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It Finally Started(II)

As he was running through the path that was dimly lit he saw a silhouette of a crouched body leaning against the wall. Running up to her he crouched down. His blood ran dry when he saw that she was unconscious. He shook her a couple of times but she didn’t respond.

His body started trembling as he thought of all things that could be wrong with her. Taking off his jacket he covered her with it then picked her up and carried her back to the lockers. Yelling for his coach, the man came out ready to berate him for being so loud but froze when he saw Lethania’s bloody face.

“W-what happened to her?”

Alex, “I don’t know, phone the ambulance shes unconscious!”

His coach flinched. This was the first time he has seen the calm and collected Alex so scared and hysterical. Running back to his office he dialled for the main office and told the secretary to phone the ambulance and get the schools’ nurse to come down and check up on her.

Alex sat down on the ground with her in his arms and took out his handkerchief from his pocket and wiped away the blood on her face with his trembling hands. Throwing it down he felt for her pulse by her neck and by her wrist. Slightly relieved that her heart was still beating, he moved the hair stuck to her face.

He saw that his hand was trembling and closed them into a fist. Wrapping both of his arms tightly around her he leaned his head down against hers and the tears started streaming down, whispering into her ear, “I’m so sorry I wasn’t with you. If I never picked you up we wouldn’t have bumped into them, you wouldn’t have gotten into an argument with them. I should have stopped them but I didn’t. I’m such an idiot, I’m so sorry Lethania.”

His coach came out of the office to tell him that they were on the way but stopped when he saw the scene before him. Her face was now clean and he could see her clearly but didn’t know who she was. For Alex to hold her so close to him, they couldn’t be strangers and he knew Alex’s girlfriend so what was going on?”
The nurse came rushing into the locker room and dropped down beside Alex and Lethania. Feeling her pulse and positioning her head properly on his shoulder, she said, “Don’t worry, shes still alive.” Alex glared at her with his red eyes.

Not long after the nurse arrived the principal and the security guard came. They saw Lethania unconscious in Alex’s arms then turned to the coach and asked what happened. The coach told him about Alex’s strange behaviour before he found her then told him it seems that the two were close and that Alex shouldn’t be close to another female because he has his girlfriend.

The principal walked over to Alex and asked him who she was and what happened. Telling him her name and the boy who told him that she was taken by the 3 girls. When the principal asked him who the junior was he couldn’t recall the boys face in mind.

The ambulance arrived on the field and they brought a stretcher into the locker room and gently took her from Alex but he didn’t want to let her go. The principal then told him he should go with her because he couldn’t leave and still had to phone her parents and the police.

Inside the ambulance, he held onto her hand praying for her well being. Arriving at the hospital he had to stay outside in the waiting room as they examined her and treated her. Thirty minutes later they were done and he was allowed to go see her.

Sitting by her side he brushed her hair away from her face then took out his phone and took a picture of her as a keepsake. Just as he was about to fell asleep while holding onto her hand a man stormed into the hospital.

He headed for the reception desk and asked where Lethania’s room was. After being shown the way he walked in and stood there frozen. His daughter was laying on her back with a drip attached to her arm. He slowly walked in stopping at the bed while balling his hands into a fist.

After staring at his daughter for a moment he quickly caught the tear about to drip down his cheek and wiped it away. Opening his eyes he saw Alex sitting next to her asleep.

His eyes widened with anger but quickly calmed down remembering that her mother said she had a friend with her. He thought it would be Arya but it wasn’t her it was a male friend instead.

Upon closer inspection, he saw that this boy was holding hands with his daughter. It almost took everything off him to keep himself from waking Alex up and choking him.~~Walking out of the room he went to find the doctor in charge of her to ask about her condition. Learning about the damage done to his daughter’s body his heart dropped. Seated outside the room he waiting for his ex to arrive.

Alex’s phone rang him awake, it was Simon.


Simon, “Alex dude where are you, the police are here questioning us all they said I must phone you to come and answer questions too.”

“What’s it about?”

Simon, “I don’t know but I overheard them say that one of the girls was beat up pretty badly and taken to the hospital.”

“The one that got beaten up is Lethania.”

Simon, “Huh?”

“Yeah, I’m here with her at the hospital.”

Simon, “...”


Simon, “How is she doing?”

“I don’t know but she was in a pretty bad condition when I found her.”

Simon, “Do you think it’s about what happened this morning?”

“That’s what I’ve been thinking this entire time, I don’t know who it was but it can only be someone that was present this morning.”

Simon, “Fuck man, what are we going to do?”

“What do you mean what are we going to do, whoever did this is going to pay for what they did.”

Simon, “No shit, alright, since the principal did mention who it was I’ll stay silent too for now but if I am questioned then I’ll speak the truth.”

“Yeah, see you.”~~Her father quietly stepped into the room and looked down at Alex who had his lips pressed against her hand and his eyes closed.

Raising a brow he in his deep and mature voice asked, “Who are you?”

Alex’s heart dropped as he jumped up in fright. He looked at the man standing at the door in shock. His handsomeness was overwhelming. The fierce eyes looking down at him bore a hole through his chest. “I… My name is Alex, w-who are you-u?”

“I’m her father. What’s your relationship with my daughter?”

Alex, “uh... An acquaintance.”

“Oh… Well, this is the first time I am seeing an acquaintance kiss the others hand and falls asleep while holding hands. I am going to ask you again and you better not lie to me… what is your relationship with my daughter?”

Feeling like hiding under a rock Alex gave in, “I-i’m in love with your daughter sir,” he ended in a whisper.~~~
“Where’s my daughter?” Yelled Ms Crossford in the hall. Her ex, Mr Shrade Daniels, looked at Alex once more before placing his coat on the bed and walked out. When she saw him come out of the room she immediately went to him with tears in her eyes. “W-where is my baby, where is she?”

Holding onto her he said to her, “Genevieve, calm down first, Thania’s asleep, your yelling will just wake her up.” Ms Crossford tried pushing him away but couldn’t, his grip was too strong. Collapsing in his arms she gave up. The nurses came over with water to give her.

After calming down, Mr Daniels walked with her into the room. She was so shocked that she fainted.

Moving away from the only chair in the room, Alex told Mr Daniels that he could put her there. Looking at Alex after putting his ex down, Mr Daniels said, “Why don’t you go home?”

Alex, “I can’t, I left my car at school.”

Sighing Mr Dainels said, “Come let me take you back to school and in exchange, you tell me what happened at school this morning.”

Leaving, Mr Daniels told the nurses to look after his ex and that he would be back soon.

In the car, Alex told him what happened then told him about the junior who told him about Lethania. On the outside, he seemed calm but on the inside, Mr Daniels was swimming in rage. He realised that he did not know his own daughter, he did not know that she had a sharp tongue.

“So, how long have you been interested in my daughter.”

Looking at Mr Daniels, Alex felt frustrated, why was this man cross-questioning him about this topic again.

Alex, “Since the beginning of this year.”


Alex, “I-i don’t know, I just started liking her.”

“Does she like you?”

Alex, “I don’t think so.”


Alex, “Because she likes my friend.”

Arriving at the school the principal and police were outside, on their way to return to the police station. Seeing Mr Daniels and Alex, the principal informed the police that Alex was the one who found her and they went to question him. They asked him the same questions as Mr Daniels and Alex went on further telling them about the conflict between Lethania and the girls from the cheerleading team.

At this moment the final bell for the end of the school day rang. Alex felt so tired from the stress and was a little jumpy, he wanted to head home shower up then head to the hospital.

Mr Daniels was talking with police and the principal while he walked into the school building to his locker. The pupils in the hallway separated in two groups lining up against the walls as they watched him walked down the hallway. Confused he looked around but too lazy to ask whats wrong.

They started whispering amongst each other and pointed fingers at him. The group of friends he was apart of walked over and seeing the strange atmosphere they looked at Alex’s whose back was facing them, busy in his locker.

Ashton, “Alex, you’re back?”

Turning around and looking at them they stopped in their steps, looking at him in shock. Frowning he asked, “What?”

Simon pointed to his own neck and said, “You have blood on you.”

Rubbing his neck, Alex couldn’t feel anything, pulling his hand back and looking at it he saw red dirt on his hands. Sighing he closed his eyes and rubbed them, they were burning.

Simon walked up to him and passed Lethania’s bag to him. Looking down he asked, “Whose is this?”

Simon, “The one in hospital.”

“Oh...” He took it and held it in his hands. Ashton’s eyes squinted, “You know who it is?”

Simon looked the other way not answering him then Ashton turned his gaze to Alex who was looking down at his phone. Derek walked up to them with a smile on his face, “Yo, what are we waiting for?”

Sensing the awkward atmosphere, he ignored them thinking it was something trivial. He was about to head out when he spotted the bag in Alex’s hand and asked, “What are you doing with Lele’s bag?”

Putting his phone away Alex picked up his pace and left them behind. Ashton looked at Derek, “Lele?”

Derek, “Lethania.”

Ashton, “Huh?”
Arriving at home, Alex’s phone was ringing nonstop. Derek heard from Ashton and Simon what happened and started panicking. He phoned Arya and told her what happened. Samantha, Terry, Ashton, Derek and Simon were all trying to get hold of Alex but he ignored their calls.

Taking a shower and telling his parents what happened at school he felt depressed. He ended up telling them that he was planning on leaving Samantha for Lethania but the whole situation got complicated. Mr and Mrs Cage were shocked that something like this actually happened at their sons’ school and that it might have something to do with Samantha, the girl that they saw as a daughter-in-law.

Feeling repulsed Mrs Cage and Alexa Cage, Alex’s younger sister told him to leave Samantha this instant, they couldn’t have someone like her apart of their family. Mr Cage could see the conflicted expression that his son wore but did not say anything. It was his future and he had to decide what was wrong and what was correct.

Alexa urged Alex to break up today with Samantha and that she would go with him to her house now but Alex didn’t. He told them he was too tired and wanted to go back to the hospital instead. Frustrated, Alexa gave in on the condition that he would let her go with him.

Chuckling, he shook his head and agreed. Mrs Cage wanted to go too but Mr Cage told her that its best if they didn’t crowd the hospital. Reluctantly agreeing she let her son and daughter leave but told Alex that by the end of this week he better break up with Samantha.

Arriving at the hospital, he saw that Derek and Arya were there. Arya’s eyes were red from crying. Ms Crossford was awake and had reddish eyes while Mr Daniels was conversing with the doctors.

Greeting Derek and Arya, he walked into the room and saw that Lethania’s eyes were open. Seeing Alex enter the room she tried smiling ut her face was still sore.

With the help of her mother, she sat up properly with a pained expression. Panicking Alex rushed to her side and helped her saying, “Why don’t you rest some more?”

Shaking her head she said, “I want to leave but my parents are forcing me to stay here.”

Chuckling he asked, “Why are you so stubborn?”

“It’s in me.”

Alexa walked in slowly like a thief and stood behind Alex. He introduced her to Ms Crossford, Arya, Derek and Lethania. Smiling to herself she whispered into Alex’s ear, “She’s pretty.”

Turning his face he said, “I know, hush before they hear you.”

Rolling her eyes she pushed him aside and stood beside Lethania grinning at her. Looking at this strange girl she asked, “Why are you smiling at me like that?”

Alexa, “My brother says he fell in love with you, are you going to be my new sister-in-law?”

Alex, (つ﹏⊂) [This idiot!!]

Derek, “No wonder you were acting so strange!”

Alex wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. Lethania saw how embarrassed he was getting and shook her head. Never has she ever heard of such nonsense.

Alexa, “My mother was going to come with but my father said she must not be forward.”

Looking at her with surprise written on her face she said, “I’m glad she didn’t come, it would have been weird!”

Alexa, “Why?”

Lethania, “I’m not dating your brother so why must she come, if she did I would rather die!”

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