Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter five

Dear Boys and Savannah,

I’m writing this letter to tell you that I love you all, but I have to finish this on my own.

Just now I shot my own brother, killing him and it made me realise that it was never going to stop, not until someone who cares becomes leader. I am the next in line now after Karlos dies.

The Midnight Rose will be mine when I kill him.

Do not come after me.

I have to do this alone.

Taylor and Damien, I love you both, get married and have an amazing family.

Brian, Wayne and Shaun, I love all three of you, find Rob, keep him safe too, he was just trying to protect his family. Get out of this life, go somewhere new, find love and have a family. But don’t forget where all this started, or I’ll come break your noses like Bradley’s.

Never forget Bradley, he’s in all our hearts.

Savannah, I have loved having you around, you and Luka mean the world to me. Be safe and protect each other. If you have kids and I’m not around, do me a favour? Name her after our mother, Louisa. Please, or at least her middle name…

Luka, I’m sorry I’m about to leave again, I know you’ve fought so hard to help keep me alive. Mum would be proud of you, just as I do. I love you brother.

Stay safe my loves,

I hope I get to see you again,

But just in case.


I love you all



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