Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter Seven

It took me two hours to arrive back to my hometown and everything seemed to look the same, but in my heart I knew things were so much different.

Writing the letter to everyone back at the warehouse was emotional and I hoped that I would see my friends and family again, but my heart knew that I might never return.

I drove right up to my old office building, memories flooding back to me of happier moments.

The guards looked at me shocked before letting me in, chatting furiously in their phones, telling my uncles men of my whereabouts.

“Samantha! What are you doing here?!” Ben shouted from the desk, fear in his eyes.

“Ending it. I’ll be in my office when my uncle turns up” I murmur as he nods glumly. He was obviously still under my brother and would probably let Luka know I was here.

I went up in the elevator up to my office and sat waiting at my desk. Photos covered the walls of faces I loved; their new identities being pieced together. Every one of them were up there… except me… Why didn’t they go after them if they knew all of this?

The elevator pinged as someone was coming up and I tapped my pencil quicker on the desk.

The doors opened and there stood my Uncle, behind him were two of his men, guns aiming at me.

“You can put the guns down. I’m not armed” I state as they completely ignored me, lifting me off the chair and patting me down. Nodding at my uncle as they placed me on my knees in front of him.

“Where is your brother? Where is Jason?” He looked in my eyes.

“Dead, I killed him” I answered and Karlos punched my face as I fell to the floor, spitting out a load of blood that flooded my mouth.

“You killed your own brother. And my men?” He asked anger flowing from him.

“A few ran, others were killed in the shooting, and the rest I’m pretty sure are going to be killed after being tortured for information” I smirked knowing it would piss him off.

He kicked me in the stomach hard it winded me as I struggled to breathe.

“You kill your brother, kill my men and come here unarmed. What were you thinking Samantha? What would Bradley think about you giving yourself up?” He smirked before I swiped him with my leg as he landed on his ass, his men holding me back, guns to my head.

“Fuck you. You don’t get to talk about him!” I spit at him.

“It’s your fault you know, his death, he wouldn’t have died if you didn’t get involved. If you had just played nice with Vern and done as you were told we wouldn’t be here now, would we?” He growled.

“You did this to him. You are the reason Bradley died! Not me! Vern was a monster, just like you are.” I growled back.

“Why are you here then? Just to tell me off for killing him. Or are you here to kill me? Making your way through the family are we? Your brother dying is unfortunate, but he was weak, not quite like his father, didn’t have the heart for the job. You, however, have a very strong will, and with a little guidance, you could have been one of the biggest leaders there ever were.” Karlos took my chin in his.

“I’m here to make a deal” I answer.

“A deal… why would I need to make a deal with you? I have you now, there is nothing to deal…” He smirks.

“You can have me, do as you will, kill me if you want, but you release any hold you have over the others. They are released, make the police back off.”

“Why would you do that? Why now?” He asks

“I’m done fighting. I’m done running away from everything. Let them all go, let them have a life. Do as you want with me. Sell me, use me, kill me. I don’t care anymore” I say, in my head I was screaming, I just wanted to get close enough to kill him, but I wanted my boys and Savannah safe first.

“That’s such a shame, I liked the fight you had in you. The fight in you would have got me a pretty penny. I will release them, if you fight. You will go into the cage and fight against any and every opponent I bring. You win and I will release one person from the wanted list. You lose, and not only will I have you beaten until you are at deaths door, but I will kill one of them” He smiles evilly.

“Fine” I say, this wasn’t going to be easy, but I had to win those fights.

His men dragged me off the ground as they followed Karlos, taking me out of the building.

I spotted Rob as we left as he stood in shock at the sight of me.

“Why hello Rob, what can I do for you?” Karlos says in a sickly-sweet voice as he watches Rob’s face change into worry as his eyes find mine.

“What’s she doing here?” He asks, trying to mask his worry.

“My darling niece has made a deal. She works for me now” My uncle laughs.

Rob nods slowly.

“You came home… Good.” He replies.

“Yes, just a shame, things turned out the way they did isn’t it boy. How is your sister and niece?” Karlos asks, faking his pleasantries.

“They are fine. Thank you. I have to go, lots to do” Rob forces out as he leaves quickly but not before looking at me with sad eyes one last time.

“He’s weak, doesn’t fight for anything, stayed behind with his family. Does as he’s told. Not sure where you went wrong training him Sammy, he needs to grow a pair” Karlos chuckled.

“He’s not weak for protecting his family. I don’t blame him for what he’s done” I answer as I’m placed into the car waiting for us.

“Put her in the basement. I had a room especially made for you Sam, the exact same as Vern had you in, isn’t that great?” he said as he closed the door on me as my eyes widened in fear. Stuck in a room with a cage, cement walls around me once again, reminding me of that year with Vern, one of the worst times in my life.

I shook in fear as they chucked me into the room, scraping my knees against the cold, damp floor as they bolted me in.

“Fuck, not this again.” I cry as memories flood my head of every day that Vern had me down there. The pain and miscarriages I’d had, breaking me into pieces.

A few hours later and the door opened to show several men with my uncle as they walked in surrounding me.

“She’s a pretty little thing isn’t she?” One of them looked me up and down as I shivered in disgust.

“Looks weak… She’ll lose the fights Karlos. Do you really think she will put up much of a fight?” Another said.

“Fuck you” I growl in anger, I bet I could take every single one of them down.

“Bitch has guts” He said grabbing me by the throat, lifting me up so I was standing. I punched him in the jaw as he threw me against the wall.

“Enough, you will have your chance to fight. The cage is being set. Time to put your money where your mouth is” Karlos stood between us as I rubbed my head that had hit the wall.

“She’ll die in round one…” The same guy smirked as he left the room.

“Gentlemen…” Karlos signalled them to leave the room.

“Who are they?” I winced at my bleeding head.

“They are some of the men you will be up against, the others, are men who are bidding for you. I’m going to make a lot of money from you and you better give a god damn good show” His eyes bore down at me before I nodded, and he left.

“I’ve got to win…” I mumbled to myself.

I didn’t know how long it had been when the door was opened once more, my wound was checked, and I was given scraps of food and a bottle of water.

“You fight in one hour” The man stated as he left once again.

One hour… they were doing this quickly.

Not a few minutes after someone was already coming through the door as they rushed into the room taking me into a hug.

“Rob? What the fuck are you doing? Karlos will have you hung, drawn and quartered if he finds you here!” I say.

“I had to see if you were ok. What the fuck are you doing here? You’re so fucking stupid Sam. They are setting up a cage out there! You’re going to die!” He answered.

“He’s making me fight for the release of everyone on the wanted list. I have to win a fight for him to let the others go. I need to do this. I need to kill him. I can’t get close enough without him having guards around him though. The more money I make him, the more he will want me around him. The closer I get.” I tried to explain.

“You’re crazy. The men he has up against you are three times the size!”

“You know who I’m up against?” I ask

“Some of them. Why?”

“Can you find out their weak points? Get me information that will give me help to take them down.” I reply, hoping he can help me get the edge I needed.

“I can do my best. The guy tonight, I believe he has an old wound on his left thigh, still gives him grief, hit that just right and he will go down like a tonne of bricks” he answers as I hug him in thanks.

“I can do this Rob. But promise me, if this goes bad, you warn the others to get out. Tell them my uncle knows exactly where they are and all their fake identities. You have to go too, take your sister and niece and leave.” I urge. But before I can reply we hear footsteps as Rob nods and rushes out before he’s caught.

Left thigh, old wound… Fight one and I hoped he was right.

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