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Love at First Chat

My father is married with three other children and barely spends time with me, not that I care it’s just so annoying to go there and have that woman stare at me and she is so unfair. This one time she went shopping and made as if she forgot to buy me chocolate since she bought for her kids, I don’t care nor do I want it, it’s just that don’t pretend you like me that’s it.

My father is for one always comparing his other kids to me asking them why don’t they get good grades like me which makes them not like me but so what, it’s not like I like them either.

As you can tell, I have a lot of issues and writing is a way of me expressing my emotions even though I express myself on a daily basis. I don’t hold anything back because I have nothing to lose. This is also what some don’t understand. My attitude doesn’t match my disposition.

My father lectures me most of the time and I guess it’s his way of showing his love. The one time he asked me do I like boys, making sure I wasn’t lesbian. I laughed it off because what can I say, I’m interested in someone who has a girlfriend and he barely looks my way.
Uploading two more chapters, I rested my head down on the pillow while I summarised the work I went over making a mental note, as I did this, I slowly drifted off to sleep.

Waking up later I felt horrible. I don’t remember when I fell asleep and I can’t remember the dream I just had. Sitting up on my bed I rubbed my eyes sighing. My phone and laptops lights were flashing.

I moved over to my desk with the laptop and switched it on. Grabbing my phone the battery was flat and so was the laptops. Charging them both I answered all my messages and watched a few Youtube videos.

Because I felt slightly bored I picked up my phone and logged into Discord. Before, I didn’t answer he discord messages because there’s too many and now I can because I’m bored... evil yes I know.

My readers really have different opinions about Let It End and I guess its good, I too am learning about all my faults and what fits and what doesn’t.

Again, all Saint can say is “When is the next chapter coming out.”

Life In Exile, ” I uploaded 5 chapters today, why do you want more?” I answered him. To my surprise, he was online, I think ... more like he went from offline to online after I sent him the message.

Saint, “It’s late, you’re up?”

Life In Exile, “Yeah, I was tired earlier from studying.”

Saint, “What subject?”

Life In Exile, “Physics.”

Saint, “Is it your favourite subject?”

Life In Exile, “Not really.”

Saint, “Oh, then what?”

Life In Exile, “Literature.”

Saint, “I should have known.”

Life In Exile, “Why would you?”

Saint, “Nevermind. So what are you doing?”

Life In Exile, “Youtube and thinking about school, you?”

Saint, “Thinking about you.”

Life In Exile, “Again with your nonsense?”

Saint, “Its love at first chat.”

Life In Exile, “Oh...”

Saint, “Yep, I find you quite interesting. I never expected to read a book such as Let It End and still get the chance to speak to the author.”

Life In Exile, “Ah, well its nice meeting you too.”

Saint, “Human! I am not joking here, you make my heart beat fast.”

Life In Exile, “You sound like a child.”

Saint, “That hurts, I’m almost an adult.”

Life In Exile, “Oh, I am still underaged.”

Saint, “I’m 17 turning 18 in 2 months, you?”

Life In Exile, “16”

Saint, “What colour are your eyes?”

Life In Exile, “Greenish yellow, why?”

Saint, “I am trying to picture you in my mind.”

Life In Exile, “Creepy...”

Saint, “Lol, and your hair colour?”

Life In Exile, “Black.”

Saint, “Straight or curly.”

Life In Exile, “Straight.”

Saint, “Can I hear your voice?”

Life In Exile, “Why?”

Saint, “I don’t know, please?”

Life In Exile, “No!”

Saint, “Fine! By the way, I was thinking and wanted to ask you something personal.”

Life In Exile, “Sure, what is it?”

Saint, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

Life In Exile, “No.”

Saint, “That’s great!! Have you kissed before?”

Life In Exile, “No!”

Saint, “If we were to meet in real life, would you give me a chance?”

Life In Exile, “No!”

Saint, “That hurts, why not?”

Life In Exile, “I have someone I like.”

Saint, “Who should I kill?”

Life In Exile, “Lol goodnight.”

Saint, “Woman! Sleep well.”
How can he ask me such nonsense, err whatever, my bed is calling my name.

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