through, she smile a thoughtful smile and said “reminds me the first time we hung out” and she said our first day together to Mina who laughed and started slowly opening up all through lunch.

Not much, but I was glad that she at least liked Carly. The most easiest person to get close to.

Finally when the bell rang and we were exiting the cafeteria I asked Mina over to my house to start our tutoring.

“My place after school?” I asked her with a raised eyebrow.

“Can I get back to you on that, I want to ask my brother first” Mina said looking down again. Stacey snorted when she said it and got a shut-up look from both me and Carly. Mina looked hurt.

“If he says no?” Carly inquired with an raised eyebrow as well. We had that in common with many other things, which makes us so close. “You could come to my place” she suggested, but there was a question behind it that sounded like, would she?

“Sure, why not. See you after school” was what I was opening my mouth to say to Mina when Stacey yelled “Leave me alone Richard.” She yelled it really loud too. I looked at Carly for guidance on what was going on, but –like everyone leaving the cafeteria– she too was staring at Stacey and Richard.

“Stace, come on-” Richard started to say, taking Stacey’s hand, when Stacey cut him off in a no-argument voice. “We done Richard, there is nothing to talk” Stacey said sharply turning away.

“Fine” Richard said, his lips a pencil thin line, before he stormed off. Ian gave us a do-something glance before following his friend.

I looked at Stacey shocked. She didn’t seem to care that her boyfriend –who she dated for two years–just walked out on her. “Did the two of you break up?” I asked me voice not sounding anything like my own voice. It was a whispered squeal, not of the happy variety.

“Yes, last night though it is nice of you to notice.” She said with venom in her voice.

“What?” I asked oh so intelligently, not.

“How would you even know?” she asked whirling around to face me. “You are too busy chasing Cam Striker to give a damn about us rejects” She said, practically yelled, before storming off.

I stared after her a little slack-jawed and hurt. Very, very, hurt. It is not always your friend accuse you of chasing a guy you just about hate, while knowing I was not chasing him. I don’t think if she had pierced my inside with a knife it could hurt any less.

I felt a gentle and warm hand catch mine and I looked to the side to see Carly giving me a sad smile. A smile I didn’t return. “She’s just angry at you, it’ll be over soon” she said reassuring me, only it was not reassuring enough.

I looked at her worriedly before asking “am I?” I meant whether I was really stalking Cam Striker.

“Of course you are not. She’s just angry, I told you.” Carly reassured me, now my lips tucked un-willingly upward a little. I nodded my head not trusting my words. If I talk now I’ll forget we are the center of attention and let everyone know everything that’s inside my head.

“See you after school Mina.” I called back before following after Stacey, I planned on making up for missing everything, even if she hated my guts. I also planned on being a better friend from now on, Cam or no Cam.

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