Heal My Heart

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Chapter 6

My room was completely covered in cloths and so was I. From the top of my bed to the top of my lamp, study table to floor. Why was it covered in cloths? It’s a long story.

It started with me bugging Nick to take me ice-skating until he finally agreed to take us all (by all I mean me, Tania and Dustin). I came into my walk-in wardrobe to find my favorite winter coat missing. It is my favorite coat, one because it was purple –my favorite color, a very light purple that it was almost radiant and two because it went so well with my purple skirt and light blue top. And thirdly, it was my lucky coat. I never skated without wearing my lucky coat.

Finding for it I pulled my whole closet out and it was no where to be found. I already checked my laundry as well. So by then I had given up and was lying on the floor with cloths all over me.

Wait a minute- I still hadn’t asked mom if she had seen it, she might have seen it, somewhere… hopefully.

I got up from the floor –all the cloths on top of me slid off to the floor– and ran down stairs in search of mom. Once I got to the hall I saw my brother on the couch watching T.V. next to him sat Daniel and Leo and on the sofa Cam was sitting, all of them watching a football match or something.

I completely ignored them as much as they ignored me and went in to the kitchen. Only Dustin was there eating something, probably snacks. He always eat and never put on weight, lucky for him.

“Hey brat, you saw mom?” I questioned my little brother, sitting on the chair next to him and eating chip as well. “She went next door and stop calling me brat, I’m not that small” he replied slapping my hand away from his bowl.

“Anyone under the age of ten is a brat for me” I said to him before leaving the kitchen after him yelling something back at me.

I once again crossed the living room mumbling under my breath about my lost coat and mom not being here when I desperately needed her. I swear I got weird looks from the occupants of the couch and sofa as I crossed them again. Not that I saw them or anything, just a feeling.

I was bout to climb upstairs when I called back to Nick. “You didn’t see my purple winter coat by any chance did you?” I questioned my elder brother this time. I was leaning against the staircase railing, standing on the first step.

“You mean your purple ice-skating coat?” He asked amusedly without answering me but asking a question of his own. I furrowed my brows in confusion. “No my winter coat” I said slowly and carefully, wondering at the same time what made him say that.

“Really? Then tell me the last time you ever wore it to anything other than when going skating?” he asked amusedly still not replying me. He was also looking smug as he leaned back on the couch.

That was a good question, which needs some serious thinking on. I pulled on a thoughtful face looking up sideway’s, thinking of an answer and nothing came. He had a point, I never wore that coat for anything but ice-skating.

I heard the clicking of a camera and looked down to see Cam had his phone out with the camera lens pointed at my direction.

“Adorable” Cam stated looking at his phone.

“She always like this?” Daniel asked Nick, who said “Pretty much, always” pulling on a face.

“Her eyes are like a puppy’s, sweet” Daniel commented once again.

I raised an eyebrow at them, they were rousing my curiosity. I so wanted to see who this adorable girl they were talking of. She must be pretty cute to get the attention of my brother, who rarely ever looked at a girl ever since that fateful day… okay, I’m not going to think of that now. But I seriously wanted to see who the girl was.

“Hey, she’s mine to play with D, back off” Cam said, for some reason sounding irritated and was glaring at Daniel, who didn’t appear to notice.

“Ew guys, that my sister you are talking of” Nick told them off.

Ah so it was Tania they were speaking of. I’m positive it can’t have been me. Boys don’t pay me that kind of attention, especially boy like Cam, Leo and Daniel. Who only date hot girls, girls from the popular crowd, not girls like me who are not that pretty or hot. But I’m perfectly fine with them not paying that kind of attention to me.

“I think she looks more adorable when pouting,” Leo said ignoring my brother telling them off. “It goes so perfectly with her innocent puppy dog face.”

Tania should have been here. She’d have loved the fact that they were talking of her, but being explained as an innocent puppy. Yeah, she’s so not going to like that. She likes to think her self as mature and not innocent.

“I like it better when she blushes, she rarely ever does it” Cam stated. True Tania rarely ever blush, if not never.

“I think I like her better when she’s all worked up –like when arguing with you. You know when she has that fiery look in her eye. She sure is feisty.” Daniel commented

Tania, arguing with Cam? Why didn’t that picture look right? She flirts with boys, not fight with them, even the verbal variety. That just sounds so unlike her. Wait- they can’t be talking about me, right? I mean I argue with Cam like hell and I too rarely blush, what with very rare compliments since I’m usually ignored by most people, which I prefer. And I also pout a lot, I do it so often that it has gotten a habit.

Before I had a chance to say anything about it Nick yelled “are you guys stalking her!?”

All three of them looked guiltily and sheepishly at Nick. “Not really, we just happen to be going to the same school” Cam said. Now why did it sound more like an excuse than an answer?

Maybe because it is a voice in my head said.

Shut-up brain I scolded myself feeling irritated.

I heard the click-clack of heels and turned around to see Tania walking down the stairs in a grace that only cheerleader’s posses. She was in the same coat I was going hysteric to find, might I add.

“What the hell do you think you are doing in that?” I asked him my eye’s twitching. I said ‘that’ pointing an accusing finger at my favorite coat. She looked down at herself as if obvious to the fact she was in my cloths.

“Do you like it?” she asked nervously fingering the coat.

I gave her a hard glare and said through gritted teeth “obviously, since it happens to be mine” I was trying my best not to snap at her. Anger never got you anywhere when dealing with her. But I was having a hard time not to snap at her, especially when she was in my coat the that I desperately wanted then and I had no idea how to get it off her.

“Obviously I know that since it was your wardrobe I took it out of” Tania said in a very bad mimic of me, she rolled her eyes when I just glared harder at her.

“This. Is. It. From today I’m keeping my room door locked even if I’m inside the house.” I murmured to myself, hotly. I was that pissed.

“Are you planning on standing there the whole day like a statue?” Tania asked me, making an annoyed face. I stepped down the one step I had stepped on before I stopped to ask Nick about my coat. Once I stepped out of her way, glaring –which wasn’t even a proper glare, what with me pouting at the same time (told ya it became a habit) – she continued down the stairs.

I kept glaring at her back as she spotted Cam, Leo and Daniel and instantly started flirting with them. She perched herself on the arm of the sofa Cam was sitting on.

Just then Dustin came out of the kitchen, his lips smeared with chocolate. He looked at me and went “tell me you are not planning on going dressed like that.” He emphasized the word ‘that’ by indicating what I was dressing.

I gave him a confused glance before looking down at myself when he said it. I swear I hadn’t ever blushed that deeply in my life.

I had forgotten that I was in my micro-mini shorts and that meant practically my whole leg was open. As for my top – it was sleeveless and fit me tightly, that my body shape could be seen clearly. Leaving very little for the imagination.

Luckily for me, I didn’t scream and run, thankfully.

“I don’t think that would be a problem because I don’t plan on going” I said chirpily. If I could hide my red face, the effect of my chirpiness would be complete. Nick’s jaw dropped when I said that.

“After nagging me for so long?” he asked still a bit slack-jawed. Then he narrowed his eyes and asked “since when do you ever skip going ice-skating?”

“Since today” I said and ignoring his “Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” I said to Tania in a dark voice “one strain –a single dot– and I’m will officially kill you myself.” My voice was so dark that I saw out of the corner of my eyes the boys look at each other uneasily.

But my focus was on Tania and only Tania, who lost a little color at my threat. While she knew I won’t kill her I can get my revenge perfectly and clear as a day. I make a very bad enemy. She also knew I would really carry out my threat, not kill her but make her life pretty miserable for her.

“That’ it, who the hell are you?” Nick yelled, I winced slightly at his volume, not for his question. He was just goofing around as usual. He also stood up for effect.

“Sydney Blake” I answered in two words nonchalantly. I shook my head a started upstairs. I say started because I had gone only five stairs when Nick pulled me back down with my elbow, that I landed on his chest. Luckily he was strong or both of us would have gone sprawling across the floor.

“Prove it” he asked as I was working it up to yell. Only what I was about to say froze in my lips as he went on. “Hop down the stairs on one foot” he said eyes narrowed and a dangerous look in his eyes. I looked at him like he was demented, which he probably was. I mean what he was asking was practically impossible. Even though I do gymnastics my balance wasn’t that great.

The challenging look in his eyes didn’t weaver.

“I’m not out of my mind to actually go through with it” I stated matter-of-factly. I turned to go when he stopped me again going “even for cotton candy?”

I looked at him like he really had lost his head, maybe he had hit it somewhere, but when I looked at him I understood he was just asking me to come skating. I surprised both of us saying “not tempting enough” and this time no one stopped me as I went up.

I closed my room door sighing, I really loved skating and now I was going to miss it. Might as well clean my room since I’m going to stay anyway.

Around 10 minutes later someone knocked my door, but before I could even answer it Nick came in. This was okay because I never change my cloths in my room, I change inside my walk-in wardrobe where there is wall mirror, by wall mirror I don’t mean a small mirror. I mean one side of a whole wall mirror. So there is a very nil chance he’d catch me naked.

I raised an eyebrow at him, he knew it was a sign for him to proceed. So he came in and flopped on my bed, pulling clothes from under him.

“Why?” he asked. It was not a simple question because there was more than one question behind that why.

“I don’t feel like stepping on ice without my little lucky charm” I simply replied shrugging my shoulder like it was no big deal. But Nick knew me better to know that it was no, no big deal. What proved my point even more was that I was not even bothering with the fact that Nick was tossing my cloths here and there.

“O…kay how about if I promise to buy you another lucky charm?” he questioned me, tossing a t-shirt at my head with perfect aim. I looked at him questioningly. Why did he want me to go so much?

“Without my partner skating wouldn’t be half as fun” he said bored-ly answering my questioning looks.

“In that case I’m holding you to your promise I said bouncing up, from the place I was sitting and quickly grabbing a sleeveless top and its paired wool coat paring them with black tight. Then hurried into my wardrobe, where I changed.

I checked my self out in the mirror, twirling around once inspecting myself, before stepping out of to my room. Nick had left, leaving the door wide open. I didn’t bother closing it as I walked over to my dressing table and pulling my hair into a messy bun in my hurry.

Then I took my pink tote a stuffing my phone into it with other essentials. Then put on my black ankle boots before going down stairs. Everyone was sitting in pretty much the same place only with Dustin on the other sofa all dressed up and no longer chocolate smeared on his face.

“What do you think?” I asked Nick twirling around once again. He raised his eyebrow high.

“This is definitely new” he commented and didn’t tell anything else. “Shall we go then?” he asked all of us, it was then I got that Cam, Leo and Daniel was coming with us, I groaned inwardly and walked to the cabinet with my skates –which was the same color of my winter coat– while everyone went out.

When I walked out everyone was inside the car, which was packed might I add. Daniel and Dustin were in the passenger seat, leaving Tania, Leo and Cam back. I sighed before getting in, squashed in between the door and Cam.

Cam draped his arm around my shoulder but I couldn’t say anything because in the so packed car, he was only doing it to sit comfortably. Right before Nick pulled out Cam whispered into my ear “You look exceptionally hot in that.” I gave him a disbelieving look, but butterflies broke out on my stomach and color rushed to my face making blush once again.

“Kiss me, just once” he whispered, his breath tickling my ears and his body very, very close to my body, that I could feel heat radiating off him. This would have been romantic… if it wasn’t Cam who wasn’t whispering sweet nothings in my ear and we were not in such a crowded car.

“Ew… like I would” I said pushing him away from me, only ending up getting scowls from Tania and Leo, but Cam was just laughing. Jerk. When they sat properly again Cam wrapped his arm around me and gritting my teeth I turned away.

But this was going to be one long ride. Add emphasis on the word ‘long’.

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