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Taekyun meets the sister of his ex-lover whom he lost contact with four years ago. After asking her a few questions the memories resurface making his stone-cold killer heart, ache. Reminiscing over his past brings up these unfortunate memories not expecting that the one he swore allegiance to knows his ex-lover but what he finds out brings out a wave of terrible anger within him causing him to lose focus on the objectives that they seek. His ex-lover too does not expect to meet his lover who stopped contacting him over the years - but it's not all that bad when they meet again its just that, why is all of this happening? Cover by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Erotica
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Path to Reminiscing

Baby Mingyu had fallen asleep in Wonho’s arms and Taekyun was preparing dinner for everyone while Seoyoen and Eun Ae kept guard outside hiding in the forest and watched over the cabin.

Min Hee headed to the kitchen since Taekyun asked to speak with her earlier on before the meeting started…

Min Hee, “Taekyun-oppa?”

Taekyun looked up from the chopping board and saw that she was standing at the door hesitant to enter the kitchen. Smiling he gestured, “Please come in and have a seat, would you like something to drink?” he offered.

Min Hee, “Water please.”

He handed her a glass of water and returned to the kitchen counter to continue slicing meat.

Min Hee, “Honoka-chan said you wanted to talk to me.”

Taekyun, “Yeah sorry I asked her to send on the message, I almost forgot that I wanted to speak to you and seeing her I remembered.”

Min Hee, “What did you want to speak to me about?”

Taekyun, “Are you the only child of your parents?”

Min Hee, “No, I have a brother or well at least I had one when I was younger.”

Taekyun, “What happened to him?”

Min Hee, “Well Taekyun-oppa, he went missing nine years ago and he hasn’t contacted me to let me know that his alive so I’ve assumed that he should be dead by now.”

Taekyun, “What is his name?”

Min Hee, “Lee Ji-Won.”

Taekyun, “So it is him.” He mumbled.

Min Hee, “Did you say something?”

Taekyun, “Do you miss him?”

Min Hee, “No, I can’t remember his face so it’s impossible for me to miss him. I only remember his name.”

Taekyun, “He goes by the name Jeonghan now.”

Min Hee, “Who?”

Placing the knife down, he looked into her brown eyes and answered, “Your brother.” Stunned she looked at him for a moment, “He’s alive?” Smiling bitterly Taekyun answered, “Yes he is.”

“Well then I guess that’s good for him,” she answered nonchalantly.

Taekyun, “You don’t look too happy about it.”

“I just don’t care for someone I no longer know,” she answered leaving Taekyun to be angered by her selfish words. “Do you care for your parents,” he asked her averting his furious gaze but his anger didn’t go past without being seen by her.

Min Hee, “Taekyun-oppa, they didn’t leave me - he did!”

Taekyun, “Won’t you be happy if you see him?”

Min Hee, “Will you take me to him?”

Looking up he answered, “That’s impossible, the two of us saw each other four years ago, so there’s no way that would be possible since we lost contact with each other too.”

Min Hee, “Uhm Taekyun-oppa, how do you know my brother?”

Thinking to himself, ’Fuck! I knew she would ask me this question but how do I answer her? I can’t tell her that he and I used to be lovers or can I? She doesn’t look that much interested in knowing him or what he has been up to all these years. Besides Jeonghan and I ended on bad terms and I haven’t contacted him or answered his calls - well that’s at least still seven years ago. I wonder does he still think of me. Na fuck it! I can’t tell her anything nor should anyone else find out about the past seven years – these are my secrets to keep no one else needs to know them especially since my heart aches every time I think about it.

Min Hee, “Taekyun-oppa?”

Taekyun, “Ah sorry… my head just hurts a bit, I met your brother while I was on a job - that was I think about three years before your boss joined us.”

Min Hee, “Does Yong Guk-oppa and Wonho-oppa know him too?”

Taekyun, “No it’s just me!”

Min Hee, “Oh well what are you cooking for us?”

Taekyun, “Just wait and see.”

After the two spoke some time passed before dinner time but Taekyun wasn’t feeling up for eating dinner because of an unsettling feeling that returned to him. He took a shower then went off to bed but couldn’t sleep because his head filled with memories of the past – those memories that hurt his stone heart…


After being sent on a job Taekyun went to a local café for lunch. The café’s doorbell rang clanked as it opened which made him looked up. In walked a young man ten inches shorter than him, with short black hair, and hazel eyes.

Taekyun carried on eating while reading the book he had in his hand. The café was full and the only chair left open was the chair by the table where he sat. The café’s manager came over and asked Taekyun if it would be alright for the gentlemen to join him since the café was full.

Taekyun didn’t mind as long as the other wouldn’t disturb him. “Excuse me, thanks for allowing me to sit with you.”

Taekyun, “It’s alright.”

“My name is Lee Jeonghan.” Side eyeing him Taekyun answered listlessly, “It’s nice to meet you Lee Jeonghan.”

“And your name is?” He asked expectantly. “None of your business,” answered Taekyun without even raising his eyes to give him a glance.

Jeonghan, “But I told you my name. Why not tell me yours?”

Taekyun, “I never asked for yours.”

Jeonghan, “I was just being polite.”

Taekyun, “You and I won’t meet again, so it’s better if I don’t tell you.”

Jeonghan, “If I see you again, will you tell me your name?”

“Sure,” answered Taekyun without realizing that Jeonghan across the table was smiling from ear to ear. This whole time he had been admiring how handsome Taekyun was although he looked listless but for some reason, Jeonghan thought that this must all be an act!

Jeonghan stopped asking questions and ate his lunch; he stared at Taekyun the entire time while eating, but what he didn’t know was that Taekyun was watching him from the corner of his eye while reading the book in his hand; although it looked like he was reading, Taekyun was actually observing Jeonghan because something gave interest in him about this guy.

Taekyun thought to himself, that Jeonghan was weird but he had an innocent face. He put the book down and when he looked up at Jeonghan, he gave off a big smile in Taekyun’s direction, which made him nervous for an unknown reason and made his heart beat a bit faster than usual.

Taekyun felt awkward and hurried up, finishing up his meal but before he left the table, Jeonghan grabbed his hand and said, “We’re going to see each other again - even if I have to kill for it, but I will see you again!”

Confused about that whole statement and this whole situation Taekyun left it pushing it to the back of his brain hoping that he wouldn’t see this weird kid again.

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