My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Twelve

[So Young’s POV]

Placing my phone down I jump in joy and shake my bum, “Seung Joon’s coming!” I say to myself and feel embarrassed at my excitement.

I can finally cook for my man, well my ex-man.

Beaming I rush to the kitchen and look through the pantry and fridge to see what I can make. I know I told him that I’d have something for him to eat within an hour so I better hurry my ass up – don’t wanna disappoint my man when he gets here.

Pulling a tray of chicken breast from the fridge, carrots, peas, cauliflower and broccoli. I kick the fridge door closed gently and walk over to the cupboard holding the pots and pans. Pulling out the frying pan I set it on the gas stove on medium heat with some oil in it.

Grabbing an onion from the pantry I peel it and roughly chop it in pieces, placing it in the pan it sizzles and I quickly stir it so that it doesn’t burn. Turning my attention to the broccoli and cauliflower I rinse it off and put both in a deep pot of water. Setting it on the back stove I add salt to the water and let it cook.

Stirring the onions again I quickly add ready chopped garlic that I grab from the fridge, throwing in the slightly frozen peas into the pan I then chop up the carrot into bite-size pieces and pour it into the sizzling onion mix.

Pouring two cups of water into the pan I turn my attention to the chicken. Cutting the chicken breast into bite-size pieces I throw it into the pan of water and vegetables then add salt and pepper to it. Closing the pan with a lid, I turn my attention to the fridge and pull out two ready-made rolls of puff pastry and strip them from their wrappings.

Bunching the rolls together, I move over to the pantry and grab the dried rosemary and thyme. Sprinkling half the bottle of both over the ball of pastry I knead the dough until the rosemary and thyme are well infused throughout.

Moving back to the stove I use a knife to poke a hole in the cauliflower and broccoli to test the doneness. They both are still firm but the bright green colour of the broccoli and clean white of the cauliflower tell me that they are perfect so I pull them off and drain them in the sink, placing them both in a bowl.

I grab the Pyrex dish from the cupboard and place it beside the dough and check on the chicken and vegetables that are giving off a beautiful smell. The water is almost cooked away so I grab the chicken stock from the fridge and pour a cup in, feeling the carrots and the peas, I nod.

Lining bowl with half of the puff pastry I shove it in the oven to precook. Going back to the chicken I mix cold chicken with flour and pour it in and wait a few minutes. The beeper goes off and the pastry is ready, pulling it out I place it on the granite counter beside the gas stove and through the glass lid, I see that the soup has thickened up.

Pouring it into the pie dish I drape the second roll of pastry over the dish and trim the extra dough off and dock it. Shoving it into the oven I look at the clock on the wall and see that thirty minutes already went by.

Quickly cleaning up and doing the dishes I wipe the counter and head upstairs to get out of my damn PJs. Putting on a loosely fitted tracksuit, I head downstairs just in time to take the chicken pie out.

Placing it down on the counter I hear the doorbell ring – oh fuck he’s here!


I open the front door and raise a brow at Seung Joon’s tired look. He smiles slightly at me, “Are you going to let me in So Young?”

I nod and step back. He enters my home and walks in looking around at everything and nodding. Turning back to look at me he says, “You have a nice home here.”

I nod with a smile, taking pride in that comment. He chuckles and raises a brow at me, “I’m hungry.”

My eyes widen in realization. I almost forgot that he was here to eat which makes me slightly disappointed that he’s not here to see me but just to eat my food – well it is something that I made so I should be happy.

I head to the kitchen while motioning for him to sit at the dining table. He does as he is told and I take out a plate, fork and knife. While dishing up I ask him, “What would you like to drink?”

He hums for a moment and answers, “A beer please.”

I mentally frown because I don’t drink and there isn’t beer nor wine here so I can’t give him anything with alcohol.

I take out a glass from the cupboard above my head. Opening the fridges double doors I pull out the mango juice and pour him a glass.

Glancing over at him, I see he’s frowning as he looks at me. Shrugging my shoulders I say, “I don’t drink so I don’t have beer available.”

He nods his head while tapping his fingers on the glass table. I walk over with the plate of pie and cutlery and place it down in front of him. Turning my back and heading back to the kitchen I pick up the pie dish and make to place it on the table.

Seung Joon’s already eating so I leave him to it while I head back to the kitchen and fiddle with the broccoli and cauliflower.

“Are you nervous?” he asks making me freeze.

Sighing I nod my head, “It’s been years since we were alone together, so don’t blame me.”

“I don’t,” he says making me look over at him, but to my disappointment, he’s facing the floor to ceiling windows looking outside into the dark.

After shoving a piece of cold broccoli into my mouth, I wince and roll my eyes with a slight chuckle. Walking over to the microwave I warm it up and head to the dining table, sitting next to Seung Joon.

I look down at the pie and I’m surprised to see that he’s eating out of the pie dish. I muffle my laughter and look at him. He turns to look at me and raises a questioning brow.

“Where’s your manners?” I ask him while pointing to the pie dish and he looks down at it. Chewing and swallowing the pie in his mouth he takes a sip of juice and says, “I thought you made it for me, so why make dishes when I can eat out of the pie dish?”

He turns to look at me with an amused look in his eyes making me frown, “It doesn’t matter if you do it here but don’t do it in public or when other people are around,” I say and hear him chuckle.

After he’s done eating most of the pie, he says thank you and asks to use the toilet. After I show him the way I clean up the dining table, wiping it clean and putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I wipe down the counter and put the pie away in the fridge.

Walking over to the lounge I see Seung Joon sitting on the couch with his eyes closed.

“Seung Joon?” I call but hear no response from him. Sighing I walk upstairs to my bedroom and return with my fleece blanket. Covering him with it after I take off his blazer, I sit down beside him but don’t sit for long when his hands fly out from under the blanket and wrap around my waist.

He lifts me up and places me on his lap. Opening his eyes I can see that they are heavy but he smiles at me. Pulling me down, my lips slam against his.

I’m momentarily stunned but ease into the kiss and give him permission to explore my mouth. After a heated kiss, I pull away laying my head on his shoulder and hear him whisper, “Thank you for dinner, it was delicious.”

I nod without verbally answering him and take in his manly scent mixed with his cologne. I smile into his shoulder because he still wears the cologne I bought for him when we were together.

I soon hear him snore and smile. Getting up slightly to look at him, I kiss the two moles under his left eye and rest down against him. I fall asleep too, peacefully with a smile on my face.

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