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Mind your business (4)

[Divinity’s POV]

Looking at Corbin’s hand in mine, I smile amused at the fact that he is pulling me out of the library. I look around and shake my head, these people are more interested in gossip than their studies.

We make it through the door and into the fresh air. I feel the sun hit my skin and wince when I suddenly remember I didn’t put on sun screen.

“Do you want to eat on campus or do you want to go out?” he asks while I look around.

“Let’s go look for chicken wraps by Neo Café on campus,” I say after a moment of thinking since I’m not dressed to go out and he is.

He nods his head and let’s go of my hand. We walk down the stairs and across campus in a comfortable silence.

We reach the café and get us seated. The waitress brings over the menu and I give it a look over. Closing it, I look up at Corbin who has a smile on his face. Our eyes meet and he looks away nervously.

“What is it?” I ask and he looks back at me. “Why are you looking at the menu when you came for wraps?” he asks and I roll my eyes.

“Okay so you order and I’ll eat,” he chuckles with a nod and waves the waitress over who quickly puts her phone in her pocket and smiles at us both.

Corbin goes on to order ten wraps, three vegan, three chicken and four beef. I place an order for passionfruit lemonade and he orders a coke. We wait in silence and I can feel gazes on us.

I turn around to take a look and hear Corbin grumble. “You know, you shouldn’t care about it,” I say and he looks at me surprised.

“Doesn’t it bother you?” he asks me and I shake my head.

“I don’t care, not one bit,” I answer and he smiles or well smirks.

The waitress brings over the wraps placing it in the centre of the table between us with our drinks. My mouth practically watered and I didn’t wait before I grabbed one of the chicken wraps and shoved it in my mouth.

“Slow down,” Corbin warned. I choked suddenly because I completely forgot he was here. After taking a sip of my drink, I slapped my chest and sighed. Taking another sip of my drink I looked over at Corbin who had a glare while looking at me, “I warned you didn’t I?” I asked.

I nodded my head, “I know, but the only reason why I chocked was because I fucking forgot you were here,” I say and watch as his eyes widen.

Raising an eye brow at him he shakes his head, “I didn’t know that you cuss.”

Looking at my wrap and eyeing it I say, “Oh Corbin my love, this is only our first date and there is no way you will know me unless you eat my brain.”

Taking a bite, my eyes flutter open as I moan and make eye contact with Corbin who has his eyes trained on me. Shaking my head, I cover my stuffed mouth and ask him, “Not going to eat? I’m almost done with mine.”

He smiles and looks down at his plate then picks up the beef wrap and starts eating. After I’m done with my second wrap I ask him, “So what is the latest news on us?”

“Well, they asked my ex what she thinks and she said that it’s just a way of me getting over us and maybe when I realize that she is all I need, I’ll leave you and get back together with her,” he answers listlessly.

I frown at the fact that his ex, spoke of me in such a way. I stay quiet as my mind races on ways to kill her which I won’t really do. “There’s a reason why she and I broke up. I loved her before but after a while our relationship just became stale like old bread. The sex was great and all but when it’s empty and hollow, there’s just no more meaning. Not to mention that I cannot smile in front of our parents when they speak about our wedding,” he says and I can see the hurt in his eyes.

“When did you realize that you no longer loved her?” I ask as he takes a sip of his coke.

“Three years later and I stayed with her for almost a year after that thinking that I would love her again but it just didn’t work out,” he says.

I sit back in the chair and look down at my half eaten fourth wrap, “Did you want things to work out?” I ask and he nods his head. “Yeah but she was just so busy, I was looking to go for couples counselling but she refused. What made everything worse was that after I announced that we were dating and introduced our families to each other our parents took it as a business opportunity so for that, I tried to make things work but you know, I just stopped caring and thought that I would take time for myself and that’s when I met you,” he says making me smile.

After a moment of silence he asks, “Why are you single?”

I look up at him and smile, taking my wrap I shake my head and start eating. Between bites I say, “I have two brothers and a father who will murder any man who looks my way. But then again, I want to get myself financially stable and at least a few of my goals completed before I can think of finding someone, getting married then settling down.”

“What do you want in a man?” he asks making me frown but answer, “Well, I’ve never dated so I don’t know but it would be best if he knows what he wants in life, won’t force me to do anything and will support me whole heartily. I’d one hundred percent support him and hopes that he’ll support me in what I do. I also hope that he’ll show him who he is before we get married because I don’t want to be surprised, you know? Like I walk in on him and someone else or he suddenly becomes abusive and I die and shit.”

My eyes snap over as he suddenly starts laughing which makes me smile too. After he calms down he asks, “So what do you think about me?”

I sit back and cross my arms. Taking a good look at him I smile and say, “Well firstly, you’re handsome. Secondly, you have a bright future in the football field. Thirdly, I don’t know you that well so I can’t judge you.”

“Then how about we go on a few more dates to know each other?” he asks. I take a good look at him and ask, “Why me?”

“Why not?” he asks me back. Taking in a deep breath I look around the café and notice that we are still being watched. Turning back to him I answer, “Well I’m boring.”

“No you’re not,” he interrupts me. Raising a brow at him he answers my silent question, “Divinity, you know when I first saw you I didn’t know who you were. You were wearing unmatched clothes. A black shorts, blue shirt and pink flip flops but I didn’t care, I just knew that you were for me when I saw you that day. Do you know that I go to sleep every day since then thinking about you and wishing that I could wake up with you in my arms, go to sleep with you in my arms too. That’s why I decided to ask you on a date and maybe take this further… what do you think?”

My heart starts racing as the thought runs in my head. I’ve pictured him in my life especially on our wedding day; him wearing a white suit and myself in a black dress – strange but it would look amazing.

I feel my cheeks warm up and look up at him. I see him staring at me with an amused smile. I pat my cheeks and hear him ask, “What were you thinking about that made you blush?”

Rolling my eyes I answered, “I was thinking about us and where we’d end up.”

“So… where do we end up?” he asks, sitting back in his chair and folds his arms.

I shrug and say instead, “So, when do we go on our next date?”

He raises his brows then smiles. Rubbing a hand over his face he asks, “So can I take this as that we are official?”

“How about a trial?” I ask and lean forward on my folded arms. He chuckles and shakes his head, “Okay sure, for how long? A month? Two months? Three months?”

Holding back my laugh I say, “Well, I hope it doesn’t really take that long but maybe a month will do. I’ve been convinced that I can’t be single forever… and if this works my dear Corbin, I’m sure papa and my brothers will approve.”

“Why do you sound like one of those creepy, crazy, psycho rich girls?” he asks with a smirk. I sit back in my seat and pick up my drink. Bringing it to my lips I chid, “Oh no no no Corbin my dear, I don’t just sound like one, I am one,” I say and smile.

He momentarily has a look on his face that says he can’t believe what he just witnessed then bursts out laughing with a deep belly laugh. The café goes silent and the only thing we can hear is Corbin laughing. My eyes scan the café to see that everyone is looking at us with camera’s flashing and the works.

I look back at Corbin who finally calms down and looks at me with a smirk on his face. He looks down at the table and says, “Since we’re both done eating, how about we leave?”

I nod my head slowly, “Sure, are we splitting the bill?”

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