None of My Business

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Mind your business (3)

[Corbin’s POV]

Reaching for my blaring alarm, I switch it off and take a good look at the time. It’s only 6 a.m; getting up, I rush to the bathroom while everyone is asleep.

Emptying my bladder, I walk over to the sink and wash my hands. Grabbing my toothbrush, I squeeze the toothpaste on it and brush my teeth. After spitting it out and rinsing my mouth, I rub shaving cream on my face and shave away the little hairs threatening to grow.

Stripping out of my clothes, I step into the shower, closing the door behind me. Rubbing the body wash against my skin, I switch the shower on and reach for the shampoo. Rubbing it into my hair that’s shaved into a brush cut.

Stepping under the warm water, I wash my hair out and scrub myself. Cutting the water off, I step out and rub a towel over my hair, drying it out and do the same to my body.

Wrapping the towel around my waist and head back to my room, the guys are slowly waking up and some wiggle their brows at me because they know about today.

I lotion myself down, I pull on boxers and a put on deodorant. Yawning I pull jeans on and white top, after putting on my socks, I step into my Jordan’s and grab a jacket. Packing my books into a sling bag, I head downstairs for breakfast.

After seven, I head out of the house and pass by many who greet me and wish me good luck for tomorrow’s game.

I arrive at the library and enter. It’s quite empty but I see a few heads through the bookshelf. The library is pretty big, almost as big as three lecture halls put together and it still has a second floor.

I greet the lady at the desk and choose a seat randomly. Sitting down, I reach for my mobile in my left jeans pocket and tap the screen. Swiping left, I go to my messages and text Divinity. It’s only 7:15 am and she said we should meet up at 8 am.

Corbin: I’m at the library.

Divinity: Already? Why?

Corbin: Woke up early?

Divinity: Poor you!

Corbin: Na, I was just looking forward to seeing you.

Divinity: Please don’t embarrass me, Corbin.

Corbin: I’m not! This may not be a proper date but I’m still pretty excited to be spending time with you angel.

Divinity: See you soon.

Corbin: On your way already?

I wait for her to reply but she doesn’t. As I make to put away my mobile, I feel someone tap my right shoulder. Turning to look who it is, my eyes widen in surprise, “Divinity?” I ask confused and she smiles at me.

“Morning,” she says making me smile at her and greet her back.

“I’m up on the second floor,” she says and I nod. Grabbing my bag, I stand and push my chair in. She turns around and I follow her lead. We walk towards the end of the building where the stairs are and we walk up each step or well, I follow behind Divinity like a puppy.

“You’re here early,” I say as I watch her in front of me, taking each step elegantly with confidence.

“Mn, I’ve been here since six-thirty this morning,” she says and I hum.

“Did you get enough sleep?” I ask her, while my eyes trail down her short pale legs.

“Nope, but I’m used to it, I can go a day without sleep if I must,” she says making me frown.

Looking at her bare feet I say, “That’s not healthy Divinity.” She turns and smiles at me saying, “I know that but sometimes, I just need to stay up to finish my work. If I don’t and I fall behind, I end up stressing and that’s far worse than staying up all day.”

I don’t comment on that because I don’t know what’s keeping her busy and there is some truth to her words.

We get to the second flight and I can’t keep it in anymore, she has a nice, round butt that’s not too big, slightly fat which match her thick thighs and the rose vine and thorns tattoo on her right foot, going up her ankle, all the way to her carve is everything! The silver toe ring on her second toe ties in well with her tattoo too for some reason.

“Divinity?” I call her. She turns her head to me and we lock eyes. My breathing hitches slightly but I calm down quickly, “Where’re your shoes?” I ask her and she stifles her laugh. I mentally curse because I want to hear her laugh.

She turns back and says, “It’s by the table, I tend to walk around in the library a lot and sometimes I stand for the majority of the time and my shoes aren’t that comfortable, they sometimes irritate me too and since there is a carpet on the floor, it’s quite welcoming.”

We reach the second floor finally because I can’t fucking stand walking behind her. Her fat ass is eating the red and black checked shorts that are cupping her ass cheeks perfectly!

Pausing in my steps, I see that there are a few ladies up here and they are all looking at me. A few seconds go by and I see smiles tug on their lips. Cursing mentally, I look for Divinity who is in a far corner table that’s filled with so many things.

Reaching the table, I find her clearing up a spot, she looks at me and says, “You can sit here.” Thanking her, I take my seat and pull out my books, I have played to study and I could use this time because back at the house, the boys don’t know about shutting the fuck up!

I frown slightly seeing that Divinity doesn’t take the seat beside me and instead, packs two chairs on top of one another, and does the same with the two chairs opposite me, leaving one chair behind where I guess she’ll sit.

She takes the four chairs, two by two and places them by the table of ladies not too far from us.

“What the fuck are you doing,” says a dark-skinned girl with long curly hair. I frown because I don’t like the way she’s speaking to my girl. “Don’t watch what I do, do your work, I won’t help you if you don’t do your part,” Divinity claps back.

That girl rolls her eyes and does what Divinity says. Divinity walks back to me and places the chair opposite me, in the middle and starts packing the table right.

She has wax twisties, koki’s, pencil crayons, fine lines, gel pens, a pencil, sharpener, ruler, markers, glue stick, a thick flip file, a ring file filled with stuff and poster paper. She packs everything properly then takes a seat but stands up again and pulls the poster card towards her.

Taking a closer look, I see that its an incomplete drawing of flowers, with a half-drawn tree on the side that is on the edge and top of the poster, with the words, ‘Garden Visitors’ written on it. Divinity sits down again and smiles at me, “If my stuff gets in your way, just move it and let me know if I disturb you okay?” she says and I nod.

She gets to work, grabbing the HB pencil and starts drawing. Curving the line on one of the flower stalks she draws a few more lines and a tulip is drawn. My brows shoot up in surprise noticing that she’s talented in drawing too.

She has a concentrated look on her face and her mouth is pouted. A frown playing on her forehead and her nose scrunched. I look at her for a good while before noticing something from the corner of my eye. Turning to look, I see the girls from the next table smiling at me with two of them shaking their heads.

I’m quite surprised that they haven’t taken photos yet and aren’t squealing like the girls from the other faculties do. Looking at the stuff on their tables, I notice that they have similar supplies like Divinity and are also drawing a poster but theirs don’t have flowers on it.

She suddenly gets up from the chair and grabs a black marker and ruler. Using the two, she starts drawing a black border.

I feel slightly annoyed that she’s ignoring me but we are in the library and I guess I should start studying. Turning to my books, I flip through the pages and get drawn in. I don’t know how long it has been since I started because my eyes are starting to burn.

Sitting back in the chair, I cover my mouth with the back of my hand and yawn. Balling my hands into fists, I raise them to my eyes and rub them. Stretching my body, I look up and don’t see Divinity in the chair.

My heart trembles and I begin to panic, about to stand up, I hear someone sigh with a complaint and look towards the floor. Not far from me or well beside me really, she sitting there cutting out plate size circles that are coloured in different colours.

She suddenly yawns covering her mouth with her fist and falls back or well throws herself on down. Our eyes meet and she smiles at me.

Turning in my seat and folding my arms I yawn but don’t cover my mouth this time. I look back at her and see her yawn again and I can’t help but smile. Looking at her closely, I see her white tank top is lifted up until under her navel and a belly ring is peeking out.

She doesn’t seem like the type to have a nose ring and belly ring also a tattoo but we shouldn’t judge others. I look up at her and raise a brow.

She raises a brow at me too and I tilt my head, “Close your stomach,” I whisper to her and she quickly feels her stomach and closes it. Sighing, I pull out my mobile to check the time and I groan. Only two hours have passed.

Hearing a chuckle, I look back at Divinity who is yawning again. “You see what happens when you don’t get enough sleep?” I say and she frowns but doesn’t comment.

Her eye close and I look back at the table. Surprise fills me as I look at the colourful poster that’s incomplete, well the background is. Pulling it closer I take a good look at the veins she drew on the stems and petals in I guess she drew it with the fine liners and I can see that she used the different coloured koki’s and then coloured them in with pencil crayons and the incomplete background with the wax twisties.

“It’s pretty,” I say and I hear her scoff. Looking back at her she’s staring right at me. She shrugs and gets up. I catch a quick glimpse of her breast and quickly look away. You can’t say I’m not completely interested in how she looks naked but that can wait. If she was one of the girls that I’m normally around, she would have been all over me and we wouldn’t be here.

She sits down in the chair and pulls it closer then pulls the colourful circles nearer that she placed on the table. She yawns for the hundredth time and looks at me, “It’s not done yet so we can’t say it’s pretty.”

I raise a brow and she smiles, “You’ll understand once I’m done with it,” she says and I nod my head. Rubbing my hands over my face I ask her, “Do you want to grab a bite to eat, I know it’s early but I’m hungry and tired, and I need to get out of here before I fall asleep.”

She looks at me and yawns yet again, before she can answer, the hair on the back of my neck stands up, sending shivers down my spine. “Mr Beaumont?” hearing my name being called by that familiar voice, I curse inwardly and look at Divinity who is smiling slightly at the woman.

I look at her greeting, “Good morning Mrs Larry,” she nods her head at me and looks at Divinity. Smiling at her, she looks at the posters and coloured circles, “I see that you’re almost done, but the colours on the circles look dull.”

“It does?” Divinity asks. Mrs Larry nods her head, “Come to my office later, I have oil pastels there that you can use, it’ll make the colours pop better and then you can laminate them, we got the laminating machine from the office.”

“Okay,” is all Divinity says and Mrs Larry’s attention turns back to me, “Shouldn’t you be on the field practicing for tomorrow’s game?” she asks and I point to my book, “I’m going over the plays,” I say.

She crosses her arms over her chest and says, “Don’t lie to me, Ethan told me that you’re after some girl and when I saw Divinity in the picture with you I was surprised, I see your tastes have upgraded.”

I open my mouth to say something but suddenly remember that she hated Cynthia because she swore at her and back chatted many times before. Closing my mouth I look away and nod not saying anything. She eventually leaves and I look at Divinity who looks like she ate something bad.

She starts packing up and I see her place everything into their respective packaging and the poster in a sleeve with the coloured papers and cut out insects. She tells me that she’ll be right back and walks over to another table, leaving her stuff with three ladies who nod and smile at her.

She returns to the table and picks her bag up while slipping into her sandals. Grabbing my stuff after putting them away, we leave and head downstairs which I instantly regret. Screams and yells of my name are heard and the flashes go off.

Turning to Divinity who looks like she isn’t the centre of attention, I grab her by the hand gently and start speed walking. I can feel her pulling back. Afraid that I’m making her uncomfortable, I turn back to see her looking at me amused.

We make it through the door and into the fresh air and damn the sunlight. “Where are we eating,” she asks and I look at her. Her eyes are slightly red which make me frown.

“Do you want to eat on campus or do you want to go out?” I ask and she looks around. After a moment she says, “Let’s go look for chicken wraps by Neo café on campus.”

I nod and let go of her hand. We start walking in comfortable silence.

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