Heal My Heart

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Chapter 9

When they heard we were not going home everyone volunteered to come and who was I to stop them so we separated into two cars, Shauwn’s and Cam’s.

Delia, Leo, Mina, Darcy and Stacey were in with Shauwn and the rest of us with Cam. I was just about to get in when Cam pulled me out from the elbow. I gave him and irritated look and asked – more near myself – “What is with everyone pulling me with my elbow today when I’m about to sit?”

Cam and Shauwn gave each other puzzled looks before Cam got to the point. “Where are we going?” he asked me as if I was demented, which I probably was. I mentally smacked myself before I gave them an apologetically look. I went close to Cam and stood on tiptoes but I still couldn’t reach his ears so throwing my hand s around his head I pulled him down.

Caught by surprise that he stumbled a bit and I felt him tense under my touch. “Promise me you won’t tell Nick until we get there” I asked him in a whisper. “Why not?” he asked standing straight, an action that pulled me to him. I technically smacked on him when he stood straight, thankx to the fact that I still had my hand wrapped around his head.

“He won’t let us go otherwise” I grumbled under my breath for only Cam to hear me. He shook as chuckles left his mouth at my reply, Shauwn was watching us with interest and amusement. I could feel him vibrating as he chuckled and said “a-alright” that was because I was still standing with my hands around him and he didn’t seem to mind it much.

“So where are we going?” Shauwn asked when Cam said alright. Cam looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I mumbled it out slowly so my voice wouldn’t carry inside the car.

Both boys looked at me as if asking are-you-sure? I gave them a gleaming smile and nodded my head and clambered into the car.

Tania shot me a look that asked what-were-you-doing-outside? I just shrugged my shoulder, strapping myself to the seat belt as Cam got in and pulled out of the parking lot. “So where are we going?” Nick asked casually and simply. He knew I wasn’t going to tell him and to get me off guard only he asked it so casually.

“You’ll see” I replied quickly, too quickly that he looked at me in a strange way before turning around to look front again.

A few minutes of silence later I couldn’t keep it with me anymore that I asked Nick “so how long have you know?” it came out too casually for a question with so much behind it.

Nick turned back to face me and inspected me carefully before replying. “From the day she started” he said choosing his words with care, making sure he didn’t say anything that’d set me off. But he should know anything he say about it would set me off. His answer was something I just didn’t expect.

“And you didn’t mention a thing!?” I asked almost yelling, though my voice did come out in a shrill scream.

Carly, who was sitting next to me, winced slightly when I screamed it. I kinda said it too close to her ear. “Er- sorry” I said to her in a small voice so only she’d hear me. She just shook her head and I gave her a small smile.

“You never asked” Nick replied smugly, giving me my come back to a lot of things. It’s always my excuse.

“Don’t give me my own reply Nick, and I so have asked.” I said glaring at him. “How many times have I asked you why she wasn’t at home or why she just wasn’t there? You tell me?” I said hotly slumping in my seat with my arms crossed in front of my chest stubbornly.

It was silent in the car for a while. Tania would have said something but she knew better than to butt in to one of mine and Nick’s arguments. Since I’m already pissed I would scold her as well. The thing is when I scold her I really get into it and the result is never that nice. Dustin also tries to avoid talking if we go at it. Because he knows very well when we do fight it’s not for something snivel.

Carly knew if I and Nick fought it must be for something big since we rarely ever fight, I mean truly. Sure we bicker a lot over stupid things but we never fight, as much as we like to avoid it.

Cam I didn’t know about.

“What did you expect me to tell you sis?” Nick asked softly after a little while, making me lost for words.

I got his point, what could he have said, really? Mom found a new job because someone would have to pay all the upcoming bills when we convince you do finally do the surgery. Yeah that would have gone down well alright. NOT.

“Alright, alright you proved your point” I huffed looking out the window of Cam’s car. “Next thing I know you’ll be telling me you too got a job” I thought out loud, making sure Nick heard me. I noticed he flinched at the tone I implied but what he said answered why he really flinched.

“*Gulp* Sydney, I wanted to – um- ur, tell you this kinda – ur – earlier, but…” Nick stuttered not able to properly form words and I was waiting for him to finish but before he finished I got what he was telling, or trying to anyway.

“You got a job?” I asked excitedly. Excitement making my voice go an octave higher. He nodded his head guiltily, waiting for me to start exploding at him pissedly, but what I asked threw him off.

“Where? When? OMG how could you not have said something earlier? This is like awesome. You have to get me something on your first pay, ’kay?”

Nick was looking at me baffled. The others were looking at me as if I suddenly grew two heads. All except Carly, she knew all about why I was excited.

“Ur- at the electronic shop downtown. Last week or somewhere close to and obviously you get my first pay” Nick answered. At first picking his words carefully, he was still too surprised that I hadn’t yelled at him but was genuinely happy about it. Then he slowly got his composure back and replied like he usually would, in a normal circumstance.

I let out a squeal to show how happy I was and Nick understood that while I had told that ‘next you’ll be telling me you got a job’ comment out of a fuming state and didn’t really mean it.

“Next tell me you applied to collage” I said jokingly, but hoping he would.

“Haha… don’t push your luck little sister.”Nick replied and his tone implied he would have ruffled my hair if he wasn’t sitting up front and out of reach.

Not very later we reached our destination and once my brother noticed where we were he swore colorfully. Tania, Carly and Dustin looked at Nick like he was nuts, but they didn’t know where we were.

Cam got down and so did the others, I waited till every one was out of the car before patting my brothers arm and saying “come on” and got down myself.

“Where are we?” Stacey asked from behind us and I turned around giving her a gleaning look but not answering. It was just a normal alley way, that was a bit dark and had a few cars and jeeps parked here and there, but the owners of the vehicles were not there.

“Graffiti Street?” Leo’s puzzled-ly questioned Cam. “This was where we were coming?” he asked Cam, his voice shocked and accusing. Since he asked it near Cam I didn’t bother answering. Cam just shrugged his shoulder in an I-don’t-care-way.

“Graffiti Street? Are you guys serious?” Delia asked mouth hanging a bit open. Gravity Street was famous in our school, everyone knows it but no one knows where it is. Except people like Cam who actually hang out in this place.

“Are you kidding me?” Damson asked also shocked “This is no place for you girls” he added sternly.

Okay so even I agree with the guy – though I didn’t think they’d care, wrong assumption. This place was not a place where girls should be. What with al the flirts and drunken guys spray painting stupid things. But right then I couldn’t care less.

“Aren’t you taking your love for graffiti a little too far?” Carly asked me ignoring Damson. She was trying to hide a smirk but doing a not so good job at it.

“When does she never?” Nick asked her in a hard tone and a grim look. He meant that it took everything a little too far. But his hard tone suggested he didn’t want me here, even after promising me he would take me her to show me around. It was sweet how much he cared, but I planned on not getting into any kind of trouble here. Not now, not ever.

For one I don’t drink in places where I’m not supposed to and I probably would refuse to sleep with anyone, EW…

“True, true” Carly said in reply to my brother smiling widely. She didn’t want to be here, that was plain and clear in her eyes. But she was also planning on getting the best of today that she could.

“Don’t worry Nick I won’t get into any trouble, promise” I said giving him my most innocent look and clinging on to his arm. It was a good thing he was so strong or I’d have pulled both of down to the floor by now. I was practically giving my whole weight to his arm.

“Oh you I don’t have to even bother about” he said making me pout. “Tania, Stacey, Darcy and Delia… I have no idea what you were thinking bringing them here, Sydney. I really don’t” he said shaking me off of him. Opps! I might have gone I little too far this time. The thing was I couldn’t argue back with him since what he said was true. Those girls are… I don’t know but they don’t belong here, not that I do or something.

“Excuse me?” Tania called narrowing her eyes at the two of us (me and Nick). “She doesn’t tell us where we go or don’t. she didn’t bring us here Nick and if you are trying to say that we shouldn’t be here then think again. In case you didn’t notice Nick, which I’m sure you still haven’t because she has you wrapped around her finger like a little toy, she is the one who shouldn’t be here. She immature and doesn’t know how to act around anyone.

You’d probably let her do anything if she just bat’s her eyes enough and give you her doe eyed look. But I’m not going to fall for her stupid tricks and that bitch-” Tania said loudly letting off steam.

“TANIA!!!” Nick yelled warningly when she called me a bitch. Cam, Leo, Shauwn and Damson looked at each other uncertain as to what they should do.

Sure I and Nick were used to her shouting like this. This was normal for us, but in school she was a sweet cheerleader who was a beautiful and humorous person. That is the side the boys had seen. The rude and arrogant cheerleader is also a side that the girls had seen. But even Darcy and Delia seemed surprised by her out-burst.

“Don’t Tania me Nick, you know what I said is true. You’d let her get away with anything, practically murder” she said in a hard tone glaring at the two of us and probably forgetting the audience. There were a lot of audile gasps as she said that. Carly, Stacey and even Darcy had covered their mouths with wide-eyes.

“Tania shut-up” Nick said through gritted teeth, barely holding his anger down. I looked at Nick uncertainly trying to think if had indeed murdered someone, which was pretty stupid of me.

“Maybe we shouldn’t have brought them here after all” Shauwn said with a light laugh trying to make the situation lighter but the damage was already done. It was a bit too late to do anything now. “I have never murdered anyone, have I?” asked Nick confusedly with knitted eyebrows.

Nick smacked his head turning around someone burst out laughing and that caused so many others to laugh as well. I gave them all a confused looks. “Wha?” I asked unsurely. “SYDNEY, seriously.” Nick said making me realize that I had not killed anyone, Tania was just stating a fact.

“Oh, my bad” I said scratching the back of my head embarrassedly. Couldn’t I have asked something any less stupid-er. Nick shook his head and Tania rolled her eyes. The others were still too shocked to react. For us it was just the usual sibling banter, they had not heard us – mostly Tania – go at it.

Wait a minute- sibling banter was missing someone. “Where’s Dustin?” I asked panicked and snapping everyone out of there shocked states.

He was not anywhere to find and I could have sworn he was here a few seconds ago, before we started fighting. I was getting a bit hysteric when everyone started finding for him around and no one had spotted him. Finally Cam found him asleep inside his car. I was so relived that I would have fallen if I hadn’t been hanging on to Nick.

That put an end to all the banter and everyone was in for going to the place with all the graffiti. Where we were standing was not our destination. We had to go through a narrow alley, from which you can’t take cars to get to the place where they spray paint all the graffiti. While I was excited to finally go I had another concern.

“Is it safe to leave him here?” I asked Cam, when he locked up his car, leaving the window a little open for Dustin to be able breath.

“He’ll be fine. Don’t worry too much. The guys here won’t leave until dawn so no one will even know he is there.” Cam reassured me. While it helped a little I still didn’t want to leave him unguarded. And I didn’t want to wake him and take him with us. I wasn’t that desperate to see the place that I would put anyone in danger. Tania and all could protect themselves.

“Don’t’ fret so much little mother” Cam teased me poking my cheek. I pouted at him and asked “What is with you and my cheek?” instead of fretting over leaving my brother unguarded.

“Maybe because they are so chubby and fat” He said. That would have got any girl but me pissed. I don’t care when people call me fat, not that I am. But I don’t care and I don’t take it to heart either, I let it go. I puffed out my cheeks playfully and he poked them again and we both laughed. For once I wasn’t fighting with him and it felt nice.

“Come on lets go” He said taking my hand, I didn’t exactly object since his hand was way warmed than mine. “So you have a bitch of an sister” he said conversationally.

I whacked his arm and said in a hard tone “watch it, that’s my sister you are talking of.” Sure she might not be the easiest person to get along with, what with all the snappy comments and all, but she was still my sister.

“No matter what she still is my sister” I said to him when he looked at me puzzled. “She might be hard to deal with, she might be a not so nice person, but I do love her you know. So next time make sure you say nothing wrong of her around me” the last part I added smiling at him. And he smiled back.

I and Cam were the last two people to join the others, because I had delayed us questioning him about the safety of Dustin. Not that I wasn’t worried even now. Cam had definitely been here before so he knew all the guys there, so when they saw him they high fived and greeted each other.

Since I was walking next to Cam - I little too close for my liking but I was kinda feeling a bit self-conscious in a place like this, and since I couldn’t see my brother I’d have to stick around with Cam – when they greeted Cam there eyes would land on me and they’d whistle low and long.

It was like this that one guy asked Cam “Who’s the Chick?”

“Who do you think you are calling Chick?” I asked the guy challenging, narrowing my eyes at him.

Cam grinned and so many other who were standing close wolf-whistled and some went ‘woah!’ “Feisty, ain’t she?” the same guy asked making me openly glare evilly at him.

“Oh she’s feisty alright,” Cam said draping am arm around me making me glare at him also. “That’s my girl” he said pulling me to him. I looked at him amusedly, when did I become his girl? “Just play along” Cam mumbled in my ear when I looked at him amusedly with a raised eyebrow.

“Why don’t you dump this idiot and go out with someone much cooler.” A guy suggested wiggling his eyebrows.

I pulled on a disgusted face and said “EW… like I would.” I meant I wouldn’t go out with him. “Ouch!” he said dramatically catching his heart as if it hurt. Cam burst out laughing at my earnest reply. What he found so funny I don’t know.

“Sydney?” came a voice from behind all the guys. Bruce pushed himself to the front of the guys we were talking to. He was looking astonished.

“How did you get here?” he asked looking between me and his brother, who was having a conversation with some other guy, his arm still around me. “Nice to see you too” I said sarcastically, smiling at him. He laughed and said “I’d say, but how did you get here” he asked me sounding not so pleased to see me.

I jerked my head in Cam’s direction and added when Bruce raised his eyebrow “Nick’s here as well.”

He looked a little lost as he asked “Nick?”

I keep forgetting everyone but me calls him Nick. Everyone knew him as Nicolas Blake. “My brother, Nicolas” I said.

“That’s a fine catch you have here bro.” some random guy said to Cam gesturing at me. “She has a way with words” he said shaking his head and looking at me appreciatively.

I rolled my eyes and pushing Cam’s hand off me I walked away with Bruce to where Nick was with some older guys, his age. “Nice of you to look out” I muttered sarcastically to him when we reached them and clinging to him again. Some of them whistled upon seeing me, all who ignored and Nick glared at.

“I’d say that is a bad idea guy’s” Bruce suggested to them and they all looked at Nick asking if he was serious with me, to which I looked at them as if they were all demented. “I meant she is his sister, The Sydney Blake” Bruce introduce proudly with his head held high. They looked at me wide-eyed before introducing themselves.

I got to know all Nick friends pretty quickly, once they learned I was his sister they were being micro-nice to me. It appeared they all knew me thankx to the fact that I text or call him for every tiny thing that happens, and most of them had seen me, though I knew none of them, which was a kind of bummer.

He had so many cool friends and he never introduced even one of them to me.

Sure once in a while someone would flirt, which I hardly took any notice of, because when realized who I was they immediately knew why I was here and dragged me off to show off there works. I was too stuck on admiring there work, to register anything flirty they said, plus I was too distracted to know they were indeed flirting with me. Which is saying a lot, since I’m usually very aware when I’m around guy, especially ones like Nicks Friends?

That is how we spent half of the night.

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