Shattered Rose (Rose Book 2)

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Chapter Nine

“Will you sit still Sam! Seriously, did you turn into a five-year-old!” Taylor shouts at me chuckling.

“Oh, come on Taylor, I’ve never been out of the country! Let alone on a plane!” I said excitedly.

“Give the girl a break, she’s been through enough, she deserves it” Tom laughed at my child-like antics as I watched other planes lift off.

The past few months I had spent in hospital healing, they checked every inch of me. My ribs were now fully healed, and I could finally leave.

Dad and Luka had persuaded me that I needed a break, we all did. But I refused to go straight away without helping my dad sort a few issues first. Our standings with other gangs and dealing with the members that were loyal to my uncle.

Dad was under strict instruction of how I wanted the gang run and he was going to begin the lengthy process of changing things so by the time I came back it would have started and would make my life a little easier.

He also gave me terms on leaving, I was to take Luka, and the boys with me. Saying we all deserved the break. So, we organised it and today we were leaving, and I was so excited.

“Hey, Sammy, not to make you more excited but Taylor and I decided on something and I wanted to run it by you…” Damien said, and Taylor groaned.

“You couldn’t wait until we at least got there… now she’s going to be even worse!”

“Wait! What?!”

“We decided to get married while out there, be my best woman?” Damien asked as I screamed in joy hugging them.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I replied.

“Come on guys, the planes boarding” Shaun said with a smile as he and Elise ushered us ahead.

Elise, Savannah and I had become really close, they were my first best friends that were girls and I loved having some girls around for a change, they understood me in ways the guys wouldn’t.

“So, who is sitting with me?” I laughed at the guys as they all pointed to each other.

“No one loves me…” I pout.

“Don’t pout, I will sit next to you” Tom smiles putting an arm around my shoulders. Savannah winks at me as I blush.

Tom and I had gotten closer as friends, we continued our questions to each other and carried on learning more about each other every day.

But this holiday was going to be different, I get to find my real self, learn to be just me, have fun and live a little and I couldn’t wait.

“Auntie Sammy!” A little voice called from down the corridor.

Rob, his sister and his niece were running down, running late.

“You nearly missed the flight!” I called out as Layla crashed into my arms, they were coming with us too and I had come to love his niece over the last few weeks.

“Sorry, someone forgot her phone” He pointed to his sister, Tammy.

“Guys! We are going to miss the plane!” Shaun shouted from the terminal.

We rushed back up to them as we showed our tickets and boarded the plane.

“Can’t believe we’re leaving…” I murmured as I took my seat, suddenly nervous.

Tom took my hand which was shaking.

“Calm down.” He smiled as the plane began to move. I watched as we slowly began to lift off the ground, my ears popping the higher we got.

“Woah” I said as I looked out the window looking at the clouds.

“Yeah, its beautiful” Tom smirked as he took a photo with his camera of me looking out at the clouds.

“Did you just take a photo?” I raised a brow in question.

“You’ll want to remember this trip so I will be taking a LOT of photos, and so should you. It will be a trip to remember” He smiles as he turns in his seat taking photos of all the others sat in their seats.

“I think I’m going to puke” Savannah ran past us as she rushed to the bathroom, my brother running right behind her.

She had recently begun to get really bad morning sickness, being over six months pregnant now, and we thought she might not be able to fly.

Luckily, the doctor said that she could fly and that because we would be away for a year a one-way trip while pregnant she just had to be careful.

“Poor girl, I remember having morning sickness with Layla, not a good time” Tammy cringed from behind us.

“Auntie Sammy, why don’t you have kids?” Layla asked as Tammy hissed at her to shut up.

“Oh, I uh….” I stammered.

“Auntie Sammie isn’t ready, she hasn’t found someone she wants to have a baby with yet, she wants to find someone she loves first” Tom saved my ass by saying.

“But she loves all of you, can’t you have a baby with her?” She asks innocently.

“Layla! Different sort of love!” Tammy blushes.

“Layla, your mummy’s right, it’s a different type of love, a love where you want nothing but to be by their side, have their heart, marry them and be with them for the rest of your life. Like Taylor and Damien” He replied as we looked towards the love birds behind, holding each other close.

“Oh, I think I get it…” Layla murmured and went back to her colouring.

I chuckled at her and turned back around.

“You’re good with kids…” I say to Tom.

“Can’t stand the things” he smirks and gives me a wink, causing me to blush, looking away.

“Oh my god, look at that!” I said pointing out the window as I saw the ground below us, stretches of beach and glistening sea astounded me.

“We’re nearly there” Tom smiles.

“Wow! This place is amazing!” I shout as we arrived at the huge mansion we had to live in for the next year. One of dad’s connections had sorted it all for us so we had somewhere we could all stay for a long period of time.

The mansion was on a hill which backed onto a massive beach and it was gorgeous.

There were enough rooms for us all and then some.

I was so excited when Shaun showed me the room that had been set up for me.

“I’ll let you settle in” Shaun smiled giving me a hug before taking Elise to his room.

I sat on the huge double bed, suddenly overwhelmed and had no clue what to do.

While everyone else was busy I decided to slip out and go for a walk along the beach, slipping off my shoes I walked through the sand as it squished through my toes while the waves lapped over the beach and my feet as I breathed in the sea air.

I finally felt free and it was different.

I found a dry rock to sit on further up the beach and I just let all my emotions out and just sobbed.

It felt good to just let everything out.

“Sam?” Savannah and Elise were walking towards me slowly.

“I’m fine…” I said as they nodded as they sat next to me, their heads resting on my shoulders as they just let me sob until every tear had dried up.

“Feel better?” Savannah asked wiping my face with her sleeve.

“Yeah, I do. It’s been a long time coming right?” I smiled sadly.

“It will get better now” Elise said taking my hand as Savannah took the other as we walked slowly back up to the house.

“Where the fuck, have you guys been?!” Luka shouted

“That, however, may never change” Savannah sighed as I laughed at my brothers’ protectiveness.

“We went for a walk. Will you chill out” I said as I walked past him.

“You let me know next time when you’re going to disappear on us!” He said as I dismissed him with a wave.

Elise chuckled at me while Luka gave her a dirty look.

“Don’t encourage her” he said which made her laugh more.

“Luka do you want a beer?” I called out from the kitchen as he grumbled a yes at me, shoving me playfully.

“Dick” he mumbled, I laughed.

“Love you too” I smiled at my family, all here in this mansion with me. Life was about to change and hopefully for the better.

“Party on the beach tonight!” Rob shouted as he slid down the banister.

“I want to do that! Mummy can I do that!” Layla shouted as Tammy scolded her brother.

“Seriously Rob, grow up! Stop teaching your niece stupid stuff!” But it was lost as Layla slid down quickly as Rob caught her at the bottom.

“Nice!” He laughed and winked at his niece making her giggle.

“My turn” Wayne and Brian shouted together as they went one after the other but went a little too quick and landed on each other, groaning.

“And that is why it’s not safe” Tammy said as she walked down the stairs.

“Girls go get changed while us guys fix up the barbeque and sort out some music and all that.” Luka shooed us away.

“What? Why can’t I wear this?” I asked as I pointed to my jeans and t-shirt.

“You’re on a beach, it’s boiling hot and you want to wear jeans… Seriously!” He looked at me like I was crazy.

“Come on, I’ll find you something” Elise dragged me upstairs with her.

She opened her suitcase and brought out bikini after bikini.

“No, it’s not happening” I shook my head.

“Why not? You have a hot figure and you will look so cool in them!” She groaned.

“You haven’t seen my scars have you?” I sighed as I lifted my top to show her the scars that covered my body as her eyes widened like saucers.

“I didn’t know there were that many… But fuck that, it’s who you are! We all know you Sammy, no one is going to care about your scars here” she exclaimed.

“I can’t do it, I can’t wear a bikini, I’m not ready for that” I say, and she looks at her wardrobe before suddenly running inside it for something.

“How about this?” She says as she holds up a black short sundress, covered in bright red roses.

“Perfect” I smile as I get changed into it, wearing one of the bikini’s underneath.

Elise looks me up and down as I change.

“Checking me out?” I smirk as she pushes me.

“No, just… I can’t believe that you have been through so much and you’re still so…so you…” she says.

“Who else would I be?” I smile

“I would have gone crazy”

“I can’t say I don’t have moments where I feel like I’m going to die from anxiety or that I can’t stand being on this earth anymore, but that’s where everyone else helps me. My family” I smile.

“Here if you need a chat Sammy” Elise smiles.

“Thanks, same here if you get overwhelmed by all this, I know it’s a lot to take in” I say as I put on the sundress.

“Thanks, wow, you look hot” She smirks as I look at myself in the mirror… I did look cool, but hot, I wasn’t so sure…

“You girls ready?” Savannah says from the doorway in a bikini with a sarong around her waist.

“Well look at you hot mumma” Elise smiles.

“Let’s go girls!” Tammy skips into the room with Layla by her side.

We walked down the stairs to the beach where the boys had created a campfire, got out the barbeques and set up speakers, it looked amazing. They all had beers in their hands standing and talking while cooking.

“How many guys does it take to do a barbeque?” I laugh.

James, Shaun, Brian, Wayne, Rob, Luka, Taylor, Damien and Tom all turn when hearing me.

“Looking good ladies!” James wolf whistles as Shaun bats him around the head.

“We were just waiting for you girls to turn up, we got hungry and decided to start up, there’s burgers done on the left one if you want one” Brian said as he flipped a pork chop.

“Who wants a drink?” Taylor asks as we all take a bottle of booze, except Savannah, she just had a water, being pregnant and all.

Taylor grabbed Damien and put the music on as Layla grabbed Rob and James to dance with her.

I giggled at her soft curls bouncing as she danced with the guys.

I sat on the sand having a drink just taking in everyone having fun, eating, drinking and dancing.

“Why aren’t you joining in Sammy?” James asked exhausted from dancing with Layla.

“Just taking it all in” I smile.

“Let loose, come dance!” He holds out a hand and I shake my head as he pouts and runs back off.

“Looks like we’ve got ourselves a party, boys!” a male voice comes from down the beach.

“Private party” Taylor stands in front of the four guys who had invaded the group. All bleach blonde, rugby playing, looking guys, all except the leader, he had the bad boy vibe, dark hair, loose vest and jeans.

“It’s not a private beach, so I think we WILL join in” The main guy smirks as he looks over everyone as his eyes land on me, looking me up and down like he was devouring me.

“I think you should leave” Shaun comes up behind Taylor.

Tammy puts Layla behind her as Rob sticks close, protecting his family in case things went wrong.

“I’m just going to sit right here, my names Craig by the way” The bad boy guy said as he sits next to me with a huge smirk.

“It’s a free country…” I say as the boys watch me curiously.

“It’s a free country, you hear that, sounds like we are allowed to party” Craig says cockily.

“You sure about this Sam?” Shaun asks, I nod.

“So, what’s your name sweetheart?” I look at him, was this guy stupid, Shaun literally just said my name.

“He JUST said it” I smirked.

“Sam? Short for anything babe?” He says, his boys began to grab themselves some of our beers as they sat nearby.

“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” I said as he gave me an angry look.

“Come on, I’m trying to be nice here” He says putting his hand on my leg, I look at his hand touching me… I didn’t like it.

“Where are you from? What are you doing here, Sam?” His hand creeps up my leg slowly.

“Mind not touching me” I state, pushing off his hand.

“Calm down baby, just having some fun, want to come to mine?” He wiggles his eyebrows.

I get up, wiping the sand off of me as he slaps my ass.

“Don’t fucking touch me” I growl as he stands up and gets in my face, putting his hands on my hips, making me be up against his hard body.

“Or what babe?” He smirks.

“Get off of her now” Tom rushes to my side, trying to push him off me, but he has a tight grip on my wrist.

“We were just going to go have some fun, weren’t we baby?” Craig says, pulling me with him.

I froze, never in my life had I frozen like this. I couldn’t make myself resist his dragging me, I couldn’t talk.

“I’ll give you one…more…chance” Tom sneers.

The guys just laugh at him.

“What the hell are you going to do about it? She wants to come with me, don’t you babe?” I begin to shake, still too frozen to even speak.

He begins to drag me away again as his boys surround us.

But Tom was quicker and punched the guy in the jaw, flattening him to the ground as he pounded into him, the other were trying to get him off of Craig, but were failing miserably.

“Sam, move, come on! Sam!” I couldn’t move, I was suddenly picked up and taken across the beach to the girls as Taylor put me down. While Shaun, Brian and Wayne joined in the fight with Tom.

As soon as the fight was over as the other guys ran off, busted bleeding lips and black eyes. Craig giving me a look like he would be back for more.

“Sammy, come on, snap out of it… She’s never done this before, SAMMY!” Damien said snapping in my face.

“Move!” Savannah got in front of me and slapped me hard across the face.

I growled in anger.

“The fuck Savannah!” I scream in her face as I went to smack her back, I realised and lowered my hand quickly.

“Don’t! It was the only way…it got you out of your freeze frame didn’t it?” Seeing the worry in her face as she watched my hand lower.

“I…I… I’ve never done that before…” I stammer wide eyed before legging it up the hill and into the house.

“Sam! Wait!” several voices called out as I locked myself into my room, pacing next to my bed. I couldn’t freeze like that again, that was just a stupid lust-filled guy and I froze, if I froze again, who knew what could happen! What if it was a gang, what if it was life or death!?

A fist banged on the door.

“Samantha, open up!” Luka’s voice called out.

I stayed quiet.

“Samantha, if I have to break this bloody door down I will” He says.

I unlock it and rush to my bed, sitting with my head in my hands.

He comes in and kneels in front of me.

“Sam? Are you ok?” He says as his eyes widen at the handprint that was now sporting my cheek.

“I nearly slapped Savannah back and yet couldn’t get out of Craig’s grip… I could never forgive myself if I had slapped her. But, what if I froze when it mattered most… What if I froze while an opposition faced us with guns in our faces? I can’t do that!” I cry.

“You have been through a lot and it’s finally catching up to you. You have never experienced guys like that, its something new and you are going to be overwhelmed sometimes. Guys like that think they can get what they want, when they want. He wanted you…no he wanted to get in your knickers… You froze because you didn’t know what to do. Savannah knows you would never hurt her. We all do” Luka hugged me into his side as he sat next to me.

“I need to apologise to her” I sigh.

“Then come back down, we decided that a movie night might be a better idea. Calm yourself down and come when you’re ready” He said as he left my room.

I groan and fall back to the bed.

“I feel like a god damn teenager all over again…”

I got up and walked out my room, as I walked past the bathroom I notice Tom standing there cleaning a cut on his face.

“You ok?” I ask timidly.

“I should be asking you that” He winces. I take the cloth from his hand.

“Sit” I order as he does as he’s told, and I clean up his cut carefully.

“Thank you, for beating the shit out of him…”

“No one touches you like that princess and gets away with it. I could see he was making you uncomfortable”

“I can beat up a guy with a gun, but a guy puts his hand on me and I freak, pretty pathetic if you ask me” I murmur.

“Two very different things there, princess.” Tom answers.

“I don’t know if I will ever get used to being touched like that again” I say.

“You were fine in the basement when I kissed you” Tom smirks.

“I…uhh…” I mutter.

“Samantha! Are you coming or what! I forgive you already!” Savannah shouts from the bottom of the stairs.

“You better go, they’re waiting” Tom gestures the door as I nod and slowly walk out.

“Aren’t you coming?” I ask.

“No. I’m going to have an early night. Good night princess” He says as he walks off into his room and shuts the door.

I look a final time to his door before running down the stairs and embracing Savannah in the biggest hug.

“I’m sorry I nearly slapped you. I would never hurt you. You surprised me and I don’t know what happened!” I say quickly as she chuckles and hugs me back.

“I forgive you. You’re my sister now, we protect our family, stick with each other. But I am sorry about the bruise you’re going to get” She says looking sheepish at my cheek.

“I’ve had worse” I shrug as we link arms and head into the huge room we had dubbed as the theatre. It had a huge screen in the middle of the wall and sofa’s lining the room with bean bags in the middle. It was awesome.

“That is going to be a shiner” I poke Taylor’s now bruising eye as he swats my hand away.

“So, you touch it?!” he rolls his eyes at me.

“Sorry” I grin cheekily.

“You two back to being besties?” Elise asks Savannah and me.

“Did I miss where we stopped?!” Savannah smiles, squeezing my arm as she sat beside Luka.

“Where’s Tom?” Shaun asks as Elise is snuggled into his side.

“Gone to bed early” I mutter trying to pick where to sit.

“Choose a seat woman!” Brian laughs.

“Sit with me” James drags me down beside him on the sofa between me and Layla as she giggles and cuddles into me.

The film started but I just couldn’t concentrate on what was going on.

I couldn’t stop thinking about when Tom had kissed me in the basement, I thought it was just him acting, seeing as he was supposed to be a bidder and have his way with me for two hours.

I hadn’t had much of a problem with it… But I wasn’t sure how I felt about it. Bradley was my only love; Tom was his brother and other than them two, all I had had was abuse. I hadn’t had much of a chance with Bradley for it to develop and now I was so confused.

“Come on Layla, bedtime” Tammy said lifting Layla from my side who was falling asleep in my lap.

“But I want to stay here” She moans.

“We will be going to bed soon Layla, promise” I place a kiss on her head, and she nods sadly and waves night to everyone.

“You haven’t watched a single scene have you?” James whispers in my ear as I shake my head.

“Come here kid” He gestures for me to lay on his shoulder and I do, his arm wrapped around me.

I fall asleep in his arms.

“I’ll take her” Luka’s voice whispers as I’m lifted into a pair of arms and taken upstairs and placed onto my bed, groaning at the cold sheets.

“Night sis” Luka places a kiss on my head and leaves.

“Night” I mumble and fall back to sleep.

I woke up screaming after having nightmare after nightmare, reliving every death I had ever witnessed. Shaking and sweating as I cry.

“Auntie Sam?” Layla opens my door quietly as she peers inside.

“Go back to bed Layla” I say as I quickly try to regain my composure, wiping away the tears.

“You were having a nightmare weren’t you?” She grumbles as she climbs into my bed with me.

“Yeah…” I answer, no point in lying, she would see my face and know the truth.

“I have them too.” She sighs and cuddles into me.

“What are you scared of Layla?” I whisper into her head.

“Losing my family. I remember that day at school with the bad men. You were there and you came in my class and got us out, but then there were guns and loud bangs and then the screaming. I was scared” she whimpers.

“I promise that no matter what, we will keep you safe Layla. The bad men won’t get near you again” I hold her tight.

“What are your bad dreams?” She asks, yawning.

“My dreams… they are about the bad men too. I lost my mummy and sometimes I see her, and I miss her terribly” I whimper.

“But, mummy said that the people that die are always with us, in here” she says and points towards our hearts.

“Your mummy is right. Did you have a nightmare tonight?” I ask and she nods in reply.

“Want to stay here?” I ask and she nods, falling asleep next to me.

I fall asleep soon after, embraced in this bundle of joy of a six-year-old.

“Layla?! Layla!” Tammy’s voice screams as I wake quickly and run out the room, not disturbing Layla in my bed.

“Tammy!” I call out as she runs up to me.

“I can’t find Layla. She wasn’t in her bed!” she cries.

“She’s in my bed” I say quickly as Tammy looks at me in shock and then calm floods through her, her shoulders dropping the tension in her body.

“Why is she with you?” she asks

“I had a nightmare and I think she heard me scream. She had a nightmare too and came to comfort me and we fell asleep. She’s scared to lose her family. She remembers the school being taken over by Vern and Gregory. Tammy looks at me wide eyed and tears brimming her eyes.

“I didn’t think she would remember…”

“Tammy!? Did you find Layla?” Rob runs up the stairs, sweat sticking to his hair.

“She’s in Sam’s room” she nods as she hugs me in thanks and rushes into my room, hugging Layla to her and taking her to her room.

Rob follows them and I’m left to myself again.

It was 4am and I didn’t feel tired anymore, so I went downstairs, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and walking into the cool night air as I sat on the decking facing the sea.

The sound of a wolf whistle blew with the wind from the beach below as I looked down to see a single dark figure in the shadows.

“Come and play baby!” Craig’s voice shouted up.

Against my better judgement I ran down the stairs and stood in front of him as he grinned wildly.

“I knew you wanted it” He smirked as he came up to me.

“Is that what you think?” I stepped up to him, a coy smile on my face.

“You can’t resist the chemistry” he said as he brought up his hand to touch my thigh, dragging it up further.

“Don’t” I warned, and he just kept going, his other hand taking a firm hold of my hip as his lips bit at my neck.

I stopped every fibre of my being from freezing this time and lost my cool completely, taking his hand I twisted it, hard.

“Fucking bitch!” He said as he went to back hand me. I grabbed his hand and pulled it behind him as we fought.

He managed to get a lucky shot at my cheek, he caught my lip in his teeth as he bit hard, splitting it as I punched him in the balls. He groaned in agony.

“Come near me again and I won’t stop next time” I spat blood at him as I made my way back up the stairs leaving him groaning on the ground.

“Fuck” I groaned as I was cleaning my split lip in the bathroom.

“What the fuck!” Shaun’s voice boomed from the door.

He rushed in looking at my face.

“I’m fine Shaun” I moved his hand as he looked at me, furious.

“Who did this? What happened?” He asked, his voice demanding.

“I was downstairs getting a drink, I’d had a nightmare earlier, Layla fell asleep and then Tammy noticed that she wasn’t in bed…” I began the story of what had happened.

“Quit the earlier shit, tell me who?”

“Craig, I was outside, and I went down to him”

“You did what?!”

“It’s no big deal” I murmur.

“No big deal, he split your lip?! What if you froze again! He could have hurt you more than this! What if… What if he raped you? Huh? Do you think we want to see you hurt? Do you think I can handle seeing you being destroyed by anyone else! We care about you Sam. If you saw him you should have got one of us and we would have taken care of it. You can’t fight every battle Samantha!” he said angrily grabbing the first aid kit, which was already becoming low on supplies that we would have to restock.

“He’s probably still down there” I mumble as he looks at me in shock.

“What did you do?” He asks and I explain everything.

“Sam? Shaun? Oh shit” Elise comes out of their room and looks at me.

“Stay with her” He orders as he storms down the stairs.

“Oh shit, he’s going to kill him” I say trying to follow but I couldn’t keep up.

“Who?” Elise calls.

“Where are you asshole?” Shaun shouts on the beach looking everywhere.

“Craig” I reply as I run up to Shaun’s side.

“He’s gone, must have got up and ran. Come back inside” I take his arm and drag him with me towards Elise.

“Do you think he will come back?” She murmurs in my ear as Shaun vaults up the stairs in anger.

“If he has any sense, he won’t come near. I’m pretty sure I got his balls good” I answer.

“You always attract trouble don’t you?” She smirks as she rushes up to Shaun, trying to calm him down.

“Go to bed Samantha. Do NOT leave this house unless one of us knows. Understand?” He growls as Elise hugs him tight.

“Yes Dad” I moan and walk up the stairs.

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