Pre-Dawn Of Love

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Chapter 4

Lord Wienczyslaw's P.O.V.

It was while I was attending state affairs that something came up.

Fernando was telling me - in a grave voice - that the death of Lady Stavita might cause a war to unfold with our neighbouring country, Leselania. Queen Magridrif had a high favour of my wife and for the love of she shows to her country. Fernando didn't have to tell me that all these days the only reason we had kept the union with Leselania is because of my wife.

The death of my wife would definitly create problems between the already strained bond we had with Leselania. We didn't have the army, much less resources to fight - and win - a ear.

This forced me to think through the offer Lady Ragnvard had made considering her eldest daughter, Imogen Wenceslava.

From what I could remember of Lady Wenceslava on our brief encounter, she looked an exact copy of my wife, they could be twins by how alike the two looked. That was how much they resembled act other.

Marrying her, I could pretend that Stavita never died and keep the peace between our dukedom and there kingdom. But before that, I need the consent of my wife. She'll know - better than me - what us best for our children, because right now, that is more important to the both of us. This, however, didn't mean that I wanted a war in my hands.

After I was done talking with Fernando, I headed towards my room with every intention of talking this through with Stavita. Stavita needs to know this and her outlook on things had been very much a help to me in the past, why not now. She is still the Dutchess of Mangandaall.

I knocked gently on my room door before I entered.

I looked to my bed to see Stavita fast asleep. A peaceful smile graced her lips and the book she had been reading lay across her lap. Harriette was curled asleep by her side, her flaming curly hair spread out under her like a burning pillow.

I sighed. Talking will have to wait.

Smiling softly at the clear display of love before me, I walked closer to the den. Reaching out, I ruffled Harriette's hair affectinately and bent down to kiss Stavita's forehead.

The moment my lips touched her skin I froze.

Something was wrong.

Why wasn't she burning up like usual?

Bending lower, I pressed my ear to her chest. My own Heart spluttered to a stop when I felt nothing. Gasping for breath, I sat straighter, kneeling by the bed. I lightly shook my wife, not wanting to believe that she ... No! There is no way that than is true. She's end, just only asleep.

When she didn't stir, I called her name softly at first, but my voice soon grew louder when I still got no reply.

Harriette woke up not long after I started to call out for Stavita and looking around puzzled, soon grasped something was wrong with her mother. I asked her to go find Zigra and tell her to find the court physician. She ran out of the room while I continued to try get some warmth into Stavita's cold hands.

Everything that passed seemed to happen in a blur.

The physician's arrival, all of us crowding around the room, being informed that she didn't make it, the bride and tears and denials that followed. Everything felt so surreal and bizzare. I felt like I was just a statue standing there and seeing everything happen around me with a kind of detatchment. This time Zigra wasn't there to pull me t my sences, she was breaking down herself with the grief of her mothers loss.

It was sometime after this that I talked to Clarissa and Iason about my marriage to Imogen. I told them of my predicatment with Leselania. I made sure to add that I wanted Lady Wenceslava's consent t this before we made any decision.

Clarissa was quick in agreeing with me and even Iason thought this was a good idea. My need to marry Imogen was it to a hurry when I received a letter from Queen Magridrif inviting my wife over for the coming of age ceromany of Princess Serafina.

We quitened down the news of Stavita's death till we got word from Imogen. We had all the servants and other workers in the Castle vow to protect this secret with their lives unless they wanted a war between Leselania and Mangandaall. I had a letter sent to Lady Wenceslava about this.

All these things were done with the time span of two hours since Stavita's death.

The hardest part of all this will be explaining this predicament to my two beloved daughters. I didn't know how they'd take to me marrying another when their mother had not but passed away two-three hours ago.

Just as I expected, Harriette threw a big fuss about this, calling me by many names - something she had picked up spending too much time training with the guards - before she ran out of the room.

Zigra's reaction was what worried me the most. Harriette had yelled and gotten her anger out, her emotions and thoughts in this matter I understood. I couldn't even hope for my Five year old daughter to understand why it was so important for me to marry Imogen . She saw this as me betraying her dead mother and being unfaithful.

But Zigra... I don't even know what to say about how she reacted. She took the news with too much grace. Almost like she shut off all her emotions and just nodded her head like she understood everything I said. This worried me very much more than I wanted to admit. How could an Eleven year old girl even phanthm to understand why her father needed to marry her aunt, Mr long after her mother died. And I hadn't even said anythijng about war.

That night, while Clarissa and Zigra were preparing for Stavita's funeral service, I received word from Imogen.

The letter said that she would be in Mangandaall by dawn for her sisters funeral and we can talk further about my proposal to her then.

I couldn't even think where our talk would lead. I could only hope, for the sake of my dukedom and my children, that Imogen agrees with this madness.

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