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As per usual, he thinks with his dick

Yawning in front of the desk while cutting my opposite cards up. I double tap my mobile and it lights up. The time reads 10:12 PM … no wonder my ass is yawning like its nothing.

Since I’m making triple of all my shit, I place the cards in a clear folder, making sure that all of them have my name on their backs. After making sure, I add the ABC flashcards I made in the folder and take out my bank card.

Switching my laptop on, I log into the forum and check my latest story’s post about the janitor and the businessman I saw pass me the other day.

After commenting I browse the forum and see the title “Look who is cheating on his girl.” This title instantly sparks curiosity and I click on it. My heart instantly drops reading the article.

Daniel Crossman, one of our football players, caught cheating on his girlfriend in the parking lot of Caster Eatery on Tuesday 28th January 2022.

Although many days have passed - we have the evidence.

According to our source, Mr Crossman was seen heading down a driveway. Our source was on their way to the restaurant when they spotted Mr Crossman heading down the driveway on foot. Following Mr Crossman, our source says that they saw cheerleader Angela Brighton running into his arms and the two had a heated moment as seen in the image below.

A few moments later the two headed back to Mr Crossman’s car and exited Mr Crossman’s car one hour and twenty minutes later.

Source says that they heard sexual sounds coming from Mr Crossman’s car as they approached, ‘recoding below.’

Source says they feel sorry for Kelly Lewis as it seems that this isn’t the only time that they’ve met up with a promise of meeting up again on Saturday after the game against Saint University which was last weekend.

Source says that according to rumours it seems that Miss Lewis still holds her ‘V card’ and that is why Mr Crossman is seeing someone else for sexual pleasure.

How Mr Crossman will deal with this is up to him as I, JellyPlus feel utterly repulsed and wouldn’t take him back but then again, when you’ve been with someone for two years and you love them wholeheartedly, I probably would take him back and I’m not talking about his fine black ass nor am I referring to the BBC between his legs.

Miss Lewis and Mr Crossman seemed like the power couple and all but it seems nothing lasts forever.

Being sexually active and not getting some from your girl is hard but I can’t say I agree with Mr Crossman’s decision – Miss Brighton YOU ARE ON THE SAME CHEERLEADING TEAM AS MISS LEWIS AND TEAM SISTER – WTF – YOU LIVE UNDER THE SAME HOUSE AND YOU DO THIS – HOW WILL YOU BE LOOKED AT FROM TODAY ONWARDS IS YOUR OWN FAULT!!

That’s all I have to say as I have class

See ya next time~

Love JellyPlus.”

As I listen to the voice recording attached and look at the images, I’m repulsed. That mother fucker Daniel!

As I think of ways to kill him, I see my mobile light up with Kelly’s name across the screen.

Answering it I hear her whisper, “Can I come over?”

“It’s late, go to sleep!” I demand. I have the image of an anti-social person when I’m actually very active on the internet like its nothing. Kelly doesn’t know that I’m MyLadySmut because she’ll squeal the fuck out and I have no time for that.

“I need a place to stay, I don’t want to be here,” she says and I nod knowing she can’t see me.

“Why, what happened?” I ask her feigning innocence.

“I’ll tell you when I get to the dorms, I’m leaving my mobile here because I don’t want anyone contacting me,” she says and I raise a brow.

“Must I head over and get you halfway?” I ask even though I don’t want to.

“Na its cool, I know your lazy ass doesn’t want to fetch me,” she says and asks me to get something ready for her to eat.

After we are done, I go to the kitchen and take out the leftover food that I was saving for tomorrow but never mind. I leave it on the sink and go to open my door.

Peeking through, I see that the lights are off since it’s after eleven pm and mentally high five the person who switched it off.

Kelly knows the way to sneak in here and after twenty minutes she opens my door and almost falls back when our eyes meet.

She walks into my room with a limp and closes the door behind her. I motion for her to come in and have a seat while I lock.

She takes a seat on the bed and I give her a once over. Her jeans are dirty and so is Daniels jacket.

Raising a brow I ask, “Why are you dirty?”

She looks up at me with red eyes saying, “I jumped out the window and stumbled so I’m hurt, do you have anything for me to wear?”

I nod and throw her a nightdress and she quickly strips while I get the first aid kit. She winces and pulls away while I clean the scrap marks off her knees and leg.

I warm up the pork cutlets and vegetables for her and she eats while the room is silent. Since she’s here, I’ll most probably not get to sleep tonight because we’ll end up talking.

Sighing I sit down by my desk and get the wooden tongue depressors out and start drawing the five insects on five sets of six wooden depressors. A bee, a caterpillar, a snail, a spider and a ladybird or is it ladybug?

Kelly comes over to have a look at what I’m doing.

“What in the world are you doing my artistic friend?” she asks while making herself comfortable on my bed.

I look at her momentarily then turn back to drawing the snail while holding the wooden sticks down, “I’m making puzzles for a project,” I say and see her nod from the corner of my eye.

“The theme tables?” she asks and I nod.

“Where’s the chart and the other stuff you are supposed to hand in soon?” she asks while getting up.

I hand her the folder with the opposite cards in it and she gasps, “You drew these again right?” she says making me feel proud.

“Of cause, the ones the lecturer gave us were shit so I did my own,” I say with a smile.

She hums and places the folder back on the desk out of my way and lays back down on the bed.

“Daniel cheated on me, there’s proof and a recording of the bitch screaming his name, there’s a whole fucking article on me being a virgin and that’s the problem in my relationship with him,” she says and I can hear the stifling sobs coming up.

I pause and look at her concerned but she just frowns at me. “Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, you and I are both virgins and you should be proud of that. Many girls find it hard to not give up themselves to a guy but look, here we are, we’re both twenty and no one’s touched us. I already told you that he didn’t seem like he could continue jerking off and look where we are now. Your relationship lasted long enough so if you want, you can take him back if you don’t want to then you don’t have to – he’s a nice guy but he has his needs and you can’t full fill it. It’s not your fault it’s his and he needs to deal with it. I personally think that you should give him another chance but that is final. If he wants your virginity then he has to put a ring on it and only get it after your wedding with no divorce, besides our dads will kill him!” I say while drawing away.

She doesn’t answer me and only starts crying into my pillow to muffle the sound. I sigh when she finally stops but turn and notice that she’s fast asleep. I can only offer my sister words and not affection, I don’t know what it is to be in love and be cheated on but I bet it’s the best feeling to be in love and it’s the shittiest feeling to be cheated on.

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