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The next day was Thursday and Alex was in no mood to attend school. News had already spread about Lethania being injured. Most scorned her because it was her fault for picking a fight with the cheerleaders; the police were still investigating but none wanted to come clean and the ones who beat Lethania up were still unknown, only she and the ones involved knew.

Sitting in front of his laptop he read through the new chapters of Let It End that updated thanks to the schedule settings on the site. Coming to the end of the chapter he sighed, the thing he hated most about this book was that every chapter had ‘To Be Continued’ ... Closing the site he opened discord - she was online.

“My lovely lady~”

“My fave reader ~

“How are you... did you miss me?”

“Of cause I did, you didn’t annoy me yesterday.”

“Were you online yesterday?”



“Ha haha hahaha”

“Evil woman.”

“I Know”

“So why weren’t you online?”

“Personal issues.”

“Your crush?”

“No, other shit?”

“Mind sharing?”

“Too much to type.”

“Sum it up.”

“I’m in hospital - broken body - DEAD”



“Dead people don’t chat.”

“This one does XD”

“What happened?”

“I pissed people off and they beat me?”





“Show me!”

“You just want to see how I look!”

“Ah~ I was caught but seriously tho.”

“I’m dead serious.”

“WTF why?”

“I’m not someone who likes to pretend - I said stuff and they got offended - now I’m in the hospital.”

“Did you report to the police?”

“Parents did.”

“Will you be okay?”

“No shit.”

“Lol, that’s good then.”

“I’m in pain.”

“If I was there I would hold you.”



“I’m bored.”

“I can imagine.”


“What about your boyfriend?”


“The one who asked you out.”



“No comment.”

“How so?”

“He likes me way too much.”

“I see.”

“You see what?”

“You should accept him.”

“He has a girlfriend.”



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