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That shit works!

Seeing that she is asleep, I take it upon myself as MyLadySmut to post a breakup yet motivational short scene between a gay couple, a young man and his cheating boss-boyfriend. At the end of the post I add:

P.S: that moment when you feel a sting on your lip and think it’s a fever blister coming, don’t grab useless ointment and just rub anusol on the spot. Although its hemroid cream, that shit works – I’ve been stealing it from my dad so that I can walk on this earth with no care in the world, having to hide that shit away.

It works trust me, I’ve been fever blister free for eight years!

P.P.S – apparently fever blisters are not fever blisters, they’re herpes (˘˘)

Flower of the day

Empty sex lasts for a few seconds maybe minutes, sex between your significant other and yourself lasts for eternity.

Love me as a whole and not the feeling of being inside me for that moment, savour every bit of me, every inch of me, my hair, my eyes, my skin, my lips and not the fragments you think is me but me wholeheartedly – mind, body, soul – everything of me.


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