Pre-Dawn Of Love

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Chapter 29

Vincent's P.O.V.

I was pacing in front of the washroom door, the same washroom I had taken Zigra to after she told me she felt sick.

But that had been about ten miniutes ago and Five of which she spent inside the washroom. The more time she took to come out the more worried and agitated I got, hence the pacing.

I had noticed from the very first that Zigra was spacing out quite a lot today. Her attention span very bad, which was unusual for her as she rarely ever gets lost in her own head that she doesn’t pay attention to anything around her. That wasn’t Zigra. She was the most observant lady I know, her observations were as good as my own.

Even when I had playfully flirted with her earlier, after I saved her from Commander Laynheart she had reacted like she couldn’t tell I was teasing her - which was also very unlike Zigra.

Now I knew the reason... I’m not feeling any relief.

It was possible she caught the cold from her cousin. She had been nursing him enough for the cold to hang on her.

And I’m guessing her delirious status is caused by her fever. For I had noted more than once how she rubbed her hands up and down her arm - like she was cold - and the rosy sheen in her skin can’t be a total coincidence.

Finally, in what felt like I had been pacing for hours, but was no more than Seven or Eight miniutes, the washroom door opened. A haggered looking Zigra stepped out of the washroom, dabbing her lipstick-less lips with her handkerchief. Her steps weren’t as graceful as normal and she did look slightly more pale than when she had gone in.

Not to mention her breath was leaving her lips in short gasps for air and her eyes were unfocused.

I hurried to stand in front of her as her eyes focused on me.

“You feeling better?” I asked her, gently taking her elbow to steedy her - she was swaying on the spot like she didn’t have any balance.

When I caught her elbow, she twisted her hand and clutched mine back tightly, then shook her head. She tottered and her hold on my arm tightened drasticaly. I knew she was going to faint a second before she did and quickly wrapped my arm around her waist. Just in time too, as just then her eyes rolled back and she went limp in my arm, her head lolling back, her hold on my hand falling away.

I cursed - it wasn’t like Zigra was awake to hear me anyway - and then balancing her weight with one arm, I bent hooking my other arm under her knee and lifting her up.

She wasn’t exactly light, but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t manage. Honestly, I think it was all that material weight me down rather than just her weight.

I headed in the direction of her room, where I knew I’d find her ladies maids. On my way I met Berlim.

“Berlim!” I called the man over as I saw him making his rounds around the Castle. The man immediately was at my side, then seeing whom I was carrying got very worried.

“Sir! What can I help you with?” He asked, his eyes falling to Zigra’s face with worry. I’m not the only one she’s grown on and it wasn’t just Berlim either. Many of my men respect the princess.

“Get down to the ballroom and inform Lord Ilarion that princess Zigra fainted with a high fever. And keep an eye on the prince till I get back. That would be all.” I told the man, quite agitated enough without the added on stress of answering to Berlim .

The man quickly hurried towards the ballroom and I continued my way to her room.

I knocked really loudly when I finally reached her room door and one of her ladies-in-waiting answered the door. Not waiting for the woman to invite me inside and not bothering to give her an explanation, I pushed past her into the room - completely ignoring the offended scoffing I heard from the lady and the squeals of surprise from the other two. I headed straight for the four poster princess bed.

“Who knows where you can find the court physician?” I questioned them even as I barged in. The youngest of the three maids raised her hand.

“Well, what are you waiting for, go get him and hurry.” I snapped at the girl who all but ran out of the room in her hurry to do what I said.

Laying her down on the bed, I struggled trying to remove her bonnet. This had the other two woman moving and I left Zigra in their capable hands and left the room. If they were going to change her into something more comfortable I didn’t want to be a hinderance.

I stood outside for a few minutes before the maid hurried back with the court physician.

“Sir Dwayne” the man greeted me as they reached where I was standing in front of Zigra’s room door. “I heard you wanted me to attend to Princess Zigra?” He questioned as I shook his hand.

“I’m afraid that the princess caught a cold from her brother, she does have a high fever and fainted a while ago.” I hurriedly explained, letting go of the mans hand to knock on Zigra’s door. Her maid had already slipped past us and gone in.

The same maid who went to call the doctor opened the door. She opened it all the way, letting the two of us enter.

Zigra was still in her pink ballgown, but her ladies maids had freed her hair from her bonnet and all the pins that kept her hair up in a bun. Now her midnight hair sprawled around her pillow like a fan, which was such a stark contrast against her pale - and make-up free - face.

I stood back while the physician checked Zigra, letting her ladies maids assistant to man. Most of the time even they stayed put of his way, letting him to do his work.

Suddenly, the door was thrust open and I whirled around - my hand automatically going to my sword. I need not have bothered as it was only Rion, who’s eyes were wide and a paniced look in them. He didn’t see me, his attention solely on the bed where Zigra was laid down with the doctor hovering close by.

“Zee!” He exclaimed, hurrying to her side, demanding near the physician what was wrong with her.

“Nothing to worry about Lord Ilarion, she just has a common cold and over worked herself. She fainted due to her body not being able to handle any more. Nothing to worry about, she’ll wake up once she is ready to.” The physician placated Rion, patting his shoulder. Then he turned to her ladies maids, ordering them to keep her cool and to make sure she drinks a lot of water. With that said - oh, and giving the ladies some herbs to feed her when she wakes - he nodded at me and left the room.

Lord Ilarion sat on the bed beside her taking her small hand in his big ones. Lying there she looked exceptionally small, a stark contrast. She usually looks so regal, tall. She has never before looked so small, she looked tiny compared to how I usually see her.

There was nothing more here I could do, and besides, I had to check on Leo as well.

I had just stepped out of Zigra’s room door and turned around to walk back to the ballroom when I saw Leo speed walking towards me with Berlim following close behind.

“Vince, what’s wrong with Zigra? This man tells me he saw you carrying an unconscious Zigra towards her room!” Leo called to me as he hurried over to where I stood, a worried and annoyed look on his face.

“She just fainted with high fever Leo. The court physician says it’s nothing to worry about, she’ll wake-up when her body feels she’s upto waking.” I answered Leo, nodding my head at Berlim in dismissal.

With a bow at Leo - which he didn’t even see - Berlim hurried back to his post.

“She probably caught the cold from Lord Ilarion. She’d been nursing him back to health after all.” I added to Leo, who only nodded his head. “The court physician isn’t too concerned by her current state. He says she’ll wake once her body is upto it, nothing to be worried over.”

While he listened to me talk, he briskly knocked on Zigra’s room door. The young lady-in-waiting was the one who peeked out. Seeing the prince, she fell into a courtesy, but Leo brushed past her into the room.

“Zigra.” Leo breathed as soon as he could see her. I silently followed Leo inside and stood beside him as he walked upto the bed.

It just so happened that Zigra groaned under her breath right then. Her eyebrows pinching together in discomfort.

Lord Ilarion took her small hand in his and gently stroked her hair. Fluttering, her eyes lids slowly pulled open. Blinking unseeingly, she looked around the room with her blank face intact.

“Zee, thank God! You had all of us worried. Are you okay?” Rion questioned her worriedly. Seeing her struggle to sit up, he helped her while I and Leo remained by the bed. Her turquoise eyes flickered to us but didn’t seen surprised to see us standing there.

Nodding her head in answer to Lord Ilarion’s question, she looked around the room. Then croaked something that none of us understood.

I noticed the questioning look Leo shot my way, but seeing as I had no idea what she said any more than he did I ignored the look. Instead pretending I hadn’t seen him looking my way for answers.

“Sorry Zee, what did you say?” Lord Ilarion questioned her, tipping his head closer to her so he’d understand her better. This time with whatever she croaked out, she tipped her thumb to her mouth.

Lord Ilarion squinted his eyes at her still not understanding what she told. Hiding my smile with almost difficulty I asked, “Do you want water?”

Zigra’s eyes snapped in to meet my deep ocean blues. Slowly she nodded her head, not saying a word.

Lord Ilarion hustled than maids to being water and something light for Zigra to eat - as she needed her energy more right now. While he did that, Leo walked closer to Zigra and kneeling beside the bed took her hand in his.

“Are you sure you don’t feel any worse?” He questioned her gently.

Zigra blinked at Leo before nodding her head.

Leo smiled softly at her, gently stroking her hand in an unconscious gesture. Zigra definitly understood the sensation as she looked down at their entwined hamds. Strangely enough, she didn’t politely pull away. She ignored his hand on herself completely.

“Good, because I don’t want you to get any more sick. So promise me you’ll get a lot of bedrest?” He asked her almost pleadingly. His eyes boring into hers. She started right back into his eyes. With an inaudible sigh that hardly moved her shoulders, she nodded her head in consent to his request.

Leo smiled at her brightly, just as I felt Lord Ilarion come stance beside me.

“Wonderful, we wouldn’t want gun too sick to go to the peak of ________ peak now would we?” Leo grinned happily as he stood up.

Lord Ilarion rolled his eyes at the clear display of downplayed love. Leo was trying to hides his actions and after than talk with Lord Ilarion while we were in the toen center I could guess what the young Lord was thinking. Zigra wouldn’t understand Leo’s in love with her until Leo tells her point blank. Leo downplaying his concern for her would not give Zigra the hint that he liked her as more than just a friend.

“Why doesn’t he just propose to her already? He’s smittens with her enough?” Lord Ilarion questioned me under his breath while Leo continued talking to Zigra, less worried.

I looked at Ilarion and he said, “It’s not like the kings and queen are against it. If anything, I’d say his mother agrees with this more than her mother likes.”

I vouldnt help raising an eyebrow at his last words. Her mother? Why would he say that and not ‘my mother’? It isn’t like me and Leo didn’t know the truth.

Before I could answer a maid hurried back into the room carrying a tray with a pitcher and glass. Lord Ilarion was distracted by getting Zigra water. I stayed silent as Leo to stepped back to let Lord Ilarion nurse her.

We didn’t stick around for long after that. Letting Zigra to get the well deserved rest she really needed, Leo reminded her of her promise to him and the two of us left.

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