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Trouble (1)

[Corbin’s POV]

I walk Divinity back to her dorms and along the way we notice that we’re being followed so I know there’s going to be articles about us online.

We stop at the gate of her dorm. I look down at her and honestly wish that it didn’t have to end here but I have a game on in four hours and I still need to get to my fitness session.

Looking down at my girl who is smiling up at me, “I don’t want to leave?” she rolls her eyes at me for the second time today making me smile. She nods her and asks with a smirk, “Then how about I meet you in an hour at the football field?”

I beam at her, “You’re going to watch me play?” I ask her and she nods stiffly, “Yeah… I am but… the noise… will it be very loud?” she asks while staring behind me. I turn around and I see someone walk up to us.

I cross my arms as this skinny, dark skinned girl stops in front of us and looks between us with an excited but tense glare. “C-can I speak to the two of you quickly?” she asks with a pitch to her voice.

We don’t answer her and there’s a long pause before she starts again, “I’ll take your silence as a yes! Are the two of you dating.”

I look at Divinity through the corner of my eye and see a smile playing on her lips. She tilts her head to the side and nods her head slowly. I’m slightly surprised but we are dating now so I won’t object to it.

The girl in front of us starts squealing and turns in a circle before she stops and says, “Oh right, what’s your name?” she points the question at Divinity.

I raise a brow at her but Divinity answers anyways, “My name is Divinity Dickson.”

She nods her head then looks between us and asks again, “What faculty are you part of?”

“Education,” she says blandly then turns around. Facing me she says, “Corbin, I’ll see you soon, okay?” I squeeze my lips together and lean down. I hug her to myself earning a squeal from that random girl.

I hug Divinity and since she’s so damn short, my back creeks and I take this opportunity and kiss her on the neck since I never got her permission to kiss her lips just yet. Pulling back after she lets go of me, I kiss her forehead and watch her enter the building which she passes by many forward woman who came to watch us.

After she’s out of view, I turn to the girl who spoke to us. I see her mouth open but I just pass her because I have no time to entertain this bullshit. She yells after me as I jog away. It’s really a long walk from here to the frat house but I manage to get there in time.

Just as I step in all the boys pause and look at me. They give each other a look then whoop while hitting my shoulders with smiles on their faces. Daniel comes up to me and nudges me in the arm, “So you and Divy are official now?”

I glare down at him the wince remembering that woman who spoke to us at the dorms. “What the fuck did they post now?” I ask and Daniel shrugs his shoulders, “That Divy is probably after your money and isn’t as innocent as she looks. I don’t know man… I know one hundred percent that Divy ain’t no money digging whore cause her family is already rich and if Mr Dickson finds out that his daughter is being bashed online, this whole university is going to have a problem,” he says making me frown.

He walks backwards and asks at the top of his lungs, “Who all knows the two quarterbacks surnamed Dickson in the generations before us?” no one answers him but everyone goes deadly silent and serious.

“Well, now you know whose daughter and sister she is,” he says and turns around, leaving us behind. Daniel comes up to me and pats my shoulders, “Wow, did you know all of this?” I shake my head, “Why would I when we just started dating?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “Well your girls being dissed for choosing the shitties faculty online. People are suddenly calling her ugly and a whore. Home wrecker and they want you and your ex back together. It’s all of that and they are saying you could do better.”

“Better how?” I growl his way. He steps back and holds his hands up, “Yo man, you’re the one who just ruined some random girl’s life by taking an interest in her. You know as well as we all do that the Dickson’s don’t take shit! But man, how can they have an Asian daughter? Is she adopted?” he asks and Daniel pops in just in time to answer his question, “No, she was born in… she came out of aunt Maranda’s womb.”

“How,” Jason, our reserve asks but there’s no answer from Daniel. All of this information is a little hard on me especially when I know that Mr Dickson will be here at the game tonight. He shows up every game because he is one of the men that owns a position on the football council and is a sponsor for our team along with my family and a few others.

We get dressed and head to the football field and start with fitness. About an hour later, I see Kelly walk over to us with Divinity following behind her. She has a phone in her hand and ear phones in her ears. She’s wearing a white university shirt with a black shorts and those pink flip flops again.

She stops beside Kelly as I make my way over. As she takes out the earphones I hear Kelly say, “So dating you earns the title of whore?” I look at her then over at Divinity who has a frown on her face.

Cupping her cheek I step forward to hug her but she steps back. I look at her with a raised brow and she blocks her nose, “You need to shower love.” I put my hands down and shake my head. Just as I want to speak, her phone lights up and rings.

She looks down at it and beams, answering it she squeals, “Hey papa, what’s my old man doing?” and I notice the slight change in her accent sound more African American. Her eyes widen and she turns around in a circle before looking over at the VIP lounge.

She skips in her step and almost falls, which I thank my quick reflexes for catching her. “What did I tell you about skipping?” I ask her sternly while looking down at her.

She stands up and pats her heart down then answers back, “I told you to leave me to fall Corbin!”

“Why would I?” I ask her as I cross my arms across my chest.

“Who’s that boy with you?” I hear over the phone and look down at her hand.

“Oh shit,” she says making me glare at her. She points to the back and says to me, “I’ll watch you from there. Where should I get you after the game?”

I sigh and frown, “I’ll get you in the VIP lounge rather so I know you’re safe and won’t get bombarded with nonsense.

She smirks and stands beside me with her arms folded on her chest as she nudges me. I look down at the mischievous look on her face that makes me smile, “You meeting my old man?” she asks and I nod, “The sooner, the better,” I say and she nods.

She walks away and speaks on the phone. I watch her leave and my eyes drift down her back and stop at her booty. I watch as it jiggles along with her thighs and smirk as the thought of slapping them and watch them jiggle while she’s naked.

Oh shit!

I look away and tell the guys to return so we can head to the showers and get ready.

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