Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter Six - Savannah

“Savannah! She’s gone! My sister! She left!” Luka shouted, rushing into our room.

“What do you mean she’s left?” I ask in shock.

Samantha had always gone against everything everyone ever said, she was so rebellious, but this was the biggest, most dangerous thing yet.

“She left this note, it was in my office, she’d trashed the place” He looked at me with concern.

I snatched the note from him and read it, my eyes widening in fear.

“She’s gone to kill him!” I screamed.

“We have to go after her” Luka paced in front of me.

“You want to go into enemy territory against your sisters wishes…” I answered, I understood where Sam was coming from in her letter, so many lives were being lost because of the gangs.

“She’s my sister. What do you want me to do? Watch her die!” He shouted.

“You think I want her to die?! I was in that house with her for a whole year, we got to know each other extremely well, she confided in me about everything, even things she never told the guys. Her head was messed up and I was helping her fix it. She was like a sister to me too!” I shouted back.

Luka looked at me with pain in his eyes as he collapsed against me his head in the crook of my neck as I put my fingers through his hair soothingly.

“I have to protect her. I promised I would keep her safe for mum” He sighed.

“She’s an adult now, when you made that promise she was still a child. She makes her own decisions. She’s not the same girl anymore. She’s not afraid of Karlos, she’s afraid of losing everyone she loves”

“We have to help her, somehow” His voice breaks.

“Then we keep going how we have been, build numbers so if she needs back up we are ready. We have people inside the Midnight Rose still, we will tell them to keep an eye on her. She will have help without her knowing. Then if something happens we can be there within a moments’ notice” I tell him as he nods.

“Ok. I wish I had your brain sometimes. You see so much more than I do sometimes. It’s one of the reasons I love you. So beautiful with the biggest heart” Luka kisses me softly.

“I’m a woman, of course I have a better brain, we see things differently, you guys are all guns and barging through. Women have logic and tactics. We can be just as good at fighting as men can” I smiled.

“One thing I know Sam was right about, I want a family with you.” Luka smiled as my heart melted.

“Really?” I smile widely as I remembered the news I had gotten off of Beck this morning.

“Yes, I love you and I will love and protect any child we have, with my life”

“Luka, I need to tell you something. That night we turned up here we had a rather lust-filled night, and after feeling ill lately I asked Beck to run a test for me… I’m pregnant” I smiled as his eyes went wide.

He suddenly lifted me up, spinning me in his arms before placing me down and kissing me.

“I’m going to be a dad… Holy shit…”

“I know its not the greatest timing for it, but we are having a child, we have to stay safe, Sam will understand if we take a step back.” I said trying to gauge Luka’s face, his eyes showed a conflict.

“Sam is my sister, I will always be there for her, but I will always want to be here for you and my child. I won’t go in guns blazing myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on my family.” He sighs.

“I only ask you stay safe for our family” I answer with a hand on his cheek as he nuzzles into it.

“I promise, nothing is going to happen to our family” He says as he hugs me tight before going to his knees, placing a kiss on my belly. I giggle softly.

A few hours later and the boys were all circled around Luka’s desk having read Sam’s goodbye letter.

“We have to go get her!” Taylor shouted angrily.

“If we do that we risk all our lives” Luka sighs.

“We can’t just let her go into the lions’ den. Karlos will kill her” Brian argued.

“My sister made her decision. She is a big girl and if this is what she wants, this is what she gets. We have spies in the Midnight Rose who will keep an eye out for her and will call us if it looks dire” Luka added.

“Karlos won’t kill Sam… That’s not his plan” Damien sighed heavily; eyes filled with what looked like fear.

“What? How do you know? What happened in there when you were with them?” Taylor asked as fear flooded his eyes looking into the love of his life’s eyes.

“Karlos kept us close to him, we heard a lot of things. Karlos doesn’t plan on killing her. He wants to sell her, just like Jon wanted. She’s worth more now than ever, she’s a force to be reckoned with. She’s something that guys want to tame, to dominate. He’s got men lined up to bid for her” James sighed.

Suddenly the doors flew open, Shaun and Tom stormed into the room. Tom, I had recently found out was Bradley’s brother. He seemed a nice enough guy, a little cocky and headstrong but nice enough.

“Where the hell is Sam?! She said she was coming home!” Shaun shouted angrily at Luka.

“When did she say that? She said she was coming home?” I ask confused.

“Last night, she messaged me, I told her she could come home”

“What exactly did she answer?” I ask

“I’m going home” He replied.

“She didn’t mean the house, she’s gone. She’s gone to kill Karlos. She went home, as in her birth home…” I tell him, passing him the letter that she had left. Tom read it over his shoulder.

“God damn it princess” Tom grumbled under his breath. He thought nobody heard, but I did and so did Shaun.

“Why the hell do you care so much about Sam? Who the fuck are you, anyway?” Shaun turned around pushing Tom away from him.

“Shaun, chill out dude, that’s Bradleys brother” Luka walked around the desk to plant himself between them.

“Bradley doesn’t have a brother” Shaun replied, his face showed confusion.

Tom brought out a photo from his wallet and Shaun’s eyes widened.

“Bradley was my brother. We fell out years ago. I didn’t hear off him until recently, he sent me a letter, the day before he died he sent me a letter to make sure I took care of his girl.”

“He told you to take care of Sam after not talking for years. Why?” Taylor asked.

“He knew I would do anything to protect her, our parents died due to gangs and we argued so much over the fact he was involved with the Midnight Rose. I hate gangs, everything they stand for, but Sam was different, she wants something different from this world and Bradley saw it, which is why he wanted her protected. Our parents died because of a gang; I don’t want to see another life lost, especially as I know who did it.” Tom answered.

“Who killed your parents?” I asked.

“Trent Jennings” He replied, and Luka stumbled backwards in shock.

“My father killed your parents…” He mumbled.

“I did and I regret it every day” Trent walked into the room slowly, Tom turned quickly before punching Trent in the face hard as he could, they continued to fight for a few minutes.

Luka stood in front of me to stop the fighting getting close to me, protecting me and the baby now growing in my stomach.

“Enough! Do you think this is going to help Sam?!” Shaun shouted, shoving the pair of them away from each other.

“If you had kept her away from here then we wouldn’t be worrying about her right now! I told you to keep my daughter safe!” Trent shouted at him, wiping the blood from his lip.

“Don’t you think I tried, she’s so strong minded, nothing stops her from doing what she wants” Shaun replied.

“That’s Sammy all right. Enough fighting, this is getting us nowhere. Tom your parents died because of Trent, you two either sort it or forget it, it’s not helping us being at each other’s throats. Shaun are you staying? Last time we saw you, you had no intention of sticking around, you were staying with your new girl and new life?” Brian stated, eyes flicking to each of them.

“I’m sorry about your parents Tom. I regret it every day. But my kids are the only thing I have left in this world and would appreciate your help” Trent sighed putting his hand out towards him to shake.

“Fine. I get it. Mistakes can be made. But I’m doing this for Sam and my parents. Can’t stand all this gang shit.” Tom shook Trent’s hand.

“If we get her out, I want her out of this completely” Trent answers, I snigger at him and he looks at me with anger, Luka steps in front of me once more.

“You’ve got to be joking. Sam will never leave this life. It’s in her bones. Everything she’s been through has led to her becoming the head of Midnight Rose and I know she will get there. She’s gone to kill him, and she will put her life on the line to get there. She wants to change things, but she’ll only be able to do that while at the top. Leaders need people to be scared of them and right now, no one is scared of her, they want to dominate her, to prove she’s not as strong as she thinks. She’s got a lot of enemies against her right now and she’s not going anywhere. She needs us by her side. We need to get her on top and we are all going to be in danger, every minute of every day. But, we are a family, all we can do is stick by each other. We have to show we are strong. We have to help her change the world.” I answer.

“She’s got protection, I’m not going anywhere” Tom stated.

“Me too” Brian and Luka said

“Us too” Damien and Taylor answered

“Shaun? Are you here to stay?” I ask.

“I have to keep her safe. That girl weaved herself into all our hearts, when you all left it broke my heart and then I heard about Jason turning up and all I could think was whether she was alive and how I could never forgive myself if she got hurt. I’m here to stay. I told my girl who I really was yesterday before I came. She’s here, with me. She doesn’t quite understand it all but she’s here.” Shaun answered.

“You brought her here?” Taylor raised a brow in question.

“She wouldn’t let me go without her. She has a heart of gold” Shaun smiled.

“Where did you leave her?” Damien asks

“She’s in the car, I wanted to check what was going on first before bringing her into this mess.

“Go get her idiot!” I shout out pointing towards the door as he rushes out.

A few minutes later and Shaun brings back a gorgeous girl with long dyed red hair, black skinny jeans, a blue halter neck with a leather jacket that framed her perfectly. She looked like a badass biker chick.

“THIS is your girl? You looked like a geek for a year and managed to pick her up?!” I shout as the girl chuckles.

“I knew there was more to him than he said. Now I get it, kind of…” She smirked, looking at each of us in turn.

“I’m Savannah” I held out my hand. She shook it.

“Elise” She answered.

“Nice to have another girl around, shame that Sam’s not here, she would have loved it” I smile.

For the next hour we explained everything and got up to date with everything that had happened in the last few years.

Elise seemed to be taking it well, but I could tell that it was becoming a little much for her to take in. Her hands shook as she held onto Shaun and he placed a kiss on her head.

“I think that will do for tonight. Elise has a lot to process right now. We don’t want to scare her away before we’ve started” I say, holding onto Luka’s hand. He nods.

We all began to get up and walk out when Luka’s phone begins to ring.

“This is Luka” He answers, we all look to him as his eyes widen.

“How? Why? What happened? What fucking deal did she make!?” He says in shock.

“Luka…” I put a hand on his shoulder as he shakes his head.

“You let me know of any more updates, understand? You keep a close eye on her Rob!” He says before slamming the phone down.

“Rob? Our Rob?” James asks.

“Yes. He’s keeping an eye on Sam. She turned up a few hours ago. She made a deal with Karlos. We may not be wanted criminals for much longer…” He sighs.

“What deal?” I ask

“I have no idea. Rob didn’t have any other information other than she was doing something to remove our wanted status. He’s working on it” Luka replies as I hug him tight.

“She’s ok?” Damien asks.

“She’s alive. Took a beating though. But she’s alive”

“God damn it princess. I’m supposed to keep her safe! How can I do that from here?!” Tom shouted, punching the wall.

“Rob will keep her as safe as he can” Wayne answered.

“Not safe enough” Tom stormed out the room.

“Can I do anything?” Elise answers timidly.

“No sweetheart. Not right now. We all need to sleep on this. Keep a clear head. Sam’s stronger than any of us” Shaun kisses her head as we all nod glumly.

“Let’s get some sleep, strategize tomorrow” Luka answers and we all make our way to our bunks.

Luka holds me tightly in his arms, hands flat against my belly.

“I’ll keep you safe, both of you, I promise” He mumbles before falling asleep.

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