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Love is hard to find when your heart is already broken and in a million pieces. Genevieve, once a sweet and lively girl. But now is quiet, cold and harsh. She then meets Hunter: the cliché bad boy. So it seems. There's something going on with that boy. The two worlds collide and walls are broken. The truth comes out, for the both of them. How can this possibly end well?!

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Dreams


"Genevieve... it's all your fault! All your fault! ALL YOUR FAULT. IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU–

I wake up, screaming. I sit up, cradling myself. It was all a dream. All a dream. My door barges open and Bassett flies in.

"Madame Guillaume, are you alright?" He asks.

"I'm alright, Bassett. Just a nightmare," I nearly sob.

"Are you sure? This is happening too often, Madam. Shouldn't we alarm your mother and father? I'm sure they will be—

"NO! Not. A. Word. They will never find out. Understood?" My voice tightens.

"Of course," he bows, until he continues and says, "but Madam, might I add? Please know that we are all here for you and—

"Go. Just go." I plead. He sighs and silently walks out, shutting the door behind him.

As soon as he is out of sight. I lay back on the bed and the tears don't stop. A sob breaks out of me. As there are no more tears left.

I whisper in the dark, "Sorry Bassett."

Picking up the broken pieces of myself, I go back to sleep. I drift off and a single tear rolls down my cheek.


"If it weren't for you, I'd be at NASA now. I'd be at GDS now. It's all your fault! I WISH I NEVER MET YOU! HUNTER DANIELS—

I wake up. My breathing is heavy and sweat trickles down the side of my face. This is the fifth time this week. The same dream, over and over again. It's like... like she never left. I groan and roll over to the edge of the bed.

My feet feel the warm carpet and I slowly, ever so slowly, get up from the bed. I yawn, my arms raising as I do. My feet automatically walk me to the door, and I open it. I turn the hallways light switch on and hiss at how bright it is. My eyes burn and it takes a while for it to adjust.

I led myself to the kitchen and open the first cabinet I see. There's some of Mia's tea bags inside. One reads 'Night Night Tea.' I remember that she was nagging me last week to drink some. Apparently, it knocks you out.

I'll try it... just this once, I think.

I fill the kettle up with some water and heat it up. Minutes later, I'm holding a white mug with this weird smelling tea in it. I walk to my room, switching the lights off as I go by.

The tea is warm by the time I arrive in my room. I drink it, greedily. Then, place it on my desk. It kicks in straight away and somehow; I manage to quickly tuck myself in. My eyes go droopy and the next thing I know. I've fallen asleep.

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