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It Finally Started(I)

Alex was looking at her over the car and said, “I’ll wait here for you if you finish before me, wait for me.”
Alex parked his car on the far end of the parking lot where the jocks parked their cars and since it was still early in the morning most of the pupils were still gathered there and were currently looking at the two of them. Alex’s girlfriend arrived with Ashton’s girlfriend and the other cheerleaders. They were all gathered besides Ashton and two other jocks cars when they spotted Alex coming in.

Seeing Alex get out of the car Ashton was just about to yell his name out but then stopped because the passenger door opened and out came Lethania. Derek was also amongst the group and saw this - he frowned. They saw him speak to her then she nodded.

Samantha, Alex’s girlfriend asked, “Why are they together?” A few of the cheerleaders behind her cover their mouths hiding away their evil grins, laughing at her miserable expression. Terry, Ashton’s girlfriend glared at those girls making them stop their evil intentions. Most of them were wishing they could read lips.

The jocks and cheerleaders weren’t the only ones who were surprised, some of the others who were still hanging around also wanted to know when did those two suddenly get close.

Samantha walked over as the two stopped in front of Alex’s car about to say their goodbyes. Behind her, Terry, Ashton, Simon, Derek and a few cheerleaders and jocks walked up to them. Alex sat down on the hood of his car looking at all of them heading towards them. He looked to the side and caught Lethania rolling her eyes at the group.

He bit the inside of his left cheek trying to hold back his laugh and swallow it. Samantha was the first to arrive and immediately she threw her arms around Alex’s neck and kissed him. “Dog food,” she thought to herself.

Ashton moved closer to Lethania and sat his bum down onto Alex’s cars hood too and looked at her. Simon greeted her, “Good morning,” With a wave and a smile. “Yo,” she greeted.

Derek came to her side and hugged her wrapping his arms around her waist tightly, giving her a hug, confusing everyone who was looking and infuriating Alex who pulled away from the kiss and held onto Samantha.

Ashton, “Woah, woah, woah! Did you move onto your girls best friend now and here I thought she was a saint!”

Derek, “Lele, Arya didn’t answer my calls yesterday.” He complained while ignoring Ashton’s shit.

She raised her hands and patted him on the back. “It’s because she was searching for a new Derek, you should search for a new Arya too.” Derek’s legs almost turned to jelly hearing this. He looked at Ashton who was behind Lethania, holding up his middle finger to him he said, “She has her own unique taste in guys, and I will kill the motherfucker who thinks he has a chance with her.”

Ashton, “Why?”

Derek, “Just!”

Lethania, “Derek, if you don’t remove your weight, we will both die.”

He reluctantly pulled away and looked at her, frowning he asked, “Why isn’t Arya here yet?” She tried coming up with a good lie but was caught by him, “And don’t think of lying!”

Alex laughed then looked down, shaking his head he looked away. Ashton raised a brow and looked at him, Samantha looked at him from the side of her eye and crossed her arms.

Lethania, “I wasn’t going to lie.”

Derek, “Look there, you’re already lying.”

Shaking her head she said, “I’m leaving now.”

As she was about to walk off Ashton grabbed her wrist. She looked at him with a glare. Trying to shake him off he squeezed tighter. “What do you want?” She asked irritated. Aston looked over at Alex that was glaring at him and let go. Scratching his ear he said, “Why are you leaving so early, school doesn’t start for another twenty minutes.”

“What makes you think I want to stand here with you people?”

Terry, “Why are you so rude, any other person would love to hang out with us or even be in our presence.”

Lethania looked at this girl. Squeezing herself between Ashton and Alex, she put her bag down next to her on the ground, folded her arms and said while staring straight at her, “Last time I check, none of you are royalty so why should I stay here and look at your faces?” Sweeping her gaze over them all waiting for an answer.

Ashton on the side couldn’t be bothered about Terry and Lethania’s bickering but he could see that what she just said angered the jocks and cheerleaders. Because Lethania was half leaning against the car he couldn’t see Alex’s face. He leaned back placing his hand on the bonett for support and looked at him. Their eyes met and Ashton could see his nervousness.

Squinting his eyes he looked back at Lethania turning his attention back to the argument that is about to start.

Terry, “Didn’t your mother teach you manners?”

“What my mother taught me has nothing to do with this conversation.”

Terry was flustered and couldn’t retort. Samantha, “You whatever your name is. You are a junior and we are your seniors, you can leave if you want to but you must know that you need to show us respect whether you like it or not...”

Turning her head she interrupted, “Or what, what can you all do to me if I don’t show you respect. And I don’t know if you know this or not but respect is earned not demanded. Why would I respect you all who jump between each other like its a necessity? You all are idiots if you think that us juniors should show you respect. You all that don’t respect your own images much less - yourselves. You don’t even respect the school that you represent setting bad examples for all of us juniors to see. Every year it’s the same shit, you bully the new kids, make them do humiliating shit and think its funny. Well excuse me for looking down on you, but you are not someone I think should be respected.”

Fearless as she may seem on the outside, inside she was screaming, she was scared, she wanted to cry but she had to be strong. Lethania’s argument was true, this is what these people did but they did not want to hear it coming from her. Yesterday they saw how rude she was, today she was spitting facts in their faces.

The guys and the girls grew sour. The bell rang and Lethania was the first to leave. The group was quiet and for some reason, Simon had a bad feeling. He knew these people pretty well to know that they wouldn’t just leave her to be. She disrespected all of them and they would most likely do something in order to teach her a lesson. He may not care but the rest do.
She was furious. Unable to concentrate in all her classes, the day passed by slowly. Break time arrived and she wished that Arya was here, she hated being alone and especially now after this bullshit happened, she too could feel that something bad was going to happen and wasn’t looking forward to it.

Arriving at the back of the school she sat under the bleachers, she took out her lunch and sighed, she wanted to go home. After eating the first slice of bread, she saw three girls walking towards her direction, laughing and talking. She recognized one of the girls thanks to Arya. This group of girls were like her and Arya who stayed away mostly hidden, but the one she recognized was according to Arya a lesbian who was in a hidden relationship with a cheerleader named Melody.

Apparently, Arya caught them kissing behind the stage one day at school but they don’t know that ಠﭛಠ. She thanked her best friend in her heart and started packing away her lunch. Lazily sitting with a book she borrowed from the central library. Thinking to herself, “Here it starts.”

One of the girls bent down minding the steel poles. Looking down at Lethania she asked, “Are you Lethania?” Looking up at her she smiled and said, “Why?”

The girl smiled, reached her hand out and grabbed Lethania by her hair. She pulled her out from under the bleachers. The pain from her hair being pulled was torturess but she endured it not fighting back. They pulled her back towards the pathway that led from the field to the lockers.

Pushing her against the cold cement walls, the one who pulled her by the hair said, “You shouldn’t have provoked the wrong people.” Scoffing she answered, “What about you? You are just as shitty as them doing what they say, don’t you know what right or wrong?”

The second girl smacked Lethania across her face. Grabbed her by the neck and started choking her with her left hand. Lethania lifts her right leg and kicked her in her stomach making her let go of her throat. The one who pulled on her hair pushed her against the wall and hit her in her stomach. “You little bitch!” she said through gritted teeth.

Lethania bent forward holding her stomach. The pain was excruciating and caught her off guard, luckily she had something to eat or else she would have lost all the air in her body and fainted. She grabbed onto the back of Lethania’s hoodie, lifting her leg up she kneed her in the stomach three times making her lose her balance and drop to the floor holding her stomach.

Lethania started coughing and her cough became a fit. The second girl got up from the floor, pushed her friend away and kicked Lethania across her face making her fall over and hold onto her face. With her stomach freed, she then kicked her stomach hard three times before Melody’s girlfriend jumped in to stop them. “Stop! Stop! You’re going overboard, we’re just supposed to scare her!”

The three of them looked at her and after a moment ran away towards the lockers. Lethania glared at them. She struggled to sit up but managed. Leaning against the wall she raised her hands to look at the blood inside it.

Turning her tongue in her mouth she spat her saliva into her hands then wiped it on her hoodie. Lifting it to her face she wiped the blood off and looked at it. Her face hurt, her jaw hurt and her nose. Her stomach hurt while her legs felt weak.

The bell for the sixth period rang indicating that break time was over.
Flipping through his phone he opened the group chats reading the messages in class. After the sixth period ended he was walking through the halls and stopped by his locker to change his books. Someone tapped him on his shoulder.


Alex, “Mn?” he looked at the junior who has never seen before.

“The girl you brought to school she’s been missing since break time.”

Slamming his locker shut he looked at the junior wide-eyed. “What do you mean?”

“She was dragged away by three girls to the lockers behind the field...”

Not letting him finish, Alex ran off alarming Ashton and Simon who was heading his way from the opposite direction. The junior walked away shaking his head and attended the next class.

Alex ran so fast that it felt like he was on edge. Running through the locker room he called but no one answered him. Hearing the ruckus he caused the football coach came out of his office and stopped Alex. But Alex wasn’t having any of this. He pushed his coach of the way and ran towards the exit planning to search for her outside since there was no one inside.

As he was running through the path that was dimly lit he saw a silhouette of a crouched body leaning against the wall. Running up to her he crouched down. His blood ran dry when he saw that she was unconscious. He shook her a couple of times but she didn’t respond.

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