Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter Thirteen

“Happy Birthday!” Layla jumps onto my bed in the early hours of the morning.

“Layla we said no!” Wayne creeps into my room, already too late, she had woken me up.

“Thank you Layla” I laugh while yawning and stretching in my bed as she hugs me tight.

“Sorry Sam, she’s been like this for the last hour, she wanted to wake you then. We tried to keep the little tyke away from you a little longer, but it would seem she weaselled her way in. Wayne raises a brow at Layla, but she just giggles.

“It’s fine” I smile.

“Well, happy birthday kiddo” He smiles back and grabs Layla and carries her over his shoulder as she giggles for him to let her down.

I get up and decide to take a quick shower before going downstairs.

I had just got out the shower and gone back into my room when I was knocked over by Taylor and Damien.

“Still in my towel guys!” I scream.

“We don’t care. Happy Birthday!” They let me back up as I make sure my towel is secured.

“Thank you but get out!” I laugh and point to the door.

Damien ignores me going straight to my wardrobe and chucks clothes at me.

“Wear these, Savannah’s orders. She’s currently hugging the toilet” he grimaced at her morning sickness.

They then left the room as I looked at the clothes he had chucked into my arms.

He had given me a gorgeous, short, red halter neck dress that I had never seen before. Sneaky girl, sneaky.

I put it on and was shocked to see it fit perfectly and hugged my curves, showing the perfect amount of cleavage and not too short that if I bent over then you would see my ass.

I dried my hair and straightened it the way I liked it and finished off with my make-up with a winged dark look that made my eyes pop.

I had to admit, I looked good.

“Are you ready?!” Elise knocked on the door and let herself in.

“Just finished” I smiled.

“Woah, if I weren’t with Shaun, you’d be my next choice. Happy Birthday” She eyed me up as I blushed.

“I think Tom could have a little problem with that” I winked as I followed her out of the room.

“That, my friend, is very true” She said.

“Is Savannah ok?” I ask.

“Yeah. Why don’t you go see her quickly” She shooed me into the bathroom where Savannah was sat on the floor next to the toilet with Luka holding her hair back.

“Wow, it’s perfect. Happy birthday Sammy” Savannah said with a soft smile.

“Thanks, this dress is gorgeous, thank you” I smile.

“Happy Birthday sis” Luka gets up quickly to hug me and then gets back down to join his pregnant wife.

“We might be a little while. We’ll join you later” Luka said.

“Don’t rush, seriously, Savannah you just take care of yourself and my niece or nephew” I smile, placing a kiss on her head and leave them alone.

There was a lot of chatter coming from downstairs as I went down.

“Happy Birthday!” They all shouted as I walked into the kitchen which now had banners stuck to the walls.

“Thanks guys” I smiled. I was already enjoying my birthday for once.

I noticed that Tom and my father weren’t here and I wondered where they were.

“They’ll be here later before you even ask” Elise smirked, noticing my eyes search the room.

“Auntie Sammy! I made this for you!” Layla ran up to me with a piece of paper.

On it, it had stickmen and women all dotted on the page, in the top of a castle was one that had my name next to it and another sat at the bottom of the castle with Tom’s. The words I love Auntie Sammy were written on the top in her squiggly writing.

A tear escaped my eyes as I became emotional.

“Don’t you like it?” Layla sounded worried.

“No! I love it! I love you too little Layla” I squeezed her tight as she giggled.

For the rest of the morning we had a laugh in the kitchen. Savannah finally managed to escape the toilet with Luka as they joined in the fun.

We were all in the lounge chatting loudly when the doorbell went.

“Well it’s not for us!” Luka laughed as he shooed me out the room.

I opened the door and my Dad stood there with a huge bouquet of flowers, bright red roses.

“Wow, they’re gorgeous Dad, thank you” I hugged him without noticing the man behind him.

“Happy Birthday Kiddo” He smiled as he turned to the man behind and I noticed him for the first time.

“Harvey!?” I looked at him in shock, my dad seemed a little confused too.

“You know each other?” He asked.

“She works in my diner” Harvey smiled sweetly.

“You’re my…You’re my grandfather…” I repeated, still a little shocked.

“I knew there was more to you, saves me from a kid trying to rob my diner, takes him down with one sweep. But I should have noticed the eyes, you have your father’s eyes” He smiles as he steps up to me giving me a tight hug.

I let them in, placing the roses on a table as they were already in a brand-new decorated vase with water.

“Harvey? Why are you here?” Elise asks as we enter the room, her eyes widen in realisation as she puts two and two together.

“No way!” She screams.

“What’s going on?” Shaun says, completely oblivious.

“That man is our boss at the diner, who has just come in with Trent, Sam’s father who was bringing his own father here…” She says slowly.

“You’re our grandfather!?” Luka shouts as I laugh as every pair of eyes widen.

“Well done kid, not the brightest bunch are they?” Harvey says playfully.

“I got the smarts in the family” I smirk as Luka glares at me.

“Well I got the looks then” He smirks.

“Nope…” Savannah smirks as he pouts.

“Then what do I have then, my lovely wife?” He asks.

“Well…” she looks down playfully, he laughs kissing her and I groan.

“Reminds me of you and Louisa” Harvey, my grandfather says, as all eyes turn to him.

“You knew her…” I say as he nods, his face softening.

“You’re the spitting image of her, except your eyes, such as shame, her eyes were gorgeous” He smiles as he sits beside me, taking an arm and wrapping it around me in a hug.

My family had just gotten even bigger, I never felt so happy, than in right this moment.

“Anyone for drinks?” Wayne asked as he, Rob and James brought in a selection of drinks, already guessing what most of us would drink.

“Sam, there’s something out the back for you” Tammy said sitting next to Layla, as she laid her finger against her lips to Layla who looked fit to burst.

“What is it?” I questioned.

“Go out and find out moron!” Brian laughed as I slowly got out the chair and walked out onto the deck.

A huge box sat on the deck with a bright red ribbon attached to it.

I looked around curiously, wondering what this could be.

I pulled the ribbon and it opened the box.

Inside it was the cutest puppy I had ever seen.

“Oh my god!” I squealed as I picked it up, its golden fur was so soft. A beautiful golden Labrador.

It had a note on its collar.


I’ve been learning a lot about you recently and I found out that you were a sucker for puppies, especially Labradors. This cutie is yours to keep.

This is your first surprise, now go give the puppy to Layla, she helped me find her and wants a cuddle. Then come down to the beach.



I stroked the gorgeous puppies’ fur as I rushed inside with her.

“Puppy!” Layla screamed.

“How did you know I liked puppies Layla?” I ask having had never told her that.

“I didn’t” Cheek chuckles cheekily as she strokes the puppy.

“Layla!” Tammy shouts.

“It’s ok, I love puppies. Help me name her?” I wink as I walk back out to the beach.

When I get to the bottom there’s a present on the table.

Inside the box was a set of keys…


These keys are for your bike out the front, Taylor said you missed it.

Come out the front


I squeal with excitement as my motorbike was my baby and I had missed riding it.

“This is some sort of physical torture” I groan as I walk past the lounge.

“Get used to it, you’re coming out to work out with me again every week from next week” Shaun calls out as I throw my head back and groan.

“Paybacks a bitch!” James laughs as I remember the hell I used to put them through with training.

“Thank you for getting my bike back guys!” I call quickly as Taylor smiles at me while I run out the front.

There in the middle of the driveway was my baby, I jump on it and start it, revving it making so much noise.

“RAWR!” Layla came running out of the house dressed as a dragon, I turn off my bike and feign fright.

“Oh no! Not a scary dragon!” I laugh as she takes my hand and drags me back into the house.

Up the stairs we went, into Tom’s room where another small box sat on the bed.

“Open the box!” She growls, but I can see she’s struggling to play as a scary dragon and was almost bouncing.

I open the box and find a cute small tiara.

“Princesses need a tiara! Put it on” I do as I’m told and she giggles, but she keeps looking to her side, her smile huge as I hear footsteps.

Suddenly, a huge balloon sword is chucked towards her and she grabs it, pointing it towards someone beside the entrance of the door, I peer out I see who it is.

“Don’t worry I’ll save you princess!” Tom grins playfully as he begins to play fight with balloon swords with Layla as myself and the others watch on, they had come up the stairs behind him to watch the show.

“Noooooooo” She falls to the ground dramatically, still giggling.

Tom steps over her, giving her a quick tickle as she gets up and runs to her mum, laughing her head off.

He walks towards the door where I’m stood and picks me up, swinging me around before placing me on the ground.

“Happy Birthday princess, I destroyed the dragon and swept you off your feet, am I missing part of the story?” He winks cheekily.

“I’m pretty sure the story always ends with a kiss and happily ever after” I smile as butterflies fill my stomach.

“Kiss her!” Layla screams as we look behind us, laughing as Tammy tries to quieten her down, but they were all smiling.

“You heard the little lady” I smile as he brings his head quickly down and kisses me hard, my arms fall around his neck as he lifts me against him.

“Yay!” Layla shouts, we grin into the kiss.

“I wondered how long it would take” James said.

“Come on! There’s kids watching!” Rob shouts as we separate from the kiss, I blush.

“This was her idea!” Tom laughed.

“So, you only kiss me because a little dragon tells you to?” I smirk.

“Noooo, Auntie Sammy you told me to be a secret spy! Remember! You both said you love each other… Oops!” Her eyes widen in shock that she had spilled a secret and put her hands over her mouth.

“You love me?” Tom looks at me curiously as I blush even redder than before.

“Y…yes…” I stammer.

“I’m sorry Auntie Sammy, I didn’t mean to tell our secret” Layla cries, suddenly appearing at my side.

“Hey, its ok, honestly” I smile, and she nods, hugging my side as I look back at Tom’s shocked face.

“Say it…” Tom says looking into my eyes.

“What? That I love you. Because I do. I love you.” His mouth widens into a huge grin.

“Good, because guess what?”

“What?” I smirk.

“I love you too” He smiles and places another quick kiss on my lips.

The others begin to hoot and holler at us as we smirk, cuddling into each other.

Layla was jumping happily about, bouncing from person to person.

“Let’s give them a minute” Harvey says smiling and I nod appreciatively as they all go back downstairs.

Now, we were alone.

“I know we’ve only known each other a small time but I promise to be by your side forever. I still can’t believe this right now…” Tom starts.

“I can’t believe it too. I never thought I would find love again. What you did with Layla, that was adorable” I smirk as he blushes, god he was so sexy.

“She’s a devious little munchkin. Has everyone wrapped around her little finger. So, she’s a spy for you, huh?” Tom smirks.

“I can’t believe she said that! I should have known she would spill the beans” I giggle.

He suddenly kisses me, and we get closer, bodies flush against each other.

“Your giggle is amazing. You have no idea what it does to me” He groans.

I was suddenly really nervous, having never been any further than making out with the one I loved, it was something I was nervous about, especially after everything with Vern, I was scared that I could never give Tom the family he wants. After watching him with Layla, I could imagine him with our children, but that may never happen, it worried me.

“What are you thinking? You’re going to destroy your lip, biting it like that” He looks at me concerned.

“I know it’s early days, but I can’t help but think about the future… Seeing you with Layla, super cute… What if I can’t…” I start, he kisses me, quieting me.

“Don’t. No matter what, I will never leave you. If we can’t have kids naturally then there are other options, adoption and fostering for a start. Don’t give up on this before we have barely begun because you’re scared. We will have our happily ever after, no matter what” He says as he strokes my face with his thumb.

“I’m not perfect, I have so many scars…” I whimper.

“Scars tell a story, I have them too. You’re beautiful, no matter how many scars you have, mentally or physically. I love you Samantha because of who you are. You want to change the world and would protect your whole family if it meant you risked your own life. You’re so beautiful inside and out. Now I want to protect you for the rest of my life, I want to be there every second I can. We will work together, figure things out together and live life together. I love you” Tom smiles and it makes my heart giddy.

“I love you too Tom, thank you, for everything. I can’t promise that I’ll know, at all, what I’m doing but I promise to tell you everything, we’ll work it out together.” I smile as he embraces me in a tight hug.

“Good, happy birthday princess, I love you” He kisses my head as I smile, a happy tear gliding down my cheek.

“Layla! Leave them alone!” Rob calls out from the bottom of the stairs. I notice her small frame at the door as she looks at me confused.

“Why are you crying? Tom what did you do?!” She says angrily.

“They are happy tears Layla, I promise” I smile and pick her up, placing her on my hip. She wipes the tear away.

“I would never upset the princess” Tom smiles, ruffling her hair as she bats him away and places her head in the crook of my neck.

“Shall we head back down, did you come up with a name for the puppy?”

“Go party. Umm…I like Rosie” She smiles.

“Rosie… I like it” Tom answers and I nod as we walk downstairs.

The little bundle of fur comes bounding up to us, barking playfully as we kneel down and stroke her.

“Well, hi there Rosie!” I play with her.

“Where did everyone go?” Tom asked as he entered the lounge.

“The beach, it’s party time!” Layla led us outside where my family were all having fun.

Tom put his arms around me as we went down to the beach.

“Yay! Birthday girl!” James laughs as he takes me away from Tom dragging me to the make-shift dance area.

I was having so much fun dancing around with the guys and the girls when I was spun around by Tom and he began to dance with me.

“I hate dancing, I’m doing this because you looked so beautiful that I couldn’t resist.” He groaned into my neck as I giggled.

“You got jealous that I was dancing with James didn’t you?” I smirked.

“May be a little” He blushed.

“No need to. All the guys here, they are like my brothers, Luka IS my brother and then there’s my dad and Harvey, who I guess I can start calling him my grandpa. But, anyway, there is nothing to be jealous of. I love you” I kiss his lips while dancing against him.

We had loads of fun, we had drinks and ate off of the barbeque. It was getting late when I had stopped for a while to look at the stars above us as Savannah, Elise and Tammy sat next to me.

“Having a good birthday?” Tammy smiled.

“It’s amazing, thanks girls” I smiled.

“We all have partners now” Elise smiles.

“I never thought of that… Poor boys, James, Brian and Rob need to get hooked up” Tammy replied.

“Might take a while” I said cheekily.

“Brian will be fine, your brother Tammy, I don’t know. But James needs to grow up first” Savannah laughed.

“True. Savannah, how are you feeling tonight?” I ask.

“Like a whale, this little one is due any day and I can’t wait” She smiles as she runs her hands over her stomach.

“Savannah…did you just pee?” Elise cried out suddenly.

“Shit. Luka!” Tammy called out.

“Way to steal my birthday thunder Savannah! Having a baby now!” I teased as she slapped my arm before grabbing it hard, her first contraction gripping her.

“Breathe Savannah” Tammy held onto her.

“What’s going on?” My dad ran up to us with grandpa and Luka in tow.

“Babies coming” Elise said rubbing Savannahs back.

“Home or hospital Savannah?” Luka asks nervously.

“Home” She cries out in pain.

“Get her into the bedroom now, I’ll call the midwife. Go!” Tammy orders, getting out her phone as Luka picks up his wife and takes her carefully up the stairs.

“Sammy!” I hear Savannah scream out my name.

I run up the stairs behind them, catching up to them quickly.

“What? You ok?” I ask in a panic.

“Be there with me too” Savannah breathes through the pain. I was in shock, but I follow them all the same.

Luka lies her on the bed as he tries to keep her calm, her contractions were getting real powerful, real quick.

“Midwife will be here in half an hour” Tammy comes running into the room.

“I don’t think we’ve got that long…” Luka says, looking at his watch as he had been timing every contraction.

“Then who is going to help me push this demon out!” Savannah screams.

“Demon? Really Savannah, you couldn’t wait for this to happen a few minutes ago” I laugh, and she squeezes my hand so tight it hurts.

“Tammy…” Luka started.

“I’ve pushed a kid out, but I have never delivered one!” She looks panicked.

“Get the midwife on the phone again. She can talk us through it if she’s not here on time” I say, and Tammy gets out her phone.

Not a few minutes later we had the midwife on loudspeaker as she was on route.

“I can see the head!” Tammy screamed…And then fainted…

“Shit!” I shout as I move her into the recovery position by the side of the bed.

“Sammy, listen to me carefully, you need to deliver this baby, I will be there in five minutes to sort out the cord, but if the head is crowning its time. Savannah, you need to push” The midwife called out as I got to the end of the bed.

This was becoming the weirdest birthday I had ever had. I was scared beyond belief.

“You’ve got this right Sam?” Luka looked at me worried seeing the fear in my eyes.

“You focus on Savannah, I’m on this. I wouldn’t come this end if I were you Luka. You won’t see vaginas the same way again” we both cringed.

“Sammy! Focus!” The midwife shouted.

“Sorry. Tell me what to do”

She continued to talk to us as Savannah began to push out the small child.

It was gross, but at the same time it was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I felt like screaming myself though at the mental pain of losing my own but had to focus for Savannah.

“One last push!” I shouted as I took the baby in the towel I had ready to grab the baby in.

“It’s a girl!” I cry and bundle her, but I notice something a little odd.

“Sammy, why isn’t she crying?” Savannah looks at me with panic.

“Sammy I need you to see if her air way is clear, scoop anything out with your finger if you have to” The midwife calls out.

I check her throat and use my little finger to scoop some of the blood and gunge that was lodged in her throat.

“I unblocked it but she’s still not breathing!” I cry out panicking hoping that we didn’t lose her like the rest.

“Put her on her front, head forward and rub her back. I’m seconds away” She says as I do exactly what she says.

“No… not my baby” Savannah cries as she watches.

“Sammy…” Luka says, its like he’s pleading.

“Come on little one, breathe, I’m not losing you too” I whisper as I rub her back.

A scream…

“Congratulations Sammy, you just saved her life” The midwife says as she runs into the room and takes her off of me quickly to check her over.

I’m shaking, tears running down my face.

“Thank you” Luka brings me into a tight embrace as all three of us are in tears.

“Here” The midwife smiles as she hands the little bundle to Savannah.

“Will she be ok?” Luka asks as Savannah holds her to her breast carefully.

“She’s perfect, this sort of thing happens. Samantha saved her life though, any longer and she might have had issues. But she is perfectly healthy” She smiles.

“Hi, little Louisa, she’s perfect, Sammy, thank you” Savannah says as I cry harder.

“Louisa?” I cry

“Yes, of course, after your mother. You and Louisa are some of the strongest women I’ve known. Why wouldn’t I name her after her?” Savannah smiled sweetly.

“It’s perfect” Luka says as he kisses her head and looks at the little bundle of joy in Savannahs arms.

I looked to the clock, 11.59pm.

“All the best people share this birthday” I smile. My mother and I had had the same birthday too and now Louisa had it, barely.

“Happy Birthday to you all then” The midwife smiles.

“Happy Birthday mum” I hold the necklace that belonged to her as Luka smiles up at me.

“Is she ok?” Tammy murmured finally waking from beside the bed.

“She’s fine, little Louisa is just perfect” Savannah smiles.

“Come on Tammy, let’s leave these two to their baby. I need to get cleaned up” I helped her up carefully, not to get any of the blood on my hands on her.

“Thank you again Sammy” Savannah smiles.

“You owe me!” I smirk.

“When you have your own, I’m totally there!” I grimace.

“Savannah…” Luka groans and looks at me worried.

“IF I have kids, you bet you’ll be there to catch it” I replied with a small smile.

I go wash up as Tammy waits for me, constantly apologising for passing out.

“Well! What happened?!” James bounces in his seat excitedly.

“Louisa has been born” Tammy answers.

Dad looks at me with tears in his eyes.

“Louisa?” He mumbles.

“I passed out… Sammy delivered the baby” Tammy smiled.

“What!?” they said in unison as I laughed nervously.

“I bet that was a new experience” Harvey, Grandpa, laughed.

“Something I never want to do again” I say, still smiling as I plant myself next to Tom, cuddling to his side.

“Sammy, are you ok?” Shaun asks, knowing what I had been through with my miscarriages, he was the only one I had ever told the full story to. How one of the little ones had grown to six months, it was small, but still a baby when it was removed from me.

“Sam…” Tom looked to me as I didn’t answer.

“Let’s go for a walk” Shaun stands, holding out his hand as I take it and he leads me out. Tom goes to follow, but Shaun shakes his head.

“Louisa wasn’t breathing at first…” I mumbled.

“You helped her breathe?” he said as we walked out to the back decking. I nodded.

“It took a minute. I was scared, her little body was in my hands and I nearly froze, I didn’t know what to do, but I listened to the midwife and got her to breathe. But, I can’t get the image of them out of my head, the little ones, the blood. I feel selfish, it’s their baby and all I was thinking was about the ones I lost…” I cried as he stopped me, making me sit on a chair as he knelt in front of me.

“You were amazing to do that for your brother and Savannah. They won’t blame you for remembering all of that. You got Louisa to breathe and she’s alive and healthy. It’s been such a small amount of time. It will take time, just like its taken a little time to fall in love again. You have been through so much that you are allowed to be selfish sometimes.” He wipes a tear from my face.

“I want a family Shaun, Vern ruined it. What if I can’t have kids? Tom will miss out on it too. He said he would stick with me and we could adopt or foster…” I say.

“Stop. He loves you and if you can’t then you will do exactly that. We can talk to doctors again about whether you can have babies, you can try and if it doesn’t work you and Tom can re-evaluate. Don’t let what you want go. We’re all here for you Sammy” Shaun hugs me.

“Thank you” I smile as he releases me.

“Feel better?”

“A little, give me a minute to myself?” I ask and he nods, kisses the top of my head and leaves me alone as I look up at the stars.

I laid back in the seat and just sat and thought about everything. Family, friends, where I wanted to be in years to come and just how far I’d come.

The Midnight Rose would always be a part in my life and there was no way it would be gone forever, especially as I wanted to help create change.

The guys would always be with me, their girls included, and I loved them all dearly for it.

I had so much more to learn about my family which had now gotten bigger with Harvey and even little Louisa.

I had no idea where life would take me, but I was excited to find out. Excited and scared.

I must have fallen asleep in the chair as the next thing I knew I was in Tom’s arms and we were laying in his bed, cuddled up.

For once I felt so relaxed and fell back to sleep quickly.

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