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Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Shattered Rose follows Samantha once again in her epic tale of her crazy life as a member of the Midnight Rose. Find out how she copes and deals with brand new problems and a whole new world. Please Read Midnight Rose first or you will get confused!

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Chapter 1

Tick, tick, tick,

Time ticks by slowly,

Tick, tick, tick

Guns are loaded,

Tick, tick, tick…

“You forget who the police work for Samantha” Karlos warns with a smirk as armed police surround us, two to one.


Luka shoots one of the cop cars, another explodes as a van screeches to a halt not a few feet from us.

“Get in!” A voice shouts from the front.

“Move!” Shaun shouts, ducking my head into his shoulder as he bails me into the van.

Chaos ensues, gun fire continues to pummel the van behind us.

“Shaun! I can’t see!” I scream, blood pours down my face, a bullet had grazed my face.

“Oh shit!” He replies and suddenly he’s applying pressure hard onto the wound as blood poured out.

“Who got out?” I panic.

“I don’t know Sam” He mumbles.

“Who’s in the van?” I wince as he removes the cloth against my head, before slamming it back on.

“Just us.” He sighs.

“What am I? I save your arses and there’s the gratitude!” A female voice called out sarcastically from the front.

“I have no idea who you are but thank you” I wince.

“I’m Luka’s girl” She answers as we turn a sharp corner and I fall to the ground.

“Luka has a girl?!” I say in shock.

“Yes, it was never quite the time to tell you though. Trent recommended we keep it a secret, until things settled. But as always, the Midnight Rose likes to cause more trouble” She answers.

“What’s your name?” Shaun asks.

“Savannah, Savannah Jennings” She answers.

“You’re married…”

“Yes, sometimes I wish I wasn’t, but Luka is my life, I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

“Did he get out?” I ask.

“I…I…I don’t know. It was so chaotic, he made me promise to get you out, no ifs or buts” She cries a single sob.

“Savannah, we need a doctor right now” Shaun urges her.

“Why? Are you hurt?” She asks, I was guessing she hadn’t looked in the back.

“Sam, a bullet caught her, she’s bleeding bad”

“Did you not hear me scream?”

“There was a lot of noise Samantha. I’m partially deaf if you must know, when there’s a lot of sound it’s difficult to make some others out” She answers.

“I’m sorry” I answer.

“We aren’t getting anywhere in the next hour, there’s a first aid box under the seat back there with needle and thread. Should be a bottle of vodka too, that should at least help” She adds as I groan.

“Is the vodka for me to drink or clean the needle” I groan, awaiting the pain.

“This is really going to hurt Sam. I’m sorry” Shaun says as he takes off the cloth, my head wedged between his legs to keep me still.

I scream loudly as he threads the needle through my bleeding flesh, I’m sure Savannah could only hear my screams and nothing else.

“Nearly done Sam, I’m nearly done” He tries to sooth me as my flesh burns in pain.

“This next part is really going to sting, I’m going to put some of this vodka on a cloth and wipe over the wound and clean you up ok” He adds as I tense, my hand clenched in a fist as I feel my nails dig in so much I was pretty sure I had a few cuts there too.

I scream again, crying in pain.

“It’s done, I’m done. I need you to try and open your eyes, I have to know if you can see Sam” He urges as I open my eyelids they sting bad.

But I can see, his cheek was covered with smeared blood, worry flooding his face as I sit up slowly and he helps me rest against his chest.

“I can see” I cry.

“I know what you’re thinking Sam, they got out, they have to have got out” He says, but he repeats himself, as if he doesn’t believe it himself, trying to convince his own brain.

I take his shaking hand in mine and squeeze it tight.

“Luka will get them out” Savannah adds, unsure in her own voice too.

“Where are we going?” I ask as I grow more tired by the minute, the lack of blood was making me weak.

“Safe house that Trent has, gave it to Luka years back when he was looking for you. It’s where he was planning to keep you safe” She answers.

“Sam, get some sleep, you’re running on fumes” Shaun notices my drooping eyelids. I nod before drifting into a deep slumber.

“P…Pe...Peach” He coughed out as blood poured from his wounds.

“Medic!” I screamed.

“Peach, I…I’m…I’m sorry” He said with tears in his eyes.

“Shh, don’t talk, save your breath” I said trying to stop the bleeding, tears flowing.

“I… Love…You” He whimpered out.

My beloved Bradley’s death repeated in my nightmare.

“Are you seriously worried about me, I’m a big boy Samantha, I can take care of myself. The only thing I will miss is my wing woman to help me find a boy toy” He smirked.

Taylor’s face popped in next.

“SAM! SAM! SAM!” A voice screams before I’m quickly picked up and swung around by a pair of arms. Damien.

James. Brian. Wayne. Rob. Dad. Jason. Luka…

They all visited me in my nightmare.

I woke up screaming, being held down tightly by a huge pair of arms.

“Keep her still, I have to fix this mess you made!” A voice booms.

The pain had been numbed, but I had no idea where I was.

“Sammy, calm down, you’re safe!” Shaun runs over and places his face above mine, holding down my shaking body as I calm.

“I’m going to ask you to stay still Samantha” The other voice booms. A giant man with broad muscles, skin as dark as night and a doctors’ coat begins to work on my wounds again.

“This is Beck, he’s a doctor, he’s one of Trent’s guys. You’re safe. Savannah got us to the safe house” Shaun said seeing the confusion in my face.

“All done.” Beck moves back, taking off his gloves and putting down the blood-soaked swabs.

A needle poked into my arm attached to a bag of blood.

“You can get up slowly, but you stay put for now, understand?” Beck stops me from standing as I get dizzy and nod taking a seat on the sofa next to the table I had jumped down from.

“Have you heard anything?” I whisper.

“Nothing” Shaun shakes his head solemnly.

Savannah quickly rushes into the room gun held tight to her as she peaks out of the window.

“We’ve got company!” She says nervously.

“Get her downstairs Shaun.” Beck orders taking down the blood bag and handing it to Shaun as he takes me in his arms, rushing down a staircase and locking us in a room.

All we could hear were loud mumbles and bangs of doors.

“Where is she? Savannah where the fuck is my daughter?!” Trent’s voice shouts suddenly as my eyes widen.

Shaun runs to the door unlocking it to show my father standing, soaked in blood.

“Whose blood is that?” I ask.

“Just one of the officers.” He says running up to me, hugging me tight to his blood-soaked body.

“You’re covered in blood man!” Beck shouts as my dad releases me again sheepishly.

“Tell me they all got out of there…” I begged.

“I’m sorry I can’t do that. But I did bring you someone” He says before side-stepping.

“Sam…” Taylor rounds the corner, tears in his eyes as he comes into the room.

“Taylor…Where’s Damien?” I ask, my face searches his.

He just shakes his head.

“No, he’s not dead, not my Damien, no” I sob.

“We don’t know that he’s dead Taylor, don’t make this worse boy” Trent argues.

“Then what happened?” I ask.

“Karlos took them, the last I saw was Damien getting shot and flung into a car with Jason” Dad answers as Taylor doesn’t speak. His head bent down refusing to look at me.

“Then we have to assume he’s alive Taylor, he’s with my brother, he will be fine” I try to catch his gaze, but when I do his eyes fill with fury.

“He’s dead! Do you really think Karlos will keep him alive!? This is your fault Samantha! You could have just been a normal fucking girl. Left me alone that day at school and then I wouldn’t have known anything, I wouldn’t have lost everything! You kill everything we love!” He screams in my face before falling to his knees, head resting on my stomach. I wrap my arms around his head, burying my fingers in his hair.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” I cry with him.

“I love you Sam, but your family fucking sucks” Taylor whimpers.

“Guys you need to see this!” Savannah calls from up stairs. Shaun lifts me into his arms as we all head back into the lounge.

“Reports are coming in from the scene of an act of gang violence inside the local high school. Local gang, named Midnight Rose is reportedly the one to end the violence, saving the children inside, members of their own gang betraying them, continuing the act of terrorism.

The following members are being searched for and are severely dangerous that we ask you, do not approach them and call our direct line at the bottom of the screen if you see any of these people.

Leader of Midnight Rose, Karlos Jones, is offering a reward to anyone that gives a positive I.D. of these dangerous members.

Former leader Jon Jones was a major part of the community and was murdered by these people, so we remind you, these people are armed and dangerous. Do not approach”

The news reporter’s camera pans around her, shooting the scene around the school, I didn’t see any of the people I loved on the ground.

On the screens there was several faces, mine, Shaun’s, Taylors, Brian’s, Wayne’s, Luka’s and my Fathers.

“Rob’s not on there, neither is Damien and Jason” I state.

“James isn’t either, but he’s in hospital. Damien, Jason and James are prisoners of war. Rob… I haven’t heard a thing about, the last I saw of him he was running with his sister and niece. I can’t get hold of Brian, Wayne or Luka” Dad says as Savannah sobs.

“He’s not dead, if he was dead he wouldn’t be on the tv Savannah” I say as a glimmer of hope shines in her eyes.

“You’re right, You’re right. I knew what I signed up for. I’m sure he’s holed up somewhere” She nods slowly.

“We have a lot of people looking for us” Taylor mumbles.

“Then we have to make you look different. I will work on some new identities and Savannah will help you in your disguises” Dad answers.

“I love a good make-over!” Savanah said excitedly.

Taylor, Shaun and I all groaned.

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