Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter Fourteen – Epilogue – Two Years Later

“Louisa! Someone catch that two-year-old!” Savannah shouted out as we all sat on the beach as my little niece ran towards the sea.

“Oh no you don’t!” I chuckled as I grabbed her wriggling form, putting her on my hip.

“Thank you Sam” Luka murmured, head in Savannah’s lap, tired from his late-night phone call with our father.

“How’s dad?” I ask.

“Stressed, there was a huge shoot out, a lot of lives lost and so many kids now without parents. I nearly cried thinking about it. I can’t bare to think what would happen if we all died and Louisa or even Layla were left behind” He looks towards the kids.

“Where will they go?” I ask.

“Foster care, orphanages, lost to the system” He sighs.

“Surely there has to be something else. We’re a family, we don’t leave people behind” I mumble in thought.

“Hey guys!” Taylor shouted as he ran over with Damien in tow.

“Happy Anniversary guys!” I smiled, jumping up to give them hugs, it was their first anniversary and they were off to go on holiday tomorrow.

“Thanks! Thank you for the new camera, I can’t wait to use it!” Damien smiled, I had bought them the latest high-tech camera for their holiday so they could take amazing photos and enjoy their time together.

“You looked deep in thought before I said anything… What’s up?” Taylor asked, sitting next to me, stealing Louisa from Savannah as he bounced her on his knee, and she giggled.

“There was a shooting back home, loads of kids are left behind, they’ll be put into foster care, orphanages and lost into the system, I was trying to think of something that could be done for them. We are a huge family, no one should be left behind”

“Shame there’s no boarding school for gangs” Taylor mumbles.

“Wait, what?” I sit up straight suddenly.

“What are you thinking?”

“A boarding school… What if we made a boarding school for kids that have lost their families because of gang violence. We could give them real life lessons, teach them how to change. There’s still others out there who defend the old ways but the more we teach the younger ones, surely it will spread better right?” I say excitedly.

“She has a point” Damien smiles.

“I think it’s worth talking to dad about, may be even Grandpa, he loves saving people” Luka smiles.

Grandpa had a knack of taking in strays, animals and kids included, he had started to foster local kids, making sure they got a head start in life, giving them jobs and teaching them right from wrong.

“It’s perfect!” I smile.

“Hey beautiful” Tom crept up behind me, hugging me tightly.

“You’ll make me blush Tom, calling me beautiful” Taylor winked playfully.

“As handsome as you are, I meant this lady right here.” He smiled as he joined us, covered in sweat from his run.

“Thank you, but you’re gross, go shower” I smirked as I shoved him off me as he feigned being upset.

“Layla! Am I gross?” He called out as she spotted him and ran up to us.

“Ewwww you stink” She held her nose, she was now eight and she was getting such a personality now, she was growing into a young lady quickly.

“Fine, I’ll go shower. Join me?” Tom wiggled his eyebrows at me suggestively.

“Haven’t you two had enough sex? Seriously, since you two started a year ago its like you’re at it like rabbits!” Luka groaned.

He was right, it took me a year before I could bring myself to have sex, Tom waited patiently for me. He was amazing.

But we hadn’t stopped since, my life had changed so much it was hard to believe.

I worked full time with my Grandpa at the diner with Elise now and then in our downtime I kept in contact with Dad, making sure things were running smoothly. For the most part, they had, small hiccups every now and again, but this shooting had been the biggest.

Tom had been with me every step of the way, just as he promised.

“Go shower on your own. Oh, I left something on your bed by the way” I said as he looked at me confused.

“What?” He asked.

“Just go and shower. You’ll find out when you get up there!” I shout, shooing him away as he laughs and runs off.

“What are you hiding Samantha Jones?” Savannah questions, knowing I told her everything.

“Give it a couple of minutes” I wink.

“Samantha!!!!” Tom shouted from the top of the stairs as I looked up at him laughing as he stood there with a small box, looking at it in shock from me to him.

He ran down the stairs and dropped the box on the table before sweeping me up off the ground as I laughed excitedly.

“You’re serious? This isn’t a joke right?” He looks into my eyes.

“It’s not a joke. I saw a doctor last week, they confirmed it this morning” I smile as he kisses me deeply and spins me again.

“What’s going on?!” The others shout as I see Savannah stand and go to the box on the table, she peers in and her eyes light up.

“Sammy!” She runs over and hugs me tight.

“Will someone tell us already?!” Taylor shouts.

“I’m pregnant” I grin as they jump up in shock and excitement.

The next few minutes was filled with congratulations, which I knew would happen again as more people got home from work.

“We’re cancelling the trip” Taylor said.

“No, you’re not! You’re going on that trip and you are taking so many photos that I will see every inch! Then you can come back and show me. I will be fine!” I order as he nods.

“I’ll keep her safe Taylor, I promise” Tom smiles.

“You better, you keep her and that baby safe” Taylor replies. He was still protective of me, as was Shaun and I couldn’t wait to tell Shaun the news.

“Sam and the baby couldn’t be in safer hands if they tried” Damien smiled.

For the rest of the evening it was filled with excitement and joy as I told each of my family the news of the pregnancy.

I had never been happier, although there was a small piece of fear inside me that something could still happen to my baby, but I would do everything in my power to keep them safe.

I couldn’t wait for the rest of my life with Tom, my baby and all my family, even if it meant a whole lot of work.

It was worth it.

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