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Alex Cage

Saint’s POV

“Saint my man!” My best friend slapped me on my back. “What do you want?” I asked listlessly.

My name is Alex Saint Cage. I am 17 turning 18 in two months and I attend the same school as Life In Exile but don’t tell her. I am one of the guys that sat at the same desk as her the day she uploaded her novel.

I caught a glimpse of the site and the title of her novel while she was speaking to that loud friend of hers. It was because of my best friend that she accidentally uploaded the chapter and I am glad he did but she did look pissed but whatever.

Before I was just interested in her novel to see what she had written because of the title of her novel “Let It End.” It is truly interesting, her language and grammar are spot-on but she does have some flaws here and there.

It has now been a full three weeks since she started uploading and us communicating. Before I was just commenting on her chapters to give her some encouragement but I guess she doesn’t need it. She replied to my comment and I felt so excited. Since then I’ve been commenting on every chapter making her life difficult on purpose.

It became a habit and of cause I like reading her book too, it’s addictive. Somewhere along the line, I realized that I was starting to fall for her but the bad part is that I already have a girlfriend.

Every time I see Lethania at school I want to speak to her but I don’t what I am not sure of too is that if she likes my friend Ashton Michaels. I have my suspicions because, since last year, she tends to look at him for long periods of time.

Going to school and seeing her makes me wonder what she thinks of Saint. She’s a beautiful girl and this is something I noticed a while back. She’s not the friendly type but she is outgoing. I really wish I could get to know her better as friends then maybe we can become more than friends but then again, I have a girlfriend and I asked her out because I liked her, if I knew I was going to fall for someone else, I wouldn’t have asked her out.

What I hate is the way she just shuts down the conversation every time, it makes my heart bleed!
Its Monday morning and Ashton is being a pain, as usual, this guy causes trouble where ever he goes but he is popular. Both of us are on the football team and as the star players, we attract a lot of attention. Today is no surprise either.

Both our girls are cheerleaders in a grade below us. The two of us are best friends and the two of them are best friends, the power couples of our school.

I play football for fun whereas Ashton is considering it as a career option in the future. I still haven’t decided yet, but I will most likely be a teacher and part-time football coach.

Who knows... I wonder what Lethania wants to be when she is done... I should ask her later.

Its lunch time and Lethania is sitting across from us but on the other side of the cafeteria with her back facing us. By the look of her friend’s body language, she must be complaining about something while Lethania keeps brushing that long ponytail of hers to the side - I wonder what her laugh sounds like.

“Baby, what are you looking at?” My girlfriend suddenly asked. The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as they all turned to look in Lethania’s direction.

“No its nothing, I was just thinking about the how lazy I am for the next class.” I lied through my teeth. She looked at me skeptically then looked back into that direction, looking at all the girls most probably.

I put my arm around her and pulled her in for a hug, ah... I just realized that I wasted a year of my life dating her, I wonder why I suddenly started liking her - Lethania Crossford.
Lining up to leave the cafeteria, we stood behind the lady collecting the trays. Lethina and her friend walked over with grins on their faces. Looking at her, I couldn’t help but smile, it’s true, she has greenish yellow eyes, their beautiful and suit her well.

She looked up and our eyes met. My heart is really beating fast, she smiled at me and greeted, “Hello.” “H-hello,” I muttered out shyly. Ah fuck, what am I going to do?

“Alex, do you know them?” my girlfriend asked. Walking behind the two friends in the distance, I nodded, “Yes, the short one always comes to our class during the eight-period on Wednesdays and sometimes on a Thursday.

Ashton, “Ah its those two!”

“Ash do you know them too?” his girlfriend asked in a childish voice.

He nodded his head vigorously. “The tall Asian girl is dating Derek and the short one is her friend.”


Isn’t it obvious that they are friends? Ah whatever... walking down the hallway I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, I wanted to call out her name but I couldn’t, I wanted to speak to her but I couldn’t.

She has a nice walk though.
It’s after school and its a few of our teammates turn to sit in the hall and wait for the girls and boys to sign up for the festival and showcase their talent.

I remember Lethania and her friend talking about joining but see their names on the list yet. The other one’s boyfriend, Derek is here too and he has one of the cheerleaders sitting on his lap. I wonder what he would do if she walked in here and caught him.

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