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Later that night, although Ms Crossford wanted to stay with her daughter she couldn’t, she still had her son to look after and Lethania also begged her mother to leave her be… Alex was the last to leave with his sister waiting outside for him.

Alex didn’t know what to say and felt vexed, the whole time he was here he couldn’t speak to her properly – most of it was because he was afraid.

Lethania was staring at him who stood beside her bed looking agitated. She could see that he had something to say but was hesitant, “Alex,” she called out softly. His gaze landed on her and both their hearts started beating, “En?” he answered.

“Before, you asked me to hang out with you at the movies… why?”
Alex, “Because I wanted to spend time with you.”


Alex, “I don’t know,” he said dejectedly with his head hung low.

“Alex, I don’t know if you know this but I’m not someone who takes nonsense easily… today, I knew that something would happen after I got into the car with you… I know that the reason I got beat up is because of what happened this morning. I said things that would offend others and for that, I paid for it, I don’t regret it either. Although I’m in pain, I don’t do anything without thinking, I said those things because no one else would, this way – with me sacrificing myself, the others wouldn’t get hurt. Everything happens for a reason, the reason being that I and others around me benefit from my actions. So I don’t want you to feel bad about what happened today, it wasn’t your fault and you couldn’t do anything about it.”

Alex, “But if I just stopped the two of them from speaking it didn’t have to end in the way it did, you wouldn’t be here,” he interjected with a crocked voice.

Chuckling she shook her head, “It doesn’t work like that…”

Alex, “If things can be prevented then it wouldn’t.”
Shaking her head she sat upright although the slight movement sent pain throughout her body. Alex quickly held his hands out to help her. Grabbing hold of his wrist she smiled saying ‘Thank you’.
Seeing her like this; the frustration on his face made her want to laugh but kept it all in. Looking into his eyes she said, “All of this became inevitable the moment your girlfriend and her friends saw that you had an interest in me.”


The sound of thunder hit beside his ear. Letting go of her, he couldn’t believe her words. Staring at her dumbfound Alex didn’t know what to say. “Since when?” floated around in his head.
The room went quiet… after a while she said, “I know you know that I like Ashton but I know that although I like him, he doesn’t like me and on top of that, you have come to like me.”

Alex, “H-how long have you known?”

Chuckling she shook her head. “I had my suspicions whenever I caught you looking at me but would suddenly turn away… then Arya noticed it and asked me what I think about you. You would suddenly freeze after you greet me then there’s the fact that you knew my name although we never spoke before…” she trailed while shying away.

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