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I spoke too soon...

Lethania and her friend walked in and are glaring at Derek, well more like her friend was doing the glaring.

The cheerleader on his lap quickly jumped off and acted as if nothing happened. Her friend stomped her feet all the way in and stopped in front of him.

Arya, “Why are you always doing this shit Derek, how many chances must I give you until you stop fucking up?”

Derek, “A-Arya, calm down, I can explain.”

Arya, “Explain what. I caught you in the act and now you suddenly want to explain. What, are you going to tell me its an illusion!”

Derek, “No what nonsense are you saying?”

She folded her arms and if looks could kill, Derek would be dead already. Lethania walked over to my table.

Lethania, “Excuse me, the two of us are here to sign up for the competition.”

Alex, “Ah, yes.”

I handed her two applications and a pen. Her friend and Derek were going at it with the others laughing and giggling. Luckily my girlfriend was on the other side while I could be alone with her.

Alex, “What will you be doing?”

Lethania, “Singing and Arya will be making my dress, doing my hair and makeup too.”

Alex, “You can sing?”

Lethania, “That is what I have been told.”

Alex, “Well then I can’t wait to hear you sing Lethania.”

The pen in her hand stopped, she looked at me with a strange gaze and my heart felt like it was going to stop.

Alex, “Is something wrong?”

Lethania, “You know my name?”

“Yes, I do...” I trailed, what should I do now?

The two of us stared into each other’s eyes for a moment and at this moment I couldn’t hear anything other than my own heartbeat. That moment didn’t last long when she looked away and started writing once again.

The heated argument settled down with her friend in tears. She stormed out leaving Lethania behind. Derek seemed to be at a loss because our teammates started teasing him.

She placed the pen down onto the applications and over to Derek. Stopping in front of him who was now frowning at her. The two of them were having a stare off when Derek broke the silence, “What is it?”

Lethania, “Why do you always think with your dick first?”

I along with the rest of the people in the room couldn’t believe the words coming out of this first-year student. She left us in complete silence.

Lethania, “I see you suddenly have no words to get yourself out of this now.”

Derek, “What goes on between Arya and I have nothing to do with you.”

Lethania, “Says who? I am the one that has to hear about how you keep fucking up your relationship, so why am I not involved? Wasnt it you who asked me to call her one side because you didn’t have the balls to ask her out in front of other people. I was always involved and will always be because the two of us are friends and now here you think just because you are popular you can do whatever the fuck you want. You would rather hurt the one that actually loves you just so that you can touch another bitch’s ass or get blown off just because your dick needs to be played with...”

Derek stood up and slammed his hands on the desk, “That’s enough! What makes you think you can talk to me like this?”

Lethania, “What makes you think you can continuously fuck with my friend?”

Derek stood there grinding his teeth while staring dead straight into her eyes.

Lethania, “You don’t deserve her because you are a piece of shit and a piece of shit you will stay unless you figure out what is important to you.”

She left those words and walked off.

“Rude,” the girl who sat on Derek’s lap said making Lethania stop. She slowly turned around and looked straight at her. Lethania strode to the desk in front of her, raised her leg and kicked it in her directing which made the girls yell from fright, mine and Ashton girls too. My teammates as well, me included - she gave us all a fright.

Staring at the cheerleader with a look of disdain. She turned around and walked away. One of the teachers came yelling in, “What’s with all the noise?”

Lethania, who was at the door, walked off ignoring him.

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