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Happy Beginning – END

Later that afternoon, Alex went over to Samantha’s house; the two of them sat inside his car silent for a while.

Samantha, “Ale…”


Samantha was shocked that Alex yelled at her, this was the first time in their entire relationship, mostly he’d disagree but never yell.

Sometime later…

“I need to know if you had your hand in the incident with Lethania.”

Raising an eyebrow she said, “N-no.”

“Why the hesitation?” He asked as he turned to look at her.

Frowning she folded her arms, “Alex do you mind telling me what this is about?”

“Don’t fool around, I know you and Candice were the ones who arranged it!”

Samantha, “No! I had no hand in that and why are you asking me about this… Alex, don’t tell me you…”

He looked at her with sharp eyes, “Tell you what?”

Staring at him he heart sank, the question that popped into her head frightened her. Chewing on her words she asked in a low tone, “Alex, do you like her?”

The intense look in his eyes faltered for a second but returned, “Like who?”

“That girl.”


Frustrated she yelled, “That fucking girl who is in the hospital.”

“You don’t een know her name yet you are asking me this!” Alex yelled under gritted teeth.

Clenching her fists, “Why should I learn the name of someone so insignificant as her?”

Alex’s facial expression dropped as his eyes turned dark, “Insignificant!? If she is so insignificant then why did you and the rest hae to beat her up?”

“I DIDN’T TELL THOSE BITCHES TO BEAT HER UP THAT BADLY!!” she yelled but stopped when she realized what she said in the heat of the moment.

Scoffing Alex said, “So you were part of it.” Laughing he shook his head continuing, “Don’t show yourself in front of me again, I don’t know what I saw in you but I am regretting it now.” Looking at her he said listlessly, “Get out of my car – we’re through!”


Laying on his bed he rubbed his eyes and yawned. He practically did nothing today yet he was tired.

The doorbell rang and after a while came a knock on his door. Raising his head, “Who is it?”

“It’s me… your wife,” Alex chuckled and threw his head back down.

The door opened and Ashton peaked his head through the gap of the door. Grinning he saw Alex glare at him.

Strutting over Alex moved aside making space for Ashton. After laying down they looked at each other and shook their heads.

Laying with his arms supporting his head Ashton asked, “You broke up with Samantha?”



“Is there a need to ask?”

“So it’s because of what happened?”

“That and other things.”

“You like her don’t you.”

“It’s more then just like.”

Well, I don’t really care just as long as you are happy but she is crying injustice to everyone.”

“Leave her, she’ll find someone soon enough.”


Because she was injured she couldn’t perform at the schools’ annual competition thus she and Arya had to drop out.

Lethania was sent home a week later and put on bed rest. Unable to attend classes but since she was the first in her grade, she was allowed to take the tests at home under the supervision of a substitute teacher and as usual she was still on top.

Her father was disappointed in the school because they allowed his daughter to be injured under their watch. He told Lethania that she wouldn’t be attending for the rest of the year. He wanted to transfer her to a new school but she refused, threatening him with the words, “You will never see me again!” which made him give up. He really loved this daughter of his and never, for a second wanted her to hate him.

The three who were involved in her assault were identified by the young man who informed Alex about the incident. Under intense and frightening investigations, a court order, the text messages were revealed who all was involved and yes, Samantha and Candice was involved along with three others. They were all suspended from school and were asked never to return because they weren’t welcomed back.

During this course of time, Alex asked Lethania to be his girlfriend and told her that he broke up with Samantha hoping that she would accept. Giving her a few days to think about it.

Lethania thought hard and long on the pros and cons of being Alex’s girlfriend. Finally coming to a decision she accepted making Alex sigh in relief. Gripping her hand gently he said, “I’m Saint.”

Her heart sank! Looking at Alex’s agitated expression she didn’t know what to say. This year was his final year in High school and he would be off to university soon. He chose a local tertiary institute so that he could be near Lethania…

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