Heal My Heart

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Chapter 7

I was so escalated to get out the car that I practically jumped out of it when Nick parked. My hair was even messier than it was when I came out my room. But that was on account of Cam playing with my hair, so now lots of my hair was now sticking out of my bun.

Not waiting for everyone to get out, I ran to the washroom to made my hair. There was a little girl in the bathroom applying mascara to her eyes. She smiled at me and I returned it. I made my hair not tying it into a bun this time, it would only take more time, but to a ponytail.

Once I was done with my hair I asked the girl whether I could borrow her mascara, which she gave me to without second thought. I applied it slowly, making sure to not smudge it, it has been years that I last applied anything to my face.

Thanking the little girl I handed her mascara back to her.

“Oh that’s okay.” She said to me smiling then shyly added “You are very pretty.”

I looked at he surprised, I hadn’t expected her to say something like that. Getting over my surprised soon, I said to her “You are too.” Then with a small wave to her I left the bathroom. I made it to the place where my brother’s and the others were sitted, changing there shoes for skates.

I sat next to Nick, who was bent over putting on his skates. I dumped my tote and but didn’t make a move to change my boots. The were warm and comfortable, plus I still didn’t feel like going to the ice without my own lucky charm.

As promised Nick bought me a clover bracelet, which I never planned on taking off. But it still felt new and it was not my coat. I mean it was mine, sure but it was not my old charm… Urgh why bother. It didn’t feel like mine still. End of story.

The others made there way to the ice, not noticing I was not following them, they were too caught up in there conversations. Thank heavens. I didn’t want to have to deal with Cam’s teasing on top of everything. I was already mood out by the fact that I didn’t have my purple coat and that I was so close to an ice-rink and I wasn’t about to step on the ice. I felt unsafe without my personel lucky charm.

I was stuck in a dilemma wondering, whether to go or not to go when my phone rang. As I pulled my phone out of my tote, I noticed my sketch book and pencils inside. Smiling to myself, I checked the called ID, it was mom.

“Honey, are you at home?” she asked me once I answered.

“No mom, we all came out skating. No ones at home.” I replied

“Oh, well then enjoy yourselves, bye” she said in a hurry and hung up. Weird mom, she didn’t even tell me why she called. Not to mention she sounded distracted by something.

Now that mom hung up I was back to my dilemma and I decided to sit back and draw. I’ll probably get the gut to go in after a while, skating is something you can really tempt me into doing, no matter how much I restrain.

So I pulled out my drawing stuff from inside my bag, where I had left it since the last time I drew, and started sketching what was in front of me. The skating ring, where a lot of people were enjoying themselves. I got down to work instantly.

I was so caught up in my drawing that I completely lost track of time. I don’t know how long after that Nick and the others came back, saying it was time to leave. Nick kept grumbling about me not even skating and having bought me a charm bracelet all for nothing. I knew he was trying to guilt trip me into skating. I also knew itnwas working.

I patted his arm softly and guiltyly, but I didn’t tell anything.

“If you were afraid to skate all you had to do was ask for a little help, which I would have gladly given” Cam said cockily a smirk playing on his lips as he joined us. He did sound as if he really meant it though. Probably he would have helped out and teased me to no end about all the stupid things I’d have done. Which would have been the case if I didn’t know to skate. Which I did.

I smiled at him before saying “actually I know to skate, just thought it’ll be more interesting to draw.”

That, of course, was the most stupidest out come I came up with, ever. Normally it wouldn’t have been, but this is Cam Striker we were speaking of. So obviously when I said that he asked to look at what I was drawing, which I was reluctant to give, very. Though he somehow managed to snatch it out of my hand.

I would have fought it back but that would only create a scene that wouldn’t at all be necessary. The things that had already happened around a certain green eyed idiot were more than enough for me. So I settled for glaring at him, as he looked down at what I had been drawing. To tell the truth I had been so absorbed in my drawing I had gotten more than one page of drawing. I had actually finished half of my drawing book.

Cam’s eyebrows touched his hair as he looked down at my drawing, I was waiting for the cocky and not-so-nice comment that would follow, which incidentally didn’t follow. “Wow, this is…” he trailed off as if not sure what to make of my drawing. What the hell had I been drawing so much???

He turned the page to see the next drawing and I winced, for I knew, this this time, the cocky, self-absored, arrogant comment that would follow. His eyes slightly widened with surprise as he looked at the drawing, a self-centred smirk tugging his lips up. He whistled low and long, gaining the whole gropus attention. Slumping slightly, in waited for the cocky, arrogant comment to follow and I wasn’t disappointed.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here” he said smirking his face off. Then he turned the sketch book around so everyone could see the drawing.

It was the drawing I had done of him, Cam. In my state if being consumed in art I hadn’t been thinking who my sudject is, plus I didn’t think he would actually look at my drawings. Which would not have happened if I had just kept my big mouth shut.

Leo whistled low and long as well before saying “god she really must be into you.”

I growled softly, low enough that no one else would hear. “Oh yeah! I’m so into Cam,and you and you and you and him and her and that little girl and…” I stated , narrowing my eyes at Cam and pointing at every single person n the rink I had drawn. I was so ticked off with these guys, that it came out without me actually thinking it through.

They were all looking at me weirdly, as if I had suddenly lost my head. “Keep turning the pages” I added to Cam, exaggerated, when they all looked at me like that.

He looked at me puzzled before doing what I asked him to and realized what I had been going at. If the “oh” he said as he turned the page and his ‘she lost her head’ look faded was any indication. This time he didn’t turn the book around and show it to the others nor did he comment on what he saw, but he just went on turning the page, looking at it interestedly.

Tania was obviously getting impatient since she leaned on his shoulder to look at the drawing, she pretended to be just as interested in it as he was, but I’m positive she was more interested in leaning on his broad shoulder.

broad shoulder??? URGH!!! I’m not going to think of Cam in that way.

“While there at it, you still owe me a dance” Nick said exceptionally close to my ear. I looked up at him with a guilty smile. As promised he had bought me a lucky charm, and now I had to keep my end of our bargain.

“Nick, but I’m hungry. Why don’t you take her skating some other time?” Tania whined before I could even open my mouth to reply. It was pretty clear, to me, that she did not want me to skate. For once she wanted to be the better one at it. While I’d love to do just that I couldn’t, I had to keep my promise to Nick. A promise is a promise, no matter what.

“Yeah, Nick. I’m also hungry, let’s leave” I suggested, planning on making it up somehow. Luckily for me the other’s agreed as well so he had no choice, though he did grumble about wasted effort and buying me a bracelet for nothing.

Now he got me, and my guilty smile didn’t help much. He knew I was big on the guilt thing and he would use it to his advantage now, like he always does. His face lit up and he got that smile he gets when he’s about play with me. Oh yeah he knew plain as day he got me exactly where he wanted. This is so not gonna be good.

“Still telling no to one round?” he questioned sweetly, too sweet to be trusted. URGH… me and my stupid guilt.

“Fine, fine. How about we grab something to eat and come back?” I suggested because now that they had brought up food I was starting to feel hungry as well.

Nick narrowed his eyes at me and said “I’m holding you to that.” Then we went to the restaurant right in front of the skating place to eat.

Once we came out of the restaurant Nick practically dragged me back to skate. This time I really was planning on going with them to skate, even if Nick had not kept an eagle eye on me to make sure I did. That was on account of Cam and his nagging that I don’t know to skate and that was why I didn’t skate. He even kept offering me his help, like Nick would’ve ignored me if I wanted help. Secondly, why would I bug Nick to take me it skating if I didn’t know to skate.

When I pointes this out to him, he said, if I bugged him so much to take me ice-skating, then why didn’t I skate?

To this I had a reply and I said so. Tania had my lucky charm - clothing item? - and I didn’t feel like skating without it. Not that he let me off, he kept nagging about it throughout dinner that I was determined to proved him wrong.

This time around when we came back Delia and a football player named Shauwn also joined us. Shauwn also happened to be Delia’s date for the day. I say date for the day because I don’t think they are officially going out.We met them in the restuarant and they decided to join us.

I was just about to step on the ice when a voice asked very close to my ear “Kiss me, need some help?” – A husky voice that could only belong to a certain Cam.

“How can I prove to you that I indeed know to skate if I accept?” I asked him looking to my right side – he was resting his head in my right shoulder – curiously. I really wanted to prove the idiot that I did know to skate, he had nagged me about it all through dinner and now I was about to prove him wrong. So accepting his help would only prove him right.

“Is that a challenge that I hear?” he asked me raising his eyebrow and a challenging look in his eyes.

I cocked my head to the side pondering if I wanted to accept. His challenging look was tempting me to challenge him in return. “Not really, just stating what is true, is all” I said not accepting his challenge. He seemed almost disappointed. I couldn’t even walk away with him leaning on me so I said “Do you mind, I’d like to go.”

He furrowed his eyebrow and very intelligently went “huh?”

I rolled my eyes pointed at his head resting on my shoulder. He gave me a cocky grin and said “don’t tell me you aren’t enjoying it.” I glared at him, but I didn’t tell anything.

It worked since he moved away letting me step into the ice. The minute my feet – or rather my skates – touched the ice I was zooming through full speed ahead, expertly dodging everyone on the ice. I had taken lessons for no reason.

I was zooming around when I saw the dirty blond hair of the girl I burrowed mascara from, skating slowly and wobbly. I slowed my pace and went close to her. “Hi!” I greeted her softly, so as to not scare her, she was standing on ice so I didn’t want to startle her. I stopped in front of her and asked “need some help?” I held out my hand for her to take.

“P-please” she said taking my hand gratefully – at least her expression said so. I took her other hand as well and firstly steadied her. And then slowly started skating backwards – tugging her along with me. I could skate backwards fast, but I prefer to do it on ice without people. I don’t want any accidents to happen.

We skated like this for a while and then slowly she was starting to get confident so now the two of us were talking and laughing. I learnt that her name was Macy, and everyone called her May. The two of us were laughing hard and I forgot to watch my back and collided with someone and both me and the person I collided with went crashing down.

Luckily for May – I started calling her May as well – I let go of her hand in time and so didn’t pull her down with us. Though she did loose her balance, when I let go of her hand and fell down as well.

I heard an ‘oft’ from behind me at the same time I wince out in pain, as the two of us landed on the ice and I froze, because that voice belonged to Cam. Damn, my day is so not going well. “Not complaining but there are much better ways to throw yourself at someone” Cam said in a teasing voice, wiggling his eyebrow once he realized it was me who knocked us down.

Blood rushed to my face at what he said, and even more when I realized the position the two of us were in. he was lying flat on the floor, leaning up on his elbows, with me lying on top of him. God that was embarrassing

“One being when I’m not standing on ice” he added a little in pain.

“I didn’t throw myself at you” I muttered to him and scrambled up, which was a bit hard seeing as how I was standing on ice. But I managed to get up without damaging him further and once I stood I lost my balance and almost ended up on top of Cam again. I said almost because as I lost balance a hand caught me by the elbow and straightened me.

It was then that I noticed my brother and the Tania and the others had come to inquire if we were alright.

Daniel happened to be the one who caught me. I mumbled a small thank you to him, my cheeks turning a very light pink at how close he was standing, but I could just pretend it was due to cool atmosphere.

“Anytime” he winked at me letting go of my hand. Just them a small hand tucked on my sleeve and when I looked down May was standing beside me, holding my hand and looking concerned. “Are you okay?” she asked me worriedly.

I was touched at her concern. So I bent down to her level and ruffling her hair I said “yea, I’m fine.” She giggled when I ruffled her hair making me giggle along with her.

I stood up again rubbing my eye and stifling a yawn. I had been up late, last night. I mean I slept at around 4 in the morning and got only a very few hours of sleep. No wonder I was so tired. I’m surprised Nick wasn’t too since he had kept me company through the night, it was so sweet of him.

“Can I get my turn now?” my brother asked me, standing at my side and hand held out, waiting to be accepted.

“I’ll be right back” I said to May accepting Nick’s offered hand. His hand was warm compared to mine and he pulled me closer to him, wrapping an arm around my waist, to dance. I placed my hand on his shoulder, positioned perfectly to waltz. I pulled out the peg holding my hair up in a ponytail and let my hair flow freely down my back and hug my waist.

Then I threw my head back as far as I could - Nick’s hand wrapped securely around my waist so I didn’t have to worry about falling - as he glided me across the ice.

Soon we were gliding in a much faster pace, taking twist’s and turns gracefully as possible. My hair was whacking on my face every time I took a turn or twist, but I didn’t mind. Keeping my concentrating on skating and skating alone.

We skated for a while before taking a break. By the time we were done I could barely open my eyes, I was that sleepy. When skating I hadn’t felt it but now that we stopped… yeah, I could hardly open my eyes. My eyelids were felling so heavy. I looked at Nick’s Rolex and it read 9:00 p.m. Gosh it has gotten late.

“Alright you said you know to skate, you never told me you aced it” Cam said sitting next to me as soon as I sat on the bench, to remove my skates

I looked at him through my bangs and sleepy eyes before telling “you never asked.” I made quick work to change my skates to the boots I came in as Cam went “True, but still. You just have to go one round with me” he stated. If I hadn’t been too sleepy I would have come with a better come back than saying “sure, but some other time.”

After that we called it a night and made it to Nick’s car. Anything that happened after that I didn’t register because my brain was all in for shutting down, to go to sleep. The only thing I remember properly is sitting in between Daniel and Cam inside the car, but not getting a single conversation.

*(Cameron’s P.O.V.)*

When we piled into the car, I ended up sitting in between the door and Sydney, who as soon as I sat down cuddled up to me, burying her hands in my jacket. I got it she was doing it for warmth since she was freezing, but she also didn’t seem to be thinking straight.

Because her reply when she answered me, to skate with me, had been kind of distant and something she would not have said if she had been in her senses.

Her eyes kept constantly dropping and she’d lean her head on my shoulder before jerking up straight again, until finally falling asleep, leaning my shoulder. She had no idea what she was doing to me, she made me think strange thoughts.

Because as I stared at her peacefully sleeping face I had a strong urge to run my hand through her silky looking hair and trace my finger on her soft skin. She just looked too sweet and innocent to be left alone. And just that was tempting me to actually do it. Trace my finger on her face I mean.

I wasn’t paying attention to anything anyone was talking, Sydney’s face seemed much more interesting, alright woah… where had that come from. But without those lovely blue orbs her face appeared somewhat dimmed. Though she still looked like an angel. An angel without a radiance, but still a gorgeous angel.

Suddenly someone smacked my head hard, making my head snap up from Sydney’s face. I growled at Leo who had whacked me in the head. “What?” I snapped at him, ticked off at him for breaking my review on Sydney.

“Enjoying her face much?” Leo questioned with a knowing smile plastered on his lips. I rolled my eyes and said “as if.” Leo didn’t appear to buy it but he didn’t ponder on it much, I would have insisted but it would only prove me wrong. Leo said goodbye to us and got down.

It was his stop and I hadn’t even noticed, Daniel had already got down and that meant my stop was up next. I better pay more attention, or they will never get off my back.

Nick stopped the car in front of my house and I couldn’t get down because I was sited in between both the girls. Tania saw Sydney asleep and got down to let me out, but when I moved Sydney slid with me. She was still attached to me and was still holding on to my jacket.

I gently moved her away from me and rested her and the car seat, but I couldn’t make her let go of my jacket, so removing it I draped it over her and I couldn’t help ducking my head down and kissing her forehead.

This was okay to do since my position covered the view of Nicolas and Dustin and Tania was out so no one saw me kissing her forehead. Though I quickly withdrew when her eyelids fluttered but thankfully she didn’t wake.

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