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Pweese >.<

On the phone with Arya

Arya, “I’m dead serious about leaving him this time.”

“Yes, I believe you, my friend,” I answered while rolling my eyes.

Arya, “You sound doubtful.”

“I have my reasons love.”

Arya, “I love it when you call me love.”

“That’s right, it is only I who loves your ass.”

Arya, “Not true, I know deep down inside Derek’s heart that he loves me.”

“I think so too because who else would be able to stand your nagging? So he must like you or else he is just keeping you to chase away the flies.”

Arya, “You bitch!!!”

“Am I wrong?”

Arya, “But the flies don’t leave him alone anyways.”

“Yep and we have no power over them so let them be.”

Arya sighed, “This is depressing. I have a handsome boyfriend that rejects me like it is nothing but still wants me around.”

“Regretting it now?”

Arya, “Well not really because he and I look good together.”

“But don’t get along as boyfriend and girlfriend should.”

Arya, “Why are you suddenly an expert in dating?”

“It’s because of you, and I am a novelist, although I hate romance novels I had to read them in order to understand the genre.”

Arya, “Ah this conversation...”

“Is getting nowhere,” I interrupted.

Arya, “No! I phoned you because we need to go watch a movie together.”

“Which one?”

Arya, “Dawn at Night.”

“I refused!”

Arya, “Fine what about that horror movie?”

“Alright, when?”

Arya, “I will let you know tomorrow.”

“Bye, bye.”

Arya, “Love you~”

After the call, I decided to sit down with my books when I noticed that the light of my phone was flashing. A notification?

Picking up, I saw that it was from discord. Pulling down the notification tab, I saw that it was from Saint.

Saint: Lady, when are you going to release a chapter?

I never said anything about being a woman, how does he know? Going into the app I asked, “How do you know I am a woman?”

Saint, “You are?”

Life In Exile, “...”

Saint, “I guessed correct then.”

Life In Exile, “How so?”

Saint, “It’s from the way you address your readers.”

Life In Exile, “How?”

Saint, “How what?”

Life In Exile, “How do I address my readers?”

Saint, “Oh that... You call them “bubs”, “love” and some other shit that I can’t remember.”

Life In Exile, “Well this is awkward then.”

Saint, “Not really now answer me!”

Life In Exile, “What was the question?”

Saint, “Will you go out with me?”

Huh?? I don’t know why but my heart is suddenly beating fast.

Life In Exile, “You can’t be serious.”

Saint, “Why do you say so?”

Life In Exile, “Arent you a 30 something-year-old man?”

Saint, “Is that how old I am in your head?”

Life In Exile, “Be serious!”

Saint, “Ok, ok! I am not 30 something, I am still in high school. My question was when will you be releasing the next chapter I wanna know what happens to that woman.”

Life In Exile, “Later...”

Saint, “I’m free right now and I want to read! Don’t tease me like this.”

Life In Exile, “...”

Saint, “Can you release three chapters?”

Life In Exile, “...”

Saint, “Pweese >.<"

Rolling my eyes at him I sighed. Placing my phone down, I switched on my laptop and opened word. I uploaded the first chapter and the second the third I’ll leave for later. I’m too lazy right now and before I get lazier I need to get some studying in my head.

I looked at my phone and it was blinking again.

Saint, “Thank you "

Life In Exile, “Sure.”

Saint, “What are you doing?”

Life In Exile, “Putting my laptop to sleep.”

Saint, “Lel, okay and now?”

Life In Exile, “Walking.”

Saint, “Where too?”

Life In Exile, “My desk.”

Saint, “I see. What will you do now?”

Life In Exile, “Study.”

Saint, “Must you answer me like this?”

Life In Exile, “Chat later.”

Saint, “Alright have fun studying.”
Chucking my phone one side I opened my physics textbook and started doing the questions and activities that I could. I also went over the work we did yesterday.

Because its the weekend I want to get in as much studying because well its what I do. I don’t particularly like studying but because my novel is done and I have nothing else to do, I study ... this is part of the reason why I am always first in the grade but don’t tell anyone that I am lazy, not even Arya knows this.
It was getting late into the night when I realised that I am tired and my brain can’t take it any longer. I got up and stretched my body from the tension.

Almost falling from the dizzy spell my stretch caused I sat back down and yawned. looking around, the sun was set at the clock in the wall said 7:30 pm.

I went to the kitchen and found my mother sitting there half asleep half awake because my steps were to loud and woke her up. “Why are you coming out of your room only now?” She asked.

“You could have called.”

“Were you studying?” she asked with a yawn.


“Ah my child, your brain is going to melt.”

The bottle of water dropped out of my hand. I chuckled, this woman has no sense of priority, that is most likely why I am a lazy human.

One thing I am grateful of is the bursary I was gifted from the school because of my grade, now mother doesn’t suffer from paying mine and my little brothers school fees.

My parents separated when I was five and my little brother is from a relationship that went sour. Both our fathers pay support but that’s not enough for school fees and all the other shit that us humans need.

I occasionally do jobs here and there but mother said I should focus on school and leave the living expenses to her. Oh, and my father doesn’t know that I study on a bursary so he is technically paying school fees.

Both my brother and I are surnamed Crossford, my mother’s maiden surname and we don’t have fathers on our birth certificate. According to my grandmother, my father was so pissed when he found out. My mother’s reason was that there were many times when they almost broke up during her pregnancy and because of that, she decided that if she did not put him down then she wouldn’t need his permission for anything in the future.

A wise decision.

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