Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter Eleven

“I can’t believe we are about to play truth or dare and I have to be sober” Savannah groans as I walk into the lounge where everyone was sat together, drinks in hand.

Tammy and Wayne were sat opposite each other, trying not to catch each other’s eyes. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it. But I had a plan to get it out of them.

“Where the hell do I sit?” I ask as they had left no room for me.

“The floor” Taylor laughed as he spread out with Damien in his arms.

“I’m not a dog” I snap playfully.

“Are you sure?” He sticks out his tongue like a child as I lob a pillow at his face.

Suddenly I’m pulled down as I squeal landing on a lap.

Tom’s lap…

“Sit with me” He says as I blush and the others chuckle.

“Let’s get started!” James shouts holding his beer in the air.

“Who starts?” I ask.

“I’ll go first” Brian sighs.

“Truth or dare Brian?” James slurs.


“You’re so boring. Fine… How did you feel when Sammy kissed you?” James laughs as we all groan.

“Seriously dude? It was gross, like kissing my sister” he answers.

“Are my kisses that bad?!” I groan.

“Sam, truth or dare?” Brian smirks.

“Dare” I answer as James claps like an excited child.

“Kiss Tom” He dares.

“They’re egging you on to kiss me… do you need practice? Perhaps your kisses need work” Tom teases.

“Really?” I raise a brow in question.

“Dare’s a dare”

I looked into his eyes as I leant forward and then kissed him on the cheek with a smirk.

“No one said how I was supposed to kiss him” I heard him moan beneath me as I laughed.

“Cheat” Brian smirked.

“Wayne, truth or dare?” I ask with a smile, hoping he would pick dare.

“Truth” he picked as I groaned.

“Are you in love with anyone right now?” I ask.

“I…Uh… Yes,” he blushes, I smirk as I watch his eyes flit to Tammy and then me. He knew that I had an inkling.

“Wait what!? That’s the first I’ve heard about this! Who is it?” Rob leans forward intently.

“No one you need to know about yet. I want to see how it goes first” Wayne mumbles.

“Fine” Rob grumbles.

“James, truth or dare” he says picking James and he lit up like a Christmas tree at his turn.

“Dare me!” He shouts.

“I dare you to run out this house naked and dive into the sea” Wayne smirks.

James stands up, a little wobbly and begins to strip right in front of us.

“Oh my god!” Savannah screams as she’s laughing as Luka tries to shield her eyes from looking at James’s naked body.

“Woohoooooooo!” He screams as he runs down the stairs as we follow laughing, not forgetting to grab a picture as he dives into the sea.

He doesn’t come back up, panic starts to set in.

“Shit!” I shout as I’m running towards the ocean, I dive in towards the water where he was last seen as Shaun, Rob and Tom all follow behind me.

“Can anyone see him?” I scream as I come back out of the water.

“Get the torches!” Shaun shouts.

“James!” We all shouted as the other bore down the torches into the water.

“Where did he go?” I dive back under and feel something with my hand, it was James. I grabbed his arm and kicked up, struggling to get back up to the surface with James under me. Pain flooded my arm as his weight dragged against me.

I continued to kick hard as I reached the surface.

“Help!” I scream as the boys swim up to me quickly as they grab me and James, getting us to shore.

“Call an ambulance!” Shaun shouts.

I’m coughing up water as I watch as Brian does CPR on James.

“Brian… Tell me he’s breathing” I cough.

Sirens come from down the road as medics turn up, they bundle him into the ambulance and take him to the local hospital.

They suggested that I follow behind as I had taken in so much sea water.

We drove quickly behind them.

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