My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Thirteen

Frowning at the sound of Seung Joon’s phone ringing, I open my eyes and look to my side. He’s facing me and I can see his brows knit.

“Your phones ringing,” I say and he moans but doesn’t get up.

I raise my hand to his shoulder and shove him. His eyes open and look directly at me. He closes them again and pulls me into a hug and kisses my forehead.

“Seung Joon, are you deaf?” I ask him and he chuckles. Squeezing me tightly he says, “It’s the weekend baby, let it ring, I want to sleep more.”

I roll my eyes but sink into his hug. After a few moments of silence, the phone rings again. Seung Joon growls in dissatisfaction and lets go of me. Rolling over, he reaches to the side table and grabs his phone.

“Kang,” he answers strongly as if he wasn’t asleep a few seconds ago.

“Pappa~” a small voice squeals over the phone and Seung Joon gets up. He sits up on the bed and rubs his face while cursing.

“Hey baby girl, what’s wrong?” he asks into the phone as his voice becomes sweet.

“Papapa, what do you mean what’s wrong? Today is already Saturday, you said you’d come get us for the holidays and one day has already gone past,” she complains and I laugh mentally.

Seung Joon sighs, “I know, I forgot sorry, last night pappa was working late on a case and came home late.

“You came home late? Papa, you’re not even home, where are you? The Hyung’s and I are sitting outside waiting for you and mamma left already, she said I must phone you because she’s not coming back.”

I see Seung Joon’s brows shoot up, then his eyes narrow, “Okay, stay put, I’m coming, the spare key is under the pot plant in the back, tell Ji Soo to go get it and you children can go inside, I’ll be there soon.” He says and gets out of bed. His daughter says goodbye to him and he quickly pulls on his jeans and tank top.

“What’s wrong?” I ask him while getting out of bed. He pauses and looks at me. With an amused look he asks, “Do you want to meet my kids?”

I’m stunned for a moment and my nerves spike but I nod my head. “Okay, get dressed quick, that woman just left them there,” he says and I know he’s talking about his ex-wife.

“Isn’t she being a bit too irresponsible?” I ask while pulling on a tracksuit and slipping into my shoes.

He comes out of the bathroom and shrugs on his jacket, “She’s being bitter, I told her that we’re back together and she threw a tantrum. For that first week, she was even angry at the kids and didn’t speak or cook for them. It’s a good thing Ji Soo knows how to cook.”

We head downstairs and out the door, inside the car I ask him, “Why don’t you file for custody?”

He turns to look at me with a raised brow then turns back to the road, “I would have but they are too attached to their mother. Its that and the fact that I’m part of the eagles, there’s always a chance that I might not come home and end up in a grave so I didn’t want them to be with someone who they can’t count on.”

I look at him with wide eyes, but don’t comment because it is slightly true, “Did you ever think of quitting?”

He holds his hand out and I make to grab it. Our fingers entwine and rub his thumb over mine, “I’ve tried but they won’t let me go because I know too much and I was given a break in the past but I was sent to the military, then I was ordered back.”

I look at him with a frown, “Why?”

“It’s mostly because of this child that joined our family, she’s a criminal’s daughter and so much was fabricated and the thought I was part of it, so I was investigated but they found nothing and also his heir is good friends with Jinha so, I’m literally fucked, but I’m going to send in my resignation again soon,” he says and turns to look at me with a smile.

I smile back at him then look down. Seung Joon and I’ve been dating now for the past month and I’m honestly happy but at the same time I’m not, he comes home at strange hours and is always tired which makes me wonder how he’s been living all these years.

We soon arrive at his place and it’s not my first time here. I know for a fact that his fridge is empty so I wonder what the kids are eating.

Seung Joon opens the door and I walking before him. Something small crashes into me and I fall back into Seung Joon’s arms.

The little thing, which I’m assuming is his daughter. Her eyes widen and quickly steps back and looks behind me. She lowers her head saying sorry. I kneel before he and ask, “It’s okay, did you get hurt?” She shakes her head as she looks at me.

“What’s wrong with you running in the house, what did I tell you about running baby girl?” he asks with a stern voice.

She looks up at him and pouts, “But pappa, I thought he was you.”

“No but’s Ji Hyun…” he says but I interrupt him.

“Oh shut up Seung Joon, leave the child!” I say and turn to look at him. He raises a brow but doesn’t argue back.

We head inside through the passage after taking off our shoes with Ji Hyun following behind us. We enter the den and I see two handsome boys that look almost exactly like their father.

They sit up properly as soon as we walking and look at us. I stop walking and bump into the walking Seung Joon. He catches us both then grins while holding onto my arms.

Ji Hyun makes her way over to the couch and looks at us in the same way her brothers are looking at us. I feel slightly embarrassed now but not so much because I can feel Seung Joon’s heart beat against my back.

“Small humans, let me introduce you to So Young, So Young, these are my small humans, the eldest, Ji Soo who is sixteen, my second human is Ji Han who is thirteen and Ji Hyun who you already met moments ago is ten. You gremlins, this is my boyfriend, your new mother, so be nice, don’t show him you are my children!” he states and I raise my head to look at him.

He grins down at me then lowers his head to kiss me quickly. He pulls away and says, “He’s gonna look after you while I’m not here so its best you get to know each other.”

They just look at us while Ji Han pulls a pillow in front of him and squeezes it. Seung Joon takes out his phone and walks away.

I hear him ask, “What the fuck is wrong with you,” and instantly know that he’s talking to his ex. I turn to look at the kids and sit down on the couch nearest to me.

“Are you kids hungry?” I ask them and before they can answer me, Ji Han’s stomach growls. I smile at him then get up, “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I head over to the kitchen and groan after looking inside the fridge and cupboards. Slamming them shut, I walk over to Seung Joon and kick his shin.

He switches off the phone and growls at me playfully, “Baby why did you kick me?”

“There’s no fucking food for the children,” I yell at him.

“Oh, look at you already doing your wife duties,” he teases while forcing me to walk to the lounge. He looks at the kids and says, “Since your mother is moaning that there’s no food in the house, let’s go shopping.”

The children don’t say much and just nod. We leave the house and get into his car.

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