My Love For You, Never Died

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Having to let go of his lover because of his duties as the eldest sibling of the Kang family, Kang Seung Joon struggles to show his emotions towards his wife and his children in later years after getting married when finally he divorces her 16 years later and lives on his own. Thanks to his youngest brother, he gets to meet his lover again but does not know that it's him. Whether or not their relationship works out this time will all depend on the love they once had for one another before. ~~~ This book also switches between being told in first person and third person because there's somethings that I need to tell in order to clarify what's happening and then well the story is mostly told by the Main Character XP So I definitely hope you do enjoy. cover by: the_nerd.artist

Romance / Drama
Vanessa Nicole
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Arriving at the gala along with my brother and his beautiful wife, we entered a beautiful hall decorated with the finest ornaments, diamond chandeliers, fancy dresses, plastic bodies and the works, you know... the stuff the rich does when they feel the need to show off. I tend to stay away from all this because many years ago I made a mockery of myself by announcing that I am gay at a fundraiser that obviously infuriated my family... As all rich people do when they find out that their son is gay... they send you away to study returning as a new and refined person that I never bothered to become.

We are gathered here for a charity auction hosted by one of the aristocratic families and I am here just for show as usual. I normally just head to the office and work on the jewellery pieces that need to be done for the clients but I felt the need to attend surprising both, my parents and siblings.

There’s three of us with me being the youngest although I am the youngest I am thirty-six this year.
After all the small talk the auction started. Our company sent some beautiful jewellery pieces up to be auctioned off that I designed myself... I literally feel like hanging myself, my hard work is going to sit on display somewhere on a sweaty neck!

It finally ended and now I can eat! The waiter brought over preselected dishes made from quality ingredients that I don’t care for.

I excused myself after dinner to head to the toilet and guess what! All these judgemental fucks are taking second glances my way...

Ignoring the gazes I carried on greeting them. From time to time you know - I was taught manners.
One of the most embarrassing things that happened to me years back is when my parents arranged for me to marry - it was so terrible, luckily my brother and sister disagreed or else I actually might have killed myself.

Even after so many years my heart and soul belongs to him even now I still hope that we might meet again even if it’s just for five minutes, I need to tell him that I am sorry.

Walking out of the toilet I slowed down in my steps. Looking ahead there’s someone standing in the doorway. My heart is rapidly beating fast. That perfect posture, long legs, those strong shoulders, that back that’s firm and warm... It can’t be, can it?

I rushed forward, reaching my arm out I grabbed onto his shoulder pulling onto him so that he faces me - I need to know!

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