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Divinity Dickson, a twenty-year-old online writer and university student studying ECD, lives her life carefree until her best friend Kelly shows up at her dorm room one night. From then on, her life as the smutty writer and carefree student becomes drama induced and upside down and becomes the centre of attention. With the new situations in her life, she finds it hard to deal with but that doesn't stop her from continuing on towards the goals she set for herself. Cover by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Drama
Vanessa Nicole
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Divinity Dickson

[This is the only chapter that is stiff-ish]

Two women are rushed into the hospital at the same time.

An African American couple accompanied by their firstborn who is only five years old.

The second woman is rushed into the hospital by the medical team after helping her off the ambulance.

Both woman, push to the fullest of their ability yelling at the top of their lungs while pushing out their bundle of joy.

The husband of the African American couple, Eldred Dickson, held onto his wife’s hand as she squeezed him while cursing him out for making her go through this again. He cooed his wife while wiping the sweat off her forehead and kissing her cheeks.

Miranda Dickson, pushed and pushed and pushed. Taking one final deep breath, she pushed for the last stretch and the baby came out safely from her womb but Miranda suddenly felt her heart tremble and black spots appeared before her eyes.

The sound of her husband’s voice, the doctor and the nurses’ voices muffled out and she passed out. Her head dropped and Eldred started panicking but the nurse assured him that she was okay because her vitals didn’t spike, all that happened was that she passed out.

Sighing in relief, Eldred looked at the doctor holding his daughter in his hands standing there. Eldred looked at the doctor gazing down at his daughter. He felt his heart tremble, “W-why isn’t she crying?” he asked the doctor.

Dr Mason looked up at Eldred with a helpless look. Swallowing the saliva that gathered in the back of his throat, he said softly in the silent room, “I’m sorry Mr Dickson, your daughter is a stillborn.”

Eldred’s heart trembled as the words registered and his eyes watered. He looked at the infant while she was being wrapped in a green blanket. He looked down at the infant as she was handed to him and he broke down. The nurse took the baby from him while the doctor helped Eldred out of the room. When he saw his son he knelt down and hugged him.

Hearing his father’s heart breaking cry, made Matthias cried too. He listens to his father’s incoherent words about his sister who wasn’t going to come back home with them which made his mind go blank. They moved aside as Miranda was being moved to a new room and followed behind her.

During this time, the lady who was rushed in by the medical team, laid on the bed motionless. The heart monitor’s flat-lined noise beeping throughout the room while the baby she just gave birth to cried while being wrapped in a blanket and cradled.

The doctor asked the assistant nurse to leave the room and clean the baby. She nodded her head and walked out of the room with the baby newborn baby girl in her arms while tears welled in her waterline.

She looked at the room next to the one she walked out of. She stared at the man on the floor hugging his son. She heard the words he told his son and it made the tears fall from their place. She walked over to him, “Excuse me sir,” she called out to him.

Eldred looked up at her blankly and stood up. Wiping his eyes, he blankly stared at her with red stinging eyes, “C - can I help you?”

She moved closer to him. Raising her arms slightly she said, “This little baby girl lost her mother and no one came with her, she’ll be put in the system…” she said through sobs.

The little girl was already in his arms before he knew it and the nurse walked away. The doctor came out after cleaning up and stopped when he saw the baby in Eldred’s hands. Stopping beside him, he looked down at the baby girl and at the nurse who was walking away.

The doctor who delivered the baby girl in Eldred’s arms came out and stared at him. Making eye contact with his colleague, they both nodded their heads. One walked away while the other stood beside Eldred and spoke to him, “She isn’t a replacement but an option. If your daughter survived but you nor your wife or son were around, wouldn’t you want a loving family to take care of your child?” was all he said and walked away.

A nurse came over and took the baby girl from him to clean her up. She put the baby in a cot in the baby unit, waiting for the child’s parents to come and get her.

Eldred held onto his wife who was screaming after he told her the news. She was unwilling to accept it all. Their doctor came in with the baby girl in his arms, he looked at the Dickson couple, “Have the two of you decided?” he asked making Miranda look at him confused.

Eldred shook his head and asked Dr Mason to wait outside. After a moment of speaking to her, Eldred went outside to Dr Mason and took the baby from him. Earlier while she was being cleaned, he couldn’t help but watch her. He soon found himself drawn in by her and when the nurse was done cleaning her, he stood over her cot looking down.

She squeezed his index finger while her mouth trembled. The tears fell from Eldred’s eyes as his heart beat fast against his ribcage. He leaned down placing his lips against her soft skin and kissed it her forehead. As he pulled back he was stunned.

The little girl’s eyes were open and staring at him. Her eyes closed again and she fell asleep while holding his finger. He knew then and there that he couldn’t leave her for anyone else and this little girl was his daughter!

After Miranda heard her husband’s words she stared at him. She was angry that he thought of replacing their deceased child. She watched as he walked out of the room and came back in with the baby in his arms.

He sat down on the bed beside her with a smile on his face and tears forming in them. Looking at his wife Miranda he said, “Look sugar.”

Miranda looked down at the baby reluctantly. Her eyes met those silver eyes of the baby in her husband’s arms making her whole body tremble. The little girl was looking into her eyes with a slight smile on her face.

Taking the baby girl from her husband, she cradled her and burst into tears. Looking at her husband she asks, “Why does she know me?” He smiled and hugged his wife to his side. Kissing her head he answered, “Because she is our baby girl.”
“Ma, mama, mama mama mama~” Divinity sang in the bath while her mother washed her long ink-black hair.

Miranda shook her head at her five-year-old daughter’s song. “Okay, you can lay down now,” she says and Divinity does as she is told.

Rinsing the shampoo out of her hair, Miranda tapped her shoulders and Divinity stood in the bath. Running the water with a cloth over her daughter’s pale skin, warming it up, Miranda smiled.

Divinity was still singing. Peaking up at her daughter she smiled at her making Divinity’s happy smile widen as she started swaying her hips and dancing.

Making sure her daughter is clean at every nook and cranny. Grabbing a towel from the rack behind her, she holds it out and little Divinity steps out. Rubbing her down then wrapping her in a towel, she runs the water out while her daughter starts dancing and loosening the towel around her body.

“Don’t you even dare young lady!!” she warns making Divinity freeze in shock.

“But mama, you can’t see me!” she complains and pulls the towel back on.

“Says who, you should know by now that mama has eyes in the back of her head,” she says making Divinity roll her eyes.

“You better stop rolling your eyes!” she says making Divinity look at her in shock.

The two of them walk out the bathroom and into the master bedroom where Matthias and Easton, the Dickson’s one-year-old son and eldest son are sitting and playing.

“Mattie, Mattie, Mattie, no fair! How can you steal my Easton and play with him without me?” she complains and starts dancing again making her brothers smile.

Miranda grabs the hairdryer and plugs it in, switching it on and setting it on a low heat, she pulls her daughter by the hand and started drying her silk-like hair.

“Your hair’s become more glossy my baby but it’s too long, look we can’t see your bum bums,” Miranda complains.

“Keep it that way,” mumbled Matthias.

Miranda smiled at her son who was crazily overprotective over their family’s crown jewel.

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