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My Girl

[Corbin’s POV]

I watch as Daniel paces up and down with a troubled look on his face.

Early this morning before class, he tried phoning his girl but she wouldn’t answer his calls since last night.

When we headed out to practice, we ran into the cheerleaders and the girl he banged that got him into this mess, or well, they’re both at fault!

They told us that even though they banged on Kelly’s door she didn’t answer them, she’s not even answering my text messages too.

We headed to their house and Daniel banged on the door but we heard no sound. He threatened to kick the door down if she didn’t open and she didn’t – I thought she had balls but when he kicked the door open, there was no one in the room and her bed was ice cold. The window was open too and we suspect she left through there.

We’ve been searching for her all over campus and when I say we, I mean the entire team, cheerleaders included!

After a few hours of searching we, ended up on the west side of the campus that I didn’t know existed.

Half of the guys and a few of the cheerleaders are waiting with Daniel and I. Daniel’s my best friend since we both were in cribs. He loves Kelly, I know that but he loves pussy too and dating a virgin was his mistake but he loves her.

He told me about his fuck up before it got out to the public and that article has shit right down to the very last sentence.

When we asked him why we were here, he said that Kelly’s best friend attended in the west wing. We were taken aback because we didn’t know that she had a best friend attending in the west wing, we thought she was close with the cheerleaders but it seems not so, even they didn’t know about this.

“So, this friend of hers, why don’t we know about her?” asks Leon, one of the defenders. We look at Daniel who stopped pacing.

We were outside the dormitory and the security guards wouldn’t let us in because firstly, we’re all guys and we aren’t allowed in the female dormitory. They wouldn’t let the cheerleaders in because they didn’t recognise them and thirdly, the girl we are waiting for is not in her room because she left four hours ago and they don’t know when she’ll be back.

“I don’t know. But she too, they have a sister type relationship and she’s … I don’t know… I only know about her because I saw pictures of her on Kelly’s phone so I asked her who she was and she introduced us. I’ve met her a couple of times on campus and saw her many times by Kelly’s home so I kind of know her but we don’t get along,” he says and I hope he knows that none of that makes sense.

Another twenty minutes of waiting and watching Daniel’s agitation jump off his body, my eyes catch wind of a beautiful Asian chick walking up the pathway to the dormitory with her hands full.

She’s wearing a black short that rest on her thighs with a loose blue and white Varsity golf shirt. She has pink flops on her feet that doesn’t match her outfit but still suit her well, her long ink-black silky hair tied up in a high ponytail that reaches her lower back, making me wonder how long her hair actually was.

I lower my head listening to my heartbeat and my eyes widen. Normally when I see a girl, I check out her breasts and ass and my heart never beats this fast, they normally just make my cock tingle but this girl has my heart beating.

“Fuck! Who’s the sexy Asian chick?” asks Seth, one of the defenders on the team and his perverted whistle pisses the hell out of me, how can he speak so ill of my girl?

My girl? I look back and question myself. I don’t even know her name and here I am already calling her my girl – claiming her.

Daniel looks over in her direction and sighs in relief. He jogs over to her and I see them talking. We quickly make our way over and the closer I get, the shorter I realize she is, my height of 6’7 and buff body towers over her short self.

She looks up at me and I just notice her silver eyes. My heart’s beating erratically as she looks at me and that gorgeous smile is one that makes me long for more.

“Divy, do you know where she is,” I hear Daniel ask and her gaze turns back to him. She wears a mocking smile on her face, “Danny, you messed up, why are you looking for her? She wants nothing to do with you so you should just forget it, you embarrassed her, why would she want to be seen with a cheater like yourself?” she says making my brows shoot up in surprise, she’s insulting him with each sentence.

“Divy, I want to make sure that she’s alright, just tell me where she is,” he says and she rolls her eyes at him. Sidestepping us, she walks away saying, “You weren’t worried about her when you stuck yourself up someone else so why start now?”

We’re left standing there and looking on as she walks past the security guard. Daniel sighs while I just long to look at her longer and hear her sweet voice with no insult in them. He called her ‘Divy’ and I don’t think that’s her name.

We follow behind Daniel and I walk at the back of the guys while still picturing her in my mind. I feel reluctant to just leave so I turn around and see her walking through the door towards us.

We make eye contact and I look back at the guys who are ahead of me already. Since they haven’t notice that I’m not with them, I take it as my cue and stop following them.

She’s smiling at me and I smile back. Stopping in front of me she says, “Hey handsome, not going to comfort your friend?”

I shake my head, “Na, he’s in the wrong and I warned him already but he didn’t listen,” I say and she nods her head with a hum. Inwardly I’m jumping for joy that she called me handsome, she thinks I’m handsome.

She starts walking and I quickly fall into step with her. Looking down at her I try and measure her out against me, she looks like she’s shorter than five foot but that doesn’t matter, she’ll fit perfectly in my arms when we cuddle.

Just thinking of that has me excited and not the sexually excited kind.

She looks up at me with her hands folded behind her back, “You’ve been staring too long handsome,” she says and I quickly look away.

Clearing my throat as I hear her laugh beside me, I feel embarrassed and I’m sure if I wasn’t dark-skinned I’d be blushing like a motherfucker!

“I can’t help it, you’ve got me taking many glances at you, beautiful,” I say and wince at my cheesiness.

She continues to laugh, “Why thank you handsome,” she says making me look down at her and she winks at me making the butterflies dance in my stomach that I didn’t know I had.

We stop in front of a car with the university’s logo on it and she unlocks it making me raise a brow. She unloads the trunk and I instinctively pick up the boards and heavy fabric bags, well they aren’t heavy for me but someone as small as her will strain her wrist carrying these.

She thanks me and I’m suddenly glad that I stayed behind. Closing the trunk, she picks up the white and brown boxes.

We walk up the path to the dormitory again. After some time of silence she asks me, “Handsome?”

“Yes?” I say and she grins up at me while I look at her.

“What’s your name?” she asks and turns her head back to face the front.

I mentally curse forgetting that I didn’t introduce myself, “Sorry about that, my name is Corbin Beaumont, what’s yours?” I ask and she raises a brow looking up at me again.

“The quarterback?” she asks and I nod with a smile because I’m glad she’s heard about me.

She nods and purses her lips, “I’m Divinity Dickson, but whatever,” she shrugs and I see her head shake as she looks at the other people staring at us.

We arrive at the doors and just as I’m about to hand over the bags and boards to the security guard because I know that I’m not allowed in, he lets us in shaking his head at the bags in my hand, I guess he knows how heavy it is.

I follow Divinity up staircase after staircase and look over her because I caught sight of her nice round cheeks. I don’t want to sully her with my dirty thoughts so I ignore my urge to look and keep my mind occupied looking at the decorations.

We arrive on the fourth floor and I frown at the girls rushing to look at us. It looks like word has already spread that I’m here.

Pictures are taken of us as I see flashes go off and try my best to ignore the squeals but its just too loud.

We stop in front of her door and she takes out the key from around her neck and unlocks the door. She steps in and I wait outside not wanting to go in uninvited. A few seconds later she peeks her head out with a frown, “Why are you still outside, come in!” she orders and I nod while thanking her.

She shuts the door behind me and we hear squeals on the other side of the door and I wince. Turning around I meet eyes with a stunned Kelly.

We look at each other but don’t say anything. I watch as Divinity heads to the kitchen motioning me over. Her room is small but big enough that she has a kitchen.

After placing the bags and boards down, she tells me that I can have a seat on the bed next to Kelly who I ignore because she’s apparently missing.

I look around and see the second-hand laptop on the desk closed with, stationary packed neatly on it and a paper ream box on the desk written in lavender, “Music Instruments, Divinity Dickson” on it makes me curious.

Tapping my shoulders she hands me a covered box with who knows what in, “This is a thank you for helping me carry those stuff.”

I nod and accept it because I’m interested in her and don’t want to reject it. She walks over to the desk and takes a purple folder with cards inside it and tells Kelly that she’ll be gone for a while.

Kissing her on the cheek, she looks at me and I get up. We exit the room and she locks it. Heading downstairs we pass the many curious bystanders and exit the dormitory and thank the security guard who says that I must come back and help her again soon because that stuff she brings in is ridiculously heavy.

There are all of a sudden many people here and I know it’s because my ass is here. We stop and she looks up at me, “Well, thank you handsome for the help, I’ll be off then,” she says with a wave and I suddenly panic.

“Where are you off to?” I ask and mentally kick myself seeing her frown.

She looks at me deeply and says, “Well firstly, I’m going to drop off this folder at the internet café so that they can laminate my stuff and while they do that, I’m going to return the key to the office.”

“Do you mind me accompanying you?” I ask and she looks up at me strangely.

After a moment she smiles, “I don’t mind but I walk slow so you will have to keep up with me then.”

I smile as my heart sinks in and engraves her smile to it. I nod and we walk off while I glare at everyone taking pictures of us. We get many looks thrown at us and I feel so bad about it.

After we drop off the cards at the café, I offer to pay for it when we come back to get it because the price is just too ridiculous.

Divinity rejects me at first but I convince her saying that it’s the male pride in me. She laughs at me first then nods her head.

We take a twenty-minute walk to the office to hand the key back and after she signs a form we head back to the café. I open the box she handed me and my eyes widen at the number of cookies, three cupcakes and other stuff that I’ve never seen before.

“Where did you get this,” I ask her and she chuckles.

“That’s all stuff I made when I was bored,” she says and I smile.

“So I get to taste the stuff you made,” I say and realise that I said it out loud but I don’t hear her laughing.

“Well, I made them so that I could take pictures of it. It’s almost valentine’s day and many girls will want to buy shit for their boyfriends, so I’m using this as a business opportunity,” she says and I nod slowly, thinking about the word “boyfriend”.

I look at her and ask, “Do you have one?”

She looks at him with a raised brow as I take a bite from white chocolate and cranberry cookie.

“Have what?” she asks, and I swallow while holding back a moan after tasting the cookie.

Once my mouth is cleared I ask while looking at her, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Oh, no I don’t,” she says quickly with a shake to her head.

“Good,” I say and don’t realise that I said it out loud.

“Why is it good?” she asks and I now realize it. I stop walking and look down at her with wide eyes. She stops and turns to look at me with no smile on her face but a curious gaze.

I start walking again and she walks beside me, “It’s good because I have a chance,” I say but she doesn’t comment.

We arrive at the café and I pay her bill like I said I would and she is handed a box with the laminated stuff and I see that it’s double of images and ABC cards. I also see A5 sized flyers in the box with pictures of cookies and other stuff with the valentines theme on it.

I take the box from her and walk out while she speaks to the guy behind the counter, who I kept glaring at.

I look at the advertisement sheet and quickly take down the number on my mobile. Putting it away as she walks over we start walking again and I say, “I see what you meant about the valentines thing, do you mind if I take some and put it up on the boards in the north and east wings, I can get someone to put a few up in the south wing too.”

She looks at me with big eyes and smiles, with a slight jump in her step she makes my heart drop because it looked like she was about to fall. She turns to me, “That’s so kind of you if it’s not troublesome I would be overjoyed if you did.”

I nod and warned, “Okay but don’t jump, you’ll fall.”

She laughs it off, “If I fall I fall, doesn’t matter.”

“It does, I don’t want you getting hurt,” I say sternly and she grins at me but doesn’t comment. I’m sure she knows that I like her.

As we approach the dormitory I ask, “Is this your number?”

“No, but yes, it’s my business number,” she says and I sigh, it’s a good thing I asked. “So, can I have your number?” I ask and she looks at me. I get worried for a second when she has no reaction but see her smile and I smile back.

I hand her my mobile and she types her number in. we stop in front of the doors, and I take a handful of the flyers and she hands me my mobile back.

I wave her goodbye and she waves back and I watch her walk into the building. After greeting the grinning security guard who’s wiggling his eyes brows at me, I can’t help but smile.

I wanted to hug her and kiss her but this was enough. I might go all out wooing her then maybe we can marry.

Marry? I widen my eyes at the thought. Stopping in my tracks, I look back at the dormitory and slowly start walking again. I never thought this day would come but I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

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