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Mind your business (2)

We wake up early Friday morning because its cheer practice and since Kelly missed this whole week, she needs to be there.

I dress up in a moss green tracksuit with a grey tank top on underneath with white sneakers on while Kelly wore her practice outfit and white sneakers.

We head out and I take my mobile with me and my psychology textbook too to keep me busy with a highlighter and coloured koki’s.

We arrive at the football field and head to the stands while we wait for everyone. I ignore Kelly after sitting down and opening my textbook. Today is going to be a long day.

I lay on my stomach and start reading and highlighting, making notes.

“Dee,” she suddenly calls me as I’m deep into the book. I look up at her and she motions for me to look over.

I look ahead and see Corbin make his way over to us and has Daniel and a few others with him. I sit up and my knees and lean back sitting on my heels.

They make their way over and Corbin sits down beside Kelly looking down at me and the rest sit next to him while Daniel sits silently beside Kelly.

“Morning,” I greet them all and they greet me back.

“Morning, I thought you weren’t free,” he said and I nodded.

“Kelly, got dibs first,” I say and he narrows his eyes. Turning to look at her who smiles at him then goes back to her phone typing away.

Corbin takes out his mobile and holds it up in front of him. Looking over it he looks at me and demands, “Smile,” seriously.

Kelly bursts out laughing making me stare at her emotionlessly. After a moment of looking at her, I can’t resist it anymore and smile while looking at him. The camera goes off and I turn back to Kelly who’s holding her stomach.

“I’m going to die from laughing,” she says and I look down at my books. Stretching out, I lay back down and ignore all of them – this is really too awkward.

That night I sit in front of my laptop scrolling through the topics on the forums while Kelly sits opposite me looking down at her mobile.


Breaking News – Quarterback seen with ‘Someone’.

Proof of Corbin Beaumont’s time with ‘Someone’.

Confirmation about Corbin’s affair.

Corbin’s Ex-girlfriend speaks out.

Miss Lewis taking her stand against the Cheerleaders.

I look up at Kelly who closed herself with the quilt and has earphones in her ears.

Raising a brow at her, I look down and click on the first article.

Breaking News – Quarterback seen with ‘Someone’

News just hit me in the face.

I was just informed that Quarterback, Corbin Beaumont has been seen out and about today in the west wing.

Stay tuned for more news!


‘Huh’ escapes my lips at this nonsense. Rolling my eyes at this nonsense, I click on the next article.

Proof of Corbin Beaumont’s time with ‘Someone’

Okay so here’s the tea.

Quarterback Corbin Beaumont, the star player of our university who left his girlfriend of four years, two months ago was seen accompanying a beautiful lady of the Asian community.

Source doesn’t know how the two of them met but the events of today make us suspect that the two are in a relationship.

Well, you may wonder, “Why haven’t we heard of this before?”

Well, let me spill the tea for you here. Source and I and many others have dug around and came up empty-handed!

Shocking right? I know!

Five to eight of the football players were seen sitting outside the west wing, girl’s dormitory along with three cheerleaders waiting for said young lady.

Later, when she arrived back at the dormitory she was seen conversing with Daniel Crossman and that conversation seemed to be heated with all the players frowning at her.

After the football players left, Corbin stayed behind and was seen speaking to her alone.

He then walked her to the university’s company car which she unpacked boxes and bags out of which made me curious about this – does she work for the university?

The star Quarterback was seen helping her with her bags and other things, so this made me wonder if he was being chivalrous but then you all know that males aren’t allowed in the female dormitories and vice versa but the security guard let him in!

Source asked said security guard why and he said that said young lady always carries those heavy bags up and down four flights of stairs and he can’t leave his post so he let Corbin in since he was helping her and said that Corbin was about to hand him the bags but he let them in, in any case, a few girls who live in the west wing state that he helped her carry to her room and he wasn’t seen checking her out – and this makes me wonder!

Corbin went into her room, staying for exactly eight minutes and was seen exiting along with the young lady who the ladies in the dorm cannot put a name to her face, “Why don’t they know her name?” but live in the same dormitory as her.

The two were seen heading over to the internet café in the west wing where she left her work to get laminated which proves that she is a student of Kelmnridge University and not a worker.

They were seen heading to the office where she returned the car keys and I did my digging. She is allowed to use the university’s vehicle due to her high attendance to lectures and marks – who else knows of this detail because I didn’t know that it was possible, but then again ninety-six percent of the student body don’t attend lectures at ninety-eight to one hundred percent.

They returned to the internet café and he paid her bill for her – chivalrous indeed!

Corbin accompanied her back to the dorm and the pretty lady was seen typing into Corbin’s mobile which I suspect that she must have added her number to his contact list (has yet to be proven); after saying goodbye to her, he watched her enter then turned to leave and was seen smiling from ear to ear which we suspect that he must be happy about meeting her and the events that had taken place!

So ladies and gents, it seems that those four years meant nothing to Corbin.

I feel sorry for Cheerleading captain Cynthia Leennon as we all heard that she had been devastated after the break-up which made her take a month’s leave from university and cheer. There had also been talk of the couple getting back together but unfortunately, Cynthia’s man has been taken by someone else(Yet to be proven)


Rubbing my temple after reading this, I feel so shit! It’s not like I care about this Cynthia person but that article made it sound like I am a homewrecker.

Clicking on the next article…

Confirmation of Corbin’s Affair

News from the football team states Corbin is indeed interested in the lady from before. When asked what do they think about the chances of Corbin and Cynthia getting back together, they said: “We don’t speak about that topic but as much as she was devastated, he too didn’t handle it well but after today, it seems that our boy got his spark back so we look forward to officially meeting her as our new sister-in-law because this boy can’t stop talking about her, we also hope that their relationship works out.”

Source asked further, “Why did you all seek her out?”

“We went looking for Kelly who is dating Daniel. Daniel told us when we asked who she was, he said that she is Kelly’s best friend and it seems that they have been best friends since childhood but Daniel doesn’t really know much about her besides her name and the fact that she’s anti-social or well he thinks she is since he hasn’t spent much time with her. He did, in fact, say that she is crazily dedicated to what she does.”

After moments of deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that we don’t know what we are doing because how can there be no information about a student at this university!

I just realized that I don’t give a shit so I log out and close my laptop after shutting it down. I pick up my mobile and look through it. Sighing, I open my inbox ready to answer my unread messages from Corbin.

Corbin: You there beautiful?

Corbin: ?

Corbin: Divinity?

Corbin: …

Corbin: Ignoring me or asleep?

Me: Awake

Me: Sorry, I was preoccupied.

Corbin: You’re still up?

Me: Yup!

Corbin: Divinity, it’s after one in the morning.

Me: I know.

Corbin: You need to sleep love.

Me: I will.

Corbin: Are we still up for tomorrow.

Me: Yes or do you have other plans?

Corbin: No, just making sure, what time should I get you there?

Me: Any time after 8, I’ll be there whole day.

Corbin: Okay but what about lunch?

Me: You can have it.

Corbin: You’re not going to join me?

Me: Depends on what we’re going to have.

Corbin: Chicken wraps?

Me: Then I’ll have ten thank you.

Corbin: Are you serious?

Me: I’m not shy when it comes to my stomach.

Corbin: I laughed so hard. I should take you out more than, we’ll eat a restaurant out.

Me: Yes!

Corbin: Lol but on a real note, I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.

Me: I’m excited too

Corbin: You are?

Me: Why wouldn’t I be?

Corbin: I didn’t think you were interested.

Me: Oh

Corbin: Did you see the forums?

Me: Forums?

Corbin: The posts about us?

Me: Oh that… I didn’t. But I heard from Kelly but lost her along the way because I was doing something else.

Corbin: Apparently we are dating according to JellyPlus.

Me: What’s a JellyPlus?

Corbin: Lol, the person who wrote the article.

Me: Oh I see…

Corbin: You really don’t care?

Me: Why should I, if we date or not, that has nothing to do with anyone besides us.

Corbin: My parents will have a lot to say.

Me: Mine too especially my brothers and father.

Corbin: Lol I’m looking forward to meeting them.

Me: You’ll be glared at but, I need to sleep now handsome, see you tomorrow.

Corbin: Night, sleep well love.

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