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Trouble (2)


Walking up the stairs on the opposite side of the bleachers, I reach the doors to the VIP section. Pushing the door open I peek my head through and the minute my eyes land on my papa, I squeal.

The football coach, Chancellor and many other people turn to look at me. My father starts laughing and gets up. I jump into his arms and hug him with my hands wrapped around his neck.

“My baby girl,” he says and I pull back and get rained with kisses. He puts me down and hugs me again while rubbing his hand up and down my back; kissing my forehead he says, “You’ve grown since the last time I saw you love, how tall are you now?”

I roll my eyes and look up at him, “You’re not getting younger so you should stop caring.”

He shakes his head and walks me over to where those people are standing, “Let me introduce you to the other old men such as myself.”

I get introduced to them all and they look at me with surprise as though they didn’t know I exist. I sit down after my father hands me a coke and put my earphones in. Clicking on my playlist I listen as Celtic Woman sing ‘The Call’.

My eyes scan the room and I notice that some especially the Chancellor and Coach is looking my way. I look back down at my mobile and scroll the forms.


“Corbin’s Mistress

So after the encounter at the library this morning, I had a source tell me that our Corbin’s mistress is from the education faculty and her name is Divinity Dickson. I mean like come on! That’s like naming your daughter perfect?

Ridiculous much?

In the beginning, I thought that she could be someone worthy of our Corbin Beaumont but nope not at all. I personally sat down with the head cheerleader and she honestly still loves her man.

I thought about it again and I finally know why we couldn’t find information on her. She is a no one and I mean I this is all objectively but come on girl. You could have gotten one of the men from anywhere else yet you go for someone who had a girl already.

Cynthia told me that she didn’t want to ruin Corbin’s reputation before but she ended up telling the story and gave me permission to tell you all what really happened. She stated that she saw that things between her and Corbin weren’t going well and they decided to go for couples counselling.

During one of their sessions, Corbin admitted to cheating on her with another woman. Cynthia was devastated and after some digging she found out that it was Divinity Dickson. She never knew her name but today she actually has closure.

Honestly I thought that Kelly’s man was a bastard before but now it seems that Corbin is one too and the two best friends aren’t as innocent because Kelly Lewis stole Daniel from someone.

Honestly, I am so sorry that I jumped the Corbin wagon because I am repulsed. Miss Divinity Dickson, you went around pretending to be innocent but look what we found – good luck with your new job you WHORE!!

Love JellyPlus


I feel my eyes burn with tears but I don’t cry. When Kelly told me that Cynthia lied, I didn’t believe her but now I do.

To think that someone would lie about me and yet they didn’t know who I was and this Jelly Plus person. I honestly don’t know anymore. I was looking forward to being with Corbin but not if it will lead to this.

My phone suddenly disappears from my hands and I look up to see that my father is scrolling through it. My tears fall and my earphones get ripped out of my ears. My father’s eyes drift over to me as I quickly wipe my tears away.

“What’s this about?” he asks me and I shake my head. He kneels down in front of me and wipes my tears away.

“I-I j-just thought that I could start dating someone and now this is happening. I don’t even know him and today was our first date yet this is being said about me,” I say in a voice only he can hear.

He nods his head and hugs me then he picks me up and we walk out of the VIP lounge with the Chancellor yelling after my father who yells back that he’ll be seeing them tomorrow. I know my father is pissed because of the way he looks right now.

We pass by many who look at us and start gasping. We make it to my father car and he seats me down on the front passenger seat. I buckle myself in after he closes the door and we drive off after my father gets in and buckles himself in.

We pass the security gates and head to town. The care ride is quiet and I can see my father is tense and angry as his knuckles turn white while gripping the steering wheel. Just as I want to ask him a question he hits his right hand against the steering wheel three times and curses ‘fuck’ before rolling down the windows in the car.

I wipe my tears away and sniff. He asks me, “So tell me about this guy. The coach says he is the star quarterback.”

I turn in my seat to face him with my feet on the seat and tell him. “I met him early this week for the first time. I just knew his name and nothing else about him because Kelly previously mentioned that he was best friends with Daniel. He along with Daniel and many others came to my dorm looking for Kelly. It was the same day when I went shopping and after Daniel left he helped me carry my stuff up. Since then that Jelly Plus person has been posting stuff about us. Corbin and I had a library date where we did nothing, he studied while I did my work with my group members. We went for lunch later and someone came up to us and asked me who I was and what faculty was I apart of. After I told her I said goodbye to Corbin and went up to my room. After showering I came back to the room to an angry Kelly who said they were defiling me online. I didn’t bother with it but it was on my mind so I checked it out and this is what I saw. Her previous articles about me weren’t like this one – how can she call me a whore and how can his ex lie like that?”

“What do you mean by she lied?” he asks me. I close my eyes and drop my head against the seat, “Corbin said that he used to love her but their relationship got stale. He stuck with her because he thought it could work but it didn’t and she refused to go to counselling yet she’s saying he’s been cheating with me. It doesn’t make sense because he said that they were going to go to counselling last year which means I’ve been whoring around since last year with him when in actual fact I was in France last year no?”

He scoffs and says, “Don’t worry baby girl, I’ll make sure they all apologize to you on their knees. I’ll make their lives miserable.”

I go silent as I fall asleep and listen to my father speak to his lawyer on his mobile. I feel myself being carried in strong arms and placed on my bed. I pull him back down and he chuckles, “Girl if you ain’t asleep why the fuck you still pretending.”

My eyes flutter open and I look into the most handsome man on earth’s green eyes. Smiling at him I stretch my body while saying, “Matthias Eldred Dickson, did you forget how to speak?”

He rolls his eyes and looks around the room. My eyes follow his and see nothing. He turns back to me and lowers his head. His lips touch mine as he presses me down under his weight. His tongue sweeps across my bottom lip and I open it giving him access. I moan into his mouth as his hands cup my breast and squeeze them gently.

He pinches my nipples and starts kissing down my neck. Through my top, he sucks in my nipple on each breast then down my stomach after lifting my shirt. Biting my lips down so I don’t make a sound, he stops at shorts and undoes the button and pulls down the zip. Pulling both my shorts and underwear out of the way he goes down on me until I climax in his mouth.

He pulls my underwear up and buttons my shorts. Getting into view, he kisses my lips then and smirks down at me. – I guess after this you also think I’m a whore but I’m actually not. I know how to make out and how it feels to climax thanks to my brother.

I had to bed him a million times and he finally gave in after I turned eighteen with the excuse that I’m old enough. I needed the experience because I needed it for my stories. I’ve watched him fuck his girlfriends. Watched him jerk off and tastes a bit of it. I’ve watch lesbians have sex in real life and I’ve watched my gay best friend and his man making love. My sex scenes between them are really good thanks to them.

I lay in my brother’s arms as he types away at his phone. After a moment he asks, “So this boyfriend’s ex is making you out as a whore?”

“Yeah, am I one?” I ask him and he slaps my ass. “Na, even what I do to you doesn’t define you as a whore, besides, the hymen protecting you is proof,” he says and hugs me tight.

“But I do have the desire to cheat on my wife,” he says with a sigh.

I burst out laughing and push him away, “That’s your choice Mattie, if you do, please notify me beforehand.”

I fall asleep in his arms and wake up to the sound of my phone ringing that I thought my father had. Rubbing my eyes, I get up and reach for it. I see Corbin’s name flash across the screen. I answer and wince when he yells into the phone, “Divinity what the fuck? Where are you?”

“Uh… I left with my father,” I say and hear him sigh.

“Divinity, you can’t just leave like that, do you know how worried I’ve been?” he says.

“Well I was upset and he doesn’t like seeing me upset. Corbin, do you know what your ex has been saying about me?” I ask as I feel tears forming in my eyes.

I hear him sigh again before he answers, “I know, well I just found out. She had no right saying all of those things about you and I swear that I’ll sort it out.”

“The damage is done Corbin and my father won’t let this go,” I say and hear Daniel’s voice in the background.

“So much for first impressions. Kelly came to us earlier on saying that she got a call from your dad’s lawyer asking questions about us and other things.”

“Yeah well, I am his daughter and he doesn’t want anyone shitting on me,” I say as I move out of Mathias’ way and Easton who decided to join us who knows when.

“When are you returning?” he asks and I can hear the sadness in his voice.

“I don’t know, I have classes on Tuesday only so I’ll be back Tuesday most likely. When my parents have me over, they keep me for as long as they can,” I say and hear him grumble.

“But I thought we’d be together tonight.” I nod my head knowingly, “I know, I know, I miss you too.”

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