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[Divinity’s POV]

Sitting in front of my laptop at my desk, I laugh evilly while eating a lemon poppy burst cupcake I made this morning before classes.

I type away at the page I’m about to post on the Kelmnridge University public forum. My new boys love scene between the President of the Chess club and the wide-receiver of the Kelmnridge Shire’s football team.

Getting that Big Black Cock balls deep is going to have everyone wanting more. Sighing in relief, the two thousand five hundred word count makes me wince. I wish I could have written more but who’d want to read that on the forum?

Reading it over to fix my errors and grammar, I sip on my coffee and nod in content. The word count bumped up to two thousand six hundred.

Typing the word count on top in square brackets, I nod again and upload it with the name “MyLadySmut – More (^q^)” that drooling face is everything – thank God for jemoticons (Japanese emotions)

Giving it a last reading, I upload it and minimize the screen. Looking over my schedule and looking at the time, I note that I have Didactics to attend in an hour.

Getting up, I take my empty coffee cup to the sink and rinse it. Getting my towel and toiletries, I head out my room, locking it behind me and head down the hall to the floor showers.

It’s empty in a way with four stalls being used and I can smell cigarettes in the air. Rolling my eyes, I head into a stall with all my belongings and close the shower curtain. Not long and I heard giggling and gossip of my new post.

Some girls liked it while others thought I’m disgusting. I smile because I know I’m good at what I am doing. They don’t even know someone like myself exists until they see me. I’m pretty and I know that but I don’t show it, I hide away – I’m not looking for attention.

Stepping out of the shower, I dry myself and put lotion on my body. Pulling on my panties and putting on a bra. I wrap my towel around me and put on deodorant.

Slipping into my flops, I head out while greeting everyone even though they just look at me and don’t greet back.

Unlocking my door, I walk in and lock it behind me.

Pulling on the royal blue tracksuit and white sneakers, I pack my books properly and sit down in front of my desk. Running my finger over the trackpad it lights up and I refresh the forum page.
As usual, there are so many good comments on par with the negative ones. I state in every post that the persons I use in here are just models for my fantasies but they still don’t agree with my decision.

They will never find out unless they hack the server and trace me back to my IP address but then again, my handsome brother Matthias, doesn’t pay one of his friends a lot of money to keep me from harm for no reason!

My family knows I’m such a pervert and although papa doesn’t agree, what can he say – he has asked me whether or not I liked men and I reassured him that I do because he suspected that I’m lesbian.

Matthias laughed his head off and so did Easton because our papa was stressed the hell out after I told him I masturbate to gay porn!

Shutting down my laptop, I grab something to eat and my mobile. Locking the door behind me, I head down the steps and greet the security guard while handing him two cupcakes which he takes with a smile.

Walking down the path through the courtyard I check my mobile and find messages from my best friend Kelly who I’ve been friends with since kindergarten. We met in church through our grandparents and have been inseparable since then.

Kelly: Hey witch, we need to hook up, I haven’t seen you in two weeks. There’s a game this weekend and Daniel’s playing.

Me: He always plays!

Kelly: Lol, is it a yes or no?

Me: Don’t know, Hazel, Bridgette, Nattalie and I are studying. When you have time, come join us!

Kelly: No shit! I’ll see about that, but on a real note, will you come?

Me: I’ll let you know.

Kelly: Cool, I have cheer practise now, chat to you tonight.

Me: Love you~

Kelly: I love you more~

I put my mobile away as I walk through the door of Miss Green’s lecture hall. Bridgette, Nattalie and Hazel are already seated.

Sitting down beside Nattalie after greeting them and handing them two cupcakes each, they don’t waste time in munching down.

Miss Green raises a brow at us and I sigh. Taking a cupcake out I walk over to her desk and hand it to her which she takes with a smile and thanks me.

The lecture hall fills up soon and at three on the dot, she stands up and starts, “Alright ladies settle down,” she says and waits for the ‘Clique’ to stop talking.

The four of us in front don’t bother looking back because we don’t really communicate with them, well they don’t communicate with us.

“We’ll be going over theme tables for this week and in a month you all, in groups will present your theme. I’ve already handed you the guidelines for the themes and you all in your groups will decide on the themes you will present and let me know. If two groups choose the same theme, the second group will have to choose a different theme,” she says and heads to the board.

She looks around and her eyes land on us. “The four of you look like you are ready for action, so… what shall your theme be?” she asks and I look at them. They all shrug which means I can choose whichever theme I like, I nod my head but don’t answer.

Miss Green smiles and looks at the rest who I’m sure are rolling their eyes. Moments later we hear them call out:

1. Ocean Life
2. The Circus
3. Season
4. Pets
5. Transportation
6. Christmas
7. Community Helpers
8. Trees

Miss Green looks at us, “Have you decided?”

“Will it be okay if we get back to you? Miss said we’d have a month to prepare and we’d like to do some research regarding the weather, season and timing.” I say and I see her nod her head.

“Seems reasonable, when you’ve decided, you can write it on the board,” she says and I thank her.
Behind me, “Miss Green, can we also check again back with you?”

Miss Green nods her head and adds, “You all are welcome to but once things are finalized, no one is allowed to change.”

The girl who asked the question taps me on the shoulder and says, “Decide for us too on what to do.”

I turn back to her and pull my tongue, “Do it on our country.”

She raises her hand, “Miss Green, we’ll do it on our country.”

Miss Green shakes her head amused and nods her head while wiping Christmas away and replacing it with “America.”

“Take out your expressive studies file and flip to page twenty-eight. Don’t forget ladies that you have your opposite cards to hand in on Thursday and the following Wednesday your Colour charts/birthday charts/emotion charts are due!”

The class starts complaining and I roll my eyes. We were told at the beginning of the semester that we had this shit due soon but like always, we work hard and they do it within a day but I’ll admit this, while they can work under pressure, I prefer doing it ahead of time.

During the ten minutes of discussion, I tell them that I think we should do our presentation on “Garden Visitors” and list the insects we can use. They choose which ones and I walk up to the board and write our choice next to number nine.

Miss Green raises a brow because she for sure knows that it was just an excuse to hear everyone’s theme and then finally decide on ours. She calls me to her desk and asks me a few questions to make sure that I know what I am doing and like usual she’s impressed.

I don’t care to compete with the others but when I do something, I get it done properly. Hazel, Bridgette and Nattlie know this and that is why we get along well because they are the same and trust my decisions just like I trust their judgement.

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