Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter four

“Sam! Get up! Sam! Come on!” I was being shaken awake urgently as a worried face was in front of mine.

“Luka? What’s going on?” I get up quickly as he urges me to follow him.

“Trouble…” is all he replied as we ran down the halls, he chucked a gun into my hands as we got to the entrance, every able body was readied up with guns in their arms.

“Karlos?” I ask.

“Worse…” He replied, pointing to the cars the other side of the gate.

“J…Jason…” I stuttered as I ran up to the gate.

“Stay right there, girl!” a voice booms from Jason’s left side.

“They don’t recognise you” Luka whispers.

“Luka, I want my sister, right now!” Jason called out, his voice was edgy, as if it was filled with anger.

“She’s my sister too Jason, I’m trying to protect her here. Let’s talk like men!” Luka shouted.

“Give me my sister now and I will go quietly, we won’t harm her” He ordered.

“Do you see her here?” Luka calls and Jason’s eyes scour the courtyard.

“Where is she?!” He replied angrily.

“Right here” I said lifting my gun towards them.

“Are you stupid?” Luka growls protectively.

Jason looked at me in shock, then I saw him realise that I had been here all along.

“Come here” He growled. I shook my head.

“Why are you here Jason? Is Karlos making you do this?” I ask.

“Uncle isn’t doing anything. He’s trying to bring you home. Trying to get you away from the monsters who have held you hostage this past year.” Jason replied.

“Hostage… Karlos wanted me dead. What has he done to you? I’m safer here than anywhere near that man!” I shout.

“Uncle doesn’t want you dead Samantha, he misses you. We all do. Bring them out” He orders, clicking his fingers at a guy beside him.

James and Damien are brought out of the car, shaken and bruised.

“Damien!” Taylor shouts as he goes to run past me, Luka and I grab him pulling him back to his knees as he wriggles in our arms.

“Don’t!” James shouts as it earns him being kicked.

“Jason, a trade” I say as Luka looks at me like I’m crazy.

“Fine. You for these two and we leave everyone inside the building alone” Jason answers.

“Done!” I reply.

“NO!” Luka, Taylor, Wayne and Brian shout, but before they can get me, I run up to the gate as Jason’s men aim their guns behind me.

“Don’t do this Sam!” Damien shouts before he’s shoved with James towards me.

“I have to do this. I won’t let anyone else die for me” I say as I hug them as we go past each other.

“He’ll kill you…” Damien cries.

“Then so be it. Just promise me something” I say.

“What?” He asks.

“Marry that man and live my happily ever after” I answer as he nods while crying.

“Love you Sammy” He whimpers.

“Move!” Jason shouts with a warning shot.

James and Damien rush into the courtyard as Jason grabs me with an evil smirk.

“You’re not very smart Sam, are you? I expected more. I said I would leave everyone INSIDE the building alone… I never said about OUTSIDE” He answers as I turn and scream as they begin to shoot the men in the courtyard.

“Retreat!” Luka’s voice shouts as chaos ensues.

What had become of Jason?

What had Karlos done to him?

“Watch as they all die” He says making me face the carnage.

All of Jason’s men were so focused on shooting that they weren’t even noticing me sneak a hand around Jason’s belt.

I grabbed his gun swiftly and knocked him onto his back.

“You chose the wrong side brother and I’m sorry I have to do this” I said as his face was in shock.

“Don’t do this, please sister” He begged.

I hesitated and that hesitation was all he needed to knock the gun from my hand as we began to wrestle about trying to reach the gun.

I kicked him off of me, he stumbles back onto one of the cars.

“I’m going to fucking kill you” He growls. My brother was gone, now replaced by a monster.

“You truly are Gregory’s son” I hit him.

“Don’t talk about my father, he was a great man” He kicked me in the gut.

“He was a murderer, and now you are too. Goodbye brother, I loved the old you” I said as I grabbed the gun and shot.

His eyes widened as he looked down at his chest, blood spurting from the bullet hole as he sank to the ground.

The men around me suddenly took notice of what had happened, and some had decided to retreat while others laid on the ground, dead, Luka’s men shooting at them, making sure I wasn’t killed while facing Jason.

“Put the fucking guns down now!” My father’s voice boomed from behind Jason’s car as several more vans turned up, filled with back up.

Jason’s men dropped their guns, and went to their knees, hands in the air.

I looked at Jason, he was still bleeding out, not dead yet.

“I’ll be sure to say hi to Bradley for you” He spat as I kicked him in the face.

A few seconds later and he was gone.

“Sam…” Dad said with a hand on my shoulder.

“I just killed my brother…” I shook.

“He wasn’t your brother anymore kiddo” He replied as I pushed away from him as I just walked back into the courtyard.

People were already being patched up, there were many casualties, but I hadn’t recognised any of them so far as I walked into the warehouse.

“Sam…” Taylor said as I walked past him and Damien embracing in the corridor. I shook my head and walked on.

Brian was holding a cloth to Wayne’s arm, he’d been shot, but it wasn’t life threatening, Beck was here, having come with my dad, and started patching people up.

But I just kept walking.

Luka was busy, surrounded by leaders from the different gangs, but he was alive.

I went into the little office Luka used for meetings with the leaders and stood hunched, with my hands against the desk.

“FFUUUCCCCKKKK!” I screamed as I swept the whole desk over in anger, kicking and screaming at it all.

“If what these past couple of weeks have shown I’m beginning to think you have an anger issue…” A voice sounded from the door.

Tattooed guy…

“Fuck off” I growled.

“What a nice girl… Chill out princess” he replied, leaning on the doorframe.

“Fuck you, I just had to kill my brother. You don’t know me, yes you are Bradley’s brother, but you have no idea who I am, nor do I even know your name. Leave me the fuck alone!” I shouted as I pushed him away from me.

“Well, princess, my name is Tom. If you had paid attention lately then maybe you would have known that one of the guys watching your every move, trying to help you was the guy you’ve been avoiding because of who his brother is. I’m trying to help princess. But I can see you’re a little angry, so I’ll leave you to it. I was just trying to help, don’t do something you’ll regret princess” he said turning and walking off, shutting the door behind him.

Shaun: Please message me and tell me your alive…

I read Shaun’s message and almost wanted to make him wait. Still angry at him, but I still loved him.

Sam: I’m alive…Jason’s dead…

Shaun: What?! Karlos killed him?! I’m so sorry Sam! X

Sam: No… I shot him… I killed my brother…

Shaun: What…I…why?

Sam: He wasn’t him anymore… Gregory reincarnate…

Shaun: I’m sorry… come home if you need to. We can start again… don’t continue this, it only ends up in death. Please Sam, come home x

Sam: I’m going home…

Shaun: Life will get better. See you soon, love you kid x

The only thing was, I didn’t mean home as in with Shaun, I meant the home where I had lived with Gregory and my family.

I was going back, and I was going to find Karlos.

After Jason’s death I was now next in line.

One death and the Midnight Rose was mine.

One death, not hundreds.

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