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Corey is just trying to make sense of her life when everything about it is under construction. Especially her relationship with her stubborn father. At her mother's insistence, she agrees to work for him over the summer at his construction company... not that she thinks it will actually fix anything. Not as long as he continues to avoid her. Things get more complicated when her father's site supervisor Bruno shows up, and her father orders them to work together. She might not be the son her dad always wanted, but Bruno is like the son her dad never had. And having him around only reminds her of all the impossible obstacles standing between her and her father. At this point, she will do anything to get this summer done and over with. But there's one big renovation she has to do first...

Romance / Erotica
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Something was wrong here.

There was no one on the street, no possible owner of the dog standing watch on the door step of any of the houses.

Corey’s first thought was that the dog was dangerous. It was a big animal, and the way it was panting made all its teeth visible.

The final effect was disturbing and almost frightening.

She thought about turning back and going straight to safety inside Bruno’s house again, but she wasn’t sure if she would even make it. The dog was taking a step towards her and appeared to be almost swaying on its feet like a drunkard. A part of her worried if he’d been hurt or abused, although besides being terribly skinny she didn’t see any visible injuries.

What alarmed her the most was the fact that—despite being a huge dog lover—she was immediately afraid of this one. It was such an uncanny reaction that it scared her.

She took a tentative step back, watching the dog carefully to gauge its reaction. Her over-active imagination raced through all kinds of horrible scenarios, and she couldn’t help but wonder if she was just overplaying this.

But then the dog countered by taking another step forward, bending its hind legs like an animal ready to pounce, and she knew she was in trouble.

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