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Forced to Accept

“Are you free this Friday after school?”

“Yeah, why?”

“There’s this movie that is being screened at the theatre called Theory of Love, would you like to see it with me?”


“D-Did you not hear me?”





“You are aware that you have a girlfriend right?”


“Yes I know, but that does not mean that we can’t hang out as friends.”

“True but with how shitty society is, rumours will spread.”

“Please think about it, I really want to go see Theory of Love with you.”

“Goodnight Alex.”

She switched the phone. Sitting on her bed naked with a towel wrapped around her she felt conflicted.

Holding her hand up to her heart she felt it pound against her chest. Her eyes darted from left to right as she tried to make sense of what she just experienced.

She balled her fists and hit it against the bed. Standing up with full force she stomped her foot and the towel dropped to the ground. Scrunching her face she quickly picked it up and covered herself. Looking ahead to the window making sure the curtains were closed in case there were perverts walking around in the street.

Getting dressed she couldn’t help but think of the phone call she just had. As an author, she wasn’t dumb. Alex and she did not have a conversation in all these years being at school together.

She knew that he was best friends with the guy she had a crush on and that he was on the football team along with Derek. From what she has heard from Arya is that Alex and his girlfriend should be together now for almost two years - so why did he ask her out instead of his girlfriend?

Romance stories weren’t her forte but she did read a few to get familiar with the genre and she definitely took notes from Arya but she was not going to take this chance and ruin Alex and his girlfriends’ relationship then walk around with the title slut written on her forehead.

Shaking her head from all these silly thoughts she said in her heart, “The one I like is Ashton not him, I don’t even know him!”

Seating down by her desk she pulled her laptop to her side and switched it on. Opening the web browser she logged into the site and uploaded seven chapters of Let It End. On the seventh chapter, she left an authors note stating, ”I will be studying for the test series so I won’t be as active as I am currently. There are 7 chapters today and there will 7 tomorrow to make up for the days that I am gone. I do hope you all continue your support and please do leave comments, when the test series is over I will answer all comments (*´∇`*) Love you all."
Opening discord she saw five notifications from Saint.

“Upload a chapter!”

“Why are you taking so long with the chapters?”

“Why are you hiding? Is it because I told you that I like you?”

“Don’t you like me?”

“Why are you breaking my fragile heart?”
Sighing she thought, “Is it just me or do I seem really popular?”

Life In Exile, “Look, I’m not ignoring you, I attend school and don’t really have time for social media. I also started writing the prequel and a new book so my time will be cut very short for social media.”

Saint, “Then let’s meet so I can help you and take you out then spoil you rotten ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡”

Life In Exile, (¬_¬)

Saint, “How was your day?”

Life In Exile, “A roller coaster but alright.”

Saint, “What happened?”

Life In Exile, “My friends’ bf fucked up again and I had to comfort her not to mention that I ended up berating him twice, then I got a lift from my crush and his friends... now I am questioning why I started liking him.”

Saint, “Why did you start liking him?”

Life In Exile, “Because he paid my bill at Starbucks last year.”

Saint, “That’s it!?!?!?”

Life In Exile, “Excuse me?”

Saint, “You’ve had a crush on him this whole time because he was being chivalrous?”

Life In Exile, “Well its that and I like his smile.”

Saint, “So I don’t have a chance with you because of a smile and chivalry. My mother taught me manners so I can also be chivalrous when I want to be but I’m not because I’m surrounded by bitchy woman that makes my courteous behaviour run away!”

Life In Exile, “Hahahahahahaha.”

Saint, (◞‸◟)

Life In Exile, “And now?”

Saint, “I wish I could hear you laugh.”

Life In Exile, “Poor you.”

Saint, “I know! What else happened today?”

Life In Exile, “Well...”

Saint, “Well?”

Life In Saint, “My crush’s best friend asked me out.”

Saint, “Why are these guys trying to get with my woman?

Life In Exile, “I have no clue (´・_・`)”

Saint, “So?”

Life In Exile, “So what?”

Saint, “Did you accept?”

Life In Exile, “Fuck no!”

Saint, “Rude -_-”

Life In Exile, “Sorry.”

Saint, “Why didn’t you accept?”

Life In Exile, “Because I have you.”

Saint, “Really?”

Life In Exile, “No!”

Saint, ╥﹏╥

Life In Exile, “He has a girlfriend.”

Saint, “Ah... that is... well then you must be beautiful.”

Life In Exile, “I know.”

Saint, “I love your confidence... Can I get a pic?”

Life In Exile, “No!”

Saint, ToT

Saint, “So if he didn’t have a girlfriend, would you have accepted?”

Life In Exile, “It was to go out as friends so yeah I would have but I don’t want to be labelled as someone who ruined a relationship and most probably a slut...”

Life In Exile, “And in all honesty, I want to be partners with someone who will be my first and my last.”

Saint, “How picky but I understand...”

Life In Exile, “You do?”

Saint, “Yeah.”

Life In Exile, “That’s good.”

Saint, @・ꈊ・@

Life In Exile, “How was your day?”

Saint, “Shit.”

Life In Exile, “How so?”

Saint, “You rejected me again.”

Life In Exile, “Well that is a given.”

Saint, “Yeah, love is not on my side.”

Life In Exile, “You will find someone eventually.”

Saint, “Soon, hopefully.”

Life In Exile, “Aye sir... time to sleep.”

Saint, “Sweet dreams.”

Life In Exile, ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡
The next morning. On the phone with Arya.

Arya, “My love, I won’t be going to school today.”


Arya, “Dentist appointment.”

“And you are only informing me of this now?”

Arya, “I know, I’m so sowwie. Please forgive this insolent commoner, my queen, besides this is perfect timing. I won’t have to see Derek.”

“Mn, but now I will be alone.”

Arya, “That is true, I wonder why its just the two of us.”

“Because I liked you more?”

Arya, “I love you tooo~”

“Useless human.”

Arya, “Love you.”

“Bye bye.”
Sighing she placed the desk and walked out of her room. Sitting at the table and eating the breakfast her mother prepared she said nervously, “Mama, one of the boys who dropped me off yesterday phoned me last night and asked me to see a movie with him this Friday.”

The fork in her mother’s hand paused, she looked at her daughter with a frown, “Which one?”

“The one sitting in the passager seat.”

“Oh, the handsome one?”

“His handsome?”


Thinking back to yesterday, she couldn’t really remember Alex’s face, tilting her head she bit on her bottom lip and frowned.

“What’s wrong?”

“Mama, he has a girlfriend.”

Shaking her head, Ms Crossford looked at her daughter and said, “You are only in high school with a bright future, its okay for you to experience things but do not make the same mistakes as me and be with someone who won’t marry you. I love you children and I would do anything for you. Although I don’t regret having the two of you, I regret meeting and having sex with you and your brother’s fathers.”

Biting down on the carrot she said “I know,” in a soft voice.
Walking down the road to school she thought of what her mother said. Even if mother bear didn’t mention it, she was dead set on having a relationship that was not toxic. It would be okay if they would argue but cheating, not trusting one another, that was out of the question.

She learnt from the people around her and hoped that one day she would be forever with the one who has all her firsts. Straight forward, no bullshit.
A honking sound came from behind her. It continued making a noise irritating the hell out of her. She turned around and as she was about to swear the words got stuck in her throat.

A royal blue Audi A8 pulled up beside her. The windows were tinted so she couldn’t see who it was. The windows rolled down and it was Alex.

He looked at her and smiled, “Do you want a ride?” he asked. Sighing she said, “Sure.” He unlocked the door and opened it for her.

Climbing in and closing the door, she put on the seat belt and looked at him. “Good morning,” she said. “Morning,” he greeted back. Driving off he said, “You look beautiful today.”

Looking down at the clothes she was wearing, she had on black vans, grey jeans, a black tank top on underneath the grey hoodie with her hair in a ponytail. She turned her head to look at Alex. He had on the schools’ jacket, blue jean and white Adidas and a black top underneath the jack.

She noticed that he had a light brown birthmark under his ear on his neck. “Thank you,” she said. He looked at her and smiled again, “What are you thinking about, you took long to answer.”

Shuddering slightly, their eyes met for a second before he turned to look at the road. “Green eyes,” she said in her heart. “I always take long before answering.”

Alex, “Why?”

“I evaluate everything before speaking.”

Alex, sigh “You don’t need to be on guard when you are around me.”

A short while later they arrived at school. Parking the car he looked at her and asked, “Do you need a lift home after school?”

“Nope, I’m heading over to Arya’s place then I’ll go home.”

Alex, “Want me to take you to her place, I heard she stays on the other side of town, how will you get there?”


Alex, “Alright, I’ll wait for you and take you.”

She paused while unbuckling the seat belt and stared at him. Their eyes met and Alex’s heart started beating fast. His eyes dropped and slowly traced her lips. He wanted to kiss her. Swallowing hard he forced himself to look away, opening the car door and getting out. She did the same swinging her backpack over her shoulders and closed the door.

Alex was looking at her over the car and said, “I’ll wait here for you if you finish before me, wait for me.”

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