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A love that starts online between the Author of his fave book Let It End and himself. The author herself who is facing problems at school doesn't know that the one she's been chatting to is close to her and when she finds out..

Romance / Drama
Vanessa Nicole
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Lethania Crossford

“Ugh!! He is such an asshole! I can’t believe I fell for a guy like him!!”

“Who are we talking about again?”

“Lethania?!?! I can’t believe you, Derek remember?”

“Aaaah him~ what did he do to you this time?” I asked my best friend who rolled her eyes at me.


My name is Lethania Crossford and the beautiful young lady with frizzy hair in front of me is called Arya Brookman.

Its currently the study period and instead of studying, Arya decided to tell me about her on and off relationship with a boy in a grade higher called Derek.

I kind of zoned out while she was speaking and currently need her to explain from the beginning. We’re both in the 10th grade and take the same subjects, but we also have the subjects we specialize in.

I’m good at English, Maths, Chemistry and History whereas Arya is bilingual and good at gossip.

Haha, like I was saying before, Arya and Derek have been dating on and off for the past year and a half and she still has not learnt her lesson, he is a shameless bastard that has many girlfriends, but she still likes him and refuses to let go, it has become somewhat of an obsession if you ask me.

“Like I was saying, Derek told me to find another boyfriend if I am not happy with him, I told him that I would kill him if he ever cheated on me and yet he did it again, he literally played dumb to my face and acted as if everything that happened was my imagination,” she ranted on.

I took the glasses that were resting on my nose off and placed it next to my chemistry textbook, rubbing my balled palms against my eye sockets trying to get rid of the dryness my eyes tend to get whenever I had my glasses on for a long period of time.

“Hello? Are you listening to me?” Arya called out to me while snapping her left hand’s middle finger against her palm, “Yeah, I am listening, do I need to listen with my eyes as well Arya?” I answered while questioning her sarcastically at the same time.

She clicked her tongue at me and took out her iPhone from her purse and started tapping on it with her index fingers while it rested on the desk. I stopped rubbing my eyes and looked at her who was busy going through Derek’s Instagram and spying on him.

Arya knew she could speak to me and ignore me right after because I am like a wall that soaked in all the information but did not care about it at all, so you could basically say I was 79% a good friend and 21% an asshole.

The bell rang and finally, it was time for the second last period for today, I had English while Arya had Arts and Design being her extracurricular subject.

We headed to our lockers then separated with me walking up the staircase to Mr Armstrong’s class for English while Arya went over to the other building for her double period of Arts and Design.

Holding my books against my chest, I looked down at the clip that dropped out of my hair onto the floor beside my foot, I sighed inwardly because I did not like moving my body too often, especially now since it’s my time of the month.

I bent down ever so slightly hoping that the pains in my back don’t get triggered, but it was to no avail, my head fell forward and the hair that was tied up in a bun swung forward messing up my glasses.

Biting on the inside of my cheek, I quickly picked up the clip that fell and swung my annoying black ponytail to the back and fixed the glasses on my face to rest perfectly on my nose.

I sighed inwardly again because my back pains just got worse, being a female is not easy and I did not ask for so much pain!


I made it to Mr Armstrongs class at the same time as the rest of the students, we greeted him and he gave us a project to do that was due for next month on the 5th.

My desk partner and I don’t speak unless we have to, the project was an oral presentation that needed pdf files and illustrations on a novel that we are currently reading in class. I particularly think that this is all nonsense because all we ever do is presentations and literature.

I love literature, don’t get me wrong, but its so boring especially for me, for instance, we were previously working on a Shakespeare book, old English basically, things I already knew and then we moved on to topics that were Latin, I understood everything whereas even Mr Armstrong had to google what certain things meant.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I learned Latin because I found it interesting before and it’s easier because I basically know what others don’t and it’s fun, but also a useless talent I have.

The period passed by slowly. The bell rang and I had a free period after this because our biology teacher called in sick. I stepped out of the class greeting Mr Armstrong and walked down those horrible stairs again.

I figured that I’d wait for Arya and head over to the computer lab. When I stepped in and I felt the chill coming from the computer lab; I cursed inside my heart for not bringing my jacket with.

I checked in with the teacher who was overseeing the class and walked down the middle of the classroom that separated the class with fifteen computers on the right and fifteen on the left.

The class was filled with seniors and they were all doing their own thing. I looked over at the last computer that was open on the left side far at the back of the class near the windows.

The seat next to it had a senior seated in it that I had a crush on, but was too afraid to speak to. He must have felt my stare and looked up at me.

Our eyes met and my body froze, he squinted his eyes, turning his attention back to his computer screen. I sighed at my stupidity and walked over taking the empty seat beside him.

He was playing an online game and it looked like he was busy duelling against someone, he had an intense expression on his face and it eased up once the screen displayed fireworks with the word “Glory” on it.

I smiled and moved the mouse that was to the right beside the keyboard. The computer screen lit up and prompted me to add in my student number and passcode.

When the process was over I inserted my flash drive into the USB port and clicked it open, the screen displayed a lot of files and I clicked on one called “Let it End”.

It had over 500 documents inside it with the 1st document being the master file, I had written about 400 chapters worth and I was ready to publish it, not wasting any time, I logged into the website which I planned to publish my novel in called “Writes World” and clicked on the link which opened the writers tab.

I dragged the document called chapter 1 and filled in all the details that the site required, I bit down on my bottom lip while I hovered the mouse over the publish button, deciding whether or not to do it.

I heard a cough from beside me which startled me and made me press the publish button, realizing what I just did a chill ran down my spine, I turned to look at the culprit that coughed and my crush was staring straight at me.

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