My Love For You, Never Died

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Chapter Fifteen

I arrive home from a long day at work, well I arrive back at Seung Joon’s place. The lights are off and it’s kind of making me worry because he said he was home.

I unlock the door and see that the house is dimly lit. “Seung Joon,” I call out.

“Baby, I’m here in the lounge, hurry!” he calls back making my uneasy heart relax.

I start walking and as I get closer to the light, I see rose petals leading into the house. Taking off my shoes, I follow the rose petals as my heart beats fast.

I stop at the entrance of the lounge and my eyes go wide. My tears well up looking at the scene before me.

Candles lit all over the room with the rose petals scattered all over. At the dining table, Seung Joon is dressed in a suit waiting beside it and on the table, there are covered plates which I assume has a cooked meal. I look at him, “S-seung Joon, what’s all of this?”

He doesn’t answer my question and motions me over. I place my briefcase down and walk over to him. He pulls out a chair for me and I sit down, slightly lifting up so he can push my chair in.

He leans down and kisses my lips. Pecking my nose after pulling away and takes the cover off my plate and I can’t help but burst out laughing. He sits down opposite me.

He has a smile on his face which makes me smile too. He motions for me to start eating and I look back at my plate with a Mac Donald’s with KFC on the side.

Picking up my burger, I bite down and he does the same but just has chicken on his plate. We eat in comfortable silence and halfway through, he brings out the mango juice from the kitchen with champagne glasses.

He places the tray down and hands me a glass. I smile at him and just as he is about to pour the juice into my glass I yelp and pull it away from him.

I look at him with wide eyes but he looks at me with a raised brow making me second guess myself.

I look back at the glass and bring it towards me. Tipping the glass out in my hand, out rolls a white gold band.

My heart trembles and so does my body. I open my mouth to say something but he interrupts me.

“I can see from the look on your face that you weren’t expecting it and I’m glad. I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. We’re back together after so many years have passed and these past few months have been the best out of all the years before. My children have taken a liking to you and we five feel like a family when we’re together,” he says and gets up.

He walks over to my side and kneels down between my legs. Taken the ring from me, he slides it onto my ring finger saying, “I know that gay marriage isn’t legal in South Korea so we can’t marry, I do want to marry you So Young and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If there is ever a day when I can throw you the wedding of your dreams I will but until then, will you stay with me and be my husband?”

I look down at him as he wipes my tears away and nod my head, “Yes I will,” I say and he smiles with tears in his eyes. Wiping them away, I lean down and kiss my fiancé on the lips.

Yes, he is my fiancé and I am his.

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the man I’ve loved for so many years.

I can’t believe this but I will!

Kang Seung Joon is finally mine!

And I Park So Young will be his forever.

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